Aug 03 2009

Potty & Encouraging

When complete strangers say, "I wouldn't go in there ... we're guys and we won't even use it", it wasn't a real comfort to my wife who was in desperate need of a restroom.  We were on our way home from Spirit West Coast Monterey, stuck in traffic with very few options when I spotted a gas station.  The joy of finding a place to stop was quickly tempered when we learned the gas station had no public restrooms, but instead had two port-a-potties - one of which was locked and the other one came with the disclaimer from the two strangers.  But then someone else told us, "hey, they are not that bad - they were just hosed down".  Not cleaned, mind you - "hosed down"!  Somehow that didn't make my wife feel better.

God bless my father-in-law, who was also traveling with us, because he did his best to strategically place those brown paper towels to make the bathroom in a box a bit more useable.  Meanwhile, I'm snapping pictures and twittering them.  Thankfully my wife has an amazing sense of humor and was able to laugh at the craziness of the situation.  I think she was also just thankful that we found somewhere to stop, too. 

Being thankful for little things like finding a bathroom and the ability to laugh at having to use a grotesque port-a-pottie, are small perspective builders and remind us that things could be a whole lot worse.  You see, not 10 minutes later, the car my wife was driving was rear-ended by a driver not paying attention, causing a three-car crash.  Thank God no one was seriously hurt.  As we analyzed all aspects of the accident, we realized a few small things here or there could have made the accident much worse.  Scary bad. Makes having to use a nasty bathroom not seem like such a big deal.



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8/12/2009 9:02:59 AM
Jil K. Elam-Capetillo United States
Jil K. Elam-Capetillo
You are a good husband Eric, thank God for men like you.  I am glad you are able to find the joy in all of lifes eventful moments.
8/31/2009 10:25:53 AM
Lorrie Callaway United States
Lorrie Callaway
I missed this when it came out because I was doing a mission trip in Africa.  That makes this story all the more funny as the "toilets" we delt with in Africa were nothing more than a hole in the ground and they hosed them out before we visited in some of the villages.  We were grateful for that!

It has been my resolution to never complain again about having to wait in line for the bathroom. Life is truely about perception.  That must be another reason why we should keep our eyes on God!
3/27/2011 1:51:18 PM
Hey United States
You are my  intake , I  have  few blogs   and  rarely  run out from to post   : (.
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