Jul 08 2010

Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees!

Tell us how this video makes you feel.

It was moment New Orleans Saints fans (and many, many Americans) will never forget - Saints quarterback Drew Brees holding his little boy Baylen following the team's thrilling Super Bowl win!  But for a city still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, Drew Brees impact in New Orleans has gone beyond the football field.  Drew, who tells his story in his new book "Coming Back Stronger", joins us this morning to share how he and New Orleans have come back and continue to come back from adversity.


Drew's foundation is assisting with relief efforts with the Gulf oil spill, to find out how you can help, go here.


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7/8/2010 7:31:43 AM
Laurelin Henderson United States
Laurelin Henderson
Living in Indiana, we were torn on who to root for.  In Lafayette, we were rooting for Drew. The rest of the state was rooting for the Colts.  I would have been happy either way.  However, watching him with his son filled me with pride for him.  I had tears in my eyes when I read his lips while talking to his son,"...can you believe it little man?"  What a precious memory for he and his son to share!  I first started watching him at Purdue and will always be a fan, no matter what team he plays for(but I have to say, I'm loving the black and gold!) Boiler up!
7/8/2010 8:00:46 AM
clint cragen United States
clint cragen
I live in indy i'm a big colts fan last season before it evan started my father and i sat down watchen tv and  we saw that the first pre-season game was comen soon and we both said to one another who we thought will make it to the super bowl that year and we both said the colts and saints.  when that happened it was a magic moment...  also drew breez is a great man and im glad  that he won  because what has happened  and verry thing he has gone through with his injury with the chargers and the doctors tellen him he will never play again... its just shows us that there is a god and through the hard of times hes there and picken us up when we need the help... hes a great person.... his son is so cute and i cryed everytime i see that photo or video of him and his son i just cry...
7/9/2010 6:41:31 AM
Steve United States
Where can I find the interview? I wasn't able to tune in yesterday, but would really like to hear it!

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