Jan 03 2013

Shedding the weight of unforgiveness


Its that time of year again-the gyms are full, the workout clothes are on, and the produce aisle seems a little busier than normal. We all have the same goal in mind (or maybe I should just speak for myself--and all my new friends in the produce aisle!) we make the goal to hit the gym more, eat healthier, and shed those pounds! Great!

But what if we were just as determined to shed weight? I'm talking about the weight of unforgiveness, jealousy, greed, resentment, and bitterness. These might not affect the # you see on the scale but they certainly affect the heaviness of your heart. Joyce Meyer talks about unforgiveness being like poison in our bodies.  (I often wish I had her wisdom-but I'm thankful that she shares it with us) 

"Keeping score of all the hurts we have suffered does more spiritual damage to us than those who have offended us. Serious diseases can develop as a result of the stress and pressure that bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness put on a person."

Its much easier said than done, I get that, but give yourself grace along the way to this goal. Goals aren't meant to be easy but they are worth the work.

"When we choose to forgive others, it allows God to work His will and our healing in the situation. Forgiveness is the power that will change a life of defeat into one of victory." 

Heres to a victorious 2013 :)

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