Aug 17 2009

... and then I saw MC Hammer!

My 8-year-old son Evan LOVES baseball, so when his favorite team the Chicago White Sox was going to be playing in nearby Oakland this weekend (we live outside of Sacramento), we had to go.  I bought great seats online for a super cheap price - the seats were front row near the Sox bullpen.  Evan got to say hi to a number of the ballpayers and some of the coaches gave him bubblegum and baseball cards.  He got an autograph from one of the players too.  I tried to explain to him, that this kind of stuff usually doesn't happen when you go to a game.  And then in the bottom of the first inning I got a foul ball!  I've gone to ballgames all of my life and never came close to getting a baseball.  One inning into the game and we had experienced all of these things we never have at a baseball game.

And then things went up a notch - I saw MC Hammer at the game!  How surreal is that?  We determined that every story we ever told would be much more interesting if we ended it "... and then I saw MC Hammer".  Try it.  It's fun!

 Evan with the foul ball ...

 ... and old school pic of MC Hammer

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8/17/2009 12:57:01 PM
D Diane Montoya United States
D Diane Montoya
"What did I do yesterday; Sunday?"

I accompanied my HomeTeam Leader, to a city approximately 44 miles West of Corpus Christi, to the city of Alice. It is our 6th campus that we've opened up through our main campus of Bay Area Fellowship. I was there mostly for support, and to encourage others to give of their time to support the many ministries that BAF has to offer. I personally have committed myself to the "hospitality" ministry; making coffee for our 3-Sunday services, and then being a "leader" for Childrens' Church; 1st & 2nd graders. What a blast!!
It was a great experience!!!!!! And then I saw M.C. Hammer..........
8/18/2009 6:37:58 AM
Alyssa United States
Let's see... what did I do?

Well, I didn't do much... read a little, listened to Klove a lot! Smile Then that evening I went to my grandmother's house for dinner....

And then... I saw LISA WILLIAMS!!!
8/19/2009 11:09:10 AM
Miranda United States
Looks like you two had an amazing experience. I actually play a multi-player online game and the game has a character that can do the MC Hammer dance. One day while playing, my friend's toon was dancing. So to be funny I started playing the MC Hammer song on our voice chat server while his toon danced. Everyone in my team started laughing. Now we do it everytime his toon starts to dance. It is a great ice-breaker when things get hectic. So I guess I could say "And then I saw the MC Hammer dance...."

Virginia Beach
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