Mar 07 2013

The myth of 'you complete me'


Today I had lunch with a friend I’ve known since 3rd grade!! Sort of weird when you realize you’ve known someone almost 2 decades and you’ve gone from using Monopoly money to using the real thing! We've transitioned from playing MASH at sleepovers to a time where love isn't make believe anymore-our friends are actually getting married.  We talked about our idea of love as kids and how that changes over time. You learn not to base your idea of romance off movies and cheesy one liners. Real everyday love doesn't have music playing in the background (though that would be pretty amazing!) The myth of “you complete me” …that very saying implies that you aren’t whole without someone else—but the truth is—you ARE!! You are a complete person by yourself!! You don’t need someone else to complete you. Our problem is not that we've been separated from a human half but that we have been separated from God because of our sin and He is the only one that will make us whole again but thats been done through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.Marriage is a fabulous,incredible gift from God but it is secondary to knowing our identity as children of God!! 

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