Jul 09 2010


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7/9/2010 4:53:32 AM
Angie United States
LOVE LOVE LOVE K-LOVE!!! Keep up the good work! I have five children, all are now young adults, I need a word for the times that I know they are making a bad choice or decision but have to keep quiet! Does Eric have a word for that yet? I hope to hear from you!!! Angie
7/9/2010 5:24:59 AM
Jackie United States
Here are a couple words for you
"snough" - it's the odd sound a kid makes when it's a sneeze AND a cough.

"lupper" - kind of like brunch but it's when you eat a meal together that's too late to be called lunch and too early to be dinner.
7/9/2010 5:37:23 AM
Donna United States
Here is a word that I needed and didn't have so I made up...  SLURPLUS....
This is the stuff that drips out of my big dog's mouth after she takes a drink....it is the slurplus of water...it is all over me, usually!
SLURPLUS...a good and useful word!  Enjoy.
7/9/2010 6:36:35 AM
Cherie United States
When my daughter was younger, she once asked me what a "floodle" is. Thinking quickly, I told her it is a puddle that happens after a flood. She also used to call my cell phone "celephone".
7/9/2010 6:37:40 AM
Nancy Kramer United States
Nancy Kramer
One word we have used for years is "Shiverous" a play on the word chivalrous. This is when I, the wife, am cold and my husband gives me his jacket to keep warm.
7/9/2010 6:46:29 AM
TOM HAWKINS United States
Try this one on:
katsoup: that's the watery stuff that comes out of the ketchup bottle if you forget to shake it first. (yuck!)

This one's not original to me but I like it:
cheetle: that's the yellow stuff on your fingers after you've eaten cheese puffs.

7/9/2010 6:47:31 AM
TOM HAWKINS United States
sorry, misspelled that first one.  It should be ketchsoup Smile
7/9/2010 6:48:07 AM
Amanda Metzger United States
Amanda Metzger
Caraying - It means that you need to be caring and praying.  One day I had a severe migraine and I tried to tell my 9 year old that she needed be caring and praying.
7/9/2010 6:48:34 AM
Wynette (pronounced Win-net) United States
Wynette (pronounced Win-net)
Cats like to be scratched under their chin. I don't know if it itches there or not, but they seem to really like it. So when I do that for my cats, I'm "scritching" them. They like to be "scritched"!
7/9/2010 6:48:59 AM
Cindy B United States
Cindy B
When my kids were little and things might not turn out quite right and the melt down would start, I would say "that's livewithable" and they would stop and think about the word and not so much the situation.  Now, that they are 24 and 21 years old, if I use the word "livewithable", they get that look and it reduces the stress/anxiety level a few notches - puts stuff into perspective.

Second word:  Fluff... instead of the word my pre-teens would use for a certain body function that is so funny to kids....not so much the parents.
7/9/2010 6:52:32 AM
Russ Martin United States
Russ Martin
Listen all the time,
Here's an interestin word that only those who live in the very cold places would understand.
'SCRUNCKLE' this is the sound snow makes when the temp. gets below '0' the air is still and you are walking in the stillness of a moonlit evening. (of course the moonlite evening is for effect.)
7/9/2010 6:52:37 AM
Tommy LaCroix United States
Tommy LaCroix
A former pastor was preaching a message about gathering up riches in heaven instead of on Earth. He described a person who stored up treasures on Earth as a "pigamist".
7/9/2010 6:55:17 AM
Leslie Garven United States
Leslie Garven
when my boys were young we used to say "splurds" meaning we would split it into thirds.  Smile
7/9/2010 7:09:16 AM
Gabriella Webster United States
Gabriella Webster
Its not a word, but it's a phraseSmile My mom, when we need to go somewhere, will tell my siblings and I to stop lolly-gaggin'  So we tell each other to stop "gaggin on a lollypop" Smile
7/9/2010 7:13:57 AM
Pam United States
Snart-  the act of sneezing and passing gas at the same time.  Kids laugh, parents want to hide under a rock!

Linner-  combination of lunch and dinner, similar to brunch

Pop-  the act of passing gas...again kids laugh and parents just roll their eyes!
7/9/2010 10:27:27 AM
Rachael United States
Just created a typo on the computer.  I wrote 'Customper Service'.  Thought a good meaning for Customper would be a person who throws a tantrum when the service is not to their liking (or a child who has a meltdown when they get the wrong toy in their kids meal)
7/9/2010 10:36:32 AM
Cocoa (a dog) United States
Cocoa (a dog)
I am a part boston terrier and part pug mix.  I love to get my own way and make sure my owners know that I will not accept anything less.  My nickname is 'Pugnacious' C because of my puggish tenacity and after the music group Tenacious D.
7/11/2010 2:41:36 PM
Magpie United States
When our children were little, we drove past a flea market...but the sign only said "flea m" Our daughter asked me what fleam was. I told her it was the dried, nasty gunk at the top of a ketchup or taco sauce bottle. It has been a word in our family for years!

Pupkus: the goopy nose prints your dog leaves on glass  Smile

Gription: anything that has a good tread, has good "gription"
7/11/2010 11:34:13 PM
BidCactus Colombia
Been reading your blog for a while now so I thought I would finally drop a comment. Lately I have become addicted to blogs I think. I will start reading a little and before I know it half the day is gone. I enjoy exploring all you have on your site, just amazed how infinite the topics can be out there.
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