Dec 27 2012


With each passing year, I'm realizing it's not about the gifts under the tree. It's about the gift of grandkids! Hangin out with Kaedyn and Jayel is the best gift! Kaedyn is holding a gift for me...a coffee mug. All wrapped up by Chelsea,  my daughter in Anchorage, complete with a ribbon made to look like steam coming off the top of a cup of hot coffee! Kaedyn had me play the "what is it" game. A big tootsie roll?, I asked. "Nope, papa, that's not what it is." Hhmmm. Is it  a warm muff for me to put my hands in to keep them warm in the winter? "Noooo, papa, that's not what it is". Maybe it's a toy steam roller used to squeeze down asphalt in the street. "Nope. That's not it. Go ahead and open your mug!" Immediately Kaedyn realizes that he just spilled the (coffee) beans and he holds his hand to his mouth in shock! We all had a good laugh and a few good Christmas hugs.

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