Jul 07 2010

4 Day Belief Challenge - Dr. Gary Smalley

If you are struggling with things like pride, anger, unforgiveness, selfishness, lust ... Dr. Gary Smalley encourages us all to take the Four Day Belief Challenge! In areas where we shouldn't let our heart and mind wander, taking those thoughts captive and surrendering them to God.  It starts by memorizing these four commands of Christ through these 4 verses (Dr. Smalley says to think upon these things 7-14 times a day and see the difference it makes in your life) :

1) Matthew 5:3 - (Listen Here) Blessed are the poor in spirit.  Instead of being boastful and arrogant (pride), be humble.

2) Mark 12:30 - (Listen Here) Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength

3) Mark 12:31 - (Listen Here) Loving your neighbor as yourself.  Serving others, instead of using others for our own gain and pleasure.

4) Matthew 5:9,10(Listen Here) Trials are not bad. Thank God for the pain.

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7/7/2010 4:23:17 AM
Debra United States
The 4 Day Belief Challenge is exactly what I needed this morning.  THANK YOU!  Work has been a struggle for me and I was at a loss of how to handle the stress.  When I heard Matthew 5:3 this morning I was excited.  It's the key - applying God's Word to every day work experiences.  Instead of fighting pride with prideful reactions, seek Good, be humble, and let God do the work.  Thank you!
7/7/2010 4:41:03 AM
Andy Wright United States
Andy Wright
Whew.. just when you need HIM most HE come through. HIS time not mine or our time.
7/7/2010 4:42:27 AM
Angie Heard United States
Angie Heard
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  I am an incredibly selfish person who is seeking God's help to shed my selfishness and the negative affect it has on my life and this is exactly what I needed!!!  I asked and God answered me by sending me here!  I know have a strong weapon against my selfishness!  God is truly amazing!!!!!
7/7/2010 4:57:38 AM
Amanda United States
My husband was laid off three months ago and we are seeking God's wisdom and guidance through this difficult time in our family. This was just what we needed this morning! Thank you!!
7/7/2010 6:46:39 AM
Susan United States
Thank you for all you do.... "hep me Jesus" is my prayer today
7/7/2010 6:57:45 AM
Dan United States
Just last night I met with 2 business partners and I said our business is so amazing with helping people create extra income and although we are changing people's lives, it is also working on ours.  I told them that we needed someone to help us work on ourselves because this business although extremely rewarding, is sometimes trying on our emotions because we want to help everyone financially and spiritually but they don't want to help themselves.  I get upset and angry because I feel like I have failed them but after hearing just a few minutes of the 4 day challenge I know He answers prayers!! People who really want to succeed for themselves or their family will come accross my path and its not for me to help them but just give them the information and it's up to GOD to use me as His vessel. I need to learn to not try to control but let God control and I just work. I was right last night, we need someone, but He was there all along and put me in the car at the right time to hear Him tel me...when I should have known...We need HIM!! God is so amazing how He talks to us all the time! Thanks KLOVE for being one of His voices!!

San Antonio,TX
1 Cor 10:24
7/7/2010 7:13:27 AM
Liz United States
thanking God today for His beauty, His mercy, His love and His forgiveness, for renewing my mind with the Word.

He will not let me settle for any sinful attitude of ingratitude, resentfulness, or selfish behavior.  He is faithful to remind me that I prayed for a deeper conviction of sin in my life.   He continues to do so and I praise Him as He empties me of myself.  "Corem Deo" Psalm 16:8
7/7/2010 7:22:23 AM
Marget Baker United States
Marget Baker
First I want to thank God for his faithfulness to us regarding this mornings interview with Dr. Smalley.  Then I want to thank all of you at KLOVE for the program and for being on the air everyday to give us all hope and encouragement. I have been rereading a book called "Heart Math" and it relates the same principle of renewing our minds (because that is our battlefield).  
I am a very longtime listener and just want you all to know how many many painful days God has comforted me through the programs and music on KLOVE.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
7/7/2010 7:35:43 AM
Mark United States
Hi!  My family has Klove set on every radio in our reach.  God has really used you and OUR station to speak to me.  Sometimes (Or I should say, most of the time minister's need to eat too)!  I am a minister looking for a church, I am ordianed in the Church of the Nazarene, but I am unble to find a church right now.  I know the Lord is bigger than man, so I will keep on praying for His leading and direction.

This morning with Dr. Smalley he said something that God used to completely change my life.  No a new idea, but something that I needed to hear.  "You are as you think"  Man, that is ture!  If I think I am a nothing, then I am!  Many years ago, my nephew was killed in Vietnam.  Just before he was killed, he came home for a short visit.  He said that while fighting the V. C. you had to be careful as to what you would eat.  Your smell would be as you ate our Western foods, you would smell and they could find you by your smell. Well, I think we could relate this to what Dr. Smalley stated, You are as you think.  Thanks for that and thanks for having Dr. Smalley on to help me.  May God bless you and keep you as you labor the the Master.


North Attleboro, MA
7/7/2010 7:50:25 AM
Christina United States
I have been praying a lot lately about taking every thought captive. Love how the Lord continues to help us in ways like these. Thank you.
7/7/2010 8:41:11 AM
Barbara Thompson United States
Barbara Thompson
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!     Love Gary Smalley's advice;  can't wait to read the book.   My husband went to walk the streets of gold with our Saviour 6 years ago yesterday.   K love is the best thing that has helped me thru this.   Lisa and Eric it is my desire to hear your prayer each and every morning as I start the new day.  K love is my constant companion as I walk thru each and every day.     GOD BLESS
7/7/2010 8:51:11 AM
Marsha United States
Really like these 4 steps of simple living.  I feel we as christians need to simplify our lives and get back to the basics of living for Christ!
Thanks Lisa and Eric for your morning show.  You get my day started in the right direction every morning!
7/7/2010 9:02:26 AM
Shea United States
I overslept this morning & this is exactly why!!  I was able to hear the words I so needed to hear today. Praise the Lord. I am learning (the hard way it seems)that this life is NOT all about me.  It never was & it NEVER will be. These verses will be used in my daily thoughts now to think on & pray on - in place of the "negative" things that pop up. I have been struggling a lot lately trying to find out what the Lord's will is for my life. You could say I keep comparing myself to what others have & what I think I want. A ticket to disaster. But, the Lord is teaching me that I am unique - He has a plan for me (Jeremiah 29:11). He has a unique & wonderful purpose for each person that will lean on Him & obey Him. Each one of us can do something the other cannot. How amazing is that?  God is just beyond amazing, wonderful.  Mere words don't quite describe Him & what He has done, does it?  THE BEST IS YET TO COME !!!  And truly with HIM - THE SKY IS THE LIMIT ... He really does want HIS best for us ... There are no limits on God.  GOD BLESS !!!
7/7/2010 9:32:43 AM
Melissa United States
This 4 day challenge is what I woke up to this morning. What I heard got me out of bed wanting to learn more! This goes so well with what I am working on in my life, renewing my mind to leave the lies behind that Satan wants to convince me of. What a blessing to have my alarm set to KLOVE.
Thank you Lisa and Eric for your service to us and all the great people you have on.
7/7/2010 9:49:34 AM
Tom Hamilton United States
Tom Hamilton
The Orthodox Christians have a prayer they use(Jesus Prayer) for situations like this:
     Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me,a sinner.
This should sound familiar as it is straight from scripture.Some have said that there have been miracles because of it. Is it vain to repeat scripture?
7/7/2010 3:41:23 PM
Barbara Souza United States
Barbara Souza
I always listen to you Lisa and Eric in the morning while I am leaving work and going to work. Thank you so much for the info by Dr. Gary Smalley.  God has help me with anger and unforgiveness and I would like to read this book and discover more about this topic.  Thanks again and God Bless you both, and KLOVE.

7/7/2010 4:57:02 PM
Cary United States
Please take what Dr. Smalley suggested a step further. Take it from a changing thinking into a 'doing' thing by asking the question, "what you I be doing if I was living this scripture".

For example, today, if I living - loving my neighbor as myself, what small actions would I be doing today to do that. Then commit myself to that action and intentionally do it.

In the book of James, James called us to be doers of the word. Doing, especially doing for values (GOD and HIS word) creates a context for life to be experienced differently (with meaning and purpose and all kinds of other really good stuff) by us and those around us.

Also, sometimes it takes 'doing' to get it from our heads to our hearts.

Lastly, GOD'S word say that the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us. Well, we are flesh and we certainly need the word living in our families, work places, community, nation, and world.

7/7/2010 7:36:25 PM
April United States
What I like about Gary Smalley is that he really puts a huge emphasis on putting scripture to memory!!  This is life changing.  Thank you so much for the easy practical steps to apply to memory.  God is so good.  I was looking for a parking spot at the beach with my kids this morning and I am so glad we had a hard time finding a space, or we wouldn't have the opportunity to hear what you had to share!!  Perfect timing, ofcourse.  God is so good.
7/7/2010 8:14:51 PM
Laurie United States
Loved the focus of this segment. How freeing, powerful, and true. You guys rock Smile  Anthem for this way of walking with God is definitely "Hello Hurricane" (Switchfoot)...not even a hurricane can take us out! Wave those pom poms!
7/7/2010 8:18:28 PM
Sherri United States
I was raised in a home where my father was a very angry man.  I have learned this and have carried on this legacy. It has ruined my life at many times. I am 47 and it is ruining my marriage, my poor husband.  I am a Christian and have been since college, but today when I heard Gary Smalley it gave me hope. I thank God for his words and KLOVE for the vessel .  I need prayer and I know God will help me.
7/8/2010 10:07:34 AM
kim lee United States
kim  lee
What was the name of the book? thanks
7/8/2010 5:46:28 PM
Ellen Beauchaine United States
Ellen Beauchaine
In the last month or so, God has been casting his powerful light into my soul and showing me how my thoughts are like filthy rags!! Really- most people would say- looking at me that I am a positive, happy person........but He has really been working in my spirit- showing me how many times my thoughts are not aligned with His.  So I have been praying for Him to mold me into what He wants.
Hearing todays show on the way to work-(I am a nurse) it was a real answer to prayer!!  
Thanks so much Lisa and Eric for getting today and every day started on the right foot!
Waltham, Maaine
7/9/2010 6:36:09 AM
Susan Burns United States
Susan Burns
Thank you Father God for showing me how to make ends meet.   Thank you God for KLove for the inspiring music and words that they give.

3/15/2011 12:14:54 AM
Bleach costumes United States
Bleach costumes
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  I am an incredibly selfish person who is seeking God's help to shed my selfishness and the negative affect it has on my life and this is exactly what I needed!!!
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