Dec 28 2010

2010 is almost a has-been

so my facebook friend kathy made up a cute little 'diddy' (i love rhymes so this made me extra happy!)

Well the year 2010 is almost past
But the memories will definitely last
Good and bad God was in them all
He carried His children who heard His call
The path has been set for the New Year ahead
...And we can see it clear with the light God shed
Don’t take your eyes off of the goal He set
If the blessings He has in store, you want to get

Would love to hear the highlight of your year~just post em here :)

Bring it on 2011


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12/28/2010 5:31:33 PM
Dorothy Folkman United States
Dorothy Folkman
What I will remember most about 2010 is the way I found out I'm not invincible like I always thought I was & I am not as in control of things as I thought.
12/29/2010 3:45:58 AM
Jeff Curtis United States
Jeff Curtis
After listening tonight to many comments of how K-love has touched lives I have to say I am so blessed to be a part of this ministry.  I heard a man talk about his addiction to crack and how God changed his life through the music of Klove just brings tears of joy bubbling up from my heart.  
12/30/2010 11:13:57 PM
Daisy Rodriguez United States
Daisy Rodriguez
well my highlight for 2010 is that I got the host ghost this month
12/30/2010 11:33:53 PM
Daisy Rodriguez United States
Daisy Rodriguez
I also will like to pass my test to become a teachers aid in 2011.
1/1/2011 10:34:16 PM
Elizabeth Kirsch United States
Elizabeth Kirsch
The highlight of my year would be attending a retreat at my church called Christ Renews his Parish.  Ive always been a believer but this retreat just helped me set in stone the choices that i was making for myself were right for me.  I know have a group of women who support me and are not judgemental.  This retreat has forever changed my life and i can't wait to give it to the next group of women.  I feel that I am called to do this.  
1/2/2011 8:08:10 AM
Judy Berry United States
Judy Berry
The highlight of 2010 for me and my husband was the entire year. God blessed us in ways we could have never imagined and even in times of trials this year God carried us through them and when the trial was over He set us on the highest mountain. (this might be a little lenghty but I feel like I'm supposed to share) At the start of 2006, at the age of 23 I was so lost in sin that I had turned to drugs (cocaine, crack, acid, etc). The devil had convinced me that I was no good for God. Not only was I a drug addict but I was also a homosexual. In Oct of 2006 that all changed when I accepted Jesus as my savior. It was so amazing what the Lord did for me that day, from that point forward I have not be physically attracted to anyone but my christian husband that I married in 2007. On our wedding night God planted a seed in our hearts that we were going to become foster parents.  Well we did what some people do we talked about it that day and then pushed it to the side. In late 2008 God smacked me in the face with this spirtual reminder of what my husband and I said we were going to do for Him. We started the process immediately, but we made sure that they clearly understood that we just wanted to be a good christian temporary home for kids under the age of 6 because we were only in our early mid 20's. No Adoptions! From January to February of 2009 we had helped 2 kids ages 9 and 13. I was so ready to give it up! On March 9th I recieved a phone call to take in two boys ages 9 and 11. I had heard all about these boys through the grapevine, since my home was empty some people thought it was fair to warn me, about how bad they were that one had Down's Syndrome and the how the other one really needed to be in juvy. So obviously I told our home finder no. Then I hung up the phone and prayed for these boys like I did for all the children I had heard about. After praying God spoke to my heart and told me that WE NEEDED those boys. So I obeyed however I felt that God meant to say that those BOYS NEEDED US. So I called my home finder back immediately and told her we would take them. 6 hours later she was telling me where I would meet their previous foster mother to pick up those boys the next day and at the end of the conversation she told me their full names. I was in SHOCK to discover that "those boys" were my third cousins that I didn't even know existed.  In April of 2010 "those boys" officialy became "our sons".  This past year was God's highlight for us. Not only did He (officially by the state)give us our sons, but He has saved my brother and his wife, protected my boys and brought them through their horrific past. Then He gave us our third son a 2 year old boy which will be offical in 2011.  We serve such an awesome God! I praise Him for this year He has given me but also for my salvation. Through God all things are possible. I want to thank K-love for being there in 2006 and ever since. All three of my boy love your radio station. It plays music that inspires us daily to serve God by serving others
2/21/2011 12:46:34 PM
alex chandler United States
alex chandler
i love your staitoin i have been raised around chirstan family sece 3 years of age i dint know that there was klove tilla year ago you guys help me find chirst and i found him august 31 2010 my bothers fund him before i did and my step sister redeicaded her life you guys helped my grandpanits because thy tired to get to follow him for 10 years there a deal we do with cma chirtan mocyce asstion and its called flame on its were chistans gather up once a year to have a blast to talk to chirst  and now im 14 i get to go
3/4/2011 1:54:34 AM
Kaitlin United States
So this is pretty late..but the highlight of my year was definitely joining a youth group at my Church. I met the best people who share the most love in one thing, GOD. Through the good and bad times my new-found friends have been there. I am positive God put them in my life so I could find them, and cherish God's love together. I got into this youth group right after a move, and it was hard at first. But, God gave me these magnificent people to help me. I know that God is always there.
2011 I expect to get a lot closer to God than I already am.
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