Mar 11 2010

hey, good morning :)

happy Thursday:)

i have no video, no pictures, nothing clever to put here right now.

Eric has the day off.  his little girl is having a procedure done at the hospital, and he and his wife Julie are there now.  it's nothing super serious, but when it's your little girl, it's the most important thing in the world.  so please say some prayers for Liv.

thanks for your support, love, and prayers.  thank you for caring.  thanks for loving God with us.

talk to you in a few minutes;-)


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3/11/2010 5:43:37 AM
Stacy United States
Hey just wanted to share that my husband and I attended the Love Worth Fighting For Event that was put on by Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield.  It definately touch us.  Our marriage was renewed and our committment to one another.  I also want to thank the two guys and their families that put these on from Feed Your Faith - they do this for us so that we can be better people and help marriages that have lost their committments. They guys to do out of a lot of awesome unconditional love for God that shines through them. Thank you to all of those involved in putting these events on!!  Also, love Warren Barfield's music!  
3/11/2010 6:25:18 AM
Debbie United States
On this morning, there was mention of a website about answering Christian questions and to make your faith stronger.  Something like that.  Could you please email that website name.

I LOVE your show.  It is my lifeline every morning driving to work.  My husband is unemployed for a year now.  It's been a hard road in our marriage of 33 years.  I pray for a miracle that he will get a job SOON and stay with it - be happy in it - and be stronger in the Lord.  Thanks Lisa & Eric for a wonderful job!  You are truly a blessing in my life.  Debbie
3/11/2010 6:28:15 AM
Gina Dahlke United States
Gina Dahlke
Good morning Lisa,  I sure love you and Eric.  I listen every morning until I get to work. Hey, my husband and I are renewing our vows on 3/22. It is our 8th anniversary and 1 yr at our new church in Cordova, TN. Shortly after we married my father died of cancer, 7 weeks later my 19 year old son died in a car wreck. He was my 2nd child to lose. My 11 yr old daughter died in 1991 in a car wreck.  We have totally sold out to Jesus and want a seremony like on Fireproof.  Can you recommend a song for us?  Thank you guys, have a great day.
3/11/2010 6:36:49 AM
Rob Toby United States
Rob Toby
About the goose: they are quite tasty and cooks like a turkry or chicken.......MMMMMM Good!
3/11/2010 7:00:34 AM
Joy United States
I was just listening to your discussion about the annoying goose, maybe a heaven-sent messenger!  I'm a homemaker with 5 kids, 14 down to 21 mos.  I can testify to the lack of sleep, constant noise, endless interruptions in our schedules...AND God's never-ending supply of grace, new for each moment and situation!  
And prayers for Eric and family.  My own kiddos have been thru much lately.  My heart has been stretched, and strengthened, and my prayer life has deepened!  My husband and I have learned to love better, laugh more, and flex ALOT!
3/11/2010 7:14:28 AM
Angela United States
Hi Lisa and Producer Casy, I will be praying for Eric and his little girl. But I wanted to say about Producer Casy and the Goose issue. A few years back we had a Goose issue that came with toads in our swimming pool. The Goosie were doing there bushiness in the pool along with there loud squawking early in the morning was waking up everyone. So we went to the town hall for info and found out it was Goose matting season!! As we read on it didn't have good news because the info said that Geese tend to come back to where they matted at with there other. So what we could do so our yard would not be Geese friendly and we found out they didn't like Dogs, light and predators that eat Geese such as people and other animals. So we got a motion light and a wood dog to put out in the yard and light it up with a motion light and when the goose landed in the pool it light up the dog casting a really huge shadow making the dog LOOK HUGE and they flew a way. The  toads left but that was because of the pool shark. For Producer Casy matting season last all of spring so if he cant do anything about the goose he may want ear plugs and a rumble clock that shake the bed so he can wake up.
Good luck and I'll be praying!  
3/11/2010 7:35:06 AM
Tonya Ashford United States
Tonya Ashford
Reading and listening to your morning show helps me so much every morning! I'm so glad and grateful God is using you to minister to me and thousands others!! I feel so much love for you every morning! Please know you are in my prayers today and everyday!!
Eric, you are my very favorite "evangelist"!! YOu are helping to equip the nation for the coming of the Lord!! Through our hearts and minds which prepares us daily to show Christ through our actions to others that may not know the Christ!! Your little Liv is so in my prayers- asking God right now to hold her in His arms closer today. And I'm also asking God to send the Holy Spirit to you and give you and your wife Julie extra comfort today!! In Jesus name, amen!! I know, like Lisa said, when it's your child, it's everything and the most important thing in the world!! Thank you for modeling good parenting to other Dads in the nation!! What a great Dad!! I love seeing you step up and be the Dad God has called you to be!
Praise God for Eric, Lisa, KLOVE and all the KLOVE FAMILY!!
3/11/2010 8:27:57 AM
Heather United States
You two make such a great team.  I'm at work so have to be quick here, but please let Eric know there are some extra prayers with him & his wife and daughter.  Even those "simple" procedures make us all nervous I think.  I'll bet it meant so much to his wife and daughter that he went with them, too.
May God bless you and surround you both with an abundance of love, and reminders of just how much you mean to Him and to the many, many of us "out here" whose lives you touch.  Thank you.
Heather Himes (Webster, NY)
3/11/2010 10:35:37 AM
Anita Rogers United States
Anita Rogers
Lisa, you spoke with Jeff this morning, who will be walking across America soon.  I am sure Jeff would be inspired and encouraged by my friend Jerry Traylor, who jogged across America on crutches (he has cerebral palsy) in the 1980's.  See his website at  Right now, Jerry is having health issues and could use our prayers; he's a great man of God.
3/11/2010 3:17:13 PM
Caleb United States
   Mrs Gina Dahike   this song  called I Will Be Here from  Steven Curtis  Chapman is the greates love song from a husband and wife!!!     This will be my future wedding song that I will sing to my wife!!!!     Listen to it!!!  You will feel the love of Crist adn the love for your husband!!    I thankyou Jesus that you restore this coulpe the years that the catipiller adn  worm has stolen!!!   Declare a thing and it shall be established!!!   I declare that you bless them with more baby boys and girls!!!!   Remember  that Satan stole all from JOb   but because  Job did not blasphem God   God blessed him more than before!!!!   He had double sons and daughters!!    You will have more children than you had before!!!   And they shall have a peacefull end!!!      Like  when God blessed Abram who was 110 years old and his wife ninty  wit h a son that he promissed!!  NOTHING IS IMPOSSBILE FOR GOD!!!!      For no evil thing shall come ny your dwelling!!!   Thankyou for healling  thier hearts and feel them with you joy, ever lastin peace, and rest!!!!     Consume them with  your love!!!!   Jesus says My peace i give to you not as the world  gives!!!     You are the apple of my eye!!!   You are my pride and joy!!!  My treasure!!!!     I here your crys adn  am conpastionate  to your , sorrows, and pain!!    I hold every tear in my hand!!    I love you my daughter!!!!!!!     I will never leave you not forsake you even to the end of the earth!!!     My thoughts towardsyou arer of good and not  of evil to give you a bright future adn a peacefull end!!!  All good things come from your father above!!!  Ask in my name and not dought in your heart and it  shall be done!!!!
3/11/2010 5:03:49 PM
yavonne martin United States
yavonne martin
I just wanted you to know that your show inspires me everyday.exspecially on the way to college every morning.It gives me the strength I need to make through my day.I am a recovering drug addict that lost my way while in addiction I always knew that God was there for me,but i choose to walk away from him.during that time a girl friend of mine turned me on to K-Love (I guess that was God doing for me what I could not do for myself)your station was the only contact I had at the time.I am so appreciate of the people God has put in my life that lead me back to him and I include the family at K-Love.Thanks for being Gods warriors in my time of need.Oh by the way I will have 6mths clean on the 1st of April.Thank You again for helping save my life may God be with you all always.  

                                Yavonne M Martin
3/11/2010 7:24:52 PM
Bob Johson United States
Bob Johson
I get up every morning at 5:15 and am on the road to work by 6:00 central standard time. I listen to you every day on the way to work.Actually I listen every time I am in my truck. One morning was especially moving to me.Lisa wasn't able to pray that morning because of every thing going wrong so she prayed right there on the radio.It wasn't like a preacher praying in a sermon it was like a friend praying with me which never happens. It made my day and it ended up being a great day! Thanks for all you do.  
3/12/2010 4:45:15 AM
Dee Wallen United States
Dee Wallen
Good morning, KLOVE, Lisa & Eric, et al! I'm posting a link regarding the real purpose and the idea behind daylight savings time. I hope you find this info as informative as I did! Thanks, KLOVE!
3/12/2010 7:09:02 AM
Harold Storrs United States
Harold Storrs
In our day it was called snuff. The olfactory nerves are in the nose so you get fragrances and tastes more intensely through the olfactory nerves. We used to use inhalers for everything from cold remedies to "scratch and sniff" in child's stories.
3/13/2010 6:51:36 AM
mary United States
hi Lisa!! I've been wanting to write you and tell you as a mother I can laugh with you. I heard your story the other day about taking your boys with you to the mall for shoes. It made me laugh, only because I have been there...example.OK--so our family went to Walmart today(it has a been noted that Walmart brings out the worst in Raygan, age 4)and my little fireball(aka Raygan)throws the biggest fit--she is screaming and daddy asks me to take her out to the truck. When I pick her up she starts yelling"no mommy, I'm sorry...I'm a good girl!!!" when this doesn't work she says"but I'm your baby girl!" Everyone was of course staring...i was so embarresed...I love being a mommy though!
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