Jul 22 2010

Wow, God - He Delivers

Did you hear the story about the Colorado family that ordered pizza, then the husband had a heart attack?  They called 911 and immediately the door bell rang.  It was the pizza.  Little did they know that pizza delivery guy Chris Weubben had recently moved to Denver and was delivery pizzas until he could find a job as a paramedic.  Chris administered CPR on George, who was in cardiac arrest.  Really, you've got to read the whole story from the ABC 7 in Denver here.

What timing.  What an amazing use of Chris' skill he learned as an Emergency Medical Technician with the Army in Iraq.  What if they had called a different pizza place?  What if Chris had been off that night?  What can you say but:  it seems like God.

Do you have a "Wow God" divine intervention story to share today?  You can leave it here in the comment section for all to read, or try to get on the show this morning at 800-900-1300.

He delivers:)


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7/21/2010 4:36:40 AM
Kory United States
Our Story - we felt God leading us to become a family, so after my wife went to China in April 2009, we decided to adopt a boy in China who she met at an orphanage.  We were told by adoption agencies in America, that we can't do predetermination adoption in China.  We decided to try anyway and lifted this up to God.  Either it would happen or wouldn't happen.  It was in God's hands.

Yesterday - at 10:24 in the morning - the little boy that my wife met in April 2009 was matched to us.  We are going to be his new parents!

He is 8 years old.  He has been in the orphanage since he was 6 days old.  God knew 8 years ago, that we were going to be his parents.  God is amazing!  
7/21/2010 4:41:34 AM
Todd Parker United States
Todd Parker
Just wanted to share what happened to me a several years ago.  I was driving on a four lane highway on my way home, when attempting to avoid a cat on the highway (note: cat lover here) I over-corrected and rolled my SUV over at 65 mph.  It rolled over three times in heavy traffic (Friday afternoon) across four lanes and ended up on its top in the first lane of a two lane exit.  I did not hit anyone else, nor did anyone hit me.  I walked a way with just a scratch on my elbow.  The passenger side roof was collapsed, but not the drivers side.  I am sure that there was a angel there keeping me from being crushed.
7/21/2010 4:50:25 AM
Lucrecia Callis United States
Lucrecia Callis
My husband and I have been married about 3 weeks now and I have to say it is the best time I have ever had.  We are growing together in the Lord each and every day.  But our story started over a decade ago.  We are from a very small town in New Mexico and when I was a JR in high school we dated for a short time.  At that point in our life we had so much to lean, we are both preacher's children and got off the path.  Last October we found each other on Facebook and started talking and now 8 months later are very happily married.  I couldn't ask for more God has blessed us so much and over a decade ago he knew we were ment to be together and started working in both our lives.  God is so amazing and works in wonderful ways.  Thank you God!!
7/21/2010 5:05:56 AM
Brandy United States
TALK ABOUT a WOW GOD MOMENT... I can't help but share this today.  I was listening to the story about the pizza delivery man...well....
Today is the 3 year anniversary of an amazing miracle that took place in my dad and family's life....
My dad had gotten sick and was having some heart problems.  He went to the local hospital and they later sent him to another better equipped hospital because his carotid arteries (that supply blood to the brain) were blocked... The dr he was sent to did not give him much hope.  We were told his brain was operating on less than 7% blood flow....and if he didn't have a surgery he would either die or possibly be a 'vegetable' the rest of his life.   This was devastating, but thank GOD for a church family who will stand alongside you.  They began to pray for my dad and family.. Dad had a heart catherization on this day (3 years ago)and the doctors were amazed at what they found....PRAISE GOD.... His heart had a blockage but AMAZINGLY grown it's OWN artery and DID IT'S OWN BY-PASS...  A TOTAL MIRACLE FROM GOD... no other way to say it!
That's not all, God brought my family together, and my dad ended up walking me down the aisle the following October, getting baptized along with the rest of my family two weeks after my wedding and now enjoys my 7 month old son...  THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL YOUR MIRACLES IN MY LIFE...HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD?
I can happily say that, my dad is doing well today...
7/21/2010 5:10:29 AM
christie scally United States
christie scally
Last Tuesday I was driving home and as I was getting off the interstate I saw a woman whose car had broken down and I basically had to stop to avoid hitting her. She asked me for a ride and I never even think of entertaining the idea of letting a stranger in my car but I found myself pulling over.  As I did I was asking myself "what are you doing".  God took the wheel.  He had plans for me.  Of course I was listening to KLOVE.  When she got in the car she asked me to drop her off at hardees and if I could get her a milk shake  b/c she was diabetic, so I told her I would be happy to.  I knew this was my chance to go MAD.  As we got out of the car I hear something hit the ground and I told her she dropped something.  We both turned to look for it and I saw that it was a knife blade.  We looked at each other and she said she was glad it dropped and she left it there.  I got her a milk shake and I headed home.  I picked up the blade on my way back to the car so I could throw it away, and I felt led to hold the blade and pray over everyone who had been associated with it.  Looking back I realized how that could have turned out, but i had complete peace the whole time and I am so thankful for the mercy and grace God extended to me that day.
7/21/2010 5:12:29 AM
Tom Magee United States
Tom Magee
I have a similar story about how God delivers. My story here comes from my experience in Iraq. I was activated to serve in an Iraqi advisor group from July 06 to July 07. I worked in the area of Kirkuk Iraq. I lived with the Iraqis for a year, not on the big US bases with all of the aminities.

We traveled here and there from time to time. Once a week we would leave our Iraqi base to travel to the near by US base. One morning. last December 06 we left the base on schedule for the US base. Outside of the Iraqi base was a car blocking part of the road. It was at a bend in the road where it was harder to get around. I guided the convoy I was directing quickly around. I thought going through was easier than turning around the whole convoy. Then we went on to our destination.

Later that day we came back to the Iraqi base. We found out that car which was blocking the road was a car bomb. The Iraqi Army had to defuse the bomb.  We came within inches of that bomb.  I believe it was GOD and/or his angels that protected us through that bend in the road.

I have another OH Yeah comment for you. I was the convoy leader more times than not. I conducted a joint prayer with everyone. We prayed for safety on the trip we were going. One Iraqi interpretor, a Muslim Suni said that he didn't quite under stand this prayer thing but he liked it. Every convoy he was on that had a prayer did not get hit.  We always prayed and we never got hit.

God is Good.  
7/21/2010 5:13:29 AM
Kem Howell United States
Kem Howell
Okay, I heard you on the radio on my way to work and thought I have a "God Moment"s, but everyone will think I am stupid...then God reminded me of the 10 lepers and only one came back to thank Him. So, I am going to thank HIM!!... We live in the country and I was on my way to work this past fall (I work at a Homeless Shelter in Kokomo, Indiana)...still dark outside. All of a sudden I hear a voice "DEER". I slam on my brakes and a deer runs out in front of my mini van.
My second "God Moment" I want to share is, Feb. 2010, I was leaving work and had put on a pair of gloves. I realized there was a hole in one of the fingers. I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to cover that finger. So, at the next stop light I put on ANOTHER PAIR of gloves ON TOP of the first pair. (I have NEVER done that before!)I go to the next stop light and see a woman fall in the street. It just so happens that there is a parking spot right there and I pull over to go help her. She is covered in blood, running down her face, hands, and arms. I help her into a near by building and she looks at me and says "NO you can't touch me! I have Hepatitas C" I said "I'm okay." I got to share with her about Christ.  
7/21/2010 5:17:19 AM
lisa United States
your stories are blessing us this morning!!!  thank you for taking the time to write them down.

Thank You God for what you do in our lives.  You are AWESOME!!!!
7/21/2010 5:18:55 AM
Kay Taylor United States
Kay  Taylor
This past March, our christian school had an annual outdoor event with tons of family members  on hand to cheer on K-12th graders in various races.  After another staff member called my cell to deliver a message, I took a serious fall on a dangerously slippery area. I landed on my side in mud but my right arm had caught the edge of a sidewalk causing it to go inside out and shatter the elbow joint. I was in shock from the trauma but had this weird, but strong sense of peace.  I wondered if someone must be praying for me. People began to come and render aide.  Three weeks after the emergency surgery, I learned that a man and his mother (visiting from out of town) were only feet from me; saw me fall but couldn't render aid because of their own disability.  They immediately began to intercede in prayer for me.  It explained all the amazing events and other Wow God! moments I continued to have that day and since.  These two continued to pray throughout the day and week.  In fact, I was able to meet him in May and learned that they still pray.  I am recovering from a second surgery - reconstruction of the elbow using a piece of my hip.  This slow, arduous process is still bathed in prayer and I continue to experience God's peace just as I did the second I fell.
7/21/2010 5:19:46 AM
Jeremy Lewis United States
Jeremy Lewis
Good morning!  I have a story...it's kind of long so I'll do my best to shorten it.  I am almost 36 years old now but when I was growing up, I'd always wanted to be a pilot.  It was my dream.  Well, when I was in my senior year of college, just a few months before graduating, I decided to try and apply to OCS (Officer Candidate School) in the Navy to become a pilot.  Of course there were tests that needed taken, and physicals that needed passed.  On the day of my original physical, I needed to pass the eye tests with a score of 20/30.  I went in the room and sat down and failed the test immediately.  The best I could do in one of my eyes was 20/70.  So, I made my way out into the hallway and I asked a different nurse if she could give me the test because I felt like something must have been wrong the first time around.  She agreed and once again, I failed.  Feeling very defeated, I decided to try one more time to find someone new to administer the test.  I managed to find a third nurse and explain to her that I REALLY should be able to pass this test and I really need just one more try.  She agreed to come back and give me the test and low and behold, I passed!  I've always felt that woman was an angel sent by God.

The story doesn't stop there there though.  The last step after passing the initial physical, taking written tests, physical fitness tests, and interviews, was to travel to Pensacola, FL for the flight physical exam.  At this point, I had already been accepted into the program as a pilot and even had an official date to start OCS.  All I had to do (which most of the time was a formality) was pass the physical in Pensacola.  Well, long story short, I was not able to pass the eye exam while I was there.  I tried several times and was even told by the optometrist that my eyes SHOULD be able to see 20/20 but for some reason, I just couldn't read the chart well enough to pass.  The part that I left out, was that a couple of months before Pensacola, I started attending one of our local churches.  I'd always believed in God, but never did very much about it.  I didn't do anything FOR Him.  I just sat back and asked him for things when I felt I needed them.  In the process of attending this church, I re-met a girl I had known in high school, and about a month before Pensacola, we went on our first date.  She was the person who picked me up at the airport when I came back home after failing my test and feeling like my "dream" had been crushed.  Well, that girl, is now my wife and has been for 12 years.  We have 2 beautiful kids...8 and 6 years old.  I have been playing guitar in our church's praise band for about 11 years now and am an aspiring Christian songwriter.  If you want to hear some, click on my soundclick page here...  www.soundclick.com/.../default.cfm

God new what He wanted for my life.  I had a dream and He was kind enough to walk me right to the doorstep of that dream and let me know that I had what it took to make it.  I passed the tests...the interviews...the physical fitness.  He allowed me to know that I was good enough to do the dream that I had for myself, but then He turned to me and said...that's a GREAT dream Jeremy...but I have something much better for you.  I have plans for you that will make you soar higher than any jet ever could.  God knows me better than I know myself.  He knows my strengths and my weaknesses.  I am so thankful to God for HIS plan...it has made my life so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.  God is...beyond words.
7/21/2010 5:22:02 AM
stephanne rudder United States
stephanne rudder
We have a youth pastor and his wife in our church who has always let it be known they have a passion for missions.  They have decided to go to the mission field longterm overseas. While going thru the training and fundraising, they realized they would need to sell their house.  With the housing market today, it didn't look as though it would sell quickly.  They had not contacted a realtor yet, and then a woman came to their door, knocked and asked if they would be willing to sell their home to her. She had previously lived there.  This lady's financing was tied up in a government program and in May, the funds were gone and was told it could be as early as October before funds would be available. While this couple was in Michigan in June doing fundraising for their mission trip, they received a call from the bank. This lady's funds had come available and they closed on that home at the end of June. They had received the asking price for the home.God provided that this financial burden would be lifted from them. All the glory belongs to Him.
7/21/2010 5:33:16 AM
Adam Logan United States
Adam Logan
I am a new Christian who has always had a very analytical science-based mind, so transition into religion has been interesting. As someone who has always been looking for prrof and validation I can say that this was a major WOW moment for me. God has made it very clear to me that despite all of my previous doubts, simply opening my mind and heart to Him and the redemption offered through the death of his son Jesus is enough to start an amazing bond between us.

My finances had been greatly lacking lately as I floundered to try and pay off debts and cover all of my bills, so I was looking for a second job. This was also creating stress in my relationship with my fiancee. I had been unable to find anything at all for a long time when I happened to drive past a new retail store opening right down the street from my home that fit PERFECTLY with my skilss and interest! I applied online the next day and received a call for an interview later on that same day which resulted in me getting hired. I later found out that the store was not originally slated to be opened yet, but construction permit issues with a different store had pushed the date way ahead, making it available for me to work in! Not only that, but this store is entirely dedicated to treating all of its customers according to the Golden Rule -- treat everyone as you would want to be treated! I am truly blessed to have received this opportunity, and believe that God is helping me to see that he has been with me all along; I just wasn't listening Smile

Thank you for the opportunity to share this; your show inspires me every day!
7/21/2010 5:34:24 AM
Kaye Farinella United States
Kaye Farinella
I have a similar story. We are from Olathe,KS (Olatha) and in March my physically active husband who had never run before decided to run a 5K. He was almost to the finish line and suffered a heart attack. He basically was like the man in Colorado, DEAD! God, tho was there in the midst of us. He strategically placed medical personnel and off duty professionals everywhere. There was an ER Nurse and her husband the paramedic who had decided, "it's a great day, why don't we go watch the 5K race today'. There was an off duty cop standing on his porch watching the race, who saw my husband go down. Another medically trained girl who performed CPR, and the man standing in his yard who called 911 instantly. They all just came out of no where and did what needed to be done. The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes, took him to the hospital and he was in the cath lab within 30 minutes. He rec'd 2 stints and today is training for his next 5k. We do nothing but give all the glory to God for placing all those people in the right place at the right time. My husband Tony is nothing short of a miracle, and we will never proclaim it any other way!
7/21/2010 5:43:33 AM
Janiece United States
When my son a Marine MP was training for his tour in Afghanistan when he was stationed in Japan. One morning at 3:00 AM Texas time I awoke to the sound of his voice saying "help my mommie". I have been to called to prayer in the middle of the night before so I fell to my kneew and just started praying for Angels to surround him and God's protection over him. My mom's heart told me he was in trouble. I was able to IM him when I got to work and ask if he was OK. He then told me how at the same time God had me praying he was on a training excersise in a HUMVEE in the pouring rain. The HUMVEE was full of men and the driver hydroplaned into on coming traffic. There was another HUMVEE coming at them head on and with the rain they would not have been able to stop in time either. He said a head on head crash seemed inevitable and this was to date the scariest moment of his life. Then suddenly the HUMVEE he was riding in just stopped the driver regained control and was able to miss the other vehicle within a few inches. God intervened!!! So through his whole tour in Afghanistan while he escorted convoys God continued to keep him just as safe and he is home now and God is still watching over him.
7/21/2010 5:49:56 AM
Doug United States
I am a relationship guy. However, several years ago I went through a divorce and discovered God's lavish love for me.  I remarried and have an amazing family now.  However, my ex met another person while over seas and things went well for them.  They came back here as a couple dating.  I introduced my ex's fiance to my small group of guys I had bible study with and accountability.  This was a huge sacrifice, but I told myself, "If this guy is going to be around my daughter, I want to make sure he is surrounded by Godly men." Long story short, I no longer have contact with a lot of those guys from that group.  My duaghter's step-dad sees them all quite regularly.  The blessing here is that he and my daughter's mom got baptized before they were married.  I gave up numerous relationships for them to be surrounded by God and learn about Him.  Praise and Glory to GOD!
7/21/2010 5:50:00 AM
Audrey Carver United States
Audrey Carver
I must start my "Wow,God" story by thanking Him for everything he has done in my life. Without Him I wouldn't be able to share my story!!

Almost two years ago I became pregnant. At my first appointment I found out that I was having TWINS!! Surprise, since twins do not run in my family. My husband, and two other children enjoyed planning for two baby girls. Because I was pregnant I had many, many ultrasounds. Around 32 weeks pregant I was told by my doctor that "Baby A" had a mass in her abdomen. I was refered to a specialist who then told my that my sweet,innocent, unborn baby girl had what he thought was Neuroblastoma, which is an extremely terrible cancer. We were floored....what?? how could an unborn baby have cancer and what did this mean for her life. Research of the cancer led me to heartache and despair. Terrified that my child would suffer through a very short life, we turned to the only One who could save her...and that is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Isabella had surgery 4 days after birth to remove the tumor and lab test came back that it was indeed Neuroblastoma. We were told that it would probably never come back and we should be thankful that they found it so early....they were wrong. At 8 weeks of age we found that the cancer had spread to her liver and the left side of her abdomen (it was originally on the right side on her adrenal gland) this classified her as having stage IV cancer. She began chemotherapy at 8weeks old. We confided in God, our deepest darkest fears and heartache and He held our hands through the entire ordeal. He gave us hope and strength when we could never find it alone. Now at 16 months old, she is considered cancer free!!! So many circumstances had to come to pass in order for this to happen. So many things that weren't supposed to happen did. She is healed!! Thank you Jesus. I will never forget the anguish and devastation that we felt but I will forever praise my Heavenly Father for the miracle he has done in our lives!!

Thanks for letting my share Smile
7/21/2010 6:08:33 AM
Jon Putney United States
Jon Putney
My WOW moment happened what (somedays) seems like a long time ago...when I was born!  My parents were missionaries in Medellin, Colombia at the time.

My mom is O- blood type and I am O+, setting up an Rh incompatibility.  When I was born, it became obvious right away that I was in trouble. My oldest brother Peter had minor problems (he's also O+) when he was born in the United States, but I was in a real bad way. I needed a full blood transfusion to survive, and the hospital did not have the equipment or know-how to do it. Here are the things God did:
1. A German doctor at the hospital happened to become aware of my situation. She knew that another hospital in Medellin had just received the required equipment, under the Kennedy Administration's "Alliance for Progress" (www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/1961kennedy-afp1.html), and used her stubbornness to get me transferred to that hospital.
2. A doctor at that hospital had just returned from Johns Hopkins Medical Center, where he had learned how to use the equipment to perform neo-natal transfusions. He was the only doctor in Antioquia Department (possibly in all of Colombia) with the ability to do what needed to be done, and he was at that hospital!

That doctor performed the transfusion, through my umbilical cord and the bottom of my foot, filled me up with Colombian blood, and here I am 46 years later praising God for His provision!

BTW - I said my oldest brother what O+ as well.  My other brother David, also born in Colombia three years before me, turned out to be O-, matching mom's blood.  Had he been O+, he would have been in the same situation I was in (the incompatibility gets worse with each successive pregnancy), and with no equipment or know-how in place...he would have died.  And if that had happened, I would have also died, as the third time around the incompatibility would have been too great even with the equipment and know-how in place.

My parents named me Jonathan, which means "God has given", and in reality God had given both me and my brother back to them from death through his mighty power and foresight.

7/21/2010 6:29:11 AM
Ken United States
In 1988, while in the Air Force in Okinawa, Japan I became very sick and went to the doctor again and again and again... only to be given cold medicine after cold medicines and then told maybe I was just allergic to the coral under the island. After having issues of unexplained bruises and unexplained nose bleeds and severe back pain (there are many more details but not enough space here)I was put on quarters (where you don't have to go to work for 48 hours but stay home) and after the 48 hours I went back to the doctor and asked to see a "real MD" and NOT  a PA (Physicians Assistant) and he doctor took one look at me and said son, you have some serious issues going on with your blood... that was all it took... he saw I had golf-ball sized swollen lymph nodes on my neck and other issues but did a blood test and determined I had Acute Lymphocetic Leukemia (ALL) and I was immediately hospitalized and sent to Hawaii to undergo chemotherapy... the doctors told my wife I had a 30 day chance of survival if that ... I went through almost 6 years of chemo and it has been 21 years now... that was definitely a WOW moment in our lives because they also told my wife if I had not seen the doctor that day I could have died at home in my sleep within a day or two.  God is GREAT!
7/21/2010 6:34:28 AM
little lisa United States
little lisa
@Brandy.....your story sounds so similar to ours.  my daughter got married on saturday (a few years ago).  the week leading up to the wedding, my husband had gone to the dr. for pain in his chest.  the dr. scheduled a test on him for the monday just after the wedding.  my husband had been doing some very heavy-duty yard work getting the yard ready for the family to come. it was august and very hot.  we had the wedding and on monday, he went into the hospital for his test.

the test revealed 100% blockage in one artery, 90% in others and i think 80% in another.  he had to have six bi passes.  

the wow part of it was that the artery that was 100% blocked had grown it's own bi pass just like in your situation.  the dr. called it a "God-given bi pass".  this was the only thing that had kept him alive for who knows how long.  and, with all the physical exertion of the week, it is amazing that he was able to walk our daughter down the isle that weekend!
7/21/2010 6:48:43 AM
Danae United States
I have had ALOT of WOW God moments but the most recent one was just last month.  I recently relocated to a new state and have been looking for work.  The bank account has been dwindling as we paid for new tags, licenses and necessary items to relocate to a new state.  I was started to fret about our financial situation when my husbands ex-wife asked for more child support.  We had $500 dollars in the bank and she wanted $350.  I didn't want to give her the money but I knew it was the right thing to do so I went into my online checking account to send her the check and somehow the Department of Social Services had deposited $782 dollars into my account.  The wow part is that my children are 23 and 24 years old.  I have never received money from their dad before and had given up all thoughts of ever.  God knew exactly when to deposit that money and I just want to praise Him and thank Him for providing our needs.  Thank you Lord!
7/21/2010 6:54:42 AM
Laura United States
I lost my job in February 2009 and it was hard to find work in this economy. I prayed for the perfect and sometimes it fell like I was not being heard. Around Christmas time I found a part time retail job, but was still looking for a full time position. In January 2010 Ice hit our area and as I was leaving work I fell in the parking lot and broke my arm, which meant I could not work for a few weeks. One night my husband told me about a job he had heard about. I send then my resume my e-mail and heard from them a few days later. I went to the interview for an office administer of a church in a sling. A few weeks later I got the job. I could not help but laugh and cry, because his timing is perfect and I now have the perfect job.
7/21/2010 6:59:01 AM
Donna United States
When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I was invited to a friend's church camp during the summer.  My mother had recently married my step-father, who was not a nice man.  While I was there, I was having your regular adolescent camp fun, making friends and attending the church services at this camp.

One evening, when I was out for a walk, I passed by the church and decided to go in.  It was open and lit up, but no one was inside.  I knelt at the altar to pray and started to cry, because of the abuse I was now experiencing with the new stepfather.  After a few moments, I felt someone kneel down next to me on the cushion at that altar and held me why I cried.

When I stopped crying, I looked up at the person to thank them for being there.... and no one was there.

I definitely felt the cushion sink, as they knelt down next to me, and I felt their arms hold me and my head against their chest.  Clearly, this individual was Heaven sent and I was grateful for the acknowledgement that God does hear our prayers.

I have never forgotten that moment, and it has always helped me during any low points in my life.  Some people may question their true belief in God.  I know for a fact that one exists.  I felt Him and He was there.
7/21/2010 7:17:48 AM
Jenn United States
When I was young (about 6-7) I was walking to elementary school with my mom.  I went to cross the street onto the school grounds and as I stepped into the street, a car sped took a sudden turn and sped toward me.  My mom was out of reach and she just watched while the car headed toward me doing probably double what should be driven in a school zone.  My mom says then I fell back, just as if someone had pushed me hard from in front.  I stepped back onto the curb and the car went on by.  Thank God for angels!
7/21/2010 7:22:49 AM
Brad Davison United States
Brad Davison
My story is not that significant......I was riding my motorcycle to work yesterday and was a few miles from home when I felt my phone ringing in my pocket. I pulled over and was wondering who was calling me at 6:00 in the morning. It was a co-worker letting me know that he was bringing a computer to work for me to fix. So I turned around and went back home to get my car and returned to work. On the way home, about 1 mile outside of the town I live in, it started POURING down rain. So hard that I almost had to pull over to see. (The forecast was not calling for rain in our area that day)If I would have rode my bike on to work, I would have not been able to make it home. I have had several experiences like this that really makes you sit back and realize that God IS watching over all of us and cares for us all! God bless!!!!
7/21/2010 7:24:52 AM
shannon United States
I have been blessed with life from many close calls from years of drug abuse.  One moment came to mind. I was driving doing something illegal, took my eyes off the road for one moment and heard a horn blowing.  I was on a curve in the other lane coming head first to a car.  So i jerked the wheel on the VERY narrow road only to stare a 10-12 foot steep ditch in the face.  So i jerked the wheel the other way and ended up doing circles in the road and my car stopped in the other lane (which was the opposite way) directly behind the car i almost caused a head on collision with.  The angered woman got out the car and was screaming at me.  All I could do was cry. At the speed i was going i should have died. She ended up inviting me to her house to calm down and said i had angels guiding my car.
7/21/2010 7:25:20 AM
RJ United States
How GREAT is our God! Praise HIS HOLY NAME!
7/21/2010 7:25:33 AM
Angela United States
I have a "WOW" God story, or as I like to call them YEAH GOD stories.  When my now 7 year old son was 3, he was playing with magnetics and accidentally swallowed a piece.  I was in the kitchen and felt God telling me to go check on the kids.  I went into the living room and couldn't find Tyler.  He had walked into my bedroom looking for me in a panic.  He was choking and could not breathe at all.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong for a moment.  I tried to finger swipe him repeated and tried the Heimlich to get it out, to no avail.  I was beginning to panic myself.  I went in one last time to finger swipe him and the magnetic ball came flying out.  God saved my little boy by telling me to check on him.  YEAH GOD.  I cry every time I tell that story!

7/21/2010 7:30:59 AM
mary beth United States
mary beth
i was eight monhts pregnant when on the couch my stomach was in pain. my husband made me go to the hopsital. I was thankful that i have that husband. my placenta broke while i was on the table at the hospital. the dr was able to do an emergancy c section in 15 minutes. my husband saved the lives of me and my precious baby.  the night my niece was also born.  two blessing less than 24 hours apart.
7/21/2010 7:33:23 AM
Tracy Andrews United States
Tracy Andrews
Early this spring, I needed to stop by the grocery store after work to get a few things.  I needed Cool Whip and I had bought it before at this store, but for the life of me I couldn't find it.  I looked for an employee to ask, but couldn't find one.  After about 15 minutes I finally found it and went and paid for my things.  I am leaving the store and turn on the street and see that an accident had just happened in the turning lane onto the highway where I would turn to go home.  The speed limit there is 65 MPH.  A large van got hit in the driver's side.  Luckily everyone walked away.  I immediately knew that it was God that hid the Cool Whip from me and I started bawling.  I drive a small compact car so if it would have been me that got hit, there is no way I would have walked away.  I had to call my pastor's wife and tell her so we are both crying our eyes out praising God for sparing me and for those being ok.  I know that it was God that day.
7/21/2010 7:38:45 AM
Robin United States
I wanted to tell you about a time that God saved my sister & my life.  I was just learning how to drive & she would come & get me from work & let me drive home.  It was late one night & we were going down this road to her house where there is no street lights.  There was this hill that we could not see over until we reached the top.  I was going the speed limit & all of a sudden there were two cars in front of me.  One car was trying to pass another car.  I did not know what to do so I hit the brakes thinking that we were going to crash.  I went between the 2 cars. None of the cars went off the road. My sister told me that she did not know what to do either.  I truly believe that God was there to help because we should have crashed head on with one of the cars.  
7/21/2010 7:39:53 AM
Ashley mcknight United States
Ashley mcknight
Good morning I just wanted to share my experience. It was a year and a half ago. I was about six months pregnant with our second child. I was driving home from school on a Friday afternoon in February. I was thinking that I needed to wash my truck this weekend when I came to a crossing in the hwy. There was a suv getting ready to turn and I thought oh no please don't do it. I tried to avoid being hit but was t-boned in the passager side of my truck. At the time I didn't know how my truck didn't flip over but I now see that God was holding my truck up and protecting me and my child. I was able to get up and walk away unhurt. My truck was totaled and everyone who saw they pics didn't know how I was able to walk away. I tell them today that it was God hand holding me and shielding me from harm. Thank you for letting me tell my story. Ashley
7/21/2010 7:40:33 AM
Dee Dee Wike United States
Dee Dee Wike
Despite having been raised in a Christian home, professing my belief in Jesus at 5, rededicating my life to Christ at 15, and walking with Him through my teen years, I entered a seven-year-long period of increasing rebellion when I left home to attend college.  In the process of trying to find myself, I lost all sight of God and who I was in him.  In that process, I developed an alcohol addiction and found myself involved in one failed relationship after another.  When I began entertaining thoughts of suicide because of an especially oppressive relationship and the self-loathing I had begun to feel because of my sin, I repented and made the decision to forsake all others and follow Christ alone. I prayed, "If walking with You means being alone, I choose You, Jesus."  Not long after while sitting at home with my parents one evening, the thought occurred to me to go roller-skating, something I wasn't particularly inclined to do, especially by myself. I recognized that thought as the Holy Spirit's leading and went.  It was that very night that I met Steve, my husband of 23 years.  God not only gave me better than I deserved, but fulfilled His promise to redeem the years the locusts had eaten.  We are happily married and have two beautiful children.  God taught me that true freedom comes from an obedient walk, not from following our own selfish and sinful desires, and that no sin is so great that His mercy is not greater still.
7/21/2010 7:41:42 AM
Lynn M. List United States
Lynn M. List
Usually I drive a bright yellow Pontiac Soltice convertible. On this unusual Texas summer day, I was prompted by the Spirit to take the Chevy hardtop to work. As I was driving home in the rain,I suddenly noticed my car tires were not touching the road. I had no control of the vehicle. As my car turned side ways, I saw the torrent of water coming toward the car. As if in slow motion, the current of floodwater hit the side of my car, rolling it over and over again. When the motion stopped, I found myself upside-down, seat-belted in the nearly submerged vehicle, which was resting in a bar-ditch along a rural road. As I looked down at the ceiling, I could see water seeping in. As I looked out the driver's window, I saw the water covering, the car. It was flowing hard, as my thought processes seemed to slow down.
     At first, I assessed whether I was hurt or not. I was fine. Then I thought of my cell phone and looked toward the passenger seat. By the time I realize that the floorboard was also upside-down, I spotted my purse on the ceiling under water. My cell phone was submerged and therefore useless. About that time, God whispered in my ear, "You are not alone." Although this statement is ambiguous and could have meant that I would not be dying alone, suddenly I was filled with peace. I calmly unbuckled my seatbelt, tried the doors and windows without luck and waited. I went to the passenger window and saw there was about 3 inches of window above the road. The infrequent cars were slowing down to look, but none stopped. I tried to show movement in this space with my fingers. As the water rose, I calmly believed I would see my king. I was looking forward to seeing Him face to face. I knew I was not alone and that I would never be alone.
     Suddenly, the passenger window broke out and a man and his son pulled me out of the car. I received a small cut on my forearm, shin, and big toe from glass shards. God spoke to me that day to calm my spirit. I know without doubt that God speaks to us today and I know He will never leave us. We are never alone. Wow! God... If I had been in the convertible, I do not think I would be alive today. If I would've survived the roll over, water would not have seeped in the car, instead it would have flowed in. I would not have had time to do anything. When I left that morning it was not raining. I had no logical reason to take the hardtop car except that the Spirit prompted me.This happen June 25, 2007 and I have never been the same.
7/21/2010 7:42:07 AM
Jordan United States
This is relatively small but powerful none the less. I've been listening to K-LOVE as often as I can this summer and when Lisa mentioned another's story about the ten lepers being healed and one returned to praise Jesus (Luke 17:11-18). I read that passage two nights ago as my daily read through the new testament. Last night I was thinking of just going to bed without reading. I read anyway and this morning I hear this story and knew what you were talking about. I believe that's God telling me to continue reading Laughing
7/21/2010 7:46:45 AM
Krystal United States
On July 25, we will celebrate my Mom's 2 yr Birthday in Heaven.  My Mom and I were way more than Mother Daughter, we were Best friends.  She was the glue that kept the family together. My 3 brothers and I never really talked, I never had a good relationship with my dad. We in an odd way were happy with that. My Mom and I could never get my Dad and brothers on the path to Jesus.  When my Mom Passed away, it changed so much. In these 2 yrs tho, God has used what happened to change my family.  Because of my pain, I turned from God not understanding.  It was my Dad and Brothers that helped me find my way back.  All of my Brothers now attend Church and live everyday in the lords word, My dad has become a Deacon in his Church.  My Brothers and I talk much and never leave without Hugs and I love you's.  My relationship with my Dad?  That's great.  I never thought I'd ever have such a great relationship with them.

I could never bring my brothers or Dad to God but it was Gods will to have them bring me back instead. God used My Mom's passing to bring our entire family to him and he has us for life.  As for my Mom, I know she is smiling down on us all knowing she will surely see us all someday again.

God truely is amazing!!!
7/21/2010 7:47:49 AM
Aleacia Blake United States
Aleacia Blake
Three years ago this December I attended Spring Branch Communit Church for the first time with my mother, dauther, and brother.  The service was entitled "it would be a miracle if ...". Needless to say the service was heart touching. At the end they asked everyone to write down on a piece of paper what their one "it would be a miracle if" and they would pray for everyone of them.  My mother at that time had been suffering from severe depression and fighting her addiction to drugs and alcohol. I wrote that it would be a miracle if my mother recieved the help she had been so desperately needing.  Three days later on Christmas Eve my mother attempted to commit suicide.  As painful as that expirence was for our entire family my mother was able to recieve the medical help and then be admitted to an intensive rehab house in the mountains away from everyone. She was able to focus on healing herself from within and reconnect with God.It was with Spring Branch's continued prayers as well as my familys and friends. God is an amazing healer!
7/21/2010 7:50:40 AM
Allison United States
My friend has a pretty good story.  She and her 12 yo daughter were on their way to her parents (3 hrs away) and about 1/3 of the way there, they had a flat tire.  They pulled over and she started to change the tire.  A truck pulled up behind them and 3 men (a son, father and gfather) got out and changed the tire.  My friend noticed the license plate on the truck was from the same county where she grew up and her parents still live so they got into the "do you know..." game.  As it turns out, they all knew her dad and the grandfather goes to church with her grandfather.  When they got back in the car, her daughter turned to her and said "sometimes God sends angels in a Chevy"  So, sometimes God sends angels in the form of a pizza delivery guy.
7/21/2010 7:53:15 AM
Michelle Knight United States
Michelle Knight
I have a 21 year old daughter who was born 3 months premature.  She weighed 2 lbs 6 1/2 oz.  When she was just two days old the doctor said that there was a problem with her heart and that she needed surgery.  While the doctor was making the arrangements for her to be flown to a hospital almost 300 miles from our hometown, my sister called the Prayer Chain through our church and asked for prayer for my little girl.  The prayer request traveled very quickly to places all over the United States.  When my baby girl arrived at the hospital, the heart doctor was waiting there to perform surgery.  He looked at the xrays and tests that were sent with her on the flight.  He ordered more xrays and tests and then the phone call came..... the doctor said that my daughters heart was perfect and that he couldn't believe that the xrays that were done within a matter of hours from each other were so different.  They kept here at that hospital for a week for observation and then flew her back to our hometown.  She remained in the hospital for 5 months and had several hurdles to overcome.  Today she is a beautiful young woman and is perfectly healthy.  WOW.... God is Good!
7/21/2010 7:53:44 AM
Samantha United States
Several years ago my husband and I, along with several other members from our church, went on a short term missions trip to El Salvador.  At the end of our trip the host church there in San Salvador took all of us up to a cabin in the mountains of El Salvador. Some of our hosts decided to take us on a hike to a volcano.  This hike turned into an all-out excursion which we Americans were not prepared for.  We had to trek for a couple of hours through jungle-like conditions with poisonous snakes slithering by and very large insects everywhere.  When we reached the volcano we had to climb up it. It was very gravely and difficult. We had not brought any water with us because we were told it was just going to be a short hike.  Needless to say, by the time we reached the top of the volcano we were exhausted from the hike, the climb and the heat and humidity.  As we were coming back down the volcano I was about 20 feet ahead of my husband on the narrow path.  Above my husband was another small group. They somehow triggered a small avalanche of gravel.  My husband stepped aside and let it pass, but when it got to me I was swept off my feet and slid down the side of the volcano about 50 feet.  My husband looked behind him and saw a bowling ball sized boulder coming down the path and headed toward me.  He put his hand out in front of it to stop it.  The boulder smashed and broke his thumb.  His thumb  looked horrible and was terribly painful. There we were on this volcano, just a handful of us, and our hosts were nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden this young Salvadorian-looking man showed up out of nowhere with a full medical kit!  He treated my husband's thumb, bandaged it up . . . then disappeared!  We all could not help, but think it was an angel.  Who else in the world would be on the side of a volcano in El Salvador with a full medical kit?  Praise God for His provision even when we think we have none.
7/21/2010 7:54:45 AM
Shelagh Canada
A couple weeks ago, God really intervined in a situation which resulted in that my non- believing brother-in-law is alive.  He had be working on the bathroom renovations and was cutting into the floor to put in a pipe coming from the basement.  As he was cutting the floor something slipped and the cutter knife he was using went into his hand in between his thumb and index finger.  It began to bleed quite bad and he went to grab to phone and call my sister and tried dailing but something didn't work and so he redialed again and this time it went through but instead of my sister answering, he got "911 Emergency, How may I help you?"  

He told them that he had intend to call them but figure they might as well come and check out his hand that was still bleeding quite bad.  When the paramedics arrived, they informed him that he had cut into the arterty, hence the large amount of blood, and that if he had tried to drive to the hospital himself (a 30 min drive)or had gotten my sister to come and get him and bring to the hospital (add another 20 mins to the drive), he would not have made it to the hospital in time as he probably would have bled out.

The part where God really intervened was when Darren was trying to call my sister on her cell, he somehow manage to get 911 instead. The strange thing is that there is a dofference between 3 digits and 7 digits, as well as the fact there are no "9" in my sister's cell number.  Because of what God did my brother-in-law is still alive. Praise God.
7/21/2010 7:57:37 AM
Stephanie United States
My Story
One morning I was running late for work and my husband was on the lake hunting.  We have a garage so I went out to leave for work and the door to my car was locked.  Well I do not lock my doors in the garage and I had never done that before.  I call my husband because he had the extra key and he said he would hurry.  So i called someone to open the store for me, then my husband calls back and the boat has stopped working. So he is stranded on the lake and I am Stranded at home.  I was very frustrated.  Then the phone rings again and I say "What."  It is the adoption agancy.  We had been waiting three years for a little girl from Colombia.  I just knew they were going to check up on me, But she said sit down we have been trying to get a hold of you all week.  We have a little girl for you. I know it was God who locked my Door that morning and shut my husband's boat down.  What started out to be a very frustrating morning turned out to be the best day God has ever let me live.  3 weeks later we were on an airplane to get my baby, Julyanna.  She is now 5
7/21/2010 7:58:21 AM
Miranda Barnes United States
Miranda Barnes
Finals week of my first year of medical school my grandmother became gravely ill. She has been a rock in my life, a prayer warrior and friend, but I could not be by her side as her health quickly faded. As I lay in bed crying myself to sleep I cried out to God, I knew I could not go through this week by my own strength. But I felt nothing, I pled with God, asking for peace, I could not understand why in this time of heartbreak and unbelievable stress he would not hold me. I called a dear friend in tears and simply said “I just need God to hold me in his arms, but I feel so alone.” The next morning I woke up startled right before my alarm went off, my alarm is a radio set to KLOVE, as my alarm went off these are the words that I heard “He is, He was, He always will be, Even when it feels like there is no one holding me, Be still my soul, He is!” I was overwhelmed with joy and a peace beyond understanding; I knew God had sent that message from heaven. I am thankful to God that He is, was, and always be holding me and I am thankful to KLOVE for being the instrument God used to send his Divine message. Thank you KLOVE!
7/21/2010 8:04:21 AM
Barbara United States
I am lucky that I had a strong religious background as a child.  That helped me hear God's voice.  I was about 12-13 and I was walking home from Girl Scouts.  All of a sudden, I heard a voice tell me to cross the street.  I did.  And a car came along -- out of control and crashed into the building right where I would have been walking.  The driver was fine and no one was hurt inside the building.  I tell that story to my students ( I'm a director of religious education) and remind them that when God speaks we should listen.
7/21/2010 8:05:28 AM
Ettor United States
My wife is a jeweler in a company that is founded with Christian principals and continues to put God first, no matter the struggles.  We were recently in Texas coming back from a convention and my wife was pondering her goal for this upcoming year.  She wants to move up in leadership in the company, but really struggled as to what level she wants to shoot for.  All of a sudden, it seemed as if this travel trailer appeared out of nowhere and the name of the trailer, which was written in huge letters on all sides was, Designer.  This just happens to be the level of leadership that my wife was contemplating. The funny thing is, once we recognized this sign from God and accepted it for that, we never saw that trailer again. I know this this is not a life saving word from God, but it just goes to show you, God is in EVERY part of our lives, no matter how big or small!  
7/21/2010 8:06:08 AM
Stephanie Childress United States
Stephanie Childress
My Wow God story happened last month. One Saturday afternoon our 2 week old baby daughter, Lilly Kate started sleeping for 5-6 hours at a time and her color changed to a pale greyish look. I am a nurse in the newborn ICU so I knew something was wrong. We rushed to the hospital where all tests came back normal. They were planning on sending us home but we asked to stay because deep down I knew something was terribly wrong. Because our older 2 children had run fevers the week before so they went ahead and started Lilly Kate on antibiotics just in case she had caught what they had. On Monday morning we finally got a diagnosis...Lilly Kate had meningitis. The doctors said we caught it very early-that is why all the original tests came back normal. One of the antibiotics they started her on "just happened" to be the one that killed the bacteria she had. Doctors said if we would have gone home our Lilly Kate would not have lived. Now we praise God for a healthy 7 week old baby girl!
7/21/2010 8:08:12 AM
Linda United States
25 yrs ago, I was a cocaine addited stay at home mom. I had 2 boys ages 2 and 6 mos. I was hopelessly lost and saw no other way out of my addition except for suicide. We had a good freind who was a christian and prayed for us daily. The day came when I choose to end my life and as I walked to the bathroom to use any means possible to end it, God intervened and turned to towards the phone and I heard a very audible voice say "Call Joey". I did, he prayed for me and  3 days later I gave my heart and soul to my King. I can still feel His hands on my shoulders and His voice in my ear. I love you Jesus. Thank you for my life in You.
7/21/2010 8:13:32 AM
Nathan United States
When I was 13 or 14 years old, my mother loaded up us kids in the car to pick up my father from the Kansas City Airport upon returning home from a business trip. Our family is from Topeka and it's about an hour and a half drive to KCI.

Being a young kid with a lot of energy, sitting in the car for just an hour and a half seemed like forever! So upon getting to the terminal parking lot, I was anxious to get out and run around. My older brother, who is a year and a half older than me, challenged me to a race to the terminal. I couldn't refuse.

As he took off toward the road, I looked beyond the parking lot for a shortcut. I saw a wall with a grassy embankment beyond it and I thought, "if I reach the wall and jump onto the grass, I might just beat him." So I took off running, full speed.

I got about halfway to the wall when my legs just stopped. At first, I was angry because I wanted to win the race. But immediately I grew nervous, almost scared, mostly because I couldn't understand why I wasn't running toward the wall anymore. After standing still for about 30 seconds, I felt compelled to walk toward the wall instead to see what lay ahead.

The parking lot that we parked on was the top level to a parking garage, with at least 3 or 4 levels beneath us. So the grassy hill beyond the wall wasn't just beyond it, it was beneath it by about 60 feet or more. As I peered over the edge of the wall, staring at the concrete walkways below, my knees grew weak and I collasped as my whole body began to tremble. Right then, I knew it was the Holy Spirit that stopped my legs.

I just celebrated my 30th birthday a couple weeks ago; and in my adult years, whenever I start to doubt the validity of God, I just remember this day and I am immediately convinced that GOD IS REAL!
7/21/2010 8:17:04 AM
Gary United States
We have an amazing story we like to call PUKE FROM GOD. When our son was about 1 years old we were making lunch for him and getting ready to put him into his high-chair in the dining room. As my wife started to mix the cereal, my son vomited an astonishing amount of fluid onto the floor, in the room next to the dining room. I told my wife and she set his food down onto the high chair. I volunteered to clean up the boy and my wife went to clean up the floor. I carried my son into his bedroom. 30 seconds after leaving the kitchen, I heard what can only be described (by both myself and the surrounding neighbors) as an explosion. It was so loud I did not know exactly where it came from. I called to my wife and she did not answer at first. I set my son down and told him to stay in his room. As I emerged, my wife called out to me to say she was OK and not harmed. The explosion was a large floor to ceiling mirror (8’ x 6’ x 1/2” thk) came detached from the wall and fell to the ground, breaking into hundreds of pieces glass of all sizes. The high chair was completely covered in broken glass, several large pieces of glass shaped almost like swords were lying on the ground, shards were throughout the dining, kitchen and living rooms, chunks of the wood floor were compressed or broken out. Next door neighbors from both sides came running over to see what had happened. We could only praise God for sending an angel to stir the tummy of my son and turn an otherwise unpleasant mess into a miracle of protection by diverting all of us away from the disaster. Had we been in the room, there would have been no way to stop the fall as the weight of the glass was too much to stop and my son would have been crushed or severed in two. God saved our family that day.
7/21/2010 8:40:03 AM
Lindsay Ash Canada
Lindsay Ash
I was on my way to band practice after a vicious storm last winter; there were snow drifts all over the road. I regularly prayed/professed when I got into the vehicle "I plead the Blood of Jesus over myself and this vehicle and commission exceptional Angels to take charge over it - above, beneath, and on either side, Thank You Father that I will get safely to where I'm going and home safely from where I'm coming, in Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen". So i'm driving along, coming up on a sharp corner that, oddly enough, has no guardrails to keep you from plummeting down a hill into a half frozen lake. I hit a snow drift and the vehicle started spiralling out of control; oncoming traffic could be seen around the corner. I must have been stirred up in my Spirit Man that day because instead of panicking (and swearing) like I may have done in times previous, I literally let go of the wheel, closed my eyes and started praising the Lord (out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks). When I opened my eyes, I was backed into the driveway of an old Church better than I could have ever parked it myself. Tears of Joy filled my eyes because God had made Himself so very evident in my life in that one moment, how could I ever doubt His presence or His love again? Serving God or not, God has His hand in your life, and longs for the day when you will believe the love He has for youSmileLet go and let God!
7/21/2010 9:38:25 AM
Malonye United States
Many years ago, my father, Don had hit my mother, Marie, in the nose nearly killing her. This prompted my mother to file for a divorce. My father had threatened to kill her many times while the divorce. During this tumultuous time, my sister, Dianne, kept having dreams that our father would come to the backdoor of our house and he had a gun in his hand. In the dream, she would run to the front door, unlock and open it, and would run down the street to the local police station 5 blocks away. She would then wake up. Then it happened! He came to the back door (my brother spoke with my father.) My sister, as in the dream, ran to the front door, unlocked it, opened it, and ran out the door, leaving the door open. My father then came to my mother’s bedroom. (I was in the bedroom with her that night.) He took her into the living room as I sat screaming “NO!” My mother pulled away from him and she ran out the open door pushing the screen door out of her way as she ran. My father, still standing in the living room, shot through the screen door and still hit her. My sister was at the police station, just as in the dream.
The doctors gave us no hope. BUT, my mother is a Christian. When visiting her in ICU, my sister said my mother had a vision. My mother said “I saw him.” “You saw who?” asked my sister. My mother replied “He reached out his hand to me and then said ‘No, it’s not your time.’”
My mother should not have survived the shots to the skull and spine and if she did she should have been a vegetable. BUT God touched her in a phenomenal way by healing her to the point where she could walk with a cane, went back to work and even completed an Associate’s Degree in college while working.
Having seen the hand of God in such an extraordinary, both my sister and I have given our lives to Jesus. We have many family members who believers in Christ as well. This miracle has had long term eternal affects on many. My God still use it today.
7/21/2010 9:42:24 AM
Candace Vega United States
Candace Vega
God Delivered!!...a little girl home safe!
I will never forget how God moved in my life one night while I was asleep! I was only 16 years old, and now 10 years later, that memory is right there next to the birth of my two children, it is so dear to me.
One night, when I was 16, I was lying on the couch watching the 10 o'clock news before bed. I grew up in San Antonio and at that time there were quiete a few children being kidnapped in the area. They were showing a photo and footage of the family of a little girl who had just been abducted from her neighborhood. I cannot remember the little girl's name exactly. I believe it started with an "Na..", it was a different, uncommon name. I wish I could remember it, I guess if I did some research online I would be able to find out. But anyhow, I fell asleep shortly after hearing about the little girl being kidnapped and her family's plea to get her back home safely.
The dream I had that night was so vivid and real, and I just knew it was God speaking to me and showing me what I was seeing. In my dream, I saw the little girl and I saw the house that the man was keeping her in. I even saw the man clear as day! I saw her, I saw her in the house, what the house looked like, the neighborhood and everything. The little girl was quiet and calm. The man was not really near her, nor had harmed her. It was as if he was more scared that she was. I woke up from the dream,..or vision, as I like to think it was, and I prayed..just prayed for the little girl! I prayed that the man keeping her would not harm her, that he would not touch a hair on her, that he would return her safely to her home and she would not be traumatized from the ordeal. I prayed that not only would he return her unharmed, but that he would feel the conviction of God come over him, turn from his sins, repent and give his life to Christ. I just continued to pray, everything I could think of to pray for this little girl and even the man who was had kidnapped her. I prayed until I fell back asleep.
The next morning I woke up on the couch and my mom was getting ready for work. As she always did while she was getting ready, she had the news on the TV in her room. The first thing I heard when I got up from the couch was that that little girl had been returned to her home..UNHARMED!! The kidnapper dropped her off a block away from her home, he had not touched her or harmed her in anyway and she was safe back at home with her family. The parents were on TV thanking him and saying how glad they were to have her back home. I couldn't believe it! Well, of course I believed it,..but WOW!..God delivered! I started crying and told my mom about the dream I had just had and how I felt God move in me to pray the little girl.
I really never thought about it much after that, nor did I really ever tell anyone that story..just a couple close friends. I didn't think it was a big deal..just how God moves in the lives of all of us everyday. I just thought.."Wow, God does this kind of thing everyday!"
Looking back on it now, I realize how Mighty and Wonderful He is, and how blessed I was for Him to give me the opportunity to save that little girl; and perhaps even that man's life, with just a few simple prayers.
7/21/2010 9:56:17 AM
Kris Klemm United States
Kris Klemm
My dad, 67, had taken a tumble in the driveway and hit his head, torn his rotator cuff and scuffed up his hands.  He went to immediate care and they found nothing wrong; he was on the road to recovery.  
Several months later I was staying with my dad and nephew over a long weekend while my mom and sister were at a scrapbooking event.  I noticed dad was shuffling his feet while he walked, moving very slowly and not able to hold items very well in his left hand.  On Monday mom took dad to the doctor; he ran more tests.  
My folks got home and the phone rang, the doctor said, "come back to the hospital, NOW".  
Once at the hospital they prepped dad for brain surgery (he had a hematoma that had developed from his fall and it was covering nearly the entire right hemisphere of his brain).  Much to the amazement of the medical team, dad walked in to the hospital (they had never seen a patient with such a large hematoma that was still ambulatory and speaking).  
I was on business travel and could not get to my dad before the surgery.  Several members of my team saw my distress and many of them prayed right then and there for my dad and family (quite amazing given that I work in a secular environment).  
Dad is now fully recovered and back to his normal self. Keeping his 1 acre yard beautiful and going to the gym with mom 3 days a week.
Wow, God helped me see dad's uncharacterictic weakness.
Wow, God put doctors in place who found the problem and successfully operated on dad.
Wow, God showed me many fellow Christians in my work group.
Wow, God put dad back on the road to recovery.
Like we say in my family:  "It's a God thing".
7/21/2010 10:07:56 AM
Malonye United States
Many years ago, my father, Don had hit my mother, Marie, in the nose nearly killing her. This prompted my mother to file for a divorce. My father had threatened to kill her many times while in the process of the divorce. During this tumultuous time, my sister, Dianne, kept having dreams that our father would come to the backdoor of our house and he had a gun in his hand. In the dream, she would run to the front door, unlock and open it, and would run down the street to the local police station 5 blocks away. She would then wake up. Then it happened! He came to the back door (my brother spoke with my father.) My sister, as in the dream, ran to the front door, unlocked it, opened it, and ran out the door, leaving the door open. My father then came to my mother’s bedroom. (I was in the bedroom with her that night.) He took her into the living room as I sat screaming “NO!” My mother pulled away from him and she ran out the open door pushing the screen door out of her way as she ran. My father, still standing in the living room, shot through the screen door and still hit her. My sister was at the police station, just as in the dream.
The doctors gave us no hope. BUT, my mother is a Christian. When visiting her in ICU, my sister said my mother had a vision. My mother said “I saw him.” “You saw who?” asked my sister. My mother replied “He reached out his hand to me and then said ‘No, it’s not your time.’”
My mother should not have survived the shots to the skull and spine and if she did she should have been a vegetable. BUT God touched her in a phenomenal way by healing her to the point where she could walk with a cane, went back to work and even completed an Associate’s Degree in college while working.
Having seen the hand of God in such an extraordinary, both my sister and I have given our lives to Jesus. We have many family members who believers in Christ as well. This miracle has had long term eternal affects on many. My God still use it today.
7/21/2010 10:38:05 AM
Cindy United States
I have recently become unemployed due to the closing of a small rural school district.  Since I have two children and a granddaughter that I help to support this is a major problem.  I believe in prayer and have prayed for God to take care of everything- which is alot.  We found out in February that the school would be closing in May, and God has been very busy taking care of things.  My son will be attending college in a nearby city this year, so the place to move was decided (save room and board).  Our house sold quickly, which was a miracle in itself, we found a place to rent in the new town(partly because I used a former paster as a reference who has ties to this neighborhood that I was not aware of), my daughter was unemployed one week and has a terrific full time job now, my son has partial work to help with golf fees until college starts, and my granddaughter started daycare for the first time today.  She had always been cared for by family where we had lived.  All that we need now is me a job.  I walked into an interview by accident yesterday for a job I would have not even known about. I know that all things will work out and that helps to keep the worry down.  I don't see how people manage the stress of life without faith in God and I believe his hand is in everything that is happening in my life.
7/21/2010 12:42:56 PM
Jelena Germany
When I still hadn't converted to God, I got raped by my then-time boyfriend. Many years later (in the meanwhile I was a Christian) I wondered if that situation had turned out differently if men would have seen what had happened and the rape wouldn't have happened in the privacy of my "boyfriend's" home.
After weeks of wondering, God in a flashback led me back into the original situation. BUT after the "first half" of that experience, where I still hadn't been raped, but beaten that hard, that I didn't think I would survive (which I only saw in that flashback and didn't sense again), He changed the flashback (my beating experience) before I got raped into a movie (how the outcome would have been if men had seen what happened to me).
In this movie a professional athlete appeared who also (additional to his life-earning sport) has a black belt in judo. He mixed in and prevented that way that I was raped. When the movie was over, I had understood men would have mixed in.
But there was another thing that made me think about it some days longer. I had seen that this athlete in the movie had the age he really had on the day when I was raped. So he was in the movie still a teenie. Now I was asking myself: "Did he at the age of 16 already have the ability to really get me out of the situation or was that my wishful thinking cause I know that in the meanwhile he really can do that?" Only a few days later I read an interview with a taekwondo athlete who said there that he got his black belt at the age of 16. And they both had started their sport nearly at the same age. So now I knew that my helper really had the knowledge to get me out of that situation.
Every time when I think about that movie I can only say WOW God, I am amazed how realistic God made this movie and I know that I know that God is a living God.
7/22/2010 6:36:47 AM
Jenny United States
I wanted to tell this story as encouragement for my husband, who is planning to return to school to become a paramedic... 7 years ago, my twins were born 9 weeks early.  Miraculously, they came home from the NICU after only 4 weeks.  However, exactly one week after bringing them home, I was about to fall asleep when God told me to check the babies one more time.  My son was completely purple.  I screamed for my husband who worked odd hours, and just happened to be home.  He ran in and started CPR as if it were second nature.  He brought him back after only about 20 seconds.  My husband still teases me to this day about the incident because I actually asked him if I should call 911!  I keep trying to explain to him that once he had our son, I knew he was safe, and he would be okay.  It's amazing how all the pieces of our family and of our time together fits together so perfectly.
7/22/2010 6:46:23 AM
Victoria United States
8 yrs ago this past April our oldest son, now 24, was in a horrific car accident.  My husband and I had just gotten home from work and the phone rang.  It was an "unknown name and number", we NEVER pick those up.  For some reason my husband did.  It was the Chaplin from the trauma center in Denver, he said we needed to get there now. Later that night after several hrs in surgery we were told he wasn't going to live.  At 12:20am his girlfriend, one of the other passengers, was taken off life support, at that very moment our son took a turn for the better.  He never went backwards, he continued to move forward and after a month in the hospital came home.  GOD is Awesome, Great, Wonderful, Almighty!!!
7/22/2010 6:46:35 AM
Marsha Tallant United States
Marsha Tallant
When my daughter was one week shy of her first birthday she became very sick with a virus. I had taken her to the doctor who had prescribed an antibiotic. The next morning she was worse - she was burning up. I went to get the thermometer and when I returned her eyes had rolled back in her head. (As a young mother I did not realize that she had gone into a fever-inducted comma.) Her temperature at that point was 105. I thought that I better get her ready to go back to the doctor and since the doctor had prescribed the medication I wanted to be able to tell him I had given her the medicine - so I did. She immediately stopped breathing and began to turn blue. I assumed that she was so sick she just died.

I picked her up and ran out my front door screeming, "She's dead!" Walking past the front of my house at that moment was a paramedic and his friend. He immediately grabbed her and ordered his friend to call the police because they would get her to the hospital faster. He cleared her airway (of the medicine) and began CPR. She began to breathe although shallow. All the way to the hospital he urged her to keep breathing. Within two hours after getting to the hospital she was totally recovered. She is now 40 yet everytime I recall that day it seems like yesterday.

Only God could have urged that paramedic to take a walk in the direction of my house that day. He is so awesome!
7/22/2010 6:47:45 AM
Susan Rutherford Wilkinson United States
Susan Rutherford Wilkinson
Susan Rutherford Wilkinson, Ellisville, MS

God moved in His Almighty Way several years ago when our 5-year old grandson, Coley, was kicked in the forehead by a horse, on their farm. The Holy Spirit surely moved across my daughter as she stayed very calm, placed and held a shirt across his head, yelled for help from neighbors and called for an ambulance. Hours later as our families gathered at the emergency room and meet with a triage doctor at the hospital where he had been airlifted, they explained that it looked worse than they were lead to believe. We all sat together and continued praying - without ceasing - as we waited. In a short while the sergeon came out to talk to the parents - he was smiling and explained that the injury was much less extensive than they had first thought and everything looked good. Right then we claimed an absolute healing! Even in the several days he stayed in the hospital the doctors were amazed at how well he was doing and at his fast recovery. I tell everyone this amazing story and our claim of healing as a witness to God's promise to take care of His people when they meet Him in prayer and believe. "But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven." Matthew 10:33
7/22/2010 6:49:30 AM
evelyn United States
everyday my husband Calvin goes for his lunchwalk to relax and do his prayers.... this one September, 2009 day his co-workers called to join him.... Now Calvin enjoys his walks, working out everyday and eat healthy....just into their walk 5 minutes my husband collapse... Thanks be to God that my husband co-worker was a EMT -- certified CPR medical person... Able to perform CPR till the ambulance show up only 5 minutes later.... Calvin was in Intensive Care for 1-wk and today he has a clean bill of health, no restriction and back to work.... in 2-wks Calvin will be Baptize.... Praise be to God!!! Evelyn, wife
7/22/2010 6:49:45 AM
Bryan Smith United States
Bryan Smith
I am a paramedic in northern California.  Contrary to what most people believe, we don't get to save lives on a daily basis.  It's more often that I am telling a family member of the passing of their loved one.  This was not one of those!  My partner and I were returning to our station from the hospital and the traffic was horrible on the freeway, we took a surface street.  We had just passed a restaurant on this road as a call for a "fall victim" came down at that location.  We responded, flipped the ambulance into the parking lot and walked in with our gear.  An off duty fire fighter from a nearby department was leaning over a woman, performing CPR.  We were able to jump in and within 2 minutes had her pulse back and she was breathing.  We transported her to the hospital and I am happy to say that we were able to meet her some months later.  There are so many things that had to be "just right" for that to happen, you know it had to be God telling her it was not time to come home.
7/22/2010 6:50:35 AM
Kathy United States
I remember a time when God placed people right where they were needed.  While in college, a friend and I were driving from Atlanta, Georgia back to Oklahoma.  It was LATE at night and we were 30 miles from home, and our car started slowing down.  We didn't know what to do, two 20-year old women by ourselves on a turnpike with little traffic at night.  We put our flashers on, and drove the car until it died several miles later.  A car had started to slow with us, and stopped a little ahead of us.  Holey Moses, what do we do now?  It was dark and we couldn't see much.  We waited until they got out of their car.  Turns out they were 4 high school-age guys on their way home from a Christian Concert!!!  They tried to help fix our car, and when that didn't work, they drove us the rest of the way home.  Of all the people we could have met on that dark night, God orchestrated it all!
7/22/2010 6:51:49 AM
Amy United States
My GOD WOW is happening this week:

I have been stressed, anxious, worrisome over something going on in my life right now...

Tuesday, the Bible verse that popped into my head was Psalm 47:10a 'Be still and know that I am God'.

Wednesday, after having a bit of a meltdown over my situation, I happened to go into my email and in BOLD was my daily Bible verse from K-LOVE, Phil 4:6 'Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.'
Immediately after reading that verse, the song that came on K-LOVE was 'Walk by Faith' by Jeremy Camp. Needless to say the tears started up again, but this time they were tears of relief, joy and thankfulness that I have such an AWESOME GOD who loves and adores me!

And then today, the daily K-LOVE Bible verse?  
1 Peter 5:7 'Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you'

THANK YOU LORD for all the reminders!  THANKS BE TO GOD!
7/22/2010 6:52:01 AM
Sherry Jones United States
Sherry Jones
My God moments are so many, I could hardly narrow it down to one, but about 4 yrs ago my husband and I had a garden in our back yard and my dad would come daily and work in it.  One Sat. morning I went to check on him, and he said he was having a heart attack.  He wanted to pass out but I kept him away.  We live in a small town in KY and our hospital is limited, but that morning when my Dad arrived, he was met by one of the best heart doctors in the country, and when he checked my Dad out, he found that it was not just a heart attack, but that his actual heart had RUPTURED and most of his blood was in his chest.  He called the heart surgeon who just HAPPENED to be in the hospital, and he told me that people whose heart rupture don't make it to the hospital...and they gave him a 5% chance to make it through surgery.  BUT GOD brought him through!!!  Even the orderly who cleaned up the O.R.  came to see the "miracle man".  Dad's story ended up in the medical journal.  My Dad is in heaven today...but the Lord gave me all those extra precious years with him....HE delivered.
7/22/2010 6:57:15 AM
alexandra mayden United States
alexandra mayden
I had my wow God moment yesterday. Im half way through my EMT class when the school informed me that they were not granting me my financial aid money and that I owe them $800 and that I wouldnt be able to finish the paramedic prgram. I had to fill out an appeal form and wait two weeks. I broke down crying. I have been in school for six years and changed my major from nursing to Paramedic. I am ready to be done and serve the Lord by saving lives. Well yesterday I got the letter and they approved me so I get to stay. I was having a worship party in the car while listening to Klove. I praised Him and thought this is His way of proving to me that I am on the path that God wants me to be on. I know it maybe a small thing but I am still on cloud 9 today and thanking God every minute.
7/22/2010 7:04:59 AM
Karl United States
God gave my wife and I a wow story which has not ended yet. Lisa, you can relate to this story. I know your story being from central florida, and all you went through. My wife and have no children. We feel God has called us into foster care, hoping one day, we will be blessed with a girl of our own. As a United Methodist pastor we get moved around every few years. Three years ago we were moved, upon moving we had to give up two precious little girls. Those girls were part of our life for over a year, as we waited for the state to decide on their fate. We figured God had a bigger plan. After a year with no children, my wife was diagnosed with an agressive form of cancer. We knew at this point- God knew we could not have children to go through what was to come. A week after surgery we were blessed with a teen-age girl which could help my wife (We would have never taken a teen girl before this). This was a blessing as we watched God transform a young lady that had been places we would never want to go, into a child touched by the heart of Christ. God turned her life completely around. The transfomation brought her to a place where she realized she needed a complete change. This young lady realized that she needed to remover herself from her friends, who did not want to let her go, and the people she wanted to be with, did not want to be with her because of her past.
Now here we are, it has been a challange because God has not given us anymore children. Then the dilemma was answered once more. Last month we found out the cancer had returned. My wife said, no more treatments. We are leaving it to the Lord as God continues to wow us. Keep our family in prayer, we know God has a plan, and when it is revealed to us, it will wow us like nothing we have ever experienced.  
7/22/2010 7:05:50 AM
Amber United States
Several Summers ago, my husband was driving home from work, got off the highway and got a green light at a light that we NEVER get green.  He headed over a bridge that takes him over the river that runs through the city of Dayton.  Being the fisherman that he is, he always glances over to see if anyone is fishing.  This day something didn't look right.  Two men were at the river's edge and they looked like they were struggling.  Nathan stopped at road, got out of his car and ran down the hill to the river's edge to see if he could help.  The men didn't need Nathan's help, they told him that the boy needed help and they couldn't swim; they pointed out towards the middle of the river.  My husband then saw a young boy, face down floating in the river.  Nathan called 911 and jumped in with out a thought.  He got to the boy, flipped him over and there was no life in him.  He pulled him to shore, flipped him over to do CPR and the boy started coughing.  God had Nathan there that day to save that boy. The next day he went to the hospital to visit him and share Jesus with him.  In the Summer of 1974, Nathan was a toddler when his parents found him flipped upside down in their pool. They saved his life. I love how God works!
7/22/2010 7:07:24 AM
Sue United States
It gives me goosebumps to hear all the God stories out there. My son Jason was born with a heart defect which wasn't discovered until he was 6 days old and very near death.  We were told he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which basically meant the left side of his heart was undeveloped, and he would die without a transplant or a surgery called the Norwood Procedure.  What a time of despair and uncertainty!  We chose the Norwood, which would require being transferred from Denver to Boston where it was performed, because we had family there.  A heart transplant scared us to pieces, but I felt I should speak to someone about the Norwood before making the final decision.  I called Boston Children's Hospital, was connected to the cardiac departement, told the gal on the phone what we were facing and that I'd like to speak to someone about more information, and one of the surgeons happened to be right there in the office!!!  He spoke to me very briefly, but the only words I remember are, "If it were my child, I'd choose the transplant." I felt God was speaking to me at that moment, and we went to our meeting with the cardiologiists and transplant coordinators and told them we would list our son for the transplant and why.  They were amazed that I had made this call and actually gotten through to a surgeon!  Six weeks later my son received his heart, and the surgeon told me that the condition of his birth heart was so bad that Jason would have died on the table if we had chosen to do the Norwood.  They weren't even sure how his existing heart allowed him to live at all with the damage and defective "plumbing."  God touched me many times during that emotional, difficult time, but I know that God changed the course of our lives by speaking through that surgeon in Boston, and through it all we've learned how to live by faith in Christ!  Praise God!!
7/22/2010 7:13:40 AM
Crystal United States
In my "Wow, God" moment, God used KLOVE!  I was a stay-at-home mom who worked part-time as a college instructor.  That day, work had been rough- and my 2 kids were at home needing supper, bath, etc...  I got to the traffic light a few blocks from home while it was red.  I stopped, and my favorite song (at the time) came on KLOVE.  I fiddled with the settings on my radio so I could hear it better.  As I was doing this, the light turned green - but there was no one behind me, so I didn't take off immediately like I ALWAYS do.  When I finished messing with the radio, I looked up and started to ease off the brakes -- just in time to see a pickup with oversized tires and a big grill guard run his red light at over 50 mph.  It all happened in seconds, but "Wow, God" - if it hadn't been for that song (which I don't even remember anymore), I would have been right in the truck's path, and my story would have had a very different end...  
7/22/2010 7:14:49 AM
Melissa Stout United States
Melissa Stout
I wanted to share my God moment too.  When my daughter was born 16yrs ago, that was my God moment.  I went to the dr for a check up and they put me in the hospital immediately.  My blood pressure was going thru the roof and they were worried about my baby.  I was in labor but the pregnancy wasn't going the way it should've.  Well at 4:37pm my daughter was taking by c-section, when they took her she was not breathing and they had to recesitate her.  They couldn't figure out why when they suctioned her they kept getting stuff out of her lungs.  There happend to be a dr from another city at the hospital that day and seen what was going on.  Her esoghagus was connected to her lungs instead of her stomach so everything was going strait to her lungs.  They sent my baby to Memphis and left me at the hospital I was at 300miles away from her.  They wanted to give me some pain medicine and what they gave me I had before, but this day I had a reaction to it and started seizing.  God worked his miracles as he always does.  Well, during all this (and this is the Big God moment) my dad, who I had know idea was using drugs, I knew he was an alcoholic, was lying in his room and asked God to please let his daughter and granddaughter live and he would get his life right.  He said, he lying there on the bed and God put him through d-tox right at that moment, it lasted about 5 hours, this is the same amount of time that it took for the 3 surgeries that my daughter underwent, lasted.  God saved 3 people that day and we've been living our life for him ever since.  Even when the dr's said that my daughter would not make it, if she did she'd have to have heart surgery because she had a hole in her heart that "would never close".  God is awesome and with all these wonderful stories, I don't know how someone could even question if there is a God or not.  
7/22/2010 7:17:55 AM
ARYN United States
Here is an amazing god story about 6 months ago we started a sister church with my associate pastor and his wife a total of 6 people. About three months in to our new church our pastor and his wife came to us and told us that (they had a dream that was hers) that they wanted to see come to life.  The dream is a home for unwedmothers and their children all expenses paid. This home is so they can go to college and get a career with out worries of where they are going to live and where they are going to get daycare for their children. So we as a small church decided to get it going. Within 28 days we had a 3brm place we furnished with good quality furniture for under 1000 for all of the furniture, and the girls moved in all in less than a month.  Now three months later still going on strong and loving it.  How I love when gods hands are upon us when we need it most.
7/22/2010 7:26:25 AM
Tara United States
There are many God moments in my life, but one that truly stands out happened in the fall of 2000. I was traveling with a group of ladies from my church to a Beth Moore conference in Hot Springs, AR from Forrest City, AR. Along our way on Interstate 40 (the busiest interstate in the nation) our van of about 12 ladies witnessed a three car collision just in front of us, that was caused due to construction on the interstate. The truck directly in front of us, hit a mini van which flipped in front of us after colliding with the vehicle in front of it! The passenger in the van, that did a complete flip was flung out and the van landed on part of her leg in the median. Her husband was buckled in and only banged up. We of course screamed, cried out to God almighty, and began to pray fervently. As we prayed, the van began to rock from side to side and she managed to slide her leg out and make her way to the middle of the median. The mini van at the very front of collision was filled with about 4 or 6 senior citizens that were buckled and were not injured at all. The truck that rear-ended the mini van that flipped had a very small baby (about 2 months old) and only a sprinkling of glass...no cuts, no injuries to the sweet baby girl, her mother, or her grandmother who were headed to Little Rock for a Dr's appointment! Our van driver of ladies from my church is a nurse. We used my pillow case to stop the bleeding from a cut on the head of the lady that was trapped under her mini van....as we were administering first aid, it was seriously as if these angels appeared all around us. We were all traveling west bound when the wreck occurred. As we were checking on everyone, these men and women came out of their cars and showed up behind each one of us and truly felt like angels. They were EMT's! They had just gotten out of an Annual EMT conference in Little Rock and were all headed back to Eastern Arkansas and Memphis, TN. They took over and boy where we thankful! The lady only had a mild concussion and mild fracture on her leg, I believe. Her injuries could have been much worse. As we got to the Beth Moore Conference, which was definitely worth getting to, a sweet group of older ladies behind us heard our story and taught me Psalms 34:7 which says, the Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and rescues them.  God truly showed up and showed out! I love that about our God. There are NO coincidences, where His power is concerned. Praise those who feel called to become Emergency responders and for those angels encamping around all those involved on that fall day in 2000.
7/22/2010 7:27:16 AM
Cheryl United States
Only God can do such incredible things.... A very close friend of our family, and former pastor, was mowing his grass, he lives on a corner lot.  While mowing next to the street corner he collapsed with a heart attack.  At that exact moment a nurse pulled up to the corner & saw the whole thing.  She jumped out of the car & started CPR, her daughter called 911. All of this took place even before his wife, who was home, even knew what was going on.  He recovered completely.  God's timeing is amazing!  No one else could have orchestrated such perfect timing.
Thank you Lord for being all when need all the time!
7/22/2010 7:32:27 AM
Robin United States
My marriage of 28 years ended in February. We separated last July. This is my story of God's miraculous love and provision for a broken heart. Just after the separation, my heart was so sad each time I saw my bare left hand. I told my mother that I needed to buy a ring so it wouldn't look so BARE! She told me to save some money and buy a really nice ring. But, God had a different plan. That very night, my bible study group was meeting in my home. They had no idea that my husband had been leading a double life. Everyone was there that night so I only had to tell the story once. At the end of the evening, a beautiful yound lady stepped forward and said "I want you to have this ring...it's yours, size it, keep it." She had no idea that she was being used by God to give me a very special gift. I told her immediately what the ring was and we all started crying. No one in the group new that I was wrestling with the sadness of a bare left hand. The ring has a pearl in the center (that's me), 3 silver leaves (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and two diamonds (the Father's eyes). The young lady said she wasn't going to be at group that night, but told her husband she felt like they needed to be there, so they went, not knowing how God was going to use her in such a loving way. I've never had the ring sized, because I don't want to leave it anywhere...I wear it on my middle finger as a constant reminder of who the love of my life is...my heavenly Father.
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