Sep 05 2009

Serving on your K-LOVE Morning Show these days...

Producer David Fountain takes your calls at 800-900-1300, Amy Baumann has news updates twice an hour from her Ohio studios, and Lisa & Eric drink coffee, talk on the phone, and laugh a lot.  (Not pictured:  Dan Dillard who covers news in Denver from 6-9am local time; Lisa Torres who answers your questions when you write to the morning show.)

And we can't forget Momma!  Lisa's Momma calls in almost every morning from Shreveport, Louisiana, with wisdom, commentary on the day's news, or funny stories from Lisa's childhood.  She always reminds us to "stay close to God".

We are SO thankful we get to spend our mornings with you, playing music, hearing your stories, keeping you informed, laughing, praying, thinking and sharing life together!

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7/7/2009 7:23:33 AM
Tracie United States
You were talking about the Michael Jackson Memorial that will be aired today. No, I will not be watching. He had good music but whenever someone famous dies the press has a bad habit of shining their light on those they feel are bigger then life and the others that die around the same time get put on the back burner. We had Ed McMan, Farrah, Karl Malden. What they don't mean the same? I feel that no matter who dies should be regarded the same. They are all saints to me but not one is better then the other.
7/7/2009 4:55:16 PM
Steph in HR United States
Steph in HR
Awww!  Mom's so cute!  Makes me miss my mom.  Although my mom looks nothing like your mom.  LOL.
7/8/2009 4:02:41 PM
Marilyn Miller United States
Marilyn Miller
Hi Morning Show folks! I listen early, early in the morning while I drive 20 miles to work. Listening to KLOVE sets the tone for my day.The 20 mile drive is between two small towns in Oregon and I am blessed that both towns support KLOVE and have a station so I am never without my KLOVE in the morning!!
7/8/2009 4:07:11 PM
Marilyn Miller United States
Marilyn Miller
I listen early, early in the morning while I drive 20 miles to work. Listening to KLOVE sets the tone for my day! I drive the 20 miles between two small towns in Oregon and am blessed that both support KLOVE and have a station!I have to have my KLOVE in the morning!
7/9/2009 7:21:25 AM
Sherrie Payne United States
Sherrie Payne

My 5-year-old son absolutely loves to hear you on the radio each day.  We live in Virginia so we are listening on the way to and from school (around 7:30 a.m. & 4 p.m.).  One day last week, while driving to school, Connor said "Mom, what is the name of the lady on the radio?  I really like her.  She makes me smile.  We should send her a note to say thank you for my smile every day".  

KLOVE is the only station we play and my son sings at the top of his lungs when you play the "Revelation Song" by Phillips, Craig, & Dean.  

Thank you for sharing your early morning with us each weekday.  Thank you for being a godly example that my son can enjoy listening to on his way to school each day.  (He goes to the Dayschool at the church where I work).

Have a Beautifully Blessed Day!!
7/9/2009 9:21:10 AM
Monica United States
I want to know one thing - if Louisiana wins the concert, is your Momma going to be there?  I entered the drawing and if I get to go - well, that is really the only reason I voted for Louisiana - she is absolutely adorable!  :O)
KLOVE is the best - I listen to ya'll every day and pretty much all day - in my car, at work, at home.
The neatest thing just happened a few minutes ago.  FEDEX delivered a package to my office.  I have KLOVE on my radio.  The delivery lady told me that I was listening to her favorite station!!!  That is just too cool.
Thanks for all you do and keep following His plan!  God bless!
7/12/2009 8:26:44 PM
Myles United States
Thank you for the introduction! You all wake me up every morning and having those moments of inspiration are just what a soul needs to get off to a great start!

Your mother is so precious! You know we live in the same city! Shreveport here as well! We are so happy to have KLove here!

Keep up the great work! Please tell John and Sheri that we do miss them. John's boldness is an inspiration to us all. I was an addict myself at one time and it was only through God, church, and family that I have been clean for many years now!
7/30/2009 7:38:03 AM
Carla Taylor United States
Carla Taylor
I still love listening to K-Love, that has not changed.  But I do miss Jon and Sherry.  They have whatever it takes to get peoples attention and draw them in, which in nearer to our Lord.  I wish them all the best that God has to offer.  As christians, we all know what He has is what we need.  So, I know they will be fine and blessed.  Good people, Godly people are a gift from God and He will take care of His own.  

It took sometime getting use to new folk on the morning show, but they are a blessing as well.  It's because the word, the message, the show is focused on our Lord.  That's what makes K-Love so special and wonderful.  Thanks K-Love for continuing to put God first.  That's whats important.  
9/25/2009 7:17:19 AM
Melissa Everett United States
Melissa Everett

I just want to say what a daily inspiration that you, Eric, and the rest of the morning crew are to me!  The other day you all asked about the crew, "why are we here?". You are there to constantly remind me and the rest of the listeners that God is with us always. I used to listen to regular secular music (about two weeks ago), then one day that music just wasn't getting it for me. You see, I recently had on a whim applied for a job as a secretary to a pastor at one of our local churches. My friends and family laughed at me.  We were not living the best christian life and often turned away from God.  Well I went to the interview and did pretty good, I started praying to God that I got the job because we really needed it. When the time came, I called about the job and they had told me that someone else had been hired but thank you. I cried so hard, I really needed/wanted that job. then about two months after that my phone rang, the church name turned up on my caller ID. It was the pastor. He was calling to offer me the job because the woman they had hired had to quit. God answered my prayer! He (GOD) made me wait...LOL...patience my child, I heard him tell me, good things will come. Now I have been at my job for two months, I absolutely love it! Now, back to my story about the music...anyway, I was flipping through the stations and K-love popped on. I really enjoyed the song that was on, "resurrection". It made me cry, I needed it and now I have been listening to K-Love ever since! I enjoy the news story's because they aren't depressing and sad. You and the other staff at K-Love are there to encourage us through our Lord Jesus Christ! You are there to be a servant of God, isn't that what we are supposed to do? Thank you! I have gotten my husband to go to church with me now and we are trying to live a good, faithful, christian life! Praise God! Pray for our family that we can stay walking WITH God, not having him always carry us. Again Thank You!
10/28/2009 9:20:31 PM
Janet Smith United States
Janet Smith
I want to let you know Lisa that your Momma makes my day when she comes on... I enjoy listening to what she has to say. I would love to meet one day! She reminds me of times when my Mom was still here on Earth... Enjoy her as much as possible and know that even though we may not know her personally she is bringing joy into peoples lives. May God richly bless you both for your kindness and love.
Janet in Franklin Indianda
3/3/2011 12:25:27 PM
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