Jul 23 2010

the K-LOVE car in Indianapolis this weekend!

It's the #81 K-LOVE Car with driver Michael McDowell!  We are proud to join forces with Michael and the 81 team to help raise awareness of both Michael and the team who are clearly serving God and desire to make Him known in the NASCAR community.  It will also be an opportunity for thousands to find out about K-LOVE, too. 

Look for Michael and the car in Indianapolis Saturday at O'Reilly Raceway Park. And please pray for Michael and the team--for safety, wisdom, and Godspeed.


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7/8/2010 6:43:06 AM
Matt Freer United States
Matt Freer
how cool(:
7/8/2010 6:46:21 AM
Nancy Suby-Bohn United States
Nancy Suby-Bohn
Iowa Speed Way (Newton, IA) has a ministry team!


I went to my first Iowa Corn Indy 250 on Father's Day and was in awe they opened the race in prayer.

Didn't know I was becoming a racing fan.  Will you be racing in Newton?

NASCAR Nationwide Hauler Parade
Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Time:

USARacing Pro Cup Series
Friday, July 30, 2010 - Time: 8:00 PM

U.S. Cellular 250 NASCAR Nationwide Series
Saturday, July 31, 2010 - Time: 6:30 PM
7/8/2010 6:59:31 AM
Tara Hogue United States
Tara Hogue
This is SO COOL! My mom and I are NASCAR fans, and hopefully we'll be watching when the K-LOVE car races.
7/8/2010 7:00:43 AM
Mike Denny United States
Mike Denny
I'm a big Nascar fan and a Huge fan of K Love and I think this is a pretty awesome combination. Good luck to Michael McDowell. We will be pulling for yah.
7/8/2010 7:02:34 AM
Mark MacDonald United States
Mark MacDonald
This is awesome! Michael's a great Christian witness -- and a NASCAR driver I follow! Now my favorite radio station and my favorite driver are together -- too good to be true! Praying for both of you.
7/8/2010 7:13:48 AM
Brian Neuwirth United States
Brian Neuwirth
Even if you're not a NASCAR fan, this is pretty cool!   I am praying for great exposure for both Michael McDowell and K-LOVE.
7/8/2010 7:16:51 AM
Paul Leisure United States
Paul Leisure
Great to see K-Love is involved with NASCAR.  

Another future great is a young Christian lady named Sloan Henderson who will surpass Danica Patrick in the near future.  

Sloan is currently on the June cover of SUSIE magazine (a Christian magazine for teen girls begun by Focus on the Family Ministries).  Sloan is recognized in Ohio as a future racing legend, and at age 17, she is on her way to national prominence.  This past January, Sloan was honored in Daytona as a top female driver for making NASCAR history.

Most of all, Sloan is a dedicated Christian who considers her driving skills as an opportunity for ministry!
7/8/2010 8:24:52 AM
Dianne United States
I am a Nascar fan and well as a K-Love fan, however, Nascar sponsorships, I thought, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It appears that K-Love is the sole sponsor of the car.  How is it possible for K-Love to spend so much money on this venture?  I agree that thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people will see the car, but is that much money wise when you're a listener supported station?
7/8/2010 10:56:49 AM
maggie United States
god bless!! now i have a car to cheer for!!!
7/8/2010 11:12:53 AM
Misty Trent United States
Misty Trent
I heard about the K-Love sponsored car this morning on my way to class. I just wanted to say I think it is Awesome Smile  I will pray for the driver and K-Love. I pray that people will see it and tune in to the radio station. I listen everyday and K-love has inspired me with my walk with Jesus Smile
7/8/2010 11:34:56 AM
Shannon United States
Exciting stuff!  Good luck this weekend.  Where can I buy some MM Motorsports / KLOVE shirts.
7/8/2010 11:45:05 AM
Kimberly G. United States
Kimberly G.
Our family are huge race fans. So, when we can root for someone that we know for sure is Christian and not afraid to "advertise" for Jesus is incredible!  
7/8/2010 1:33:48 PM
Ray R. United States
Ray R.
The racing sponsorship is exciting. I'm definitely a fan! God bless and protect on the speedways.
7/8/2010 6:54:54 PM
Barry United States
I think it will be awesome to see a KLOVE car on the track.I hope this is just the beginning for KLOVE in nascar.
7/8/2010 7:13:19 PM
Janet United States
Not a Nascar fan by much but this car is AWESOME and I pray that it fullfills  the message that it is about...God Bless the driver and crew!!
7/8/2010 8:50:32 PM
marie h ramirez United States
marie h ramirez
I'd like to say you made my whole day by having Drew Brees on your show. You see my dream was that The New Orleans Saints made it to the Superbowl and they did! I am so thankful. I lived in Louisiana for 13 to 15 years of my life and The Saints have always been my favorite team and even though I live in California now I represent the Saints all the way. You could say I'm a diehard. I had my whole church praying for The Saints this year and wasn't at all embarrassed to wear the jerseys each Sunday just so they would see who I was talking about. I love the team and the reason being is I lived through some of the tragedies and I could always count on them to make me a part of their family even though they didnt know me. I have alot of sulviners. and I carry them all over my car here in Fresno, Ca. Thank you so much.
7/9/2010 5:38:50 AM
Kim Elderkin United States
Kim Elderkin
I think it's great that you are sponsoring Michael.  You may also want to throw your support out to Morgan Shepard.  Morgan has been racing for years.  He drives #89 - Racing for Jesus is on the hood of his cars and Searching for Souls is on the back.  He is a man of godly principles and his main goal is bringing people to Christ.  Usually he does everything on his own - but other drivers have helped him out with tires, loaning pit crew personnel and more.  Morgan needs financial support and prayer support so he can continue his wonderful ministry.
7/9/2010 7:55:04 AM
nici United States
Truly awesome!!!!
7/9/2010 7:56:38 AM
Lisa Vaughn United States
Lisa Vaughn
Love the car. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/9/2010 8:05:52 AM
Doug United States
I have always loved NASCAR but have fallen away from it the last several years when my driver retired. But now I will be back to watching it and now rooting for Michael! Who is now my favorite driver! TOO COOL, my favorite radio station and driver are together! I am a business team member and use K-LOVE to help reach my customers and bring them to know the GREAT LOVE of MY SAVIOR! Thanks for all that you do at K-LOVE!!!
7/9/2010 8:06:32 AM
Vance United States
Dianne, the Nationwide series (where the #81 races) doesn't cost anywhere near as much as the Sprint Cup series.

Good luck to Michael and the #81...and I'm with Kim--Morgan Shepherd has been racing the #89 Racing With Jesus car in the same series for years with very little support--most weeks, with no support.  Send some prayers and support his way, too!  
7/9/2010 9:04:36 AM
Kay United States
How cool is that! Woot!! I don't generally watch the Nationwide, but I think I'll take a peak this week. That's so freakin awesome K-LOVE!! NASCAR has always stood out as a Christian sport. I think the majority of teams, crews, racers, owners are believers. I think it a wonderful thing K-LOVE is doing!

Dianne, even if it did cost a lot, God can provide and has. Just think about how many people are going to see that and come to K-LOVE to look. Think about all the people this has possibility of touching. God is good!  
7/9/2010 10:30:48 AM
Anita McCarty United States
Anita McCarty
Joe Gibbs Racing has a car racing in the Nationwide West Series, driven by a young driver named Blake Koch, and sponsored by GodSpeaks.com, I am Second, and DayStar. Not only does the car put God in front of lots of spectators, but this young driver provides an amazing testimony of his faith.  I was fortunate enough to meet him at an Atlanta race last year. It's so great to know that NASCAR still stands on Godly principles.
7/9/2010 1:14:04 PM
magon United States
7/10/2010 5:58:55 AM
Rita United States
It is awesome to see KLove & Michael McDowell together in NASCAR! I can't wait to see them representing our Lord and Savior in Victory Lane!
7/10/2010 6:09:59 PM
Rachel United States
We are watching and looking... If only they'd slow down! ha! not!
7/10/2010 8:02:15 PM
Gary United States
Thank Good! Now I have  race cars to support Klove Michael Mcdowell Number 81 And my Compony Lowes race car Jimmy Johson number 48. Now it is time to pray for Driving Safety And Winning Teams.God place Angles all around Our Drivers and there cars.
7/11/2010 6:53:10 AM
Galen Gidman United States
Galen Gidman
I notice some people saying that K-Love is spending hundreds of thousands on this sponsorship, and wondering who is supporting that. While it's true that the sponsorship of a big-name Sprint Cup Series driver would cost hundreds of thousands, I'm quite sure that K-Love is not paying that much for this deal.

Micheal McDowell, while being a great man, is not one of the top drivers in that series and that is not the top series. Micheal's team is a very low-income organization - I've heard him say that they only bring $20,000 to the racetrack each week. So I'm guessing that at the most, this cost K-Love $25,000-$30,000.

Good luck Micheal - may God bless you!
7/12/2010 1:38:40 PM
Lee United States
met Michael on the KLOVE Friends and Family Music Cruise in February-great guy!! and what a great combination KLOVE, NASCAR and Michael McDowell!
7/12/2010 3:19:24 PM
GodsGirl United States
WOW! COOL! I'm not a NASCAR fan but I HAVE to see klove race! WOO WOO! Go Micheal!
7/16/2010 8:40:05 AM
Paul H. Colombia
Paul H.
That´s great......congrats Guys!!!... HUGS from Bogotá, Colombia.
7/16/2010 8:42:11 AM
Ryan Keller United States
Ryan Keller
I am a huge NASCAR fan and have been for years. It is so exciting to know that one of the fastest growing sports in America has KLOVE sponsoring a car.

I was just wondering where I can purchase this diecast. Smile

Good Luck, Michael.
From Ryan, Chrissy, Emma (in glory forever), and Wyatt (3 days old).
7/17/2010 9:53:38 AM
Broke India
Great blog, can't wait to read more next visit!
7/18/2010 11:52:21 AM
Kelly United States
Awesome car!! Smile
7/18/2010 5:03:04 PM
Karen Green United States
Karen Green
I think this is GREAT especially when there are so many who aren't following GODS will in car racing and some just want fame and money and put their Love in betting and bar pools on driversFrown. like the ones I've met which include my old boyfriend and his family that tried to put me down through my disability. When I relayed to them that GOD was in control not the doctors and I would rise up Victoriously in His time and GOD was just NOT finished with me yet!!Smile They are so skeptical of K-LOVE much less other things about K-LOVE and especially having a car, so I say to them and others who think this way: With GOD All Things are Possible and if they believed this maybe they would go farther than their skepticism....Go GOD....GO K-LOVE....Go Mike McDowell. Oh by the way, I tried to find the race and Him Saturday night and didn't see him but turned it on too late maybe?
GOD Bless You All who are spreading GODS Love and Word through K-Love and in so many lives you come in contact with including my dau and mine.
7/18/2010 7:36:17 PM
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p90x workout dvd
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7/23/2010 3:14:55 PM
piratejoe United States
That's a massively good looking car!  I hope KLOVE can sponsor the car at more tracks.
7/23/2010 5:21:37 PM
Laurie United States
Hello!  We regularly watch Inside NASCAR on Showtime.  It's a weekly show.  This week's episode had a TV rating of PG.  Yet just in to the show they played driver radio communications that was so full of profanity it even offended me!  One F-word after another!  There was no Viewer Discretion warning, and certainly not an appropriate rating.  

What can we do to get Showtime to either tone down the profanity or be responsible in their TV ratings?  NASCAR is viewed by all ages and that's just not right.

Thank you KLOVE for encouraging Michael McDowell!  We'll watch for him this weekend.
7/24/2010 4:19:46 AM
Jelena Germany
To all those who criticise K-Love for sponsoring Michael: If you heard the interview Lisa made with him on Friday you could have realised that K-Love is ONE of his sponsors. He tries to recruit sponsors every week. Following him on his facebook-page I know how he struggles to get more sponsors. He clearly talked about it in the interview with Lisa as well. So I'm sure that K-Love is NOT spending hundreds of thousands of Dollars.

Thanks K-Love for promoting Jesus in NASCAR
7/24/2010 5:18:46 PM
Mig Riegsecker United States
Mig Riegsecker
We have been NASCAR fans for over 25 years.  My husband has worked the MIS track for 20 years.  So nice to have a new car to follow.  Go #81.  I am a big fan of KLOVE!
7/25/2010 8:55:21 PM
J Randall United States
J Randall
Its not being a critic. It is wondering how every few months they have pledge drives begging for money to stay on the air.And by the way that money doesnt belong to K-Love it belongs to God and I dont think he would be spending it on something so materialistic as a race car. I Just want to know how many stations could be opened up with the money they use for this car. And to waste prayers on fruitless things such as a car race. What a waste. We are currently in 4 wars and fixing to start another one. I think the prayer wasted on a car race could be used tor better things such as our soldiers. America you had better wake up the end time is here and you will be spending your time sponsering race cars with Gods money and watching them run around the track while he comes back.. You better check your spiritual clock it is TICKING LOUD RIGHT NOW...
7/26/2010 3:20:25 AM
lisa United States
not sure how much (if any) money is going to the race team.

it's the same as K-LOVE billboards, bumper stickers, or promotions' personnel who get the word out about K-LOVE.  it gets K-LOVE's name out there, with hopes that it will draw people to klove.com or the local frequency, and they hear the gospel.

i don't think that it's wrong to pray for other Christians, anytime.

7/28/2010 8:59:57 AM
Melissa Vasquez United States
Melissa Vasquez
First off i want to say THANK YOU to K-LOVE...they not only make it easy for me to start my day but my four year olds day as well his words "Mama can i get me some K-Love!" not only is it his favorite radio station they have a race car too, he is all over this! We are all priceless in the eyes of our Father and if it can bring one soul to Christ than he would say it is worth it. Colossians 1;10
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