Jul 02 2010

Why Are You Proud to be American?

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, share your the "Wow, America" stories of your life--moments when being an American meant the most to you.


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6/30/2010 7:49:02 AM
Zeke Edwards United States
Zeke Edwards
I get swelled up with great American Pride every 4th of July when I watch the Nathans Famous Hot dog Eating Competition, especially in the last three years where Joey Chestnut won the famed prize back for the U.S.A.How much more American can you get then eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes?
6/30/2010 7:52:51 AM
Brenda Harris United States
Brenda Harris
My husband and I adopted our youngest daughter from China in 2004 and people would come up and tell us "lucky baby - going to America".  I would say we were the blessed ones.  But just this last Saturday my now 6yr old told me that she knows who loves her more than us....Jesus and God.  Then she told me they will always be with her because she asked them to live in her heart.  After being so eternally grateful, I realized that the chances of this being possible if she were still in China was very small.  I am so proud to live in a country where we can state our beliefs proudly and not have to be fearful for our lives for doing so.  There was nothing like seeing the American flag when we came home.
6/30/2010 7:56:09 AM
Martha Balboa United States
Martha Balboa
I am proud to be an American because I have the freedom to worship my Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ....Praise God!!! Smile
6/30/2010 7:58:57 AM
Brian Ward United States
Brian Ward
They call Paris Island USMCR the land that God forgot. However, I know better. I happened to be there on Easter Sunday, 1992. I was in the stands of the main parade deck with hundreds of other "recruits." We were singing Amazing Grace (if memory serves) as the sun came up behind the American and Marine Corps flags on the opposite side of the parade deck. The sun shown through the Stars and Stripes like I'd never seen before as it waved in the morning breeze. The peace I felt cannot be described. I was and have never been more proud to be serving "God, Country, Corps" than at that very moment.
6/30/2010 8:22:13 AM
Wena United States
I came in the US when i was 10yrs old by my father and I'm now 36yrs old. So most of my life has been spent here. I've always been proud of America and very thankful for God allowing me to grow up in the US.  But I didn't get my citizenship until a year ago.  I lagged on it because I guess I didn't think it was necessary since I had a valid green card and i got the same privileges except voting that americans have.  But that moment when I was being naturalized with others (about 3,000 people) I felt an overwhelming feeling of WoW & gratitude for my LORD! Hard to explain but I didn't think it would touch me so much or so sentimental since I've pretty much lived my life here in the US but it did.  This Country is my country and has given me so much opportunity that I couldn't have living in the poor area of the Philippines. Grew up n San Jose, CA and I met my Lord & Savior here in this Country!
6/30/2010 8:22:39 AM
Samantha United States
There are many times I am proud to be an American.

1)  I have been on many short term missions trips on six continents and have seen the lack of patriotism many people have for their own countries which makes me proud that America has so many patriotic people.  Americans, for the most part, are extremely loyal to our country. I am proud to be one of those.

2)  I married a man who came from another country and when he became an American citizen many years ago and I saw the 160 others along with him who became citizens at a beautiful ceremony I realized how I take for granted what others are willing to give up everything for.  It made me appreciate what I always took for granted.

3)  I belong to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization and have been on several deployments.  The recent being to Haiti two times in the past few months.  I am proud that America has the resources and is willing to use them for the less fortunate.  

4)  Lastly, I am proud to live in a country where we can still openly read the Bible, go to church, and talk to people on the street about Jesus.  Despite all of the problems of our country, at least we still have religious freedom.  

Thanks for letting me share.
6/30/2010 8:32:23 AM
Shelli United States
I think as a whole we don't have those moments anymore where we realize just how LUCKY we are to be an American.  I know the younger generations don't.  I actually had not given much thought to it either until you were talking this morning.  When I think about this, I think maybe it was 2 years ago at my dad's funeral.  He was in the Marines (and so proud of that) and served 39 years in the Army National Guard.  I can remember on April 15th every year my mom would complain about writing out that check for taxes.  And he would always say, "If that what it costs to live in this great country, then I will gladly pay it".
He was so proud to be an American and instilled that in us kids.

At his funeral, seeing that flag on the casket, watching them fold it and present it to my mom, hearing Taps played on the trumpet and listening to the 21 gun salute I began to think that he would be so pleased.  He was an American and SO proud to be one.  
6/30/2010 8:33:02 AM
Phyllis Treatch United States
Phyllis Treatch
WhenI was in Jr. High school my friend Cynthias' uncle was a Prisoner of War in Viet Nam. Our class all wore is POW bracelet, and when he came home we were able to watch him on TV as he came off the plane. After he returned home to Sacramento, we were able to join him at a Welcome Home party and give him all of our bracelets. I am so proud to have known this family. Since I have grown, there are a number of people in my family who have joined to serve our country. My son is included in that special group! God Bless America and all of our men and women serving our country to protect our freedoms!!
6/30/2010 8:57:37 AM
Helen United States
I can recall two experiences that stand out in my life that made me proud to be an American ironically they both involve airplanes.

  I had been stationed in Germany for almost three years and I enjoyed traveling and living abroad. I made an unexpected visit home and as the plane touched down on the runway the entire plane erupted into cheers. It struck me that this was home- the good old US of A!

  Fast forward to 2005 and a trip from Atlanta to Houston. As we approached the gate on arrival in HOuston the captain announced that there were some VIP's on board. A group of some 20 or so Marines were returning home from Iraq. Again, the plane erupted in applause & cheers. Everyone kept their seats until these brave Marines could collect their belongings and exit the plane. I couldn't have beeb prouder of my country or of htose who are still willing to sacrifice to protect it.

  For those who serve freedom has a tast the protected will never know.
6/30/2010 9:05:42 AM
marsha perry United States
marsha perry
The day I was the proudest to be an AMERICAN was the day of my dads funeral,he was a retired Marine,we requested military rites at the graveside, when we arrived the Marine Corps had sent a troop from Jacksonville Nc. to shout the riffles and they played the taps and presented my disabled brother with the AMERICAN flag. Not only was I proud to be an AMERICAN but very proud to be the daughter of a MARINE.
6/30/2010 10:17:36 AM
Karen Boyack United States
Karen Boyack
Funny, I've never thought of it as "proud to be an American", but rather extremely blessed to be one.  Of all places the Lord could have chosen to put me on this earth, America was His choice and I've been so incredibly blessed to live in this great country.
6/30/2010 10:46:14 AM
Debbie United States
I am a third generation welfare baby. I grew up learning that this country and this world owed me a good life. By the time I was 23yrs old I had no job, and because I had three children I had a nice welfare check coming in every month. I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror, and felt no pride in my self or my life. I actually felt shame in what I was becoming. I was 80lbs over weight, no education, no job, no friends. I decided to change my life. I wasn't a christian at the time but I prayed for Gods help anyway.
   I thought if I joined the Military they could help get my life straightened out. To make a long story short. I lost the 80lbs, studied my buns off and joined the USAF.
   I ended up being stationed in Oklahoma where I met the Lord and my husband. And over the years have had many adventures and great blessings happen to our family.
   I am so proud to be an American every day of my life. I am proud to have served in the United States Military. I am proud that I can worship my God and Savior every day in freedom and peace. God has given me a place in this life and in this country. I don't take my freedom lightly, it's hard work but my God, my Family, and my Country are well worth it.
6/30/2010 10:50:33 AM
Leah Kirksey United States
Leah Kirksey
I was 19 years old and watched on TV as the twin towers were attacked in 2001. I don't think I realized until that moment how much our country is a treasure from God. When our safety was threatened, it reminded the whole country that we are PROUD to be Americans. It breaks my heart to think about the downward shift our country is taking away from freedom and away from God.
6/30/2010 1:17:35 PM
tracy United States
A moment that made me to say I was proud/blessed to be an American was a Welcome Home Ceremony for a brigade of soldiers returning from Iraq after a 15 months deployment.  When those soldiers marched in to Toby Keith's "American Soldier", I said a prayer of thanks.  A thank you to all those serving and to their family members.  You are in my prayers.
6/30/2010 1:20:29 PM
Leah Hamilton United States
Leah Hamilton
I am proud to be an American.  2 of our 4 boys are in the military.  One in the Army,  he is a Door Gunner on a Black Hawk helicoper, yes he hangs out of the helicoper.  The other is in the Air Force, he is EOD, if you have seen the movie "Hurt Locker" well, thats his job! As an American I am very proud of these boys and girls, as a Mother I lose a LOT of sleep with worry.  As a christian, I have all the faith in the world that my lord is taking care of my boys as well as others.  It is my faith that keeps me strong.  God Bless America!!
6/30/2010 1:42:06 PM
Teresa Johnston United States
Teresa Johnston
Our first 2 years of marriage we lived in D.C.!!! I wish every American could visit our nation's capital and see all that we have to be proud of!!! It was so amazing to see the monuments and tour the Pentagon n White House, and to see the actual Bill of Rights n Declaration of Independence in person.  To see the Smithsonians and all that America has achieved and invented!!! It is a wonderful experience and made us Proud to be Americans!!!  My favorite thing was meeting a real hero, Capt. Veronica Bulshefski. She was in the Naval Nurse Corps for over 30 years and was head of it for several also. Her picture is on the wall of the Pentagon, she was an amazing wonderful woman and she was my friend!!!
6/30/2010 2:01:42 PM
Kathleen Lee United States
Kathleen Lee
My American pride showed through 2 years ago during our Sunday morning worship service.  We were watching a video of American troops serving in Iraq digging a hole and filling it with water.  Later in the video, those same troops, in Christian love, were baptising their fellow fighters in that hole on Iraqi soil!  I was so proud, my heart shimmied and my eyes cried!  Proud to be a Christian American!
6/30/2010 2:27:18 PM
heather United States
I love the USA i am proud to be an american i can tell you my husband just got home bout couple months ago and i thought that day was never going to get here because of situtions that was going on when he was trying to come home and i never know how good a plane looked until it landed there with my soldier and many more it was such a great moment to c him get off and i thank god that he kept him safe so i am so proud to be an amercian
6/30/2010 4:31:57 PM
Cindy Wicks United States
Cindy Wicks
I come from a family of veterans.  My husband served in the Air Force, my dad in the Navy, my father-in-law in the army, my brother in the Army National Guard, my grandfather in the army, plus numerous uncles and cousins who served.  I have had the honor and privledge to honor deceased veterans by being a Bugler for the American Legion.  I have been playing Taps at funerals and Memorial Day and Veterans Day services since I was in 7th grade... and that was 26 years ago!  
6/30/2010 5:29:14 PM
LTC Thomas United States
LTC Thomas
My greatest feeling for being is an American is when we deployed eights weeks prior to 9-11. This is our first time being home in the nine years that we were gone. I haven't seen my kids in the hole time I was deployed. But the greatest moment in my life was when we got back and we had a child and their mom walk up to us and out of the blue give us a hug and thank us for what we do. I still am in the Military and I still do what I do. I love it and won't give it up. You guys came with us. Thank you for what you do.

LTC Thomas
1st SFOD-Delta
Ft. Hood, TX
6/30/2010 5:53:37 PM
Jacob United States
Nearly ten years ago I did mission work for building a house in our neighbouring border city.  Keep in mind the city is just a fence and a river-crossing away.  We had to build a house for a family of at least ten.  One part of their house has cinderblock walls and a doorway for a door.  The door was a heavy bed sheet.  The kitchen was made up of two walls; so their kitchen was missing two other walls and a roof.  Keep in mind there is no running water.  With no running water the "taking-care-business" facilities weren't opulent accomodations.  That restroom was a 4-foot high shack, perhaps an even 4-foot cube shack with a hole in the ground and a wire close hanger for a lock.  A bag of chips and packaged sandwich meat appeared to be like an expensive meal in New York City.  
I live in a small comfortable home, there are no two bathrooms or 5 bedrooms in my house, but when I look at what I have, I am glad G-d chose for me to live where I live.  I am greatful to G-d to just have the toilet and running water I have in my home.  I am proud to be an American because of that.
6/30/2010 6:08:42 PM
Sara United States
I love being able to speak what I want and  do what I want.  I don't have to worry about the government hovering like in Cuba.
I can work where I want and get as much of an education as I am able and willing to get.
6/30/2010 6:52:38 PM
Amelia Carlson United States
Amelia Carlson
When I was in the 7th grade my father was sent to Operation Desert Storm. He was gone 9 months and that was the longest nine months I knew as a child. My father taught me how to collect baseball and basketball cards (because he collected them). I remember feeling that I couldn't do anything for my dad but wanted to make him feel go so I asked my mother if I could mail him one of my basketball cards of Isaiah Thomas from the Detroit Pistons (that was his favorite team and player at the time). I mailed it to him with a letter to Desert Storm.
When he finally arrived about 3 in the morning at Ft. Campbell he stepped off the plane and when he found us in the crowd I remember my dad standing in his Army uniform and holding up the basketball card to me and telling me "I thought I would make sure this came back safe and sound to you".

My father later retired from the military after that but now my husband serves in the military.

Always a patriot and love our country !
7/1/2010 4:05:49 AM
Ashlee Burns United States
Ashlee Burns
I'm a wife of an active duty sailor and we are stationed at camp lejeune in nc and everytime he puts on that uniform it brings pride to my heart. We have taught our 18 month old son to call his daddy a hero and no matter who he sees in uniform he calls them a hero. you should see their faces light up when thus little guy tells them that. That's all any of them want is just to be recognized for what they are doing so when you see that uniform stop them and thank them for being a hero.
7/1/2010 4:32:57 AM
Sandi Zacharko United States
Sandi Zacharko
There have been many times I've been proud to be an American.  I've been a precinct delegate and attended my state's Republican Convention.  I study my family's genealogy.  I'm proud that we've been on this continent since the 1600s.  But I'd have to say my proudest moment was when I read my great great grandfather's petition to become a US citizen denouncing the King of Holland.  This country is so wonderful that he was willing to denounce his homeland and have a new homeland for him and his family.
7/1/2010 4:41:21 AM
Alan R. Wilkinson United States
Alan R. Wilkinson
My wife and I were on our way to Beaufort, SC last September to see our son off to Afghanistan. We had an 1-1/2 hour layover at Reagan National in Washington, DC. While at Reagan an announcement was made that "The Honor Flight" was arriving carrying 88 WWII Veterans to see their memorial in Washington for the first time. We went to the gate to be part of the welcome for these veterans. What a joy it was to welcome these brave men and women who had protected our freedoms so many years ago, but at the same time thinking of my son who was about to do the same on foreign soil. How thankful and proud I felt for these men and women!!

In February, I along with other members of our family took my Dad and Mom to Washington, DC to commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the Landing on Iwo Jimo. Once again what an honor it was to say thanks to my Dad and his fellow servicemen for all they had done to protect our freedoms.

We must not forget to pass on to the next generations what so many gave up in order for us to live the life of Freedom we enjoy.

We are blessed to live in a country where we can freely go to worship our God or not for that matter.

Thanks KLove as well for being a light.
7/1/2010 6:08:14 AM
Alan Wyant United States
Alan Wyant
My oldest son, Kamron, is in the Air Force and several times he shares stories as he is traveling when people will just come up to him in airports or on the street when he is in uniform and share their graditude and how it always make him uncomfortable. One time he was on his way to train for deployment in Iraq and was in Minneapolis airport when a lady approached him and asked if he was coming home. He told her that he was preparing to deploy and she just grabbed him and gave him a huge hug!! She began to cry and while holding him prayed for him right there with several other servicemen and women present!! Our son never knows how to respond to people expressing their graditude but we know how important it really is to our soldiers to receive the support of our fellow citizens!! That is what makes me proud to be an American!! My son and the sincere support of people for all the sacrifice!!
7/1/2010 6:20:47 AM
Lisa W United States
Lisa W
It was September 12th, 2001 and our 8 year old son, on his own took the large American flag that hung on our porch down the street to the corner and he began to wave the flag to all the cars passing by. The flag was bigger than him! It brought tears to my eyes as cars drove by honking their horns and cheered him on. It gave me goose bumps and I was so proud to be an American!

Lisa W
7/1/2010 6:35:17 AM
Jay United States
My "WOW" moment came the day I graduated Marine Corps boot camp.  A platoon of Vietnam Vets addressed our company prior to our CO's commissioning.  I don't recall the man's name but he talked about sacrifice and honor and how being an honorable man for an honorable cause propelled us into a level of character few men achieve.  After the ceremony, the same man who spoke visited each one of us one at a time and thanked us for our service.  Shouldn't we have thanked him!!!  Semper Fi and God Bless America!!  ooooo raaaaah
7/1/2010 6:51:07 AM
Jerusha Ward United States
Jerusha Ward
I know this is going to sound very cliche but Sept. 11th was when I was proud to be an American...I was in high school and until then being a part of this country was something I took for granted...sitting in the library at my tiny school with everyone and looking at the faces and seeing what i felt on their faces and also all the people on tv was amazing to me. we all felt the pain and the terror. Then we felt the pride as our country stood up as one against the enemy. I grew up in a home where serving the country was normal. I've had the privilege to serve in the poorest parts of our country as well and the richest. I've seen it all and I love being a part of such a country where people are willing to stand as one....
7/1/2010 7:34:23 AM
Mandy Hoadley United States
Mandy Hoadley
I am proud to be an American everyday! I have never been prouder than I was after September 11, 2001 and saw the very many men and women willingly step up to the battle line to fight for our country rather than cower in their basements and safe havens afraid of what would happen next. Thank you is so insignificant but I hope our soldiers know their efforts are not forgotten. The service they make and their families give everyday cannot be repaid but I pray that they are blessed by our Holy Amazing GOD for their sacrifice.
7/1/2010 11:59:18 AM
Tessa United States
I remember the year my brother retired from the Army. It was around July and we had taken him to Disneyland to celebrate. We were standing on Main Street when the nightly song and fireworks started. I was standing about 8 feet from him and this is what I observed: First thing he did was moved to the “attention” position, removed his hat, place it over his heart while facing the flag. (Seeing the respect on his face was enough to make me feel so very proud to live in a place where men like him was willing to give up so much to keep us free). But then a very loud firework banged in the sky. I watched my brother jump and duck in reaction to the sound. Then throughout the rest of the firework show he flinched each time. I was in tears and am again remembering. Most of us will never REALLY know what our military guys go through for us. At that moment and many moments since then I feel more respect for these than I can find words for. These men and women have sacrificed so much and faced things that no one ever should, and for one reason. To keep America free! To keep us safe!
I am so proud to be an American and I have so many courageous soldiers to thank for it!
Thank you! ALL of you!
7/1/2010 2:26:40 PM
Debbie United States
I grew up in a military home.  We moved overseas when I was 9 and returned to the States when I was 13.  I loved being overseas but relations with the US and the countries we lived in were not the greatest.  Seeing guards with machine guns and hearing stories of Americans being shot "just because" was very common.  It was very scary as a young girl.  But my WOW moment came when we finally moved back in the States and I saw a huge American flag flying proudly above our new base and somewhere the Star Spangled Banner was playing.  I remember getting goose bumps all over my body and great big tears began to flow.  That was the moment I felt most proud of being an American and knew the freedoms I enjoy came at a very high price.  I am grateful to our country's greatest heroes who sacrificed everything so we can live in freedom. I'm 40 years old now and every time I hear the national anthem I cry and that overwhelming pride I felt as a young teen still floods my soul.  I am proud to be an American.  God Bless America!
7/1/2010 3:15:10 PM
magon United States
first i would like to tell you i am not a USA citizen. i have lived in the US since i was 7 yr old now 29, i have been trying to become a citizen for 4 yrs now. i am a legall perminent resident. i can work, and i have been paying taxes to our dear government since the age of 14. ive had three kids here. i love the USA, i know that if i had not been brought here i would not be alove today. i was born in Chile at a time of wars and pure violence. i was very sick. but when i came to the US they had meds here i took and got much better. (i had t.b) i have had so many opportunities here i could never have had in Chile. men and women go into war for MY FREEDOM, and the only reason they can is becasue Jesus went into "war" for ALL OUR FREEDOM FROM SIN...that to, i have Jesus as my Lord and Savior where in chile i couldnt. During 9/11 i saw so many people looking to God and be so open about it ..another wonderfull thing about USA you can claim God in the open and not hide.
7/1/2010 9:06:45 PM
Harold United States
I spent a total of 14 years in the Navy during the Vietnam era. I can tell you that I work as
the right field usher for a minor league baseball
as I am retired now. We have 72 home games each year and for each and every one of them I am extremely proud of our country as I stand and salute our flag as it flies up above me on the right field berm and our National Anthem is played.
7/2/2010 4:11:17 AM
Kaylah United States
Remember sitting in school and saying the pledge of alligence? Remember how it says 'One country under God'? That is the reason I am proud to be an American. Our country was based on a God who had blessed us so abundantly and freely. He gave us the freedom to worship him and become one of the most powerful countries in the world. I am proud to be one of the few nations in the world to be based on the one true living God. God bless America!
7/2/2010 4:27:22 AM
Joanna United States
About 3 years ago my family and I were traveling and we were in the Dallas Airport on a layover.  I was walking to the restroom when I heard the concourse area erupt with cheers, whistling and clapping.  I turned around to see what was going on and on the walk that runs around the top of the concourse was a troop of soldiers returning home from Iraq.  It was amazing to see so many people standing and cheering for our soldiers. Especially at a time when all you were hearing was negative things about what was going on over there. I felt so proud not of just my country but proud of those men and women who risk their lives everyday so that my family can live freely. I probably stood there close to 45 minutes, many of us didn't sit or move until the last soldier walked by. God bless our military and God Bless America!
7/2/2010 4:29:10 AM
Bill Murphy United States
Bill Murphy
As a 20 year vet of the Navy I have had many times in my life where I have been so proud to be an American.  Yearly at those holiday's where America and her military is celebrated, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran's Day, and Pearl Harbor Day.  Although I do not know anyone who died in our wars around the world, I can't fully express the emotions that I felt the first time I visited such places as the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, The Korean Memorial in Washington, Arlington National Cemetary, or the battlefield at Gettysburg.  As I ride around the country with both the US and POW/MIA flags flying proudly on the back of my Harley I praise God for the wondrous beauty of our great Nation.  I am filled with honor whenever I meet a veteran of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or any of our current conflicts.  I am filled with pride whenever I see a man or woman in uniform.  I believe, though, that the most proud I have ever been was back in January of 1973.  I was in boot camp and I put on the dress blue uniform of the Navy for the first time.  I remember that day vividly.  I wore my uniform with pride every time that I put it on, but nothing can compare that day when I had my "Crackerjacks" on for the first time.  
7/2/2010 4:43:18 AM
Chris United States
I was flying through Atlanta airport, and was walking towards security check, and heard applause.  In just a few moments 50-75 young Army men came marching past. The area of the airport I was in, everyone stopped where they were and applauded.  No one stopped until they were out of eye shot.  It was amazing seeing all these people going in different directions stop for just a few seconds show there support.
7/2/2010 4:46:20 AM
Irene Silva United States
Irene Silva
My husband and I are immigrants.  He's Cuban and I'm Guatemalan.  We moved to United States when we were kids.  When he and I got married and then had kids, our sons grew up hearing stories of what life was like for my husband's family in Cuba.  I did not go through that.  My father-in-law was great in telling them of their hardships.  Both my sons grew up hearing those stories and they now serve the Army National Guard.  When they both wanted to sign up, we asked them why.  Their response was that they want to protect this country and the rights that everone has.  We are proud of living in United States.  My oldest is going on his second tour to Afghanistan.  My youngest is waiting on his deployment orders.  We love this country, as imperfect as it is.  I am proud to be an American!
7/2/2010 4:47:27 AM
Lauren United States
Both of my parents and my only sibling are all members of the Air Force and I never really understood their passion. My father left on September 18, 2001 for an undisclosed location in the Middle East and I was terrified. I begged him not to go. I told him I thought we should just leave it alone. I told him that all the people calling for war and vengeance weren't taking into account that their requests would be met at the expense of my parents and my brother. They were calling for a war that would tear apart families and require the lives of other people's children, parents, siblings, etc. My father looked me straight in the eye and said "Lauren, if I don't go, who would you have go in my place? Who would you send instead?" I realized then that my father embodies so much of what makes us Americans: bravery, sacrifice, and patriotism. My father came back from his last of 8 tours to the Middle East in 2009 and I can say that I have never been prouder to be an American than when I remember the service he and other men and women in this country give freely every day to protect me and others like me.
7/2/2010 4:58:16 AM
Chris United States
I love July 4th simply because it is my Birthday. When I was little, my family would always take us to Kings Dominion in VA for fireworks and I always felt special.  I love everything patriotic (even have rooms in my home decorated in American!) I love our freedom and was reminded how lucky we are when I was in my Drs office last week. He is from Iran and is a legal citizen paying taxes etc for over 18 years and on his wall he has plaque that simply states:
Proud to practice in One Nation under God.
Whatever you hand finds to do it with all your might.
So proud that others have grown to love American as much as we do and still are proud to be a Christian!
7/2/2010 6:13:40 AM
Beverly Knight United States
Beverly Knight
22 years ago on the 4th of July, I was laying on the floor with about 100 other young girls from all parts of the world. When my Company Commander made all of girls hold hands, and made us listen to Lee Greenwoods ( Proud to be American) I cried so hard that day along with alot of the girls... See I was in boot camp in the United States Navy, Their were black, white and other nationalities laying there that morning, and what my CC was trying to do was make us see we were one and we were the ones that were going to be there for each other. Now my son is in the United States Marine Corps... So proud of him and what he does for our country! Thanks K- LOVE and GOD Bless you
7/2/2010 6:47:34 AM
Leann Wilkerson United States
Leann Wilkerson
Bob Mercer now rests in peace, but when he was here on earth the 4th of July was his favorite holiday.  He would always say that if we did not have the 4th of July, there would not be any other holiday because we would not have the freedom that we do today.

Bob was the husband of a co-worker and I will always remember him for this.

In memory of Bob Mercer.

Leann Wilkerson
Gonzales, TX
7/2/2010 6:50:45 AM
Barbara Bussell United States
Barbara Bussell
I am proud to be an American. I am proud of our forefathers and what they did for this country.
They fought and died for this great Nation. The signing of the Constitution.
The Flag that they created. Betsy Ross who made the flag.
But most of because this is the only nation in which we can speak our views and not be killed for it, or put in prison.
God is in America. I just hope and pray the He does not desert her. Because of what is going on in her. Please pray for her that she will not let evil doers take her down. Or trample on her flag.
I am humbled by the men and women who are serving her.
7/2/2010 6:51:47 AM
Jill Alarcon United States
Jill Alarcon
I am proud to be an American. God could of placed me anywhere in this world, but He predestined me to be here in America. I am so gratful, for all the men who fought and gave their lives that we could live in freedom here in the USA. We are the Land of the Free and the Brave! My daughter and her husband along with many of my family members have and are serving OUR COUNTRY, We are so blessed to live here, so BLESSED! I display Ole Glory everyday in front of my home regardless what day it is. I am happy to serve God here in America! I am proud to be an American! Happy 234th Birthday America! Thank you to all who serve Our Country! Always in my prayers.
7/2/2010 6:53:59 AM
Barbara Bussell United States
Barbara Bussell
Thank you all at K-Love Radio. What you all do to get the news out. The wonderful stories that are out there.
Keep up the good work and may God bless each and every one of you.  

7/2/2010 6:54:39 AM
Brandy-IN United States
I just got back from a missions trip in Thailand and have had new found revelation of why I’m proud to be an American. I think that's been my biggest phrase since I have returned on Sunday "I’m so thankful to be an American". There are obvious reasons like- we don’t want for anything in our country, we have freedom and rights, we have education at our disposal and a government that has programs in place to help the poor/needy, but the biggest one is that I have heard the gospel. In Thailand when we told people about Jesus it was their first time ever hearing about him. I’m so thankful to have the hope, peace, and comfort that I have in the Lord to know that when I’m gone one day I won’t have to worry about my eternity and that I have someone who’s always there to help me through my problems and comfort me whenever I’m in need. He’s everything we need! Thanks Eric and Lisa for all your encouraging words you say on Klove. I listen all day at work and on my way to/from work. God Bless and have a safe 4th of July!!
7/2/2010 7:04:22 AM
Judy Fluhr United States
Judy Fluhr
I am so proud to be an American.  I lost a dear, dear friend 4/15/06 in the war in Iraq.  Mark Melcher was a true American.  Mark had served with the Nat'l. Guard in Dessert Storm.  He was not married, and felt he wanted to help in Iraq.  Mark re-inlisted as a tank commander.  I remember the day Mark left...he had his Army gear on, so proud!  His Mother also works with me, so Mark was coming in the office to say goodbye to his Mom.  Mark only was there for 3 months and was killed by a sniper.  Mark did not die for nothing...he died for you and me.  I hear so many people say "I wish this war was over"..."why are we even over there"...it angers me.  You see, I have a son, Steven, who also fought the war in Iraq.  God protected him the two times he was in Iraq.  Thank you Mark, I will never, ever forget you.  Thank you Steven, I love you with all my heart.  GOD BLESS AMERICANS who fight to protect our freedomes!
7/2/2010 7:07:24 AM
Elyse Bogner United States
Elyse Bogner
I am most proud to be an American each time Americans (the government, businesses, and individuals) willingly and generously pour out their time and money to help victims of disasters.  The recent earthquake in Haiti is just one of many examples.  What action could be more like what Christ has called us to be as his followers in this world?  Taking care of the least of these.
7/2/2010 7:19:48 AM
Eric Rose United States
Eric Rose
For me it was the day I enlisted into the US Army. I come from a long and proud line of military personel. I was 18 at the time, I remember the swearing in ceremony like it was yesterday. To all those that pray for me and my brothers and sisters in arms...THANK YOU SO MUCH. It really means alot to us. GOD BLESS
7/2/2010 7:31:12 AM
Kelie Taylor United States
Kelie Taylor
I was at a Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There were hundreds of people there but you could hear a pin drop. The respect shown during that ceremony was breath taking. God bless ALL of our soliders and their families. Thank you so much for your sacrifice.
7/2/2010 7:34:11 AM
Zacc United States
The first time i came back home from Iraq ... i flew home in uniform i didnt think anything of it when the flight attendant said i could sit up front that the seat was empty but what really got me is when i got off and walked down to where my wife and kids where there were all these people i didnt know cheering for me .. that is my proudest moment and it still bring me to tears
7/2/2010 7:34:41 AM
Rachel Martell United States
Rachel Martell
My husband and I listen to you guys every morning while we are getting ready for work. We're very lucky in that we work at the same place and our hours are exactly the same. But, it just so happens our jobs our completely different. My husband is a member of the United States Air Force, and I am a Marine in the United States Marine Corps. Everyday we go to work with a smile on our faces not thinking about the future, but we both know that here soon, he will leave and go to defend our country. I am expecting our first child right now, and when our child is just 5 months old he will leave. It's hard to think about, but our job is not to be selfish, but to let go of everything important to us except our God and to protect people we have never even met, and people who do not even want us to protect them. To us, this job and lifestyle and our thoughts are so normal, but when people talk about what it is to be an American and about our freedom, I realize what we are doing and who we are truly fighting for. Everyday we pray to be examples of Christ throughout the military, and we thank God for blessing us with the ability to serve our country. To say they we, along with the other thousands of members in the military are proud to be American's would be an understatement... we train to fight, and if it comes to it, we train to die, so that this country will be a place that every American can truly be proud of.

We love our God, we love our country he blessed us with, and we thank God for K-LOVE and it's encouragement to all of us.
7/2/2010 8:16:12 AM
Bethany Hahn United States
Bethany Hahn
I was driving in my car this morning, fuming at all the horrible drivers on the road and thinking about how I didn't have a moment in which I was proud to be an American. And then I heard the Lt. Colonel come on the radio talking about how he had been deployed 6 weeks prior to 9-11 and wasn't able to tell his family... And how last September was his 1st time State side since then, where he finally got to meet his son whom his wife was pregnant with when he left... And I broke down crying. That there are people out there in this fast-past, me first world who leave their families behind for 9 years to defend our country amazes me. I am currently 5 months pregnant with our 2nd child and cannot fathom how hard it must have been for this man to have missed EVERYTHING. My proud moment was listening to him on the radio this morning... I hope he will read this and know how thankful I am for he and his men, and for those who sacrifice for my sake. If I ever get to meet this man, I am buying him a cup of coffee! God bless him, his unit, our Military members, and the USA!
7/2/2010 9:03:01 AM
Charles United States
Lisa, I'm not so much "Proud" to be an American as much as I'm thankful to be an American. Thankful to be a citizen of a country that allows me to serve my God in peace, and that's what I fought for during my 21 years in the military. The right for me and others to serve our great God!
7/2/2010 9:07:32 AM
Benjamin Chase United States
Benjamin Chase
An example of the gifts we are given by God being used to honor the country we live in:

September 20-21, 2001 were two huge days on the campus of the University of Minnesota.  The first athletic event after 9/11 was held on the 20th, and I had the opportunity to sing the national anthem for that game.  I sang dressed in a shirt and tie (my cross, flag, and eagle tie that I own).  I intentionally sang the song very basic, very straightforward, and none of the often-heard inflections performers do.  There was a long period of cheering and applause after the anthem was done, the players all lined up to shake my hand, and I received a hug from the home coach.  As I left to get changed for the rest of the game, one of our volunteer senior citizen security guys walked up to me with tears streaming from his eyes.  He embraced me and let me know "God has to love America to bless the country with voices to honor her like that."

The next day, I got to be in the stands to watch two of the football players in full uniform walk to the 50 yard line and sing a duet for the national anthem for the first football game after 9/11.  They were both strong Christian men who were active in Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  The elder gentleman's words rang through my head as I hear them perform likely the most inspiring version of the song I have ever heard.

All you need to see to believe that God has blessed this country is to see the gifted men and women of faith who daily make an impact in this country.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th, and remember Who truly governs our country!
7/2/2010 10:15:59 AM
Jennifer United States
My supervisor at work is being deployed to Afghanistan next week. He has been "preparing" us for his upcoming one year absence since February. I never realized how much this is affecting me, but it is. Today is his last day. He sent an email out this morning thanking and encouraging us. WOW! I started crying! He is a great boss. I work for the Department of Defense in a civilian capacity. This is really hitting home for me. This is why we do what do. Several of my son's friends have joined the military over the last couple of years. My heart swells with pride and yet I grieve each time I hear of another young friend signing up. Believe me, my heart goes out to them and their families. One of our young friends is being deployed in September, another just returned from Afghanistan. They are all in my thoughts and prayers. The US may not be perfect, but it is still the best country on the planet. We are so blessed for what we have. We are so blessed to have men and women that will put their lives on the line for us and others around the world. Please remember why we have the freedoms we have this Independence Day. Its because our ancestors fought and died for what they believed in and its because there are still those who will stand to keep us free. We are the land of the free because of the brave. Freedom is not free! God bless our country and never let us forget it is God who is Master over us.
7/2/2010 10:53:01 AM
Kathy Campton United States
Kathy Campton
My WOW moment came when my 6  yr old son asked me why the movie was broken after watching a Disney movie at the local theater. I didn't understand what he meant until he said "MOM! They didn't play the National Anthem!" It was then that I realized as the Wife of an Army soldier my children had never been to a civilian movie theater and didn't know that the only theaters that play the National Anthem before every movie are those shown on a Military Instillation. Being the baby of my 5 children it never occured to me that he would realize the difference of watching a movie. His next realization came after we moved to a neighborhood that wasn't very close to a military base and he noticed NO one in our neighboorhood had a flag outside. It makes me proud today to say that I am STILL (at 38 yr old) an Army Brat, An ex Army Wife, an Army Mom, Army Guard sister and friend to MANY of our US Troops. It makes me sad to know that the very thing our Troops fight for is often taken for granted but VERY proud of my children for noticing the importance of our National Anthem and our Flag. God Bless those who serve and those who love them.
7/2/2010 1:58:22 PM
Hope Martinez United States
Hope Martinez
Proud to be an American! I grew up listening to the stories from my father of when he was serving in the armed forces before marrying my mom and having us children. He would do slide shows for us on our dining room wall. We were in awe but never really understanding the magnitude ... they were dads stories that he put pictures to. It wasn't until I got older and my husband was in the Army that I realized the true blessing of being an American. The best part of this is my relation with Jesus Christ and what He did for me that gave it a whole new meaning. I compare that to what our soldiers do for us as a country. They sacrifice their lives for us ... people they don't even know. They fight and die for our physical freedom as Jesus died for our spiritual freedom. God Bless our Soldier! God Bless America! I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN ... FREE TO BELIEVE.  
7/2/2010 2:43:46 PM
ansley richardson United States
ansley richardson
I am very proud to be an american because my great grand father and my grandfather worked in the war. PRAISE GOD FOR SOLIDERS!!!!
7/2/2010 8:00:49 PM
Emily United States
I am proud to be an american when I think about the soldiers and the country they protect!Also being able to worship God and listing to tobymac and all the other Christian artists without fear!!!!

      May God bless America and stay safe this week end!!!

7/3/2010 7:24:40 AM
Alex Rusk United States
Alex Rusk
I am proud because I am free. I am free in the word of god.
7/3/2010 8:03:25 AM
Susan United States
as I prepare to mow my lawn ... my flag hung and gently waving (as it is often not just on the 4th weekend) I think of my Dad... he loved his flag... as a child I remember the respect he instilled in his 5 children for the flag... WWII era vet... just before he died 20 years ago this week he told a story .. I'd always knew he was disappointed because he didn't get sent overseas...that he wasn't a member of the VFW... the story he told was about how as he guarded airplanes at an Army Aircorp Base in Denver... he smiled.. and his eyes with a far off gaze,  said "I shot down hundreds of  Nazi's".... for the first time I got a glimpse of a man as a young man eager to serve his country.. even as he faced his own death his one regret is that he didn't have the opportunity to do more..... I am so proud to be an American....  
7/3/2010 8:44:45 AM
Sue Braunworth United States
Sue Braunworth
My WOW America moment came ten years ago and I still share it today.  I was in the Army and stationed at Eagle Base in Bosnia.  I had the opportunity to go and speak at a high school in Tuzla, Bosnia.  The WOW came when a senior boy told me that he was afraid to go to college in Yugoslavia because he was afraid that when he got back his country wouldn’t be there anymore.  I can’t imagine leaving our great country and wondering if it would still be there when I returned.  That young man changed the way I think and the way I think about our country!  Thank God for the soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, and everyone else who in some way, large or small are defending America today!
7/3/2010 11:51:22 AM
Heather Hillhouse United States
Heather Hillhouse
I was never more proud to be an american than the year of 2000 when I went to Africa on a missions trip.  I loved Africa, but I missed my country and I realized that I am truly blessed to live here.  As we would go from village to village there I saw American flags being used as blankets and seat coverings and that really upset me, until I realized that the American flag is not their flag and it means nothing to the people of Africa... but it means something to me.  I am more proud to be an American now than I was before that life experience!
10/14/2010 2:19:50 PM
Barbara Bussell United States
Barbara Bussell
I am proud to be an American,because first of all this is a Christian Nation.  I was born here. I am free to speak and let my voice be heard.
This nation was founded by christian people and our forefathers fought and died for this nation.
On 11-11-2001, I saw something I thought I would never see. We had been attacked by a foreign country. But in all the trouble, I saw people working together to help each other. When disaster hits, we join hands and help where we can.  
3/13/2011 9:35:10 PM
Bleach costumes United States
Bleach costumes
I am proud to be an American,because I think American  "History is the shortest, the fastest growing".Do you think so ?
3/13/2011 11:55:21 PM
Barbara Bussell United States
Barbara Bussell
I am proud to be an American. Why, because of our forefathers working to bring this nation into being.
Our men and women in uniform who are fighting for this great Nation. Who put their life on the line every day.
Our policemen and women who serve the cities in our nation. Those who try to make it right for people to live and work here.
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