Sep 15 2009

Do you think chasing your kids around is enough exercise?

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By the end of the day at home with my 1 and 2 year old, I feel like I've run a marathon!  BUT, in reality, am I (and are you) really getting enough true exercise?  Click here to remind yourself of the healthy stuff you should be doing every day.  We've go to take care of ourselves so we can take care of all the people we love!  If you have some thoughts to share on how you balance it all, including finding time to exercise, share it on the K-LOVE Morning Show facebook page.  Talk to you later; I gotta go sweat now:)  peace and k-love, Lisa


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9/17/2009 11:20:58 AM
Lesley United States
My kids got me a WII game for my birthday.  I love it! WII Active Personal Fittness Trainer.  It truely gets your heart rate up and has some fun games.  

I think I have lost around 10 pounds since I started working out with it (I also am on Weight Watcher).

Happy excercizing.
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