Jun 14 2010

Summer Help for Parents

If your kids are already feeling restless this summer, take some tips from teachers on how to bring order to your home:

1) Set up Routines - Routines and standards help children know what's expected of them, so they have a better chance for success.

2) Aim High - Don't be afraid to set high goals and expectations for your kids to accomplish this summer.  When they hit them, they'll feel a sense of accomplishment and want to do more!

3) Streamline Your Discipline - Make sure your children know what you expect from them behavior wise.  Also make sure they know what the consequences are if they break the rules. 

4) Show Them You Care - The best teachers are firm, but loving.  Same goes for the best parents.  So, even though you have boundaries in place, love your children lavishly!

5) Take Advantage of Your Child's Desire to Please You - Children also love striving for goals, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to be their cheerleader. 

To dig deeper on these ideas and more, check out our friends at iMoms.

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6/15/2010 3:46:45 AM
nate United States
Wow, it is hard to get through to you guys, even when it is so early in the morning.  even though the phone rings there is no answer.  well anyways i have been listening this morning and i have been taking a class from the institute for creation research and to make this short and sweet just be real with the kids at camp lisa.  the statistic of kids leaving the church today because of a lack of truth about the very beginnings of man is stagering.  tell it like it is.  the truth of God is always refreshing.  let them know God did it only about 6000 years ago and that they are special because God made them that way, they did not evolve from something lower.  Good luck, and God Bless.  Just remember, it's His word and it will not return void.
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