Aug 11 2009

Britt Nicole

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8/12/2009 7:03:53 AM
Dawn Dorton United States
Dawn Dorton
Hi Lisa,

If I am cranky, LOTS OF CHOCOLATE helps.  I am trying to wean myself from having a Diet Pepsi in the mornings.  I started this bad habit to try and stay awake at work.  For the last few days, I have replaced it with chocolate chips. Today I am going to go cold turkey.

I can relate to Amy's story about her son.  My daughter started putting stuff up her nose when she was about two years old.  I would get the tweezers and pull popcorn, peas, toys, and anything else she shoved up there.  I think the worse thing was a beatle bug.  It was so slimy and went further up into her nose.  I finally got it out by using the tweezers, a baby's nose suckling device, and by pinching her nose.

I trully enjoy listening to this station.  Everyone does a great job in displaying their talents that they have been given by God.  Every day I am touched by the songs, stories, and DJ's.  Thanks!!
8/12/2009 8:02:52 AM
Jill Burgett United States
Jill Burgett
The live performances are so touching... something about them... awesome like my God!
8/12/2009 10:04:13 AM
Tiffany United States
I heard this song a few weeks ago for the first time and it made me cry.  God really spoke to me during that song, it is so SO encouraging especially to women (because it was written by one).  I shared it with my small group from my church and they too were amazed by the song.  We all need to realize how much this world needs Jesus and the message He brings.  So "dont't let your fire burn out!"

This radio station has really made an impact on my life in so many ways, thank you!!!

Now if I could only figure out what cities she is in so I could win her CD that would be great Smile
8/12/2009 10:25:00 AM
Elisa United States
This song is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing it with the world.  God bless
8/13/2009 5:56:35 AM
Terence Wynn United States
Terence Wynn
Thanks for posting this video I enjoyed it and appreciate her song even more.
8/13/2009 12:59:42 PM
Lori United States
I was thankful to hear Britt singing live on my way to work, so I didn't expect to be overwhelmed with emotion watching this clip. I cried the whole way through. Thank you for having her visit, having her sing for us and for filming it, too.  I think when I sing along now, I'll be even more encouraged than before.  God bless all of you at K-LOVE.
8/14/2009 7:19:22 AM
Mary Rose United States
Mary Rose
Awesome! Absolutely awesomeSmile Very talented young lady! You go girlSmile God Bless you!!
8/14/2009 7:21:23 AM
MP United States
The clip of Britt brought tears to my eyes because it's a beautiful song and it touched my heart today.

Thank you Smile
8/14/2009 9:56:10 AM
Dawn United States
Wow. I did not get to listen to her song, just a bit of the morning show when she arrived. I think its her heart that shines thru when she sings. She means it. I am almost sure that she wrote it, but if not...its still something she could have written because she believes it so strongly. I needed to be reminded that its not about me. Who am I reaching for Christ? That is what it is really about. Great, I get to go to heaven, but who I am I neglecting to ask to go with me? Who will miss heaven because I am afraid to stand for Christ and to quit thinking about my own problems and goals all of the time?
You guys are so great to listen to because u are real. I cant stand it when people are fake just because they have positions in the kingdom. Cranky is very common in my home. I was an avid drinker (of tea and pop!) but I have been coke free for over a year , and 4 days, going on 5 with no tea!!!!!!! sugar lots of it, so I am loosing weight too! I still have 1 or 2 coffee's a day, but ...u gotta have something right?
Love the KLove Show and u guys
Dawn in Greenwood AR
8/14/2009 7:31:38 PM
melanie United States
this song and video was so beautiful just what i needed to hear at this time with so many obstacles coming up around me.

Thank you KLOVE for being there!
8/15/2009 12:16:52 PM
Susan United States
Thank you so much for replaying Nicole's song she sang live on the morning show! I missed her visit as I had to be at work that day but heard it the next day.What a truly awesome voice she is blessed with!I was so moved, it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you klove,for helping me move closer to God through your music & inspiration every day.
8/19/2009 10:01:21 AM
Scott Nordstrom United States
Scott Nordstrom
I was greatly encouraged by the video of Britt.  Words that carry a powerful message, sung with passion and love.  Not only does the world desperately need to see a life changed by the gospel, but as a chirstian, it inspires me to move beyond mediocrity and burn brighter.  

A message that moves the heart...and brought a tear of "amen" to my eyes...Sing it!
9/9/2009 1:14:08 PM
graham ardner United States
graham ardner
What a great song with a great message.

Rock on, Britt. Smile
10/5/2009 9:59:39 PM
Dan Levy United States
Dan Levy
I finally figured out how to get to the Morning Show page. Yes I'm somewhat tech. chalenged. LOL
Anyway, I heard Britt sing live in the studoi and now again with video feed. What an Amazing song and boy oh boy is Britt ever bless with talent. I think we are all fortunate th be able to listen to her sing.
Love to all,
Have a Jesus filled day.
11/8/2010 1:04:07 AM
dobby Brunei Darussalam
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2/5/2011 5:40:05 PM
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