May 11 2010

Jason Gray

K-LOVE artist Jason Gray ("More Like Falling in Love") joined us this morning.  Jason shared how even though he's had a chronic stutter throughout his entire life, God revealed to him that it's nothing to hide. In fact, through our weaknesses, God is able to show His strengths!

If you missed our conversation with Jason, click the links below to hear our chat ...

Jason talks about his stutter

Jason shares the story behind the song "More Like Falling in Love"


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5/11/2010 6:16:07 AM
Karen Jarvis United States
Karen Jarvis
My Husband was driving to work and listening to you guys and Lisa you read a rhyme.  He said it was very good and he would like a copy of it.  I am still learning how to look things up online and can't quite find it on your site, so please help me.  LOL  Can you email me a copy of it?  Thank you so much for your time and patience!!!
Karen Jarvis
5/11/2010 7:53:09 AM
Jessica Brittain United States
Jessica Brittain
I love that song!Its me all over again! I love falling in Love with Jesus the closer He draws me to him the more I fall in Love with him! What an awesome way that God decided to show us our own hearts and what some of us need! I needed to know that feeling down to the core of me, not just a belief but a true heart shaking  love!!!I get it I get exactly what Jason is saying in that song !Thank you for allowing God to work through you Jason to write that song! God Bless!
5/11/2010 7:56:22 AM
Kristi Rogers United States
Kristi Rogers
My daughter, 15 years old, has a stuttering problem because of a brain infection from a mosquito bite.  This morning's story from Jason Gray gives me hope and will encourage her as well.  My daughter, Linzi, tends to be shy and doesn't make friends easily because of her shame of stuttering.  It is nothing for her to be shameful of.  I'm going to print of Jason's story to share with her and show her others have stuttering problems and are accomplishing God's Will through it all.  God will accomplish much through her as she has an awesome testimony, just like Jason.  Thanks so much for sharing this today!
5/11/2010 4:27:52 PM
Lucille Green United States
Lucille Green
Hi Lisa and Eric, I have been listening to Klove for a few months now and really enjoy the music and various stories and testimonies mentioned on radio and I also heard a rap or rhyme this morning. It was very good and you said to go on the Lisa and Eric page of Klove to be able to see the whole rap written out. I would like to have a print out of this to show family members. If it's possible could you send it to me or just tell me how to access it on your web site. Thanks and God bless you. Lucille Green
5/11/2010 5:11:49 PM
Kerwin Knutson United States
Kerwin Knutson
This morning when I was driving to work you played a rhyme or some kind of rap. I just caught part of it. Could you help direct me so I can hear it again. Thanks, Kerwin  
5/12/2010 6:34:17 AM
Brian United States
I really enjoyed the interview with Jason.  I have some friends I'd like to be able to share it with.  Any chance you will post it on the highlights page?  I'd really like to hear it again myself as well!
5/12/2010 6:44:05 AM
April United States
The rap is posted as a video on their Facebook page.

Thanks, Lisa and Eric for the encouragement from Jason Gray.  I loved what he said about the difference between duty and love.  It's a concept I have been trying to get my husband to understand for nearly 9 years now.  Love is more than a feeling.  It's an action.  I also loved when he talked about in our weaknesses, He is strong.  Thanks as always for another uplifting guest and for caring so much about your listeners.
5/12/2010 1:46:24 PM
Sarah Moore United States
Sarah Moore
Hey guys!
I know this is a day later, but I couldn't get to my computer yesterday.  I was listening yesterday when Jason Grey was on, talking about how God shows us our strengths through our weaknesses. I just want to thank you for that.  About 8 years ago, I started dealing with some medical problems that ended up making it very difficult to get pregnant. For a while, I was very angry about this. I let it take me away from God. I felt that I was not whole. How could I be, if the thing a womans body is built to do, I couldn't do?  But eventually, after a lot of prayer and tears, God has given me the peace that I need.  My husband and I have started talking about adopting. This has been a difficult discussion for us. But I have to say, I have spent alot of time praying about this too.  I am 29 years old, and I have NEVER felt the kind of peace come over me that I do when I pray about adoption.  So, I am grateful for the way he said what he did about weakness. Because for so long I have felt that my weakness, my incomplete-ness, was to be my undoing. But now I truely feel that it is just the way God had to take me, to show me what He wanted me to do.  It is good to be able to hear things to help remind us that God does have a plan for us, we just have to listen. The Devil is good at getting us off track.  God Bless You All, For All You Do!
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