Jun 14 2013

"What would God write in my yearbook?"


Kids have such a unique perspective on the world! Last Sunday I was walking into church behind 2 teen girls. They were talking about yearbooks and one of them  says "wonder what God would write in my yearbook"...not a bad question! I've beenthinking about this for days.

This is how I imagine a God written yearbook message could go:

It was a great year. I’m glad we got to know each other-I really hope you can introduce me to more people this summer (Mark 16:15) You are one of a kind *no-really- I put you together- I should know!* (Psalm 139:13) 

Hey when you think of that kid in class that nobody knew much about, you know the one...sat quietly in the corner of every class-who was whispered about a lot…maybe you can spend some time talking to me about him instead of talking to other people about him (Exodus 23:1) Even better,maybe you can introduce him to me! 

Have a great summer. Don’t be worried about next year-I’ve got some awesome plans ahead (Jeremiah 29:11) 
Call me!! ( Romans 10:13) 
Your BFF (and I when I say forever-I mean it)

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