Jan 26 2011


In the center of the heirloom irises dirt rises up like a volcano about to blow!


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1/26/2011 8:13:27 PM
Sammo United States
Larry, I say the best way is to pick it up and just chuck it over the fence!
1/26/2011 8:22:28 PM
Nancy United States
Get a dachshund and a couple of cats.  My dachshund kept them out of the yard and my neighbor 3 doors down had cats that eventually took care of the others.  In the mean time, I had to dig up all of the bulbs that were valuable to me. I made boxes out of hardware cloth and replanted the plants in them.(like a screen with ¼ inch mesh)  Good luck with this!
1/26/2011 9:02:37 PM
Daly United States
In California...we use these smoke bomb things...or gopher pellets...They are going after the grub underground...so our Animal Control guy also recommended grub killer...good luck.
1/27/2011 6:33:40 PM
Dean United States
Fox Urine, available at walmarts in the hunting section.  Spay on near by trees at about 18 inches off the ground and the rodent will think there is a fox and leave the area.
1/27/2011 6:34:59 PM
Dean United States
it may stink a little for a few days but the effect is long lasting.
1/27/2011 6:35:07 PM
it may stink a little for a few days but the effect is long lasting.
1/27/2011 6:46:44 PM
Solid United States
Ants are know to do this...Like fire ants in Texas
1/28/2011 10:33:14 AM
Sakara United States
We use bubble gum to get rid of moles/gophers.....just take a piece of bubble gum and stick it down in the hole, themole eats it and dies....they say that moth balls will do the same thing.
1/28/2011 5:16:55 PM
Dorothy Folkman United States
Dorothy Folkman
Juicy fruit gum. Put on rubber gloves & stick a piece of gum in the hole. If it gets pushed out your smell was on it.
2/16/2011 6:25:01 AM
Regina Graddy United States
Regina Graddy
This looks like it is moles.  I have found that the "poison peanuts" that you can get at a farm/garden store work really well.  If you can find one of the entrance holes, you shake some of them in the hole.  We also step down all the "runs" to compress the dirt and collapse the tunnels.  **Be very cautious if you have outside pets...you will not be able to use the peanuts. I would do something soon, because the ornamental irises are probably being winter dinner.
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