Oct 20 2010

$6k Challenge - Dollar for Dollar

We have a very generous supporter who's presented me and Lauren Lee with the chance to double your pledge this hour.  If we can get any pledge or gift up to $6,000, then it doubles.  This is the perfect time to get involved because your financial support will go that much further.  But wait, there's more.  How about we also add a monster prize pak?!  Yes, that's right.  Your pledge will qualify you to win CDs including Worship Again (Michael W. Smith), The Story of Your Life (Matthew West), The Altar and the Door (Casting Crowns), The Anatomy of Broken (Chris Sligh).  You can thank Lauren Lee for the prize pak.  She snuck into the K-LOVE prize closet, again, and grabbed 10 CDs to give away.  Call now.  There's a volunteer waiting to take your pledge. 1-800-525-5683 (LOVE), or simply give online.


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10/26/2010 4:43:41 PM
Natalie Lombardo United States
Natalie Lombardo
People who put challenges are awesome! I love the challenges!!! We are challenged everyday, and this is a challenge go Good! I know without KLove My life would be so different! So thanks to all those who challenge us and to all those like me who love to take them! And Larry thank you for taking a huge challenge when you answered the phone a year ago! I am still here today because of you! Thanks to God you picked up the phone!
3/30/2011 10:05:34 AM
Ventola@yahoo.com United States
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