Jun 13 2011

Jay Fitter and the role of a father

Tonight at 9pm CDT (7pm PDT) join myself and author Jay Fitter as he shares about his book "Respect Your Children" and the role of fathers in the family unit. Find out more information about Jay and his book at http://www.respectyourchildren.com/.

The importance of Dad in the family unit:

The difference between punishment and discipline:

How to improve relationships within the family with the Family Circle exercise:

Listen to the whole interview

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6/13/2011 7:46:02 PM
Gail Cameron United States
Gail Cameron
I have been listening to your interview with Jay Fitter and have to say when it comes to the role of the Father he is 100%.  However, the generalization that single mothers work too much to be there for her kids or go out and party and don't spend time with her kids.  Though there are many single mothers who do this, there are many more who sacrifice their needs to take care of their kids, living simply and  frugally, intentionally raising Godly children.  In this case, we need the fathers to step up to the plate, and even if they are not in relationship with the mother, they still need to be a partner in parenting.  
6/13/2011 7:47:01 PM
ms. tasha United States
ms. tasha
I am a single mom and I struggling to raise my 9 year son alone.He is very strong will and can be rebellious.He is a good kid ,how can I reach him before it too late??
6/14/2011 7:25:57 AM
Christine Eyink United States
Christine Eyink
I listen to K-Love at work, last nite I heard this interview about Parenting. I was very impressed & will be purchasing Jay Fitter's book for my single daughter of 3 small kids.. Hopefully we can read it together. I want to break the cycle of bad discipline and punishment. I can't get enough of K-Love. Love the program and I promise to keep spreading the word of your great station...
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