Jul 20 2010

Manners with Michele Borba

"Hearts, like doors, will open with ease, if you learn to use these keys."

Weekly keys for your fridge:  saying thank you, saying please, saying excuse me.  Add a new one each week, while reinforcing the others.


The three "B's" to use when correcting bad manners (or for any discipline) :

1) Be brief

2) Be private

3) Be specific


For more, check out Michele's blog on manners.


You may have seen Dr. Michele Borba on the Today Show, Fox News or countless other TV shows. She's an award-winning author and international speaker on character education and social development of children. Michele joined us this morning and had some great insight into helping raise children. We look forward to having Michele join us on a regular basis - if you would like to know more about Michele and her books, click here.

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7/20/2010 8:23:57 AM
magon United States
as i was listening to the three B's..i was thinking back and wow have i totaly messed up with my kids...i never thought about how it might embares them when i scold them in public...I LOVE THE THREE B'S!!! Be brief....be private and be specific....... this is somthing i am going to start doing asap ...THANK YOU!!!!!
7/20/2010 8:26:16 AM
Pam Osborn United States
Pam Osborn
I just wanted to say how very important the good manners of children are. I have seen the results in my own kids and the doors that have opened because they simply used good manners. I was very determined that my kids would have good manners, and if they forgot, I would say "thank you" or whatever, and they would have to repeat it. Eventually, I guess they just decided it was more expedient to say it the first time instead of having to repeat after Mom. Smile I also made them learn to say "yes Ma'am", "no sir" etc., and have even had people make fun of me because of it. But I've seen how much people have appreciated it. They are 25 and 18 now and still use good manners. My son even texts "yes Ma'am" when I ask him a question via text. Manners DO matter, and I believe can set us apart as Christians, in a world that is increzasingly becoming more rude.
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