Nov 26 2009

What are you thankful for?

Once a year, usually on Thanksgiving Day, I take the time to write a letter to God, thanking Him for specific things in my life.  Sometimes, I'll look back and it's been a rough year, but I still see His hand and kindness.  Usually I end up crying and praying for a long time, realizing how blessed I truly am.

What about you?  Will you take some time and tell us a few things you're most thankful for this year?  If you want to leave a comment below, that's great.  Or if you prefer, just sit alone with God and make it a letter between only you and Him.

It feels good to be thankful:)

Happy Thanksgiving!



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11/16/2009 8:11:13 AM
Marsha Jones United States
Marsha Jones
I am thankful that god and Jesus reached out to me to remind me of what they have done for me and that they are willing to walk with me again and bring me closer into their heart. I am most thankful for that.

Marsha Jones
11/16/2009 8:15:34 AM
Robin United States
I am ever so grateful and thankful that I have a GOD who loves me and accepts me as I am. HE doesn't judge me, only holds me when i mess up.  HE is sustaining my marriage to a non believer and giving me the strength to stay strong in HIM.
11/16/2009 9:15:58 AM
Michael United States
I am so thankfull for my job. I know in these times so many people are without. I question every day why I am so fortunate and thank God for this, the glory's got to go to Him!
11/16/2009 9:55:23 AM
mary carder United States
mary carder
This year my son's birthday falls on Thanksgiving. I am so thankfull to God for sending him to me. He woke me up and I realized that I couldn't raise my son alone. Feb6,2005 I gave God my life and my son. Joel and I both love K-Love,we are thankfull for a Godly station to listen to. Thank You soo much! Mary and Joel Carder(Sheridan, Arkansas)
11/16/2009 10:44:27 AM
Margaret United States
Iam so grateful for the gift of eternal life that GOD has promised us !
11/16/2009 12:57:49 PM
Jada Kirtley United States
Jada Kirtley
I am thankful for my family,my church, my job. I am most thankful for God answering our prayers for a child. After 10 years of trying to have one of our own and 2 failed attempts of adopting foster children, God blessed my husband and I with a baby girl. We were involved from the beginning. I was even in the delivery room when she was born, I was the first one to hold her. I am thankful for the sacrafice that her natural mother made. I will always be greatful to her for that.
  Our daughter is a beautiful, healthy, happy child.
11/16/2009 1:07:45 PM
Vanessa Major United States
Vanessa Major
Hi Lisa!
I am thankful for SO many blessing that Father bestows upon me and my family daily. But I am especially thankful for the promise and gift of healing He has given our daughter, Becca. It is nothing short of a miracle that her seizures have simply vanished and I want the world to know what a mighty God I serve!! Thanks for the opportunity to write in. Vanessa Major
11/16/2009 1:54:37 PM
Kathi United States
Top of the long list is my son, Benjamin's road to healing.  He was diagnosed at age 3 with Stage 3 hepatablastoma (liver cancer)May 13, 2009.  After several rounds of chemo, surgery (they removed 25% of his liver) and more chemo, he has been declared to be free of cancer.  His cancer went from inoperable (due to the size of the tumor)to gone in less than 6 months.  We thank God several times a day for this miracle.  How great is our God!!!!
11/16/2009 2:37:45 PM
Ashley Hawkins United States
Ashley Hawkins
I am so thankful for all the blessings God has put into my life. I have such an amazing family and a business growing in the Lord. We listen to K-Love every day. My son is 2 1/2 and it is so enlightening to hear him say, "let's listen k-love". What a blessing! We also have a 6 month old girl. We had a difficult pregnancy with her and we almost lost her twice. I am thankful for her every time she looks into my eyes. I also have an absolutely amazing husband who has done a complete 180 from when we first got married. He is the most caring, loving, and absolute blessing in my life. And, I am a photographer and God is blessing our business more and more everyday. On top of Christ's amazing sacrificial love, he has given me so many tremendous blessings. I am so thankful for them everyday and I want them to know that my heart is so full and content with them in my life!
11/16/2009 3:52:34 PM
Kelly Steele United States
Kelly Steele
I am very thankful that there is a savior who loved me enough to take a curel beating and then died on the cross for the sins that God knew I was going to commit before I was even born. I am grateful that my nephew in Afganistan has been unharmed because God keeps him covered with his almighty hands. There is nothing better then Jesus he is an awesome person and I pray that some day I will see him face to face. As a matter of fact I can't wait until the day comes when I will go home.
11/16/2009 3:55:10 PM
Gloria United States
I like the word thank you and I especially like it when my heart knows that I have a God who loves me no matter what. Its nice to know that I'm never alone and that he says I'm his princess. I didn't get that kinda love when I was young; however as I grow in the Lord I recieve his over flowing blessings everyday in my life and my children.  Thank you Lord for always staying the same as King of King and my comforter.
Love Gloria
11/16/2009 4:10:59 PM
Cheryl United States
I have to say I have had a lot of things happen this year that make me realiE how thankful I am! My husband lost his job in Jan. And we are doing ok and for that I am thankful! He has been ably to spend slot of needed time with our girls like coaching their cross country/ trac team. Also my mom passed away in July and as bad as it sounds I am thankful, not because she is gone but because her life was filled with drugs, anger and sadness and I am thankful that she isn't suffering anymore. And that's just a couple things I am thankful for. I am a firm believer tha God won't bring you to it if he can't bring you through it !!
Thank you for all you do!
Cheryl Arthur , ky
11/16/2009 4:57:35 PM
renee chase United States
renee chase
Well, i am thankful for so many things.  
First, I am thankful for my friend who found out she is tumor free after her first round of treatment and does not have to have follow-up treatments.  I am thankful for the new great-nephew born at 24 weeks.  He is making progress each day.  I am thankful for my brother-in-law's progress with the medicine he is receiving now for his illness.
And, I am thankful for KLOVE each and every day. The message keeps me focused on what God wants and not on what I want.
Last week I was fretting over my job.  Then I heard,"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  I prayed for His guidance, and felt better immediately.  I had the BEST observation in my 30 year career!  

11/16/2009 5:25:56 PM
Barb Shelanskey United States
Barb Shelanskey
I feel so blessed. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful little boy. My mom has been cancer free for 1 year. My financial situation has become a little bit better. I just finished my very first Bible study (Beth Moore - Esther-It's Tough being a Woman) and it came at just the right moment in my life. God is good!
11/16/2009 7:27:38 PM
Jennifer United States
My husband and I are going on 3 years of marriage. It hasn't been the easiest road and our honeymoon period ended when I got pregnant when we had been married only 4 months. We're going to a Christian marriage counselor now to sort out some things we can't seem to reconcile/resolve on our own.
We were both asked why we got married in the first place-seeing as how we're not in the happiest place right now...and we both had the same answer that changes everything: we both had exactly the same spiritual beliefs, agreed on every doctrinal truth we knew, and had the same goals spiritually for our lives.
  Even though our lives together may seem like they're falling apart, I have NEVER been more thankful that God made us so different. Not only do we have to daily rely on him individually, but HE has been the glue, sometimes the ONLY glue, since the beginning. Most people don't get that reminder...I'm just so grateful for that and I had to share it. =)
11/16/2009 8:15:09 PM
Kimberly G. United States
Kimberly G.
I'm thankful for my home and my parents. The thought of what and who I might be (like) without them is overwhelming. I'm 13, and I'm recognizing really how much more I'm thankful.
Also, like mostly every Christian, I'm glad I'm saved and going to heaven - that Jesus died and ROSE AGAIN from the grave.
Lastly, I'm thankful for the church that we attend. But it's WAY MORE than attendance. It's worship and fellowship with other great and devoted believers. Our Pastors our SO GREAT Smile .
11/16/2009 10:09:52 PM
julie etter United States
julie etter
I am most thankful that we are free to worship and to serve our mighty God and that his loves and cares for us more than we will ever realize. Thank you father for all you have given to us, and for all you do for us. we could never make it without you, you are the one and only holy and true God, Thank you Jesus for calvary, for bearing our sins, you are worthy to be praised
11/17/2009 3:06:12 AM
Stephanie Levsen United States
Stephanie Levsen
I am Thankful for Having God in my life God's love and Blessings is so Amazing Without God I would be lost. I am Thankful for my son who 12 yrs ago had a liver transplant yes we have some rough times But everytime God heals him And he is 12 yrs old today God is Great, I am Thankful for my four wonderful daughters and My husband Also I work at an Amazing Christian daycare center in the babyroom Also i am thankful for having a home to live in And for the food at our table God always provides never does he stop providing We have so much to be Thankful for Smile
and I am Thankful for Christian radio amzing ministry you guys have
11/17/2009 5:54:02 AM
Stacy United States
I'm thankful for a heavenly Father who loves me no matter what, but loves me too much to leave me where I'm at.
11/17/2009 7:16:15 AM
Elaine Fultz United States
Elaine Fultz
Every day I find several things I am thankful for but most of is that God is God and He loves us all and wants most for us to return to Him; that He answers my prayers even if the answer is no or not yet; for the internal Peace I have everyday because I know (really know) that He is taking care of everything and I really have nothing to worry about.  Thanks K Love for being there to help bring the message.  Elaine Fultz
11/17/2009 7:21:58 AM
Emily United States
I love this idea!! I'm definitely going to do it; I have so much to be thankful for, if nothing else, just being alive.
11/19/2009 10:57:29 AM
Mike United States
I am so thankful to God that He has blessed me with such a wonderful wife!  She is the second best thing that has ever happened to me (Jesus is first of course!) and this Thanksgiving I am thankful for her!  We have three beautiful children and best of all WE HAVE JESUS!!!  Even amist the storms that come in life, we know He is with us, we know He will calm the seas again and His love for us endures forever.  Thank you Lisa & Eric for making our morning commute to take the kids to school (7:40-8:30EST) so much better because we get to praise and worship our Lord the entire ride there and back!  
11/19/2009 11:06:32 AM
Joni United States
On April 2, 2009, I was called by my doctor's office and told that I had invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast.  Talk about a tailspin-cancer can't possibly be happening to me!

Here it is Nov 19 '09 and Praise God, I have weathered the storm. Lumpectomy, insuing infection, port-a-cath installation, insuing infection, 4 rounds of chemo, 21 days a part, 33 radiation treatments and now a daily pill for the next 5 years.  I AM ALIVE and God has seen me through it.  Without Him, I am nothing and without Him, this ordeal wouldn't have been accomplished as well.  It hasn't been easy, but I am so thankful for the Lord's hand in my life and the support of an awesome family, church family, and friends!  Thank you God for my life, but mostly for your Son Jesus.  
11/19/2009 11:39:30 AM
Yvonne Meaux United States
Yvonne Meaux
I know it sounds strange but I am thankful I was laid off last month, as I am getting to paint for the Lord. My Church, The Emmanual Baptist in Lafayette, LA. is cleaning up the Sunday School rooms for the children the Lord is going to be sending us. If I were still working I wouldn't have all this free time to paint. I am thankful for Klove because I listen to you as a paint and you keep me going. I am thankful for my family and Church family and most of all my salvation.
May each of us keep telling others about Jesus, "Til the Whole World Knows"!
11/19/2009 12:09:21 PM
Dellareece Rogers United States
Dellareece Rogers
Praise the Lord Everybody !!!

I want to Thank God for sending a witness in my life with Truth. Its been almost a year since Ive been saved. I know alot of people call their selfs Christians but they dont live the life that was preached by the apostles. The apostles were the only one that knew what Gods plan of salvation was, and if you look around where you live there's basically a church on every corner. According to scripture Ephesians 4:5 says One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism and there is severalchurches. Anyways I lived a life of Sex, Drugs and alchol and it became and serious problem for me.I had 2 children to care for and I knew I wanted something so I prayed and that's when God sent a witness to me. I started going to church.  Something told me I needed to. The Preacher preached and everything he said I had been through or had dealt with.So I wanted to know more, and I continue to go. There was one service Where he Talked about Being Saved > By being Born of the Water and of the Spirit! John 3:5 say Except a man be Born again  of the water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. So I knew I was commanded to do that other then just saying I believe Lord Jesus Christ and Im saved. So I had I Repent of All my sins and Got Baptized In Jesus name for the Remission of my sins and I was fulled with the Holy Spirit  (Acts 2:38)I did what was asked of me and am NOw saved . I continue to live Faithfully with our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm very Very Thankful that God Delievered me from a horrible life of sin.I can honestly say that people dont have to live in sin.  So I encourage everyone that read this take it to heart and be honest with yourself, Are you Really Living the life that Christ taught the Apostles???? If you would like to contact me my email is

God Bless you All
11/19/2009 1:18:32 PM
Paul United States
In humbleness ~ What shouldn't I be thankful for? Each breath I take I am still givin the oppertunity to glorify the one who allows me to remain.To truly worship him in everything I do.Wanting to seize every moment and oppertunity so that maybe someone else may be able to experience the peace, mercy, grace, and joy he has aloud me to feel. And even as I write I feel filthy, Lord forgive me for hurting you. I am trying to be a better person, I truly am. And I feel lost. Comfort and guide me Lord. I am suppose to be giving thanks and it is so simply turning into a prayer. I hear ya Sister Lisa. " May the God of hope fill you all with joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope, by the power of the Holy Spirit". God bless each and everyone of you!          Paul
11/19/2009 1:21:39 PM
Paul United States
Lets also not forget the individuals that have given us the opperunity to be thankful! Hand on heart.
11/19/2009 2:10:06 PM
Stacy United States
There are so many things that I am thankful for but the two that stick out in my mind the most is God and k-love.  At one point in my life, God and k-love music were the only things that I had, literally.  This time a year ago, I was living in my vehicle, in my driveway.  I had lost my job and lost my house, I lost everything, even my 5 children.  My children went to go live with my family for the summer while I tried to fix the financial mess that I had created for my family.  After the summer was over they were supposed to come back but I had lost my house in the mean time.  I mustered up what pride I had left and headed to Michigan where my family was.  I felt lost and defeated but I had nowhere else to go.  I stayed in Michigan for 2 weeks and decided to come back to Missouri and make everything right.  I gave my children a hug and a kiss and told them that I would make everything better and get our house back.  Everyone thought that I was crazy since I was so far in the hole with the fees and the payments but I knew that I had to at least try and with God's help, I was sure I could make it.  So with a lot of praying and a whole lot of work and many, many hours of over-time and double house payments, I got my house back.  I couldn't afford to eat, let alone pay any utilities, especially because they were all behind as well so I lived in my vehicle which was in my own driveway which was better than what I was doing before which was sleeping in the parking lot at work.  Summer rolled around again and I had the house, the kids and a spiritual guided man who later became my husband in August.  I had prayed for my family, my friends, my house, people that I took care of at the nursing home and if God had time after all of that...a nice loving man to raise a family with.  My husband had been praying for me and I was praying for him and now we are happily married and doing our best to raise a nice, spiritual and loving family.  I just want to say thank you very much for being there for me when it seemed as if I had nothing at all.
11/19/2009 9:57:43 PM
Romeo Martinez United States
Romeo Martinez
Wow guys I enjoyed the station this morning!

All I can say is OMG Guys I was up all night since 3:21am when lisa cross some words after a song by Brandon heath(Give me your eyes)

I hear the station untill I fall asleep and some times when I hear a song I like i am  right up again. I wanted to go back to sleep but lisa kept me up with her positive words .          

You said you write a thank you letter for thanksgiving to god ! and that got my attention.

I am Thankful I listend I never put to much thought on what to be thankful for but I could not stop thinking soon after!!

I thank god for my life and the people in my life I thank god for completing my heart and expanding my horizons because without him I would be empty. There are still so many things to be thankful for and so many things we are blessed with.

I also want to thank god for my clients @ C and D's Gust Home they make a difference in my life and without them I guess I could say it would be less fun and also I have a great boss.
         Lisa thank you !! for reminding me of what we are here for you rocked this morning ..

                     Happy Thanksgiving!!
11/19/2009 10:24:21 PM
Christin United States
Hello Lisa and Eric,
I just want to say that I learned of this website and messages to be thankful for through my best friend. It caught my attention right away on what a nice way to share things to be thankful for. And I knew right then as he was reading his to me that I wanted to be a part of this also! I just wanted to say that I am so thankful to god for the many blessings in my life. God is good and blessed me with a wonderful family who is always there for me. I have a good job that I really like and am so thankful for. I am so thankful for everything god has given me. He always comes through and hears my prayers when I need him most. My grandma has always taught me that through god anything is possible. She has of faith and has shown that same faith to me. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, God Bless
11/20/2009 5:12:55 AM
Amber United States
I am so thankful to have a loving family and parents. Last spring I went on a missions trip to Houston, TX and before I left I got into a fight with my mother about something so stupid.  While there one of the missionaries told us a story about a little boy they took care of at a day care at the church was killed horribly by his mother and her boyfriend.
I broke down crying, and couldn't stop thanking god for my parents.  I called my mom right after and told her how sorry I was.
They're not perfect and they're going through tough times, but no matter what they love me and love god and I thank god everyday for blessing me with my family.
11/20/2009 5:20:17 AM
Jodi United States
What am I thankful for?...WOW, where do I start? I am so very thankful for this station that plays all the music I love to listen to and for this website that provides the songs played and their words. I have been able to print the words for my soon to be husband who was put in prison for not paying child support. He got a very long sentence, and will soon be getting out, but the songs like "Born Again" and "What I'd Say" and "What Faith Can Do" has made a huge difference in this mans life. He can't get the station on his little radio there, but just in printing the words to him, he has ended all his letters since in God's care, God be watching over you until I return...etc... A little history about Lee and I is, he was my first Love in 8th-11th grade and we went our separate ways, then 20 years later we got back together and we were both drinking husband at the time while we were separated, threatened to take my children away, so I went back to him. Now 10 years later through Facebook, I found Lee to be in prison here in Indiana. Please also know that through all these 30 years, I have kept up with Lee's whereabouts through his Mom. But when I found out he was in prison, I called his Mom immediately to get his address and I wrote. That was in September, this is November and we are planning to be married when he gets out and we can plan a wedding together. I have never been so in love in my life and I believe that God prepared my heart and Lee's heart to finally be back together permanently. I am so forever greatful to God for allowing this. I have prayed without ceasing for Lee and that he is safe and happy, and even in prison he is greatful for every opportunity he has had in there. He has been able to go to College and to train abused and retired race horses through the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. He is truly blessed by God to have those opportunities and Lee knows this.
So now I would also like to say...WELCOME TO INDIANAPOLIS!!! You will enjoy the nice people here and the smaller city compared to CA. You will love our home prices...and you will enjoy becoming a "Colt's" Fan!!! Welcome Welcome Welcome!! WE love having you here!!!
Thanks, Jodi Watkins
11/20/2009 5:32:06 AM
TERESA BLACK United States
11/20/2009 5:36:05 AM
Troy United States
I pray that all parents are truly thankful for their children - and see them as a gift from God as they truly are.  My wife and I are especially thankful, as becoming parents was by no means an easy path for us.   After several years of infertility treatments, we both reached such a psychological and spiritual low in life - but the Lord had mercy on us and gave us a miracle in the form of our biological daughter.  God's grace saved us from self-destruction and gave us strength and hope.  The next few years of trying to conceive another child were trying, but with renewed strength and faith we eventually followed a path that I am sure God had in mind for us all along... So God's plan was fulfilled and exactly two years ago today we officially adopted our baby boy!  Happy National Adoption Month everybody, and happy "gotchya" day Christopher!
11/20/2009 5:36:43 AM
connie galloway United States
connie galloway
I am very blessed that Jesus is the head of our household, family members are believers, both myself and my husband still have jobs, good health, and finaices are looking up!  I continue to be amazed at God's goodness and grace!!
11/20/2009 5:46:16 AM
Koni United States
I am so thankful for the many miricles that God has done in my family's life concerning my Grandaughter.  She is a happy 2 1/2 year old now.  My oldest daughter became an unwed mother.  She tried to raise Kenz on her own for 2 years then decided she could not do it.  She decided she needed to give Kenz up.  My heart was broke.  Kenz went into foster care with a family that my youngest daughter and her husband knew.  They spent a lot of time with Kenz during the time she was in foster care. They then decided to adopt Kenz and they had only been married 6 months.   God worked many mircles to make this happen.  Thank you LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/20/2009 5:52:14 AM
Brittany United States
I am most think full for the family that I have!
This past year we lost my oldest brother to a tragic car accident, as sad as we all were to loose Danny in the accident we still had my two nephews who survived the accident
and after a long year of recovering we have all become closer then ever...
As an added blessing my husband and I are now expecting our second child after a long struggle to conceive
God has really just had his hand on our lives this year
KLOVE has also helped so much in the healing process. Thank you KLOVE team members we are thank full for you!!!!
11/23/2009 9:22:47 AM
Alexandra United States
As I sit here and think about what I am thankful for,there is so much, first when my husband was laid off of work 3 months ago, it felt like my whole world came crashing down on me, but really is was a blessing, it brought me back to where I need to be, I lost touch with my savior, it really humbled me, and it made my husband so much closer to our 3 girls, he was able to coach our 3 yr old daughters soccer team, if he would have been working this would have never happend, and for this I am thankful, that God did his will in our lives, I was at one time blaming God, but now I know it was his will, and I am ok with it.  I am so Thankful that we have a Father, that is so willing to for give us when we have lost all hope and faith, he never give up on us.  This season in my life really brought me closer to my family.  I nver thought that this tough economic time would effect my family, and it did, and I am glad that it did, because it changed me, and change is good, and I am just so Thankful, that God did this in my life, because I was drifting further and further away, so I really have a lot to be THANKFUL for.
11/23/2009 2:48:03 PM
Crystal United States
My husband went through a serious depression this year. He has recently in the past week started to smile again. I see that he is coming out and it feels like I have my husband back. My kids and I have missed him and I praise God that he is coming out. I know we still have a way to go before he is 100% but I am so thankful to have my husband and healthy kids.
Praise to God and thanks to KLove for helping me with encouragement and prayer.
11/23/2009 5:07:11 PM
david campbell United States
david campbell
I am thankful for what JESUS has done in my life. HE has given me a family that understands me.My wife is very understanding of my ups and downs. She helps holds us together as a family when we have trouble.I also am thankful for my new eyes that have enabled me to see better with no glasses. GODis moving in our lives. Praise the LORD. GOD is love,love GOD always no matter what happens.
11/23/2009 10:13:28 PM
Michele Veach United States
Michele Veach
I had to write, I have never done this before, but here goes.  I started attending church about 7 years ago, just kind of being there because my daughter bugged me till I just had no choice.  I am a success story according to our Pastor, she says I have come so far in my faith walk, I do agree, but not were I want to be.  I am terrible about remembering to pray, I get so busy.  
I have custody of my 3 grandsons (5, 3, 2), so bedtime at my house is usually terrible, trying to get them in bed and quiet and to sleep.  Well tonight after about the 3rd time of hearing them, I headed in to tell them the shush and go to sleep and they were all on their little knees saying a prayer to God,  I had to walk out with tears because I was so busy that I forgot to pray.  They are my thanksgiving.  So days I just feel like I am going crazy, I am single, work a full time job, have a 16 year old son at home also, and 2 granddaughters about a mile away, and the boys' mother and her drama, but in all of this they remind me just why God put them here, they are my little bit of heaven here on earth.  I thank God for them everyday.
This is my thanksgiving.  Thank you for being here to tell this to.

11/24/2009 2:07:58 PM
Teri Cravens United States
Teri Cravens
I am thankfull for Jesus and my Family.  I know that God has us the Three Grandchildren that we are now raising as our own.  His hands were in for us to get a bigger house so that we could get Steph.  When she was born our house was not big enough and so my husband parents raised her from a baby to 2 1/2.  We got her after we purchased our house.  My oldest Son is the natural Father.  He now realizes that is first three children were given to us from God.  He nows that the children are better with us.  He said he couldn't raise 6 children by himself.  

Have a Blessed ThanksGiving.
11/25/2009 6:25:55 AM
Mina Marx United States
Mina Marx
Wow there's so much! Living in Arizona I'm Thankful that I'm employed. That my family is healthly. For such wonderful friends who have provided a home to my family after we lost ours. That my husband has finally found work after a year and a half.  That I have a computer, internet so that I can make this comment. For every breath that God gives to me daily.  I really couldn't ask for more He has provided so much and that I am truly Thankful for. God Bless to All. Happy Thanksgiving.
11/25/2009 7:21:14 AM
Kendra Haag United States
Kendra Haag
I have so much to be thankful for! I'm thankful for my family that I was adopted into.the 6 brothers and 6 sisters that I have. I'm thankful for the friends that God has put in my life.
I'm thankful For having the God that we serve and Jesus Dieing on the cross for all our sins!And For all that he has done in my life. I'm thankful for each morning that we wake up to a new day that God has made and hearing klove before Going to school!  I'm thankful for Klove has made such an impact on me! I love me some Klove!! I'm thankful for my church family and the food that God has given us. I'm thankful for each and every moment that God has given us even this very second right now as i'm sharing =)  Life is  so precious even if it may be hard sometimes but it's precious because Jesus gave us life! Have A Happy Happy Thanksgiving! Smile
11/26/2009 6:34:03 PM
Ari Salcedo United States
Ari Salcedo
I am thankful because my little and only sister Vicky (Down Syndrome) is home from the hospital and though doctors and Hospice say she is terminal seeing her active and giving the much love she has always given us is a reason to give testimony that miracles do happen. I thank the Lord for those of you who are reading this sharing because I know you will also join my family and friends in prayer for this miracle for God to heal her heart and kidneys and that the Lord will be the oxygen in her body to keep her alive and well. I have had this visualization and am touched and impressed with God's miracles cuz they do happen! I will give testimony to each and everyone who crosses my road of this miracle that I trust the Lord is already completing.
11/26/2009 6:40:45 PM
Mary Hutton United States
Mary Hutton
I'm a MK (missionary kid) from Japan studying in Ohio to be an elementary teacher. I left Japan the second week of August and I won't be back until next summer. So it's been rather hard to be thankful when everyone else is discussing what they will do when they go home over Thanksgiving and Christmas and see their family and friends. But God has made me think about what I do have instead of what I do not, and I am so thankful for my salvation and God's promise to be with me wherever I am. Also I am very thankful for Skype because when my mom was in college, she could only contact her family by mail or a very expensive telephone call. Now I have messaging, email, facebook, and skype! I am so thankful for God's providence and presence, for both me in the US and my family back home in Japan.
11/26/2009 6:51:11 PM
Pastor Tim Redfern United States
Pastor Tim Redfern
I am thankful above all else for God's indescribable gift of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the salvation and new life He offers to all who will believe on His name.
I am thankful secondly for my Lady, Jill, and the new life she's given me. I was wasting away, in dreadfully poor health, living in a camper in rural Tennessee, when I met Jill online, and she offered me a place to live, in her home. I have moved to west-central Missouri in the last month, and I feel more re-born than I have since accepting Jesus as my Lord and my King. Though my health is still quite poor, it is improving, and Jill is helping with that in so many ways.
I am blessed beyond all that I deserve, I am more at Peace than I've been in my life, and more at home than ever.
Glory be to our God and our King forever more!
11/26/2009 8:40:04 PM
kim United States

   This year I am thankful for my christian family. I am more closer to them than my blood family and I am thankful for having them to have thanksgiving with while I am in the service and can't be with my family back home.
11/29/2009 9:41:45 PM
Bryanna United States
I read Lisa's idea about writing a letter to our Lord about the things that we are thankful for in our lives,im a little late but here it goes.The things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving are first and foremost knowing that Jesus is and always will be here for me during every moment. My family of course who love me, and who I love dearly.I am also so thankful to have been blessed with my loving (newly married) husban. We were dating for 7 years and have been married for only 7 months.we have been together for so long you tend to forget to recognize how special someone is, and how much they truly mean to you. Until a day like thanksgiving rolls around and you remember to look at those who mean the world to you and thank God for sending them your way.He has seen the best of me and of course the worst, and from withing some miracle still loves me with all his heart. Sometimes I think I don't deserve to be this lucky.Then I realize it has nothing to do with luck at all, and everything to do with our God.Thankyou Lord Thankyou with all my heart.
11/9/2010 6:46:41 PM
Teri Cravens United States
Teri Cravens
I am so glad that my kids are doing so good with Jesus, and I am so greatfull for Jesus to save us.
11/26/2010 8:18:44 PM
Teri Cravens United States
Teri Cravens
I am so thankful of God that our three children were Baptist this spring.  They are still growing in Christ.  I am thankful that God has given me my Husband.  I am glad that Klove is in our lives.

Lisa and Eric are you moving to Indianapolis?  The morning show would not be the same if you were not there.
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