Sep 01 2009

Boys vs Girls

Which are easier to raise?  Boys or girls?  Do you think the stereotypes are true? (You know, those sterotypes that boys are more of a challenge as toddlers but easier as they get older, and girls are a breeze as little ones but kinda tough in their teens.)  Weigh in on the K-LOVE Morning Show Facebook page.

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9/2/2009 8:52:51 AM
Lesley United States
I think it is all easy, either boy or girl, until they get into their teens.  That is when the challenge begins.  Give me toilet training, new teeth or 2nd grade math any day!
9/2/2009 10:34:52 AM
Stefan Schmidt United States
Stefan Schmidt
I have son that will be 3 in October and a 17 month old daughter.  I can not really say which is easier to raise but their little minds are definitely wired diferently.  My son is all boy and loves trucks and rough housing with dad and my daugher is the sweetest little girl you would ever meet (unless you take one of her toys)
9/2/2009 11:52:29 AM
Terri United States
Though I have not given birth to my own children I have been working with the youth of my church for about 20 years and I have been teaching for nearly twenty years the first ten in public schools and the last in private. I have to admit that it seems to me that there is really no rule that can apply to kids other than each one is as unique as our God has intended.
9/8/2009 8:48:42 AM
graham ardner United States
graham ardner
very good topic, lisa
i think that boys are more emotionaly stable, and while they do nerve-racking things when you least expect them, they generally have less...complications.

OK, i'm a bit biased--i'm a guy. Smile
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