Feb 12 2010

Fresh, Clean Breath with Dr. Katz

So, you've bought the candy, flowers and made dinner reservations for this Valentines Day weekend - but what about your breath?  No worries ... bad breath expert Dr. Harold Katz joins us this morning with some helpful tips.

 - Avoid milk chocolate: The combo of dairy proteins and sugar fuels bad breath bacteria.  Dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate is a much better choice.

- No onions, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts: all of these veggies contain a high concentration of sulfur compounds, similar to the chemicals produced by bad breath bugs.

- Drink plenty of water - the less dry your mouth, the fresher your breath.

- Drink tea instead of coffee

- Avoid sugar as much as possible.  Sugar feeds the bad breath.  Look for sugar-free gum and mints

 To get to know Dr. Katz better, click here.


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