Jul 04 2010

Fun on the 4th!

Fireworks, Family, Friends and Food!  More than likely you had some or all of those elements for your 4th of July celebration.  Tell us what you did this 4th of July weekend!


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7/4/2010 8:46:07 PM
Kimberly G. United States
Kimberly G.
Me and my mom and dad went to church this morning, and when we came home, we did a little grilling. Then we played a card game followed by making some homemade ice cream with our electric ice cream maker.
We then went outside to do some fireworks. Nothing drastic; just some roman candles, sparklers, and stuff.
Of course, some much needed shut-eye ended our day!
7/5/2010 7:09:27 AM
Bobby Norton United States
Bobby Norton
We had a great 4th. We had a fish fry with family and friends.  We did some swimming, fishing and even shot some clay pigeons.  Then when darkness fell we lit fireworks for the kids.  Also wanted to tell you that last week, while camping on vacation, our radio was tuned to KLOVE the whole week. How awesome it was to listen to you all and the encouraging music you broadcast.  On the way home we lost your signal and we were all bummed out.  Just the presents of God through the music makes a huge difference.  Keep up the great work KLOVE.
7/5/2010 8:26:15 AM
magon United States
our family went to "the singing flag" in Concord hosted and put on by Calvery Temple Church....its sooo awsome ... great singing great worship and great fellowship....and oh man what a great witness! and who doesnt like fireworks?...it ended the night just great..i have 3 kids...9 8 and 7 months...my babys 1st 4th of july she loved it ....THANK YOU TO ALL OUR TROOPS FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS! AND THANK YOU TO THE FAMILYS THAT HAVE SACRIFICED SOO MUCH!!
7/5/2010 10:01:10 PM
Ramona Garcia United States
Ramona Garcia
My husband grilled he and I a steak, corn on the cob and we also had some potato salad. Then we packed up the car and traveled to Thornton Rec Center to watch the Fireworks. While we were waiting for the fireworks to start, we had to endure rain wind and the cold (cold where you could see your breath). Then when the Fireworks were over we had to endure the mud in the lot where we parked (and I do mean MUD!!!), but Thank You Jesus, that I have been Blessed to live in a country where I have the freedom to do these things! And Thank You to the men & women who fight & sometimes loose their lives so that I can continue to have that freedom!!!!!
7/6/2010 6:00:20 AM
LeAnne Thornton United States
LeAnne Thornton
This 4th of July weekend I helped birth my 1st grandchild - Rheagen Lee Job.  Then I spent the rest of the long weekend enjoying him and my daughter.  It is amazing how God works these little miracles out.  I talk to Rheagen alot about Jesus, and his little face gets so peaceful and he just lays there and smiles.  I know he still remembers the face of his Jesus.
7/6/2010 7:58:29 AM
Donnell Thomas United States
Donnell Thomas
We had a Pig Roast. Full pig...head, eyeballs and all...116lbs. It was sooooo tastey!!!
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