Aug 04 2009

Office Refrigerator Etiquette

Although we thought "No Name, Fair Game" sounded like a great rule of thumb:) here are the actual rules...

The office refrigerator is a convenience for you to use during the workday. Remember to be considerate of your co-workers as you share this benefit with them.
1. Do not eat or drink foods that do not belong to you.
2. Do not leave food in the refrigerator to rot and smell. If you brought it and didn't eat it, throw it away.
3. Do not leave foods uncovered. This is especially important when the food has a strong odor. Better yet, try not to bring foods that may have a strong odor such as garlic or onions. This is also good advice for your breath during the workday.
4. If your container leaks or spills in the refrigerator, clean the spill.
5. Do not rummage through your co-worker's food to see what they brought or make comments about what they brought to eat.

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Comments (9) -

8/4/2009 6:59:03 AM
Randall Jessup United States
Randall Jessup
I love listening to you!
These are great thanks for sharing.
I work from home and miss the whole office refrigerator drama. LOL  
8/4/2009 7:09:29 AM
Amy United States
Thank you for the rules.  I work in a jail and you would be surprised at how often food is "stolen" by my co-workers.  Of course, the best time was when I put my partially consumed bottle of water back in the fridge and somebody else drank it.  Two days later, I was diagnosed with strep throat.  I don't know what happened, but I like to think that the thief got his/her just reward.
8/4/2009 7:12:31 AM
Laura United States
I printed the RULES and will post on our office refrigerator!  This is the bigest contoversy in our lounge, it is always terrible and when someone finally cleans it out, there is always one person that says" who threw away my food"!!!
But I am like you, I don't mind sharing my food, I should not assume others want to share theirs also!
8/4/2009 10:35:00 AM
Marina United States
honestly, Lisa, you've opened my eyes... I'm always tempted to eat other people's food... It just looks so much better than my own! =) just kidding, funny post.
8/5/2009 11:18:33 AM
Cindy United States
Hi, Lisa, thank you so much for this info...Hmmm, I was thinking that, and maybe I missed it, YOU found CRUMPETS in the fridge when you were hungry the day before this came about, did I hear that wrong???  I am joshing ya, have a great day!  Love you guys!
8/5/2009 1:58:19 PM
Mike United States
I used to love eating other people's food but now that I have read the rules, I don't think I will be doing that anymore!!!  Love the morning show guys......keep up the good work!!!
8/5/2009 7:57:20 PM
avery United States
hey lisa
thanks for these  rules they  should become the law!! I work for a large retailer and we have two refrigerators! When they clean them out people always raise a  fuss about there have drank coke or 3 day old container getting thrown out!!! I see everyone has the same problem
10/12/2010 1:18:15 AM
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