Oct 21 2010

The Home Stretch

Folks, we are in the final hours of the pledge drive. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, for praying for us, and for being part of this wonderful family! We are still short of our goal, but we still have some time left, and amazing things are happening...stay tuned!

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10/21/2010 8:26:11 PM
Charles Campos United States
Charles Campos
Give 'til it Hurts- My wife and I recently attended the Make a Difference Tour in Glendale. We weren't sure we could afford it, but with a volunteer opportunity and a generous tour behind-the-scenes Lori, we received comp tickets. As you know the concert aims to raise World Vision sponsorship.  We already sponsor one child (thanks to a Mark Schultz/Point of Grace World Vision concert) and the thought had crossed us to sponsor another child, from Peru, my birthplace.  Well we saw plenty of Peruvians on intermission, but did not committ. After the show was over, I wanted to go to a different sponsor table to see the other children there.  My wife wisely said we should not be picking who we help out.  Now in my head I made sense of how to make ends meet and thought OK we can do this.  So we went back to the first table and the volunteers there laughed because it was our fourth time there.  My wife walked around grabbed a boy from Lesotho (where our already sponsored child is from) and then continued to pick two Peruvian children we had seen.  She said OK these three.  I laughed and said all 3?! And she said yes.  Now let me tell you, minutes earlier I prayed within myself that I will let my wife take lead on the decision. In the honor of integrity I laughed outloud, became teary eyed and said OK.  We are now sponsoring 4 children, but here's the best part: When we got in the car to go home, Lynda, my wife said that she had been praying about it and for whatever reason the number 3 came to her and it was then that she knew that we had to take all three.  Lynda also said that the Matthew West song In My Own Little World's lyrics that I never give 'til it hurts was the catalyst for this MAD moment.  As she said that we had K-Love on the background and I immediately, without a shadow of a doubt KNEW that the next song to play would be Matthew West.  Sure enough the Lord and K-Love delivered and we heard the very same words that led my wife to this loving act!  Let me tell you, we have an 15 month old and a baby on the way and we are a one income family.  I am not a doctor nor a lawyer but work in a call center.  We live in faith and have been blessed and we want to share those blessing knowing that the Lord will always provide.  We are also proud supporters of K-Love and encourage others to go step out of the boat.  Please sponsor K-Love!
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