Oct 23 2009

Proverbs and you

hey friends:)  it's the last day of pledge drive and it's just crazy!!  i have a second while a song is playing just to say...

keep reading the Proverbs, even if i don't post them here!!

last night, i turned out the light and realized:  i didn't post a Proverb on the blog!

and then i realized:  i didn't read a Proverb today!  so i turned back on the light and drank in Proverbs 22--so powerful, so true and so wonderful to think about as my pledge-drive-fatiged brain tried to turn off 800-525-5683:)))

so, i'm pressed for time this morning...time to go back on the air even right now.

so grab you a Bible and read Proverbs 23 before this October 23 is done...

and keep listening today to see if we hit 100%.

God is moving.

love in Christ,


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10/23/2009 8:26:20 AM
L. R. B. United States
L. R. B.
Please, please, please help your local K-LOVE Station.  For me; I’m a single mom of 3 boys ages 14, 18 and my special 21 year old who is now an angel watching over us.  I do not know how I could make it through my day w/o K-LOVE.  This is my horrible time of year.  This is the time of year that I battle depression over the loss of my son who was called to heaven 6 years ago.  I listen to K-LOVE through my computer at work and on 91.1FM through I believe Winchendon, MA while at home.

911 is a very appropriate station channel.  We dial 911 when we need physical help and my radio station is tuned to 91.1 for my spiritual help.

The message and music lets me know that I am never alone during this struggle.  I have used the prayer resources on more than one occasion and it is a God sent gift to help me daily.  I have given my best gift of $10.00 per month and I hope to be able to add to that in the future.
10/23/2009 9:05:05 AM
Christine Probert United States
Christine Probert
Lisa and Eric,
I love your program...thank you for being there. You both are so great at what you do...so much positive energy! It must have been a thrill to talk with David Crowder.  I totally love his song, "He Love Us".  I feel God's love falling all over me when I hear it. Please play it as often as possible!
Thanks and keep up the great work.
1/15/2011 9:22:26 AM
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