Jun 24 2010

Thursday, a busy morning

Eric was off today, so today's blog is not as pretty as normal:)  Here's an overview of what you may have heard:

David Harms gave us an AWESOME update today!  K-LOVE CARES!  You helped provide almost 400,000 meals for the homeless this year!  To find the homeless shelter nearest you and plug in today, click here.

Jimmy Needham's wife is pregnant!  And his story is powerful and honest.  Read it here.

Milwaukee is the festival city!  With the BIGGEST Christian music festival coming up (over 800 bands), look for K-LOVE's Johnny if you're going to Summerfest!

Phoenix!  Get involved in the "Season of Service"--a GREAT chance to make a difference.

Did you hear the beautiful women from the Wheeler Mission on K-LOVE today?  Now, see their beautiful faces here!

hugs, Lisa

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6/24/2010 5:03:09 AM
Linda Allen United States
Linda Allen
Lisa & Eric,

I wanted to email a few days ago regarding our "appreciation" for our husbands, I have a great story!  

My husband Jeff passed away a few years ago suddenly.  A coworker came by the house a week later and handed me a box and said I thought you might want this...inside the box were some of the cards I had written Jeff through out the years.  I left them in his car, suitcase and beside his coffee from time to time...as I read the card tears started to flood my eyes, his coworker said that he kept them in his desk and read them most days....WOW, thank you Jesus, what a gift I received that day!

How I miss the daily affirmations, physical hugs, and his contagious smile...I was blessed to have such a beautiful marriage for 17 short years....we can not take a "moment" for granted.  I'm so grateful that my son and I have so many beautiful memories tucked away in our hearts!

I listen to you everyday and you have given me courage when I could not find it, thank you! Have a blessed daySmile

6/24/2010 5:20:52 AM
April O United States
April O
I want to comment about the story about Jimmy Needham and his wife.  It is story's like this that prove to me that God is listening to us.   I also had a scary pregnancy this time around.  The doctors told me I was at high risk to have a baby with down syndrome.  I was devastated.  We prayed on it and decided to go ahead with the amnio test.  Before they do the amnio, they do an ultrasound to see if there are any markers or flags of the d.s.   Sure enough, there was an abnormality with the heart position.  I felt my heart sink and started to cry with my husband.  So, preparing for the worse, we gave the ok for the amnio.  I never prayed so hard waiting for those results.  I stayed home from work the next day preparing myself that this was it, I was going to have to raise a child with special needs and I was going to have to know that she would never get married, have kids, or lead a normal life.  I felt so sad and guilty.  I felt the baby move and I decided to pray.  WIth one hand on the baby and the Rosary in the other, I asked God to please heal my baby.  When the baby stopped moving, I knew that she was ok.  Jesus had healed her!  I just knew.  This calm came over me.  At first I wasn't sure if he had healed the baby or me, but then it became clear.  I received a call the next day and they told me preliminary results came back all clear.  They baby was fine and it was a girl!  I was so overwhelmed with happiness and gratefulness.  I praised the Lord over and over.  Yesterday I got the final results and everything is fine.   But I already knew it.  Next week we have to go back to check on the baby's heart but I already know that it will be ok.  To anyone going through problems like this, do not give up.  He is always listening.  
6/24/2010 6:56:31 AM
D United States
sweetly broken.. can we please hear that?
6/24/2010 8:02:12 AM
Scott M United States
Scott M
What is the current, on the happening, Church missions / evanglism outreach that is producing living fruit by the churches in the Gulf Coast.

What are some of the "knock your socks off" stories of how people (both local residence, and responders) are seeing God in this intermingling of people?  

I think this would be a great set of reports that would take several weeks to file (hey that is what summer interns are for) to then produce a day's topic (like blood water missions).  To show the rest of us that can not do anything buy pray about the situation how God's hand is ministering.
6/24/2010 8:42:20 AM
Cathy Hulin United States
Cathy Hulin
Wow, all the Needham's baby needs is room to grow! In visiting the doctor, he knew right away. He was able to fix it. Just like our Father in heaven. He wants us to seek Him so we can grow. If we do not grow, we will die. He is the great physician, He is truly able. He is unchange-able, unshake-able, unstop-able, that's who He is! Just like the song says; in the good times, and bad. God is on His throne. He is God alone. None can contend with His power.

Having lost several babies that were close to full term, I know about the pain of losing a life that didn't even get a chance to start. The doctors tried to fix my problem too, but they didn't have all the answers for me. I cried out to my unchangeable God and He stood firm. I wrestled with our unstoppable Holy Spirit and He showed His power. I knelt down before The unshakeable Lord and He gave me peace that passed all understanding. I grew from the experience, it didn't kill me.

Right after you guys played that testimony, I heard the prayer request came through for the woman that was traveling to another state for a difficult funeral. You played the song "Homesick" by Mercy Me. It reminded me of the terribly difficult funeral we held for my brother with my long lost father at the helm. It should have been a homecoming celebration but my "dad" just looked at his namesake in the casket and announced, "If Jesus is the way, then I'm going to hell." I told the man that abandoned me and my brother when I was two, that if that is the case, then he will never see his son again. The words to this song are what I had in my heart to say to my brother that was no longer occupying his AIDS ridden body, just like the my two precious babies, Joseph Lee and Tessa June:

In Christ, there are no goodbye
And in Christ, there is no end
So I'll hold onto Jesus with all that I have
To see you again
To see you again

And I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now

Thank you KLOVE, for the great worship opportunity every day! I am closer to my Father in heaven because of it.
6/24/2010 9:10:45 AM
Theresa Hoffman United States
Theresa Hoffman
I just want to say thank to KLOVE and the great staff there as well!!!!  I am currently umemployed and a single mom of a twelve year old girl which is in and of itself a challenge most days!!!  I cannot tell you enough how much KLOVE has meant to me for a very long time but ESPECIALLY during the last month. I was let go from a job for reasons that seem ubsurd but God has other plans for me I know and KLOVE encourages me everyday!!!  I listen to Lisa and Eric and Scott and Kelly the most but all the announcers(radio personalities) bless me!!!  Thank you so much for truly being" positive and encouraging" like your slogan says!!!!  God bless you all!!!!  Sincerely and Love in Him, Theresa Hoffman, Denver, Colorado  
6/24/2010 12:29:14 PM
Ashley United States
That's wonderful! God bless you all.
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