Oct 29 2009

Encourage Your Pastor!

October is "Pastor Appreciation Month" and with just a few days left in the month, if you haven't taken the opportunity to express your gratitude to your pastor, make sure you do that! We came across this article (about 10 years old, but still relevant) on some simple ways you can show appreciation to your pastor.

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10/29/2009 7:17:32 AM
Turhan Williams United States
Turhan Williams
I have been a listener of KLove for about 7yrs now and I must say whenever I need to hear God speak to me, I can trust KLove to deliver a "right now song" to minister to me. I have been a blessings to others and have introduced them to KLove, hoping it blesses their lives as it has done mine. My children are also huge fans of KLove also!!!
10/29/2009 8:26:17 AM
Wanda United States
Our Pastor is wonderful.  He has a heart of compasion for everyone.  Mt. Hebron is very blessed to have him as our Pastor.  Anyone looking for a Pastor that cares and prayers for you.  Come and see for yourself.
10/29/2009 5:27:36 PM
katie United States
Our pastor is awsome . He preaches raelly good thanks! Ron Zapia from Harvest Bible Chapel in Wheaton IL 60187   ? Napervile
10/30/2009 7:14:45 AM
melissa United States
I want to encourage everyone not to forget the pastor's children. I was a pastor's kid.
Pastor's kids are looked down: "they are the worst kids". At times, they are expected to fill in capacities (youth leader, Sunday school teacher, etc.) that sometimes isn't really what they want to do.
My father past away almost 14 yrs ago. Whatever my father had to endure, good or bad, we, the family also endured it with him. Being a teenager at the time, of course, magnified it all for me.  And for sometime, I was bitter & angry and stayed away from the church and anyone associated with the church.
I also have to mention, they were those church members that did make me feel special, treating me like one of their own children...and not like a "pastor's kid". They were few; but they made it all more bearable for me.
So my point, is that the pastor's children shouldn't be overlooked because they, too, are in the mission field. They are an integral part of man that fills the position of the pastor. Just like we are all part of a body.
And to the pastor's kid...Remember, that not only was your father, or mother, chosen to serve but you, too, were chosen by God.  
10/30/2009 7:15:29 AM
Melissa United States
great article.  I'm a pastor's wife, and I think others often forget that we face the same issuse and need the same type of support.
10/31/2009 3:44:55 AM
Kimberly Minnix United States
Kimberly Minnix
I attend Family Life Fellowship in Enterprise,West Virginia where I am spiritually fed by Pastors Darren,Tammy,Aaron and Joey.They are the most wonderful people of GOD,that I have ever met.I am truly blessed! To feel the presence of the Lord in this church and in my life.I love the Lord,and I know that when I go to the alter I am not alone and I take comfort in knowing that there are four pastors who pray for me and my family!
10/7/2010 9:20:18 AM
Simone Jernigan United States
Simone Jernigan
I attend Colorado Community Church in Aurora, CO. I am so thankful to my pastor we have a lot of programs but 1 that is dear to Pastor Robert Gelinas is Project 127 our adoption program.  He would like to get every child to have a family to call there own.

I enjoy my church because Pastor is so annointed with his words to speak he breaks the BIBLE down into a language that we can understand & for that I am extememly greatful to Pastor Gelinas.

10/7/2010 9:07:59 PM
Dee-Ana, Double J, Serina, Monica, & Julian United States
Dee-Ana, Double J, Serina, Monica, & Julian
We just want to say that our pastor is truly a blessing to our church.  Love constantly pours from this mans heart.  We can tell that God works through him because he has an acceptance of others and helps many needs despite particular backgrounds.  He is certainly not perfect, but he is in many ways good natured, loving, and kind. He is very encouraging to others, yet always gives God praise in everything he speaks of.  We are very grateful and thankful that God has blessed us with a leader beneath him, of such great faith.  We love you Pastor Cope!
10/8/2010 1:48:59 PM
Chelsea Stewart United States
Chelsea Stewart
My youth pator infects me with new love, everyday. She is so capable of spilling life into others.
I have never in my life met someone so taken by leading others to our savior Jesus Christ. This is a woman of God. She lives to lead. She lives to help save. She lives for Him. Elisha, you're my truest hero.
10/13/2010 1:02:31 PM
Ronke Iselen United States
Ronke Iselen
I will like to appreciate my pastor, he works full time and also a preacher. He puts in so many many hours into the ministry and he truly has the heart for people. Pastor Sam Aina of PGIC, Hayward, i pray for more strength and annointing upon your life and that God will continue to use you for his Glory. I appreciate your wife and children too because you sacrifice your time with them for the ministry.
10/18/2010 7:01:33 PM
Kelsie McCaleb United States
Kelsie McCaleb
I just want to say I have a wonderful pastor, he has helped me get through so many things, and I thank the lord for him he works at the nursing home and he is pastor, he does such a great job and I pray that the lord blesses him truly. Pastor Brad Howard of sterling city Tx at the church of pentecost.
10/30/2010 12:43:01 PM
Ashley United States
So i have a awesome Pastor he is so nice to everyone... When the very first time i went and i was leaving he came up to me and said it was graet having u here i hope u come back and i was walking out the door and he said i love u and that was my first time going and now i go almost everyday to the church to help out he and his wife and kids has poured there love out for our church... they do everything for everyone i can call them and they will help me no matter what time of day or night they r always there for everyone if it wasnt for my church Zion i would prolly be died or even into way more drugs then when i stoped because of them.. I can never give much love like they have... I thank God for them they desver better we r remolding the church we r doing it in 52 days and oh boy u should of seen it before and now it looks way differant. Anyways i love them with all my heart and i hope they no that thanks for letting me tell u about my amazing Pastor and his wife
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