May 14 2010

Chantel Hobbs - Faith, Food & Fitness

After struggling with her weight since she was a child, Chantel Hobbs finally reached her breaking point.  One night Chantel said she cried out to God in desparation - she says "I was done fighting, and I needed strength to fight this war."  That was almost 10 years and 200lbs ago! 

Since then Chantel has written two books ("Never Say Diet" and "The One Day Way"), been on Oprah and in People magazine sharing how God gave her strength to not only lose weight, but more importantly live a life God designed her to live.  That's the message Chantel is working to share with others, too!

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Part 1 - God gets the credit (she begins responding to her popularity)

Part 2 - How God "rocked her world" to better her health

Part 3 - God wants us to be "our best"

Part 4 - Get "moving" today

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5/13/2010 4:43:47 AM
Debbie United States
Chantel,  Thank you for your strength and faith that our Lord Jesus could help you fight this battle.  I have been overweight all my life, topping out at 367 just 3 months ago. Now I am working out with a trainer, who is a friend and not charging me (a very big praise) and have changed my food habits and have lost 23lbs.  It's a long journey but one I will not turn away from. I have 2 beautiful 7 year olds from China and I want to grow old and be there for my children.

God bless you and the role model you are.

Debbie in North Caroina
5/13/2010 5:13:59 AM
Mark United States
My Wife has been doing weight watchers now off and on for years with no real lasting results. She has been doing it religiously now since Feb. and has lost 23 lbs. She called me on her commute to work, while listening to KLOVE, and saidfor me to write this lady's name down "Chantel Hobbs". She was so encouraged by the program this morning. She told me she had to get these books and find out what breakthrough she found to help her succeed in her journey to a healthier weight. Thanks KLOVE, and thank you Chantel.
5/13/2010 6:26:22 AM
Melissa Myers United States
Melissa Myers
I had left the Television on when I went to switch the laundry.  When I came back into the livingroom, the "Jerry Springer show" was just going to a commercial and my 3yr old who was playing in her room on the other side of the livingroom came out of her room holding up in each hand her Barney and Babybop dolls(from the childrens show Barney) and was chanting "Jerry!!...Jerry!!...etc."  At that moment I realized that just because she was not in the livingroom, didn't mean that she couldn't hear and pick up what was going on in other rooms.  I then turned the television off and turned Christian Radio on.
5/13/2010 6:39:10 AM
A suffering Pastor United States
A suffering Pastor
Hi God bless you all:

     I heard the interview with Chantel. I have been suffering a lot with several health conditions that are causing me a lot of emotional & physical pain. I feel horrible. I'm heavy in the 300's and can't loose weight. I'm a bi- vocational minister and I'm very tired almost exhausted all the time. I feel very sick, but I do not have health insurance. I can't afford it.  God knows that I'm asking Him to give me emotional strenght to start the process. I have started several times but the stress of having several big issues in my family and the heavy demands on me, do not let me concentrate and keep forward. I do not have anybody to support me, but my sister with whom I just talk occasionally. Please pray for me, just the thought of going on diet or exercise makes me get in a panic mode, but I need to recover my health. Chantel your talk gave me an additional motivation. God bless you. I hope that I can get your book.
5/13/2010 7:37:04 AM
Chantel Hobbs United States
Chantel Hobbs
TO all my new friends and K-LOVE listeners....Thanks for all your encouragement today! Our God desperately wants YOU to let Him in to every area of your life. But you must surrender to find freedom...
Much Love- Staying the Course, Chantel
5/13/2010 7:38:54 AM
Debbie United States
I am sitting at my desk at work listing to KLove and cry, I am so Over weight. I feel my life is going crazy. Tell Chantel thank to talking to me. I am going to get her book to see this will help me with her help and God's.
Thank you KLove
5/13/2010 7:58:32 AM
Juanita Hansen United States
Juanita Hansen
Just wanted to share that I bought a Wii and the one game I love is the hoola hoops.  What a work out and it is more fun than a work out!  Thank you Jesus for giving me the motivation today!
Juanita, El Paso TX
5/13/2010 8:04:36 AM
Tierra United States
I believe God made me hear my kitty's belly growling so that I would get up and go to the store.. when I got into my car and headed home I heard Chantel speaking about her weight.(I didn't plan on going anywhere cuz it's my day off!).This really hit me hard because I've struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old. Even if you aren't the BIGGEST you can still have the mentality that you are. I'm a children's pastor and think that I'm not a good example and it hurts that I've let myself eat the way I have. I've recently decided to try meetings to help me deal with my bad eating habits. God has really got to help me b/c when you said you'd rather die than live like this.. ugh.. i feel ya! I want to be happy and health for God's Work, my husband, and future family!!! THANK YOU!!
5/13/2010 8:14:54 AM
Sally United States
How exciting to hear the message today!  Thank you Chantel.  I have lost weight and regained my weight.  Frustrated and ready to make a life change.   This is a God journey and a God challenge I am committed to succeed.  I liked your words: "You are not being the best you can be. He calls us to seek HIM and set high standards for ourselves. The love of God superceeds any problem in our lives."  Thank you!
5/13/2010 8:28:22 AM
Gaby United States
I felt like Chantel's interview was meant just for me.  Thank you so much for the encouragement and motivation I need to continue on my path of weight loss.  
5/13/2010 8:36:42 AM
Marie United States
Theres lots of ways to lose weight but not good for everyone...But im not going to talk about losing weight but about honoring God.Theres a lot of people that think that worship is about music. That one form yes Smile and that honoring is by doing something good or whatever else. Yes thats another way..But really theres many many but many ways to bring honor n glory to God..If your ever wondering how or what else you can do to do so eating right n healthy with the mind set of bringing honor and glory to our King Smile  Ive learned that in EVERYTHING WE DO we can do so.For example if you go to pick someone up to go to the 7 O'CLOCK service on sunday because they have no way of getting there, God sees that and it brings joy to HIm bringing honor and glory to HIm. You see the same come when we eat. Our bodies are the temple of God and when we take care of the temple (our bodies) He sees it and with that we are worshiping and honoring. And if we keep that mentality im 110%  sure that theres not one thing you wont be able to do. I mean dont we want to worship and honor with ALL that we do? Well take this example make it your opportunity to bring honor, glory to worship God.
God Bless

PS I hope this helps Smile
5/13/2010 6:28:06 PM
Jamie United States
I was listening to the show this morning and really liked what Chantel had to say, but I didn't think it applied to me because I'm a dancer and I exercise often.  That was until just now.  I had just gotten home from a dance rehearsal and was reflecting on a fall I took, when it occurred to me that -- without intending to -- I have sort of been keeping my dance life separate from God.  I reasoned that this was because hip hop isn't really considered Godly, but as I was talking to God about it, I remembered some words from Chantel: "We are made to move."  God made us to move because dance -- even hip hop -- is a celebration of what He has given us.  Needless to say, I officially invited God to come dance with me in my recital tomorrow and Sunday.  I'm really excited, and I know it will go well.  This just goes to show that you never know how God will touch your heart next through Klove.  Thank you Klove and thank you Chantel!  Love Jamie!
5/15/2010 11:20:07 AM
Penny United States
WOW - Is it not amazing what God can do in your life if you just open your heart and listen?  I was listening to K-LOVE this morning and heard you interviewing Chantel.  I had already heard another Christain radio station interviewing Chantel and I was going to do research to find out more about her.  When I pulled K-LOVE up on the internet I was reading everyone's comments.  The comment above from Jamie really touched me.  I think that Jamie's dance was inspired by God and she can take the talent that God gave her and use it to witness to others.  I also want to thank K-LOVE for inspiring me each day as I go and come from work!! Chantel - What a way to witness.  God has truly opened a door for you not only to help yourself but to help other.  God Bless you both all!!! Penny
5/16/2010 5:05:07 PM
emily taylor United States
emily taylor
I was just saying hi to every one on klove who actually loves god!! because i do. good night and god bless
5/17/2010 12:23:36 AM
Kyrie United States
Any suggestions for wheelchair users in terms of movement and attitude?  
Being a young christian in an old body I believe Christ bore my infirmities and that I have received my healing, Praise God!
My request:
I need guidance as to dropping the weight as I'm learning to stand and walk again!  Thank You for the encouagement!

Would you, Chantel, consider a "One Day Way" Podcast for weekly encouragement?
5/17/2010 6:40:48 AM
Michelle United States
I heard Chantal on Saturday morning.  When she said that God told her she wasn't being her best, it hit me hard that I have not been my best for Him either.  This has stuck with me thru the weekend and I am inspired to do something about it.
Your interview with Chantal has been a blessing to me.  Thank you!
2/15/2011 3:35:34 AM
gist support United States
gist support
this is a class post a true one about health. One should be concious about all nerits and disadvantages of the same.Thanks for this practical post
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