Jul 21 2009

How Many of Me?

In the news today was the story of Kelly Hildebrandt marrying Kelly Hildebrandt.  The pair - the male Kelly and the female Kelly - found each other via Facebook.  Got us thinking about "how many people with my name" are there in the U.S.? We were tipped off on the website www.HowManyofMe.com.  In case you are curious, when it comes to the K-LOVE Morning Show here's how many there of us:

News Guy Dan Dillard - 17

News Gal Amy Baumann - 36

Producer David Fountain - 257

Eric Allen - 1,661

Lisa Williams - 6,145 (and here we thought she was one in a million!?)

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7/21/2009 8:27:50 AM
Melana Gries United States
Melana Gries
I went to that web-site and typed in my name and I am one in a million lol. No one had my name. I always knew I was special. lol
7/22/2009 7:42:57 PM
Stephanie Purse United States
Stephanie Purse
I too am 1 in a million! Though before I got married I shared my name with 999 others. Fun website!
7/25/2009 1:28:44 PM
Katie United States
I'm the only one in the U.S. with my name!  How awesome it THAT!!!  Smile
7/29/2009 6:29:18 AM
Jim Garcia United States
Jim Garcia
There are 16,255 people in the U.S. named James Garcia.  There are 943 people in the U.S. named Jimmy Garcia.  There are 366 people in the U.S. named Jimmie Garcia.  There are 576 people in the U.S. named Jim Garcia.
I've gone by all these names.  Currently, my nickname is Jim and has been for some 30+ years.  My legal name is James.  Oy, I'm not one in a million...I AM a million.
Fun sight.  In college I used to kid others with the same 1st name about them getting married and they'd both have the same name.  Now, someone's gone and done it.  How funny is that?  Oh well, a Rose by any other name could be a Bush or even a Kennedy.  There's only 1 name that really matters, Jesus cause we're all gettin' new ones anyway.  God Bless...fun topic.
8/29/2009 12:02:41 PM
Breanna Watje United States
Breanna Watje
I have been to that website before and I am the only one of me in the world. The name Watje is a dutch word with a german heritage. P.S it's pronounced way-jee.
1/17/2011 6:41:32 AM
Stevie Iraq
Well that is QE for you
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