Aug 08 2013

Ever just want to be carried?

Sometimes it takes everything in you to take another step. 


I was in the seemingly never ending airport security line having my own mild meltdown when a little girl behind me seemed to understand my pain. The difference was she could throw herself on the ground-I couldn’t! I was in tears about leaving my family and friends and the concern of being forgotten. She was in tears because she was tired. Both valid reasons to cry. Underneath  bright blue cokebottle glasses were tears just streaming down her face. She couldn’t have been more than 7 years old. She was done waiting in the long line. In a very loud voice, just before she throws herself on the floor she says to her mom ‘If you make me take one more step I am going to fall right here and you’ll leave me here forever.’ Her mom calmly replies “honey, I am right here with you. I am not going to leave you, but you have to walk yourself.”

Seems simple enough. But in the middle of my own meltdown, it was poignant.

Sometimes we have to keep on walking. Even though we’re tired-even though our loads feel heavy and we would rather be carried than have to take one more step-but we’re not walking it alone. And instead of picking us up, God lets us walk through it so it so we can grow…but He walks beside us every step of the way. 


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 


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Jun 14 2013

"What would God write in my yearbook?"


Kids have such a unique perspective on the world! Last Sunday I was walking into church behind 2 teen girls. They were talking about yearbooks and one of them  says "wonder what God would write in my yearbook"...not a bad question! I've beenthinking about this for days.

This is how I imagine a God written yearbook message could go:

It was a great year. I’m glad we got to know each other-I really hope you can introduce me to more people this summer (Mark 16:15) You are one of a kind *no-really- I put you together- I should know!* (Psalm 139:13) 

Hey when you think of that kid in class that nobody knew much about, you know the one...sat quietly in the corner of every class-who was whispered about a lot…maybe you can spend some time talking to me about him instead of talking to other people about him (Exodus 23:1) Even better,maybe you can introduce him to me! 

Have a great summer. Don’t be worried about next year-I’ve got some awesome plans ahead (Jeremiah 29:11) 
Call me!! ( Romans 10:13) 
Your BFF (and I when I say forever-I mean it)

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