Oct 12 2010

Right Song at the Right Time

Have you ever heard the right song at just the right time? This is Robin's story about the song "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North:


"My mother was killed suddenly in a car wreck March 17, 2008. It was unexpected and because there was so much damage to her body we were not even allowed as a family to view her body. We had no answers, even with an autopsy, as to why or how the wreck happened.

When I lost my mom, my best friend, I was shaken to the core. I fell into a very deep depression and experienced such deep sorrow that I really did not know what to do with it or how to cope.

On a normal Sunday morning I was volunteered to go and get the donuts for Sunday School. I left our church and headed to the nearest donut shop about 10 minutes away. On the way a thought came into my mind. "You could just drive off of the rode and hit a tree and end it all right now. No more pain." I began to rationalize these thoughts by thinking that it was just me in the car. My 3 children were with my husband and wouldn't be harmed. I decided that death was easier than life and plotted my course for the next curve in the road.

Then the song by Tenth Avenue North "By Your Side" came on. "Why are you striving..why are you crying..let Me lift up your face...don't fight these hands that are holding you." Through K-LOVE God used these words to save me that day."


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10/12/2010 10:59:28 PM
Jen United States
Larry, a year ago i was definite that i was going to kill myself. i heard about new life week end with steve arterburn, and my counselor said i hadn't exhausted all my resources. i knew i had, but asked her and my pastor to see what they thought of new life. both thought it was a good choice. i knew when i got nothing out of it, i was going Home...that still sound nice.

thursday october 22, i was flying into philly to go to delaware. things weren't going so well and i was so tired by saturday. steve was talking about grieving. what do i have to greive? nothing had happened to me...then i heard "what was supposed to be" so many things came to mind especially mom and dad saying i could do anything i want. i'm disabled and my speech is slow and not quite right. when i'm stressed, things get worse. i type slowly. they never got how lonely i was.

i loved music, but wasn't attending to much in the last few years. i was done. during the week end, we were singing matt redman's you never let go, and i just couldn't get the words i was saying. saturday evening i was in the bathroom when i heard through my entire body, not in my mind, that God was there with me. He is I AM. i matter to Him. then like a slide show i saw how He had orchestrated the past day and a half so i was tired and unable to build another wall. so He could work through steve and then say "see what I did & I was there with you" as i write this i am crying. as a teen, i learned not to cry, but in that bathroom that changed too.

after that, i began to hear the words "oh, no, YOU NEVER LET GO...YOU NEVER LET GO OF ME!" i was weeping is we were chanting those words. it was like another affirmation that i wasn't dangling from His finger like a spider hanging by its web with its legs trying to go in vain. He was holding me and i could rest a while.

at home i had discovered k-love a few weeks earlier. it has songs i knew from church and not preachy. "my song" was played at least twice a day for a long time as if to say "remember, I'm here, remembering where you need work will hurt, but I will NEVER let you go." i would have been dihibilitated this past year without being held in God's mighty hand. and it still amazes me how k-love plays just the song...he definitely works through you. since then there have been so many songs that i could right a book. i love you and will pledge what i have left after i pay bills. probably $10
12/15/2010 5:04:27 AM
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2/3/2011 11:40:40 AM
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