Jul 26 2010

Hey Everyone!

What's going on? I'm Lauren and you can hear me overnights on K-LOVE! I’m a fairly simple person (depending on what your definition of ‘simple’ is!) and being the only girl out of 4 kids I was doomed to be super girly from the get go. I love the color pink, I love my family and friends, I love love, and I love reasons to celebrate each day! I’m chasing after God with everything in me and I’m loving the journey. “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Leave me some love and let me know about you!

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7/22/2010 12:09:08 AM
7/22/2010 8:55:51 PM
Jill Yates United States
Jill Yates
Hi, Lauren!  It's Aunt Jill from Illinois!  I've been looking for you on klove.com and found you once I viewed pictures of the DJ's!  Hope you are enjoying your new opportuny here!  God bless you and keep in touch!
7/23/2010 1:11:11 AM
April United States
Hello Lauren,
           my name is April, I am 32 yrs old. I have a 12 yr old son. I am from Indiana, and I am seeking prayer, i love God and I believe in Jesus, but I am ready to through in the towel, and just give up. I am so angry with god, I am tired of having such a hard life and not being able to get about water. I dont want to write you a book, but I have always been responsable, my life has had more downs than up. i finally met a someone I want to to spend the rest of my life with and my family needs me here, My Aunt is sick with Lung cancer my mother is schytsafranic, and I have one sister but she is selfish and only cares about herself. I was single for 9 years of my life. I gave up on love, I didnt think it was ment for me, I feel in love with my sons father but I wasnt good enough for him. I met a man over seas who lives in Morocco. He is kindheart and I believe god created him from the broken pieces of my heart. and united us as husband and wife for a lifetime. I was able to fly to him last year and spend 3 months with him. but I had to come back to be with my family, and my son hated the culture there, and my husband is very poor. I have my mother and I had to move my Aunt in with her cuz her cancer is terminal and the chemo is making her very weak. I am a CNA, I have quit my job cuz I am too stressed out over mom, and my aunt, I am also living with a my child hood best friend. She has 4 children ages 11, 9, 7, 6, & 3. I love them all like my own. I dont have any debt. She owns the house and pays everything, I was helping her til I quite my job. but I needed a break I am so over whelmed with my life and my aunt. I just recently lost my father in 2008 and I am not truly at peace with it. God i think I need counceling I am so sorry I am pouring all this out, I am just so angry at god why is he putting this all on my shoulders and not hearing me cry for help. i just want to have my husband here so I can have emotional support, someone to lean on and so I can have HELP... I cant get him here cause I do not meet the income guidlines for his visa. and know I do not have a job. I dont understand why my life has to be so hard......Noone I know wants to co-sponsor him cause they are scared. and the economy is bad. noone knows what tomorrow holds. and this stupid town I live in is so small it doent have a lot of options for emplyment.



Thank You


April El'Majrab
7/23/2010 1:04:19 PM
Ryan United States
Hey Lauren,
I am so greatful for klove and everything God has done through this ministry. I am sitting in my room journaling and spending time with God and to be honest, life the last few months have been quite difficult and trusting God has been a hard thing for me to do. My parents are getting a divorce, I have a lot of insecurity, and am in heavy bondage. I know God and have experienced him in my life but I am going through a spiritual rollercoster and I need prayer.
Thank you so much for this ministry. You are helping so many lives including my own.

God Bless,

Ryan Fette
7/26/2010 11:28:38 AM
Garry United States
I work third shift doing deliveries. I want you to know what a blessing you and K-LOVE radio are to me in providing uplifting music and commentaries while I am driving. I also try to listen to K-LOVE as much as I can when not working. Again, Thank You.
7/27/2010 3:56:07 AM
Janae Propeck United States
Janae Propeck
Hi Lauren! Welcome to K-LOVE! The few times that I've heard you, I have enjoyed it very much!
I just was reading a little about you and couldn't help but mention that I am also the girl of my family. I have three brothers (one older, then there's me, and two younger ones). Keep on shining for Christ!
7/27/2010 12:12:27 PM
Gail United States
Hey Lauren, Yes, I cry over the stupid stuff.  I even cry watching "Extreme Makeover:Home Edition"!
There are 4 people in my house and not a one can hang with me this time a night.  Keep the music coming!  Blessings to you!
7/28/2010 7:02:15 AM
Jenna United States
Hi sweetie!!!!  Your old friend from Illinois coming to say hi and tell you that I am so excited for your ministry through K-Love.  By the comments here I can tell that people are already connecting to you and that God is using you in a big way.  I love you and pray for you often!!!!!
7/30/2010 4:01:25 PM
Rebecca United States
7/31/2010 10:37:28 AM
jody United States
hello lauren. my name is jody and i love this radio station it gets me pumpted up everuday and i could not have one day without KAYLOVE in my life it the best! it has helped me through alot of my life and truly when i go to bed i have KAYLOVE right there with me and god watching right over me. and i just wanted to say hi and great work and keep it up hope i can come and meet you some day!! my life would fall apart if i didnt have KAYLOVE!! these songs have really helped me get throught my sufferings and really understand some stuff i have been going throught and the song get back up is the best! my uncle told me because i asked him why do we fall he said because so we have a chance to get back up and do better or move on but watever we do god is ALWAYS on are side and i jsut love that because my mom and grandpa are kinda sick sometimes and i jsut pray and pray for them to get  threw this and they do and i thank god everday that i have him there to help my mom and grandpa!!!!!!Smile
8/1/2010 6:49:31 PM
linda holmes United States
linda holmes
Hi lauren my name is linda from arkansas, i just accepted jesus back in my life after being away from him an was living in sin, but I thank him everyday for bringing me back to the fold, i love listening to k-love when i feel sad I will hear a song on here that lifts up my spirits, an lets me know there are so many other people out there that are having it lots worse than me,an I love my sweet lamb of God an will never leave him again,may God bless all of u at k-love my prayer's r with all of thoses that listen to u also,that "God tell's us he will never leave are forsake us"an i started crying after i read aprils story, an stoped an said a paryer for God to bless her in all of her need's an he will meet them  for her an all of her family, I am so thankful for k-love,an my saviors love for me. i pray all of u have a blessed weekend,ur sister in christ.God bless all of ur listeners.
8/6/2010 1:01:52 PM
Lloyd United States
Hello LAUREN! Wow wouldn't imagine writting something of your wonderful inspiration you have for christian aggape love for God and his children! Single is difficult and weary at all times, but when you get into Gods word it reminds us that we were made for him and to be with him so that our faith can increase and wisodm will be noble and understanding our delight to please the Lord with our hope set on the one and only messiah, and savior of all, the one who created all things that have breathe and who takes away their breath at their approperate time, A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted(Ecclesiastes 3:2) I love this station, it has been about 2 years that i've been listening to Klove, every time i've been hurt or i just can't really understand why certin things come my way, i know that God understands our tears and our cry for help in our troublesome times and i turn my radio on and the song better than a hallelujah, just completely gives me into the love that God has for us, thank you so much for you inspiring love for God and giving people their sweet comforting moment when they ask you to play something they love, thank you alot LAUREN
8/12/2010 3:28:37 PM
Gery Simpson United States
Gery Simpson
California sure is different from Ft Collins. I prefer Laramie.
8/15/2010 6:21:43 AM
Mr Glattman Belgium
Mr Glattman
Marvelous! Not clear for me, how frequently you updating your site?
8/25/2010 4:52:02 PM
Roy Cadiz El Salvador
Roy Cadiz
I enjoy this web page
9/5/2010 5:11:07 PM
Cyndie United States
welcome from california, love the shows and listen only to klove your my connect to HEAVEN, TY
9/5/2010 5:14:16 PM
Echo United States
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
2He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

3He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

5Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. God gave me this scripture when I first came to Him..  

9/11/2010 4:46:03 PM
Diamond Kyrgyzstan
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9/19/2010 2:00:19 AM
Ryan United States
Hey Lauren,
I have connected with you on here ones before. I just wanted to ask that you might pray for my mom. She has been in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and I am having some difficult spiritual issues. Thank you again for you and klove's support through this ministry. After a long day at school and work, it is nice to listen overnights to you on klove. The Lord bless you.
-Ryan F.
9/20/2010 6:57:55 AM
Marilee Esenwein Puerto Rico
Marilee Esenwein
Appealing web blog, not such as other folks!
9/26/2010 3:35:33 PM
James Kalu Nigeria
James Kalu

I am listening to your show online from Nigeria right now. How can I call in on your show. Please give me your phone number.

9/26/2010 4:12:27 PM
James Kalu Nigeria
James Kalu
Hi Lauren,

I've been calling your studio # but no one's answering. No problem. I understand how busy studio lines can be. My # is +234 80 3417 4568. I love your station. I am a christian with a church which still upholds the old values of absolute righteousness and holiness.

I am surprised that there are still some american christians who still promote righteousness. I thought that everyone had adopted to the new age message. God bless you and your station. I will always listen in daily.

My church General Overseer will be holding a crusade in Maryland, U.S.A. on the 23rd and 24th of October, 2010 titled "Time for God to Prove His Power". Call these numbers +240 765 8992 or +1 202 4157 954. They belong to our Maryland pastor. Please cover this crusade. I assure you you haven't seen God move like this before.

God bless you,

James Kalu
10/8/2010 10:36:33 AM
Ryan MacConnell United States
Ryan MacConnell
I want to be a DJ at K-Love!!! Tong
I'm a sophomore musical theatre major in NY right now but trying to get an internship with K-Love so we'll see what happens!

10/19/2010 12:57:53 PM
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1/15/2011 7:58:48 PM
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2/17/2011 3:02:54 AM
Daria Romania
Hey Lauren!!

My name is Daria and i'm from Romania.

This summer i will marry and move to Germany, my future husband is german.
I read your story and how you got to klove radio station and it was really encouraging!! I never moved and I know that at the biginning it will be hard.. I'll leave in Romania my family, my friends and my church and I'll have a new start.  Exactly like you, I've prayed and I told God that wherever He want's me to go, I'll go.
I know that he's got a plan with me there and I want to do exactly what He wants me to!

Thank you! Smile

(sorry for my bed writting)
3/8/2011 11:46:48 PM
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Rose Majrab United States
Rose Majrab

My fiancee come my country soon, i love him much him if of morocco, i need pray for us. thank you
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