May 17 2010

Lesson with a Hairbrush-Beth Moore

This morning we were able to share Beth Moore's incredible "Lesson with a hairbrush" story, from Beth's book "Further Still".

If you missed the story or want to share it with other's, it's linked here.


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5/17/2010 7:45:57 AM
angela United States
I heard the hairbrush story and the song Potter's Hands came to my mind. Beth allowed God to use her by simply brushing a man's hair. Wow.
5/17/2010 8:23:47 AM
Virginia United States
On a Center for Student Missions trip in Washington DC, I learned that when I go out to eat and get that "Doggie Bag" to take home I can ask for plastic silverware and a napkin to go with it and then find someone on the street to leave it with before I ever get home.  It avoids throwing it out a week or so later when I clean the fridg out and it blesses and feeds someone that night.  Sometimes, I put a tract or a little note of encouragement in the bag, too.  When I hand it out, I sometimes tell them that I am a praying person and ask how I can pray for them when I get home.  If they give me a request, I then will ask would you like me to pray for that with you right now or wait till I get home.  So often, they want to pray right then and they always smile in the end sometimes with tears in their eyes.
5/17/2010 8:27:25 AM
Virginia United States
I guess it costs some money, but not much.  My sister and her church put together care packets to keep in their cars to give to homeless at stoplights.  The packets will have granola bars, juice boxes and simple toiletries and tracts in them.  It helps a homeless person have things they need without giving them money or gift cards that they may be tempted to sell to support bad habits that they really need to break to be better off.
5/17/2010 8:57:12 AM
Breanne Gaynor United States
Breanne Gaynor
Amazing.  God is so amazing!  If only we all acted like Beth Moore when called upon.
5/17/2010 10:16:26 AM
Heidi United States
I was thinking, Wow, even something as simple as a hair brush could be used to help witness to someone.
5/19/2010 1:36:08 PM
Debbie Bolden United States
Debbie Bolden
I love this story, I have read it everyday since you guys posted it.I am so thankful for Beth Moore sharing this.Even people in ministry don't always want to do what GOD wants, it's a choice we all make to follow GOD'S direction or not.
5/28/2010 9:28:44 PM
Laura United States
I love your show and I love Beth Moore! Thanks so much for sharing her story with us. What a great reminder to all of us. Thanks for being a blessing to me everyday as I get ready for work.
6/22/2010 6:42:39 PM
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discount coach
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