Sep 30 2010


Good discussion tonite about how God is able to pull us from our darkest hour, to our brightest hour - in Him!
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9/30/2010 1:50:12 AM
Chris Lily United States
Chris Lily
Right now I'm only experiencing the pain part and will share how God has used it for gain when I see it unfold.  My husband Bob has had major health problems for 15 years.  He is now in a local nursing home unable to open his eyes or speak intelligibly due to extreme weakness.  One of the few things he was able to get across is that he wants to come home.  Bob knows the Lord and is waiting for Him to bring him to his Heavenly home where there will be no more pain or suffering.  Our two daughters are away at college; one 700 miles away, the other 1,500 miles away.  I couldn't call because I would just cry.  Listening to KLOVE
is what brings me calm and peace in the midst of this upset.  Knowing that God loves me and is in control of all is what gives me hope.  Chris
9/30/2010 2:20:13 AM
Scott United States

Driving home tonight I heard the young man talking about how all of his family except his dad had accepted Jesus as their savior.  I just wanted to encourage him to keep praying.  I was born again on March 17, 1973.  Within 5 years everyone in my family had accepted Jesus as their savior except my dad.  but on April 9, 1998, 25 years later, I had the priviledge of praying with my father when he accepted Jesus as his savior, two days before he died.  Praise God for His grace and mercy
9/30/2010 3:17:36 AM
Lola Luthe United States
Lola Luthe
At age 7 I gave my life to God! when you surrender to God  and become his child, you get the gift of the holy spirit. I was the oldest of 3 other siblings  and had to be the adult. The the sexual mental physical and verbal abuse was horrific. Instead of being protected I was blamed. I thank God for the holy spirit  because as soon as I gave my heart to God the holy spirit took over. Filled all of the voids and empty spots in my heart. not only was he inside my heart but also outside my heart protecting me. the holy spirit kept me from turning to all those empty false securities. you know the ones like alcohol, drugs, prostitution.  Kept me from believing in all the things of the devil would want to tear me down with. you know as a child you have a sense of right and wrong. but that sense is even stronger when the holy spirit has control of your life. Jesus protected my soul kept me from being hurt. I have always said that you can do what you want to do this shell of a vessel  but you will never hurt my soul becauseit belongs to God. God softened  my heart and cleaned me up and it helps me learn to forgive also helped me to get rid of the anger and bitterness I used to feel! How great is our God!
10/11/2010 1:33:02 PM
Amanda United States
I just want to share with everyone God is everywhere you are!  He shares our pain and our pride and joys no matter what.  I am a survivor of molestation when I was a child and then abuse as an adults I was kicked and hit and put down a lot.  I lost my first husband in a car accident and that was very devistating for my children.  I found out my oldest child was very hurt and very discouraged he was doing everything it seemed to hurt everyone around him including himself all I could do is pray that god would watch over him.  He went into the Army which was a good move for him although not even a year into it he had gone awol I continued to pray for him and then my youngest child was so far into drugs I didn't know what to do she was sent into rehab and I thought she was getting better when she got out she was so determined to do everything her way and only her way these 2 children of mine were hurting so bad and I knew I could not help them except to pray and be there for them when and if they would come to me.  My son went back to the Army after a year of being awol and they accepted him back and he has purpose in his life now he came home on leave and before he left he said he was so glad that he was going back because he felt needed I know he still has a lot of healing to be done but wow how awesome is GOD!  My youngest she ranaway for a month she was pregnant and a teen she is now a mom of the sweetest little boy you would ever have the pleasure to meet she did have another baby girl which she gave up for adoption I would have really loved to have raised her but she was determined this family needed her.  Oh my goodness what a blessing we have recieved from this family it is an open adoption and I get to see my grandbaby and she will know me as her grandmother.  Can you believe what an Awesome God we have.  I must say to complete this I have one child whom as been my rock through all the storms we have weathered she has been at my side all along I also have remarried to the most loving man whom adores me and cherishes me as a women should be Have I said What an AWESOME GOD WE HAVE!!!!!
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