Mar 29 2010

True Love

I love the passion and hope in the lyrics of this song by Phil Wickham called "True Love". As we head towards a very special Sunday, the song really resonates in my heart - Jesus is Alive!!
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3/29/2010 9:41:12 AM
Leandra United States
I love this song!
3/29/2010 9:38:48 PM
Jan Anshutz United States
Jan Anshutz
Eric, This song has touched my heart so many, many times.  The words "Jesus is alive", echoe over and over in my spirit, causing me to soar in my spirit.  Thank God for Phil Wickham and the "Kitchen" group to be used by him. I am an avid K-Love listener, and will try to tune you in no matter what state I am in.  I was so excited when I was visiting in Washington state a few weeks ago that I was able to tune in there aslo.
Believe me there are many of us out there listening that do not take the time to say "Thank YOU".  You are really appreciated!  Everyone of you at K-Love!   GOD BLESS YOU!   You are touching many, many lives.  GOD IS USING YOU!  In Christ Jesus,
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