Apr 19 2010

Why Do You Support K-LOVE?

Thank you so much for praying for K-LOVE!  Thank you so much for supporting K-LOVE with your fianances!  We don't take for granted that you choose to be a part of the ministry of K-LOVE.  So if you do, we'd love to know why?  What was that point when you made the decision to make a gift to K-LOVE?  And what is God doing in your life?

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4/19/2010 10:16:52 AM
Adrienne United States
K-LOVE is such a good, solid ministry, I'm glad to donate monthly to help support it. I'm privileged to be able to listen to K-LOVE all day at work, with positive Christian music instead of mainstream pop music. I also listen to-and-from work, and at home via the internet. When my mom passed away in 2007, I submitted a prayer request and one of the K-LOVE staff pastors responded and prayed for me and my family, which was much appreciated. I'll definitely continue supporting this ministry to keep K-LOVE on the air!
4/19/2010 11:06:57 AM
Jeannette Alejandro United States
Jeannette Alejandro
We support KLOVE for so many reasons but today KLOVE is helping us get through some tough days with a Child who has High Funtioning Autism. Your there when we feel like our faith is wavering. The greatest moment when my our son will ask "I want radio" it's KLOVE that is coming on each day. KLOVE has made difference in my life and I know it will do the same for someone else just like me today. Please support KLOVE today!!
4/19/2010 11:38:25 AM
Stacy United States
I have been praying for the pledge drive all week and asking God if I should give.  I have been struggling through a tough time in my life, my fiance decided to have an affair and although I loved him so much I would have been willing to forgive, he left me for her.  I had not been walking with God for quite some time although I have always believed.  I was suicidal and a complete mess and then I had an accident and totaled my car.  I no longer had XM available and was flipping through channels on the radio.  I came across K Love and heard the song 'Before the Morning' by Josh Wilson, then I heard the song 'that's what faith can do'.  God started the healing process in my heart right that moment!  I knew he would help me rise up from the ashes and live for him!  Over the last few months I have slowly been recovering and taking one day at a time.  K Love helps me get through my day and stay focused on the positive- God's love, and His amazing mercy and grace.  So when I heard about the pledge drive I definitely wanted to give!  But I have also been struggling financially, dropping from a two income to a single income household.  There have been months when I don't know how I'll pay the bills, but God always provides.  Currently my bank account has a zero balance and I'm relying purely on faith to get me through until the 1st of the month, but I made the decision that if God can provide for me in so many ways, I want to dedicate $20 a month to K Love.  I had to do it by mail since I won't even have the $20 until the 1st.  But I am making that commitment and have the faith that God will provide because I want to be a part of helping K Love reach others like me who are lost and hurting and lift them up and encourage them.  My faith has been strengthened, my heartbreak soothed, my relationship with Christ renewed, and K Love started all of it.  Thank you!
4/19/2010 12:50:37 PM
Julia Cooper United States
Julia Cooper
I support KLOVE because I really like the music.  It has been a huge help to me over the past 6 months.  God puts it on my heart when He wants me to do something, and He was bugging me to donate $100 per month.  I did it in memorium to my mother, who passed away 3.20.2010.
4/19/2010 1:04:43 PM
Shirley Wedgeworth United States
Shirley Wedgeworth
I supported K-Love as a new listener and first-time donor this year - only because I hadn't discovered you earlier!  I moved to Oklahoma for love 2 years ago - giving up my entire life, church, family and support system.  2 years later the relationship has ended and I found myself alone and heart-broken.  One day I was driving, feeling sad, hurting - just wanted to hear something "peaceful."  I scanned the dial and for some reason stopped at K-Love.  I can't recall the song that was playing, but remember afterwards saying to myself, "wow! that was a Christian song."  Nine months later, I haven't changed the dial.   I do, however, remember THE SONG that cemented my relationship with K-Love.  It was Third Day's, "Born Again."  I'd never heard the song or the artist for that matter.  But on that day, at that appointed time - my heart began to heal. I began to truly live the life that God intended for me and my music library gained a new genre and group - Third Day.  Thank you K-Love for the continued blessings and for being the only family I have in this city.  With you, I know I'm not alone.  As God continues to bless me, I will continue to bless others through my support of K-Love.  
4/19/2010 8:26:49 PM
Aubri Smith United States
Aubri Smith
I've finally given into God telling me to give. I lived in a city where K-love was my sole music and we moved to a state & city little over 9 months ago and lost the ability to tune you in on our dial! We listen to you on the internet when the computer is on. But the most important reason I give is due to my children. We recently went to Washington D.C. for Spring Break and as we traveled through the states we scanned the radio and found K-Love and my 8yr old son would shout from the back.  MOM IT"S K-LOVE DON"T TOUCH THE DIAL!  Then we would all sigh when we got out of the listening range.  It touches your heart to know that when you fail to bring God to your day,and be the example that you need to be to your children,He finds His way in however He can!It's amazing how much impact this station has on your lives especially the young lives! Simply Thank You!
4/19/2010 10:52:33 PM
Renee United States
I have a friend who's brother had a child Cannon, with lt hypoplastic heart syndrom, it was found during ultrasound and lab, Cannon was born with much ahead of him as well as his family, We Prayed for them constantly in our  Radiology dpt. Bringing our dpt. closer to God and closer together We formed a prayer line, someone was praying constantly. Cannon did go to meet Jesus after 3 months, I must tell you though Cannon Holt touched?changed so many lives, more than most people do over and entire life time.. His life here was short but His life is still having affects on people today! As a close wittness I can say the lasting change is still evident today where people weren't praying they are still praying, after 3 years. So many Blessed by this.
4/20/2010 6:12:39 AM
Stephanie Engel United States
Stephanie Engel
God inhabits the praises of His people! I want God to inhabit me. I play K-Love all day at work, in the car and all night. God speaking to me through K-Love is an ever present light in my dark world. I pay more than a dollar a day for my cable, internet and phone to function everyday. I don't even us those things as much as I listen to K-Love. You are totally worth $40 a month! Thank you and I am all in!
4/20/2010 10:28:39 AM
Sarah United States
I support KLove out of a need...I went through a really bad time bout a year ago and I will never forget the day..I was driving home from work and I just wanted to cry..i felt very hopeless about my situation and I felt very alone.  The song by Tenth Avenue North "by Your Side" came on the radio and not even 30 seconds later a pastor from Klove called me to ask if I needed prayer! I know in that moment God was letting me know that he was there and he loved me and he was going to be my strength....I cannot afford to not support KLove knowing firsthand the work that God does through the stationand the people.  I consider it an Honor to help the station reach people like me that are struggling and feel like they are alone. I wish I could send out a rally cry to the USA and say " If you have ever wanted to do work for God what an easy way to help...Think about what God has done in your Life and just pass it along.." God Bless you and this pledge drive.
4/20/2010 10:34:28 AM
Sarah United States
I was driving home one day ..it was during a very dark time in my life..I felt very alone and hopeless about my situation.  By your side by tenth avenue north came on and not even 30 seconds later a pastor from KLOove called and asked if I needed prayer!! I know in that moment God was letting me know he was there and he did care and he would be my strength through this.  I cannot afford to not support KLove.  If I could send out a rally cry to people it would be simple.  think about what God has done in your life..do you want to be a part of God touching someone the way he touched you?? It is easy and simple and it is a way to be part of Gods work!
4/20/2010 10:36:45 AM
Sarah United States
I was driving home one day ..it was during a very dark time in my life..I felt very alone and hopeless about my situation.  By your side by tenth avenue north came on and not even 30 seconds later a pastor from KLove called and asked if I needed prayer!! I know in that moment God was letting me know he was there and he did care and he would be my strength through this.  I cannot afford to not support KLove.  If I could send out a rally cry to people it would be simple.  think about what God has done in your life..do you want to be a part of God touching someone the way he touched you?? It is easy and simple and it is a way to be part of Gods work!
4/20/2010 12:36:56 PM
Melissa United States
"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you." declares the Lord (Jeremiah 29:11-14)

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (fear), but a spirit of power, love and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Through everything, God is there. For everything He does for me, this is but a tiny thing I can do for Him. Not that he needs or wants anything beyond all of me.
4/20/2010 7:53:38 PM
Marith Adams United States
Marith Adams
Because you are always there for me during my long commute to work.  Lisa and Eric are like family in this very lonely part of the country (the middle of nowhere, WV).  Each morning, they keep my focus on Jesus and all he's done for me.  If I didn't have that guidance, I know my mind would go wandering off in a million directions, all of them leading me anywhere but closer our incredible God.  Thanks, guys!  If your ministry helps me this much, I'm sure it's a Godsend to tons of other people, too.  Well worth doing what I can to help keep you around.  (Plus, since God moved me out here, where the closest coffee shop in Ohio, I figure he wants me to start spending my Starbucks fund for his work. ;- )
Thanks, again, and God bless you guys!
4/20/2010 8:57:23 PM
Lee Walker United States
Lee Walker
The first church in Jerusalem, headed by the apostles, knew who they were, and the members pledged their lives and their fortunes to further the gospel of Christ. The signers of the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers of this country, followed the example of the church by also pledging their lives and fortunes for our freedom. I'm no better than my ancestors, and I pledge my life and fortune for Christ.
Many songs are sung about the church rising today,but how many know what the church is to do when we arise? I John 3:8 says that Jesus came to DESTROY the works of the devil!! As the church, we are to follow Jesus' example and also destroy the works of the devil. When people get saved because of KLOVE's ministry, the devil's works are being destroyed. When people are being healed emotionally and finding hope in a hopeless world because of KLOVE's ministry, the works of the devil are being destroyed. When we give into ministries, we are participating in destroying the works of the devil. This really makes life in Christ worth living!
This is main reason that I decided to make a pledge to KLOVE. Let's do the work of the body of Christ! Let's make the devil let go of those that he is holding in bondage.
Your brother in Christ
4/20/2010 11:36:41 PM
Lee Walker United States
Lee Walker
Under the leadership of the Apostles, the membership of the new church in Jerusalem pledged their lives and fortunes to advance the gospel of Christ. Our forefathers who signed the Declaration of Independence followed the example of the church and also pledged their lives and fortunes for our freedom. I'm no better than my spiritual and blood ancestors, and I also pledge my life and fortunes to Christ.
What is the goal, purpose and vision for the church today? The same as it was back then. In   I John 3:8, it says that Jesus came to DESTROY the works of the devil. Jesus set this example for us (His body) to follow. When people are saved because of KLOVE's ministry, the works of the devil are destroyed. When people are healed of fear, depression or emotional problems through KLOVE's ministry, the works of the devil are destroyed. When people are turned from suicide because of KLOVE's ministry, the works of the devil are destroyed. When I give to the ministries God tells me to, I get to participate in destroying the works of the devil. This makes for an exciting life in Christ!
This is why I decided to make a pledge to KLOVE. Let's rescue the perishing and make the devil let go of those that he holds in bondage. In these last of the last days, it is no time to hold back. It is time to put on God's armor and fight the good fight (Eph. 6)
4/21/2010 2:21:07 AM
Life United States
I support Klove because I like the music that helps when I need encouragement, or just a touch from GOD himself
4/21/2010 4:19:07 AM
Sue-Ann Thompson-Shepard United States
Sue-Ann Thompson-Shepard
So yesterday I took my son out of school early and we spent some quality time together downtown at the waterfront.(Wilmington, NC) We had a great time, the day was perfect.  But with all of that....nothing compares to the response I got from him at the end of this song  (had no idea he was listening)that was playing on the radio as we drove to our location.  When the song ended he said whoa! man, that was awesome! I need to use this at graduation in some way. Then he kept repeating "Impossible is not a word, It's just a reason for someone not to try" over and over all the way to the waterfront...that blessed my heart so much. GOD can find simple ways to minister to our children, in music, art etc.  Why I took him out of school early you ask,...it wasn't me...GOD needed to speak to him. The song was That's what faith can do by Kutless Have a great day all
4/21/2010 6:21:46 AM
Stacy United States
I think that the work that k-love does is bigger and more important then my finances.  I am just sad that I gave earlier so I can't help beat Texas Smile.
4/21/2010 6:35:42 AM
Dwaine United States
Texas, yea I've lived there and it is a nice place to visit.  With three of the largest cities in this country and no state income tax, they and others like them should be able to fully fund K-love for the rest of us. I'm just glad we don't have to rely on that. Praise GOD Mississippi is still the most giving state in the nation.
4/21/2010 7:22:36 AM
Leah United States
I've only been listening to KLove for a few months after my 5 year old nephew died in a car accident on Feb. 8th. After it happened the grief was just so bad that nothing held appeal on the radio, but I still just didn't want to be in a quiet car with nothing but my thoughts. I had heard about KLove through family and friends, and just started listening one day. I never would have expected the comfort that came through the songs that were played. Every song felt like it was straight from God to help me and all my family through such heartache. At this time, I was only able to give a one time donation of $50 dollars. But, I would like to say that it is in honor of my son, Elijah, my two nieces, Olivia and Natalie, and my nephew Alexander. And of course, our sweet baby in heaven now, Caleb. Thank all of you so very much for all that you do! May God bless more and more people through this awesome ministry!
4/21/2010 8:52:45 AM
stacy crumpley United States
stacy crumpley
My name is Stacy Crumpley & this is my first time doing a pledge. I kept thinking to myself their doing great without me. I was feeling pretty guilty with those thoughts. I am a single mother of a six year old little boy named Noah & I have fought to make his life stable. I have stayed single for five & a half years, bought my first home when he was two & after that it was BILLS, BILLS and more bills...but God has blessed me to be able to pay all of them! As I have sat in my car all week listening to yall on the radio I felt guilty for not doing my part so I swithed to a country station & that is when it hit me..KLOVE is the only station I feel something when I listen to it! Back when I had a broken heart country meant something to me but who am I kidding...YOU ARE THE ONLY STATION I LISTEN TO! I am in my car most of the day for my job & KLOVE has kept me close to God everyday. My son always says "Mommy, is this your God music" and I love that he is listening too. So as I sat in my car thinking of all the reasons not to give, I then thought of all the reason to give..The number one reason was I don't know what I would do without this music touching my life everyday. It keeps me with comfort, truth & reason. I was one of the thousand that called in last hour with a $20 a month pledge & I intend to keep paying over that as long as I can. THANK YOU KLOVE for keeping me at peace even when I may have a bad day!
4/21/2010 10:23:44 AM
Jason Morford United States
Jason Morford
Thank you for your morning show. I have been listening on my way to work this week and seems to help the day start off positive.
I believe i heard Chris talking about Malware on his computer. I work for a local antivirus company in Eugene/Springfield.

I would suggest MalwareBytes Antimalware.
this is a free software online that will remove any malwares present on your computer. Something that should be taken care of or not use computer.

Love and Prayers
Jason Morford
4/21/2010 11:25:35 AM
Jenni United States
I support KLOVE because it is the only christian radio station in my area.  Since I accepted the Lord 7 years ago christian music is ALL I listen to, and I just don't know what I would do without the wonderful music that you play, not only the music but I am encouraged by the stories that others call in, it truly is what being a christian is all about, encouraging and being encouraged by others in the body.  Some times I just sit at my desk and cry because I am uplifted by a caller or a DJ or because one of my brothers or sisters is in peril and is reaching out for help and because of this station they are able to reach further and wider for support and encouragment then otherwise possible.  Thank you for your service and thank God that it is possible for us to share with christians across the globe.  Amen and Amen
4/21/2010 12:02:02 PM
Kimberly Ann United States
Kimberly Ann
i support KLOVE, because I don't want to think about where my mind might be without it.  I don't want to be a casual christian- KLOVE keeps 'the light on my feet' and my feet on the path!  Somedays I wander out in the weeds, but a quick dose of  KLOVE has me right back on track!
4/21/2010 8:36:59 PM
Robin Kalvoda United States
Robin Kalvoda
I fell in love with KLOVE right from the start when it came to San Angelo, TX!  Music ministers to my heart like nothing else!  I loved that KLOVE mostly just played music and didn't have a lot of teaching because I usually listen in my car and living in a smaller city, I'm never in the car long enough to listen to a full teaching program.  So KLOVE was a great fit in my life!  I enjoy all the encouraging words and I love listening to all the radio hosts sharing their personal and spiritual lives so openly.  I prayed about giving to KLOVE right from the time I began to listen but God told me not to give at that time.  So I just kept praying about it and finally about a year or so later, He said yes and told me to sign up as a business partner.  The cool thing is, that if I had given right from the beginning like I wanted to, I don't think I would have the same joy every month when I see the debit on my bank statement, that I have now.  You see, God asked me to wait and because I listened, it made giving the gift so much more special.  I get excited every month when I see my gift to KLOVE has gone through and I am so thankful that I waited for God's timing.  He brings true joy when we wait upon Him!  
4/22/2010 4:44:58 AM
Cathy Heckman United States
Cathy Heckman
4 years ago my husband and I made a commitment to go into full-time ministry.  We sold our house and moved our family over 600 miles away so that my husband could go back to school.  I went back to work full-time since he was a full-time student, I found K-love one morning on my way to work and never went back, I started supporting K-love at the very first pledge drive I heard, my husband found out about 6 months later and told me we needed to stop because money was just too tight, against what he said I refused.  2 years later he started listening to K-love and when he heard the pledge drive asked me if I still gave and when I told him yes he asked me to increase our giving because God would provide.  That was about a year ago and I just increased our giving again because God indeed did provide.  God has not given us a full-time ministry role yet, but we know eventually will, in the mean time we support K-love for all those listeners we personally know that turn off K-love during the pledge drive because it "annoys" them.  I am proud to support K-Love and it thrills me to hear my kids sing along to the songs.  Thank you for all you do and the joy that you bring to me everyday!
4/22/2010 5:11:40 AM
Janis Kennedy United States
Janis Kennedy
I support K-Love because it is positive and encouraging.  It is a real blessing hear music that gives God all the glory all of the time.  It is a blessing to hear the words of affirmation,encouragement and prayers from the staff. K-Love is a beacon of light in a dark world. We are called to spread the message of gospel and K-Love does that. I am blessed daily by K-love.I give monthly to keep these blessings flowing. Thanks K-Love!
4/22/2010 6:40:19 AM
Sandy Heckler United States
Sandy Heckler
I have been listening to Klove before it was Klove in Milwaukee.  It was theFish at that time.  However, I have been a faithful listener since it became Klove.  On March 31, 2009, my life was forever changed.  I lost my husband of 45 years to a massive heart attack.  We had only been home from the Dominican Republic for 12 hours when this happened.  I have listened to your radio station day and night since that time.  It is always on in my house, my car and I even go to sleep to it.  The music of Mercy Me, Mark Harris, Third Day, Casting Crowns, etc. have helped my heart to start to heal.  I know that Ken is in heaven with his Lord and Savior - that is why I support Klove with a monthly gift - one that I have increased each pledge drive.  God bless you for the work you do.  Incidentally, my son is being deployed to Afghanistan for another tour soon.  Please keep him in your prayers.  With undying love,  Sandy
4/22/2010 6:44:35 AM
Sue Beers United States
Sue Beers
I support K-Love because of the way that your songs and on-air personalities lift me up each day.  I recently went through bankruptcy and I divorced my husband after 3 years of him cheating on me.  I don't know how I would have kept my sanity without K-Love.  I know that Jesus loves me, but sometimes, I needed the uplifting music or to hear the story of how someone's life was changed by K-Love.  May God bless you all for what you do!
4/22/2010 7:05:49 AM
Tim Penfield United States
Tim Penfield
I support and love K-LOVE so, so much! Hearing music, listener stories and the faith, hope and love it provides hour-by-hour at work is amazing! I pray that any individual struggling with addictions find K-LOVE somehow, someway today. Whether they are at work, driving or simply walking by another person's radio and hearing God's message through your wonderful broadcast. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.
4/22/2010 7:59:44 AM
Sherri United States
I would love to donate; but, being a single mom of 2 and only ably to find a part time job, I cant afford it right now. However, I am praying daily for your ministry and that financial blessing be poured on you. I love your station. More than once it has helped bring me out of major depression! I love you guys! keep up the good work!
4/22/2010 8:09:05 AM
Christian Odom United States
Christian Odom
I support KLOVE so that GOD can support HIS people.
4/22/2010 8:10:14 AM
Christian Odom United States
Christian Odom
P.S.   I wish to remain anonymous with my previous comment except by those who read it themselves.
4/22/2010 9:01:15 AM
Lindsey Whitt United States
Lindsey Whitt
OK JD-When you started naming off Anchorage streets and areas I looked in my rear-view mirror, wondering if the K-love crew was following me!!! OK-might be the last day but thanks for chasing this "South Anchorage" gal down. I'm not sure how I will make my monthly pledge work for my budget as I am a self-employed consultant out of work but I know it is worth every penny and is the top priority. Your ministry has changed my life and encourages me every day. Have a great day everyone at K-Love! Downtown Prov JD? WowSmile
4/22/2010 9:14:40 AM
christine soderlund United States
christine soderlund
Every morning when I awake, the Lord gives me a song. The song is always one that is  played on Klove. I can hear it in my mind, and then I'll turn the radio on, and the exact song is on, comfirming to me what God would like me to do that day. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I love the pledge drives. I love hearing what my brothers and sisters in Christ are facing. I love the miracles! I love the answered prayers! I love the people who work at Klove! Thank you everyone who supported Klove, long before I even knew about Klove. If not for you, we wouldn't be able to listen to songs about the One True God, and our Savior, Jesus! Praise to the Blood of the Lamb!
4/22/2010 9:30:42 AM
Michele United States
I have fallen in love with God again and because of that, I’ve just recently been praying to God, asking him to just speak to me. The ability to hear what HE wants to say to me is something that I crave! It was on the way to work the other day when he started talking to me…or should I say, when I truly started to allow myself to hear him! Though I was hesitant to listen, he encouraged me to try the close parking (we have to take a shuttle bus because parking is so far away and it only runs at certain times) and the whole time, I kept saying…okay God, but if I try that and miss the shuttle, you’re going to hear me the whole walk to work!!! He just kept telling me…Trust me, Michele. So, being obedient, I pulled in to the close parking, found a spot…the only open spot open, AND the car that was parked facing me had a licenses plate on the front of it that said “God is Good”!!!! LOL I love his sense of humor!
Being a 29 year old Step-parent is one of the hardest jobs I believe could ever exist! I wanted you to know that I found K-Love through a dear friend of mine. It's because of her that I was able to fall in love with the positive encouragement of God’s word that flows from this station. It’s because of that that this station is played every moment I can, especially around my family….in the morning, in the car, making dinner…all the time! My children (two teenaged step-daughters 15 & 16...Lord help me LOL) are drawn to the music you play, and that is a miracle of God in itself!! I thank God for my dear friend, the way God has moved into my life allowing his praise to flow into my children’s lives, and for K-Love!
I know $40 a month isn't much and could NEVER pay for the joy that we feel just being able to worship in Gods word, but I want to help K-Love in any little way that I can! Thank you for everything thing you do at K-Love, for my family and the millions of others that you touch! And thank you for being my brothers and sisters in Christ!!! He is so truly amazing!
4/22/2010 9:40:58 AM
Cynthia Love United States
Cynthia Love
K-Love SAVED my life.  Last year I had just finished my cancer treatments and was excited that I would be able to being "normal" again. I then had a terrible bicycle accident, breaking my shoulder and leaving me unable to function normally for a long time.  I never questioned God for my cancer, but I found myself questioning why this was happening, it just didn't seem fair.  I was scanning the  radio channels and "I'll Praise You in the Storm" by Casting Crowns caught my attention.  Listening to the words, I literally felt the holy spirit surround me, telling me "I'm with you."  I had to pull over because I was weeping with the realization I would get through whateve was given to me, feeling so much of God's love for me.  It instantly transformed me, saving my soul and my life.  I knew I would never be alone again.  Thank you K-Love for your wonderful mission of spreading the Word and in all its glory.  I have increased my pledge this year as I pray other people will experience what I have by listening to your music and your message.  (I cannot even fathom not having K-Love to listen to.) I hope your music and outreach will transform their lives for the glory of God. Bless you all!
4/22/2010 9:57:40 AM
Teri Cravens United States
Teri Cravens
Why I Support KLOVE is that KLOVE has brought my family closier to Jesus, and since I have had my grandkids they have listen to Klove any time they are in my car.  One of them is named Kaleb and he used to think that there was a Radio station that had his name.  Now he is old enough to know that it is not his name and that it is a christian radio station.  I contribute KLOVE and First Baptist Church of Moore, OK to the blessing of our three grandchildren being baptiste on March 7, 2010.  

God Bless
4/22/2010 10:15:27 AM
Bonnie United States
Hey Eric -- just want you to know I'm one of those people who've listened to KLOVE all week and resisted giving! -- then God used Lisa's prayer during the $25,000 pledge drive to push me over the edge to pledge $40 a month to KLOVE.

What I love about KLOVE besides the style of Christian music, commercial free is when you stop in the middle of your show and pray.  I've been driving down the highway, cleaning house and doing any number of mundane things when you bring God to me in such a personal way.  I just love the unexpectedness of it.

Thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry.  

4/22/2010 10:50:06 AM
Tory Brake United States
Tory Brake
I wasn't able to give a lot financially, but I can pray! I gave because there's not a pop, rock, country, or oldies station out there that the songs make you stop and think about the blessings of God. They can't minister to the hurting and the lost...but KLOVE DOES!!! THAT is why I want to support KLOVE! You might think, "but I can only give a one time gift of $5, or $10." Just think though, if 1,000 people can give that much then that's another $5,000-$10,000 to support this ministry! There is power in numbers!!!!! Especially when God is involved!
4/22/2010 10:55:43 AM
Victoria Hairgrove United States
Victoria Hairgrove
My husband and I support KLOVE because it has been a constant source of love and support to us.  We found our station 3 years ago and haven't stopped listening. Three years ago, we could not support KLOVE because our finances were too tight.  But, last year, God had really blessed us with my promotion.  The raise was just enough to cover our bills and have enough left over to pledge our first $40 a month.  We started in October.  Since then, God has blessed us time and time again, we could not help but give more.  This pledge drive we are extending our faith a little further and giving another $40.  It's totally worth the mere money on this earth compared to the eternal impact in all our lives.  I will have to say, my favorite KLOVE moment was one night as I was getting my 3 yr old into bed, The Voice of Truth was playing and as it went through the course, my daughter sings to me, "Do not be afraid..."  I grinned from ear to ear, so proud to know that she and her little brother were hearing the songs in the car and at night as they sleep.  I could not function without KLOVE and the love of God that passses through the airwaves.  I love you guys.  WE love you guys! Thank you!
4/22/2010 10:59:25 AM
Kim Brown United States
Kim Brown
K-Love has been a blessing to our family! My husband is deployed and K-Love has been my crutch when I have felt like I could no longer stand on my own. My 5 year old son and I listen to you every day and thank God for the music and positive encouragement you give to so many. It is amazing that when I am feeling so alone, I can turn on the station and hear a song that brings me right back. Amy Grants newest song "hallelujah" is the one that is getting me through right now! Thanks K-Love and I am glad that we have made the decision to pledge this year again! Kim, Vermont
4/22/2010 12:29:08 PM
Theresa Kraai United States
Theresa Kraai
I support KLove because: As I'm going through Counseling for sexual abuse suffered as a child, I am encouraged and strengthened by the truth I hear in God's music. Often, the song on the radio when I got back in the car, confirmed what my counselor and I just discussed! The songs on KLove have helped me to cry when I couldn't, to trust God when I didn't understand, and to persevere when I just wanted to give up.  Thank you for being there.
4/22/2010 12:33:25 PM
Jon Erdmann United States
Jon Erdmann
My envelope from K-LOVE just came into my mail box today, I had been waiting for my pledge envelope.  I rushed right down to the Post Office and got my money order for the $200 that I had called in about.  I had been wanting to give $40.00 a month, but my wife said that we were strained.  Then I waited a few days, and asked, "what about $20.00 and some one else would match it."  Still the same answer.  So while I was listening on my MP-3 at work, God laid it on my heart to sell a rifle that I had and some other things.  I told my wife what I was going to do.  So before heading off to the pawn shop, I prayed about it before going in and really felt God telling me to ask for $200.00 for what I had.  When I went in and layed the stuff on the counter, the guy asked me, "Jon what do you need for that?"  I said $200.00, and he said SOLD.

I tried and tried to get thru to the pledge line, but just for some reason couldn't get thru from Kalispell, MT from my cell phone.  So I found the direct line, and the nice girl that answered the phone connected me to another very nice young woman on the phone.

This whole time while waiting for my K-LOVE envelope, satan had been working on me with distractions.  You need this, or that with that money.  I stood firm, and did not touch what was God's money.

This is the best envelope I have ever sent out, so that I could support what God told me to do.  K-LOVE you were there when I needed you all the most, and now I can be a part of this awesome ministry to reach all that would listen.

My wife and I used to go to sleep with the TV timer set, and now its K-LOVE with the radio timer set so that we are hearing the most positive and encouraging influences to our ears while we fall asleep at night.

Giving to this awesome ministry is truly a blessing, and I will continue because since making that call to K-LOVE, God has blessed me with more hours at work on my evening job.  

I am so excited how God is moving in my life since that call.

4/22/2010 12:40:27 PM
Anna United States
I moved cross country last year to Montana, and found KLOVE on the radio station while in a rental car with a very unhappily drugged cat. I was crying my eyes out because everything had gone so terribly that day. And then I found KLOVE. I listened to you constantly for the next two months because I couldn't find a church home. You gave me hope and kept my spirits up when things looked dismal, thousands of miles away from my family and anything familiar, including weather. Now, the reason I thought God had moved me here has been suddenly and unjustly been taken away. It was so strange, and for such a contrived reason, that I realized it could only be God shutting a door. So, I was up here, broken and directionless, spending a late night cleaning out my workspace for the last time, and -laughing-, and -praising God-, because I was listening to KLOVE. Phrases like "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move, Give me a revelation, I'm nothing without you", and especially "This is the first day of the rest of your life" are keeping me actually happy, and faithful to God's promises. I don't know what I would do without KLOVE there to encourage me at this turbulent time in my life. So, I'm going to trust God and up my pledge to $20. I hope others in Montana will do at least that much, if I can. I'm jobless, now. If I can do it, they can. This station is too important to let go unfunded.
4/22/2010 1:48:46 PM
Renee United States
Over the last four years I have dealt with depression, divorce, being estranged from my daughter and more.  I have had some really low moments of despair. But through it all, God has blessed me with a loving family,supportive friends, a Christian recovery group and KLOVE. I am amazed how God uses KLOVE to inspire and encourage me on a daily basis.  The music comes on early in the morning and it's uncanny how the songs are exactly what I need to face the day.  Whether it's Oh how he love me,I will praise you in the storm, You never let go or Hold fast, it reminds me that my hope is in Jesus.  With that in mind, how can I not respond by supporting this important ministry.
4/22/2010 2:26:16 PM
Chris Branch United States
Chris Branch
I only listen to K-Love. It was the station of choice for my son and I. He used to listen to Heavy Metal and I listened to country so to stop the fights in the car we found K-Love and only had it on in the car and soon it was the only station that we listened to at all. When he passed away 13 years ago at the age of 13 it was K-Love that was there to hold me up and help me realize that God needed him at home and I still had things to do here on earth. Rich Mullins was our favorite artist and at his funeral a friend sang "Awesome God" and some thougt it was not an appropriate song for a funeral but I insisted and the friend who sang it was praying about it and he asked God to show him a sign and "Awesome God" came on the radio and he said he knew then that he was suppose to sing it. The song "Save a Place for Me" is now one of my favorites because it is what my heart is saying everyday. By the way Kelli my church is doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and because of what you said on air the other morning I saw it as a sign that God wanted me to do it also. I signed up and my first class was last night. It was awesome, and it was the reassurace that I needed to be able to commit to the classes. I listen to you every morning on my way to work and Lisa and Eric on my way home. It gives me peace and helps me be a better driver on the road. Phoenix always has trouble getting fully funded and I am not sure why because we are a big city with two stations and the broadcast can be heard way outside of the city. That is the part I love about K-Love. God Bless and Keep you on the air.
4/22/2010 7:58:30 PM
Elizabeth LeMaster United States
Elizabeth LeMaster
I gave at the last minute tonight on behalf of my daughters, Hartley age 6 and Michaela age 2. This past year has been very hard and quite a struggle for me. You see I'm going through a divorce that I didn't want nor choose. Every morning I get in my car and we listen to K-love. I love to hear my 6 year old sing along, but once they are dropped off at school or I listen leaving work I'm able to have my one on one with God. K-love has truly touched my life and brightened many a days. There were times when I felt like I was at rock bottom and your ministry touched me. The K-love family was there for me and for that I could never Thank You enough. God Bless you and your families and what you do. Keep up the encouragement because I still need it, as do many.
4/23/2010 9:20:38 PM
Amy Iraq
Interesting opinion
I'll bookmark this thread and continue checking for more.
4/25/2010 1:16:45 PM
Lance M United States
Lance M
I started supporting KLOVE because it really ministered to me through the music and kindness of each person God has blessed the station with!  I am so thankful for you guys! I am 21 years old and wish I could give more but I am still trying to figure things out..since I started giving to KLOVE doors I never imagined would open for me started opening!

I prayed, asking God to use me and help me see what direction He wants me to go with my life..weeks later a mission trip fell in my lap!  I have never even thought of mission work and didnt know what to think about it..but by letting God lead me, I put my "yes" on the table and started planning a trip to Haiti with my friend. Since I had never done anything like this I was banking on my buddy being able to go and help me through, but God had something else in mind..my buddy found out he couldnt go but thought since the doors were still open for me that it was God telling us I didnt need my friend to go, that I could do it on my own..So now I am heading to Haiti April 30 with a team of people I don't know..I was nervous..but just after talking with my friend about all of this I got in my car and as always God used KLOVE to do what you do best and played the perfect song at the perfect time! The Voice of Truth came on saying, "to step out of my comfort zone into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is, and He's holding out His hand." Wow!! What an awesome God we serve!!

Thank you guys for being there for me and letting the Lord use you each and every day! God bless!!
5/3/2010 8:39:59 AM
Qaqa Maldives
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Detoxiana Australia
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10/14/2010 7:09:13 AM
christine soderlund United States
christine soderlund
I have been a Klove listener for about 4 years now. At first, I did not give because I told myself I was a new listener and I didn't think that I needed too. The giving should be by people who have listened for many years. Then as time went on, I felt God, was telling me to give 20 dollars per month, after all I spent at least that much on chicken nuggets for my 7 year old! The problem was that I was not faithful in my giving. I would give intermittently. Then I would listen to the pledge drives and would want to increase my giving to 40 dollars per month. God said to me ,"you have not been faithful with giving the 20 dollars per month, so do not give the 40 dollars per month unless you are serious about your giving." So I made my pledge on the EZ plan, so that I could not have an excuse not to give. Since then, my daughter, who has some learning disabilities, said "radio", she turned off the tv, and wanted to listen to KLOVE! She dances to the music. When the news is on or when there is talking, she keeps saying "more". I have to tell her that she must wait, the music is coming. Klove is a ministry, anointed from God. The people who work there, the artists that make the music, the saints that listen, and when you partner, the anointing flows on you! May the Blessings of God chase YOU down and overtake YOU! Christine, Lacona, NY
1/9/2011 6:49:23 AM
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