Aug 04 2010


Ozzy’s thoughts this morning really got me to thinkin.  You know…Ozwald Chambers? (August 4, My Utmost For His Highest) I always have to put on my waders when I read him because I soon find myself deep.  Anyway – it focused on this thought…We have to maintain our relationship with God, whatever happens. We must never allow anything to injure our relationship with God.  The main thing about Christianity is not the work we do, but the relationship we maintain and the atmosphere produced by that relationship.


That’s a huge chunk to digest right there. When I am at my worst, what is the atmosphere like around me? Am I continually giving Him praise? Or am I caught up in my own mess and taking a detour from His care?  What is God saying to you about that?


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8/1/2010 12:02:12 PM
stephanie United States
My budget is pretty tight right now, like so many. When I start to worry about how am I going to pay off bills I start praying and realizing that God has always taken care of me.  I try to look for the little blessings God is giving me.  Like the three coupons I got for free breakfast because my order at a restraunt was lost because they were so busy.  I had a free coupon for the meal that was lost because I leant my fan to a friend. When I realize those blessings from God I always try to thank him. Trying to find even the smallest things that God does for me keeps me positive.  It brings me closer to God because I am constantly looking for him and what he is giving me and then thanking him for it. I can't be negative when I see him at work in my life and give him the praise.
8/2/2010 2:12:43 PM
Gina Yost United States
Gina Yost
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8/5/2010 3:56:20 AM
patty friend United States
patty friend
I was driving home tonight after a long day working with horses{its my relaxation outlet} and I heard you talking about your grandchildrens visit.  I babysit my three grandchildren, ages 7 months,1year and 6 years old monday through friday
and I can sympathize with you, and its very funny but as I listened I had to marvel at the way peoples lives parralel each other.  here is a poem I wrote just two nights ago after a long hard day with the grandchildren. I hope it helps provide you a new perspective

Sifting through the day weariness becalms me and in my exhausion my mind whirls.Tiny faces little smiles the tears of pain when small ones fall,the tender heat of babes in arms little fists curled tight in sleep.Ive seen all this before but somehow forgotten the wonders watching little ones in their world.I am breathing in their life and am grateful to once again experience it all in the eyes of my grandchildren.
8/5/2010 8:41:01 PM
Karen Stepp United States
Karen Stepp
Larry, I struggle with the same thing: at my work, for example.  I work in a restaraunt and I often find myself having issues with my boss over her negative way of talking to myself as well as most of the other employees.  I realize that I am developing a bad attitude, and it feels like God reminds me in my heart to reach out to Him to get rid of that attitude and be an example to her.  I struggle with this everyday, as well as avoiding being caught up in the gossip of my fellow employees whose feelings she is always hurting.  So if I allow Him to use me to not give in to the anger and hurt feelings that Satan tries to load me down with, maybe God can change the situation.  Just like you said, I try to maintain my relationship with Him, and let Him take care of it.  I believe He can work through me that way, but boy, is it hard sometimes!  But as Casting Crowns says, "To know you is to catch my brother when he's falling...coz he can't live without you..."  What do you think?
12/14/2010 4:01:32 AM
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