Jul 22 2010

Oh, these Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Bethany’s Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes!

Thank you Bethany for making these cupcakes for Producer KC's shower.  Thank you for leaving the extras at my house!!!Laughing  And thanks for sharing this recipe and pretty picture, although, FYI, I won't be making them.  Instead I just want to be at your house whenever you make them.  Is that okay?  -Lisa

For the cupcake:  1 box Lemon Cake Mix

For the cupcake filling: 1 can Strawberry pie filling

1 jar Lemon pie filling

For the Glaze:

1 container frozen lemonade concentrate (thawed)

1 cup powdered sugar

For the Frosting: 1 jar Lemon Frosting

1 jar Strawberry Frosting

Directions Prepare, bake and cool the cupcakes according to package directions. After they’ve cooled, poke holes with a fork in the tops of the cupcakes. While the cupcakes are baking, puree the can of strawberry pie filling in a food processer or blender. Pour in the jar of lemon pie filling and blend the fillings together.

Also while the cupcakes are baking, mix together the lemonade concentrate and 1 cup powdered sugar until the sugar dissolves. Once the cupcakes have cooled, spoon the glaze over them. (I would recommend having something under your cooling rack to catch the runoff of the glaze.) Fill a decorating bag with the strawberry lemon filling. (Insert Bismarck tip 230 into the bag before you fill it with the filling.) Insert the tip in the top center of the cupcake and squeeze out a small amount of the strawberry lemon filling into the cupcake.

After all the cupcakes have been filled, you’re ready for the last step - frosting! Fill one decorating bag with the strawberry frosting and one decorating bag with the lemon frosting. I used tip 1M for both frostings. Pipe a spiral of the lemon frosting around the outer edge of the cupcake and pipe a second spiral of the strawberry frosting on the top center of the cupcake. (These flavors can be reversed. You can do strawberry on the outer edge and lemon in the middle.)

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7/22/2010 4:51:17 AM
Stephanie United States
I cant wait to try these out!  I love a new & delicious recipe!  Thanks for sharing!!!
7/22/2010 5:04:47 AM
Hilary United States
Hi, Lisa — this is "bacon-wrapped water chestnut" Hilary!  Here's a link to the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies: katrinkajane.blogspot.com/.../...-chip-cookie.html  Seriously, you will wish you NEVER KNEW how to make ganache.  "Sorry" in advance!   ;)
7/22/2010 5:04:56 AM
Mandy Hoadley United States
Mandy Hoadley
My sister-in-law makes the best TexMex Chicken Wontons. They are YUUMMMMMMYYYY! She always asks me what I want for dinner when I'm in town and I always ask for this. It's really an appetizer but we use it for dinner.
I'm going to down to Florida to visit in a few weeks - sure hope it's on the menu!
7/22/2010 5:12:37 AM
Michael R. Clark United States
Michael R. Clark
The Lord Wants us to be happy and to take a bite out of the wonderful variety of the Gifts of this Food World.  I am With YOU Lets EAT!! I'm a non-trad. Single dad College student and my Love language includes acts of Cooking . . .LOL . . . I Get great Joy at Cooking for the Younger College Students and it helps give me a connection to the other student I probable would not have because of the age difference. I'm 40(+) and most of the students I'm in class w/ are late teens and very early twenty's so the Food connection that I can talk to the other students, encourage,and tell them That there not alone - of the Lords LOVE and help them to not wait till there 40 to get there degree and focus on the Goals that they have set!

Thanks for Your Musical Encouragement I always Need it. . . and praise God with you all Day long with unending prayers for all of the K-LOVE family  Listeners and staff!  

Michael @ Berea College KY.    
7/22/2010 5:12:53 AM
Hilary United States
Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts (Andrea Larsen
2 cans whole water chestnuts, 1 lb raw bacon, ½ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup chile sauce (in a ketchup-like bottle), ¼ cup mayo
1. Wrap each water chestnut in a single layer of bacon and secure with toothpick.  Each piece of bacon wraps ~ 2 chestnuts.
2. Place on bar pan and bake for 30 minutes at 350 (until bacon is done).
3. Scoop fat out of pan and discard.
4. Mix remaining ingredients and pour over water chestnuts.
5. Bake an additional 10 minutes.
6. Try not to eat them all in one sitting all by yourself.
7/22/2010 6:15:38 AM
Alexandria United States
Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe! I can't wait to make these for a family at my church who is moving this weekend. =)
7/22/2010 6:21:36 AM
LisaF United States
Anytime we have a baby or wedding shower for anyone at work I am asked to make sausage balls.

Sausage Balls

3 cups bisquick
1 lb sausage
4 cups shredded cheese (I use mild and sharp cheddar)

Put in a bowl and mix thoroughly.  I use my stand mixer with the dough hook...it's a lot easier! I also put the ingredients in the bowl and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes at room temperature so the sausage softens a little and is easier to mix.  Shape mixture into small balls and bake at 375 for about 25 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm. My husband likes to dip them in bbq sauce.
7/22/2010 6:32:01 AM
Carol Straub United States
Carol Straub
Does Bethany use cupcake paper liners? I wondered after the note about putting something under the cooling rack to catch the glaze fillins. In the picture it looks like they are in white papers...or is that the cake?  They sound DELICIOUS, can't wait to make for my granddaughters' birthdays coming up. Thanks for ALL of your blessings every day (:
7/22/2010 7:44:18 AM
Taleen Baker United States
Taleen Baker
My friend Elaine makes the BEST iced sugar cookies. She has hundreds of cookies cutters and makes anything you can imagine. I want to always stay on her good side because I LOVE sugar cookies.
7/22/2010 8:06:18 AM
Candace United States
This sounds wonderful!!!  How many cupcakes does the recipe make? God's Blessings!!
7/22/2010 8:09:58 AM
Jenn B United States
Jenn B
All of these sound absolutely delish!  Can't wait to try them; thanks!!

Carol -It looks like she does use liners.  I think you need to put something under the cooling rack because the glaze will run over the top/side of the cupcake.
7/22/2010 9:04:35 AM
Stefani United States
I better not even dream of attending Easter or Christmas dinner with our large family without bringing hashbrown casserole!!
spray 13 X 9 w/ nonstick spray
1 pckg frozen shredded hashbrowns
1 8oz pckg shredded cheddar
1 can cream of shroom soup(celery or chicken works too)
1 cup sour cream
1 stick of butter (1/2 if you're on a diet!)
salt & pepper to taste

I like to blend my soup and sour cream together in a bowl first and then add to the other ingredients and blend together in casserole dish. Top with pats of butter, bake at 350 for one hour or until top is slightly crispy and browned BUT I take out at the first two 15 minute intervals to stir the butter and then leave alone for the last 30.  Yummo!
7/22/2010 9:14:14 AM
Bethany United States
Hey friends!!

I do use cupcake liners. As for the glaze, it runs off the tops of the cupcakes.  I usually put a cookie sheet covered in foil under the cooling racks to catch the run off.  

The recipe makes 24 cupcakes.

7/22/2010 3:04:51 PM
magon United States
haahaa lisa were so alike!!! lol....theres a filipino family thats goes to my church and she makes the best samon dish and best lumpias!!! when ever we have potlucks every one asks her to bring one or the other..lol....shes such an awsome lady tho....shes given me the recipes before but i say I LIKE HOW YOU MAKE IT BETTER!! ,,,....and im going to the store tonight to make these cupcakes ..they sound and look soooooo yummy!!!
7/22/2010 6:41:47 PM
Renee Templeton United States
Renee Templeton
My mom is a great cook and she has been making a lot of pies this past spring and summer.  She just made like seven apple pies over the course of a few days.  Before that she had made at least that many rhubarb pies or more.  Sometimes if she can't sleep she will bake during the night too!  She then takes pieces of pie around to people in town during the day!  People now are bringing her fruit to bake with!  What a wonderful blessing she is to everyone.  Just wish I lived a little closer to her.
7/22/2010 9:11:56 PM
Rose United States
they look delicioso!can't wait to bake them,maybe this weekend!
7/23/2010 5:49:49 AM
Karen United States
OMG, these sound awesome, I have to make them this weekend.
7/23/2010 6:33:18 AM
Debbie United States
can't wait to try these recipes thanks for sharing
one my daughter and I discovered in trying to come up with something quick and easy for a womens breakfast we took crescent rolls and wrapped a raspberry filled chocolate piece actually I think we used 2-3 baked them then sprinkled with powder sugar
they were yummy
7/23/2010 8:20:26 AM
Rosa United States
Lisa, I was listening to your show in my car yesterday and my mouth was just watering!!!  I am copying the recipes today and trying some of them this weekend.

Thank you to all that have shared recipes, please continue to share as some of us are desparate to try them...rosa
7/23/2010 8:40:41 AM
kelly United States
Where is the no-bake cheesecake that was mentioned yesterday? please share!
7/23/2010 10:35:09 AM
Michelle United States
Yes, please share the no-bake cheesecake -- I came just for that recipe. So sad to log off without it. Smile
7/23/2010 6:52:17 PM
Sheila Bradford United States
Sheila Bradford
These look very yummy. I'm a cake decorator of thirty years.... I love to look for new cupcakes to do. My favorite thing to do is to take the cupcakes put them into shapes of different things.
I do alligators, monkies, purses, baby stroller, ice cream cones, clowns... to many to list. I have about 50 different ones I do. I'm always looking for more ideas...
I also want to say you and Scott are the best, I have you on in the car and the house.... always singing and laughing with you....K-Love is a blessing to be able to listen to daily.
7/23/2010 9:21:54 PM
Michelle Saunders United States
Michelle Saunders
Taleen was wondering if your friend Elaine would share her sugar cookie recipe. I love sugar cookies too!
7/23/2010 9:25:03 PM
Michelle United States
Taleen, I was wondering if your friend Elaine would share her sugar cookie recipe. I love sugar cookies too!
7/24/2010 4:19:41 AM
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lolita birthday wine glass
I have tried to make it and i think i could do it. the taste of the food is really nice and delicious.
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7/24/2010 6:16:30 AM
Julie-Anne United States
I love to come up with my own recipes and one recipe that I made for a Campus Crusade formal that we had was frozen chocolate covered peanut butter cheesecake bites.  My Dad couldn't stay out of them; it was a good thing that the recipe made around 30 of them.
7/24/2010 11:28:38 AM
gary Russia
Great Article - we are hopefully going to see greater things happening locally soon
7/24/2010 11:54:49 AM
kelly United States
Julie-Anne - frozen chocolate covered peanut butter cheesecake bites???? sounds wonderful - tell us how to make them!
7/24/2010 12:23:40 PM
Charlotte United States
I was on the way to work with Klove on my radio, as always- (you guys and gals are the best!!!!) And my mouth was just watering thinking about these.  I love to cook and to bake and I just had to check out this recipe.  Can not wait to try them on the family
7/24/2010 1:27:42 PM
Julie Smith United States
Julie Smith
What does it mean to "blend the fillings together?" That makes it sound like there is only one frosting to put on top instead of two? Two are shown on the picture. They sound so good!Thank you?
7/24/2010 2:27:52 PM
Sheila Bradford United States
Sheila Bradford
The cupcakes sound WONDERFUL!!! Would you share the reciepe? Or is it one you keep for your eyes only? I understand if it is.
Our life group would love them for sure, we love our chocolate and peanut butter.
7/26/2010 4:54:11 AM
Sheila Bradford United States
Sheila Bradford
Dear Julie Smith,
Go to K-love and print out the receipe. You will see the two you have to blend together is the CAN OF STRAWBERRY AND LEMON FILLINGS. You can also by these already done in the pie section of the store. This is what you fill the inside of the cupcake with.
The icing (Lemon and Strawberry) you can buy in a can, like Dunen Hines, or Better Crocker, this is what you ice them with.
7/26/2010 7:15:14 AM
Lisa K United States
Lisa K
Hi Lisa and Eric,
I am so glad to listen to you in the morning because you are now located in my hometown. I'm now in Kentucky near Lexington and miss my family and friends in Indiana.
I will be making these cupcakes for work this week and hope it is a big hit!
God bless your day and thank you for your ministry!
Lisa King
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