Aug 09 2010

Tony Dungy - Being a Mentor Leader

If you missed our chat with Tony Dungy, listen to highlights through the links below ...

His book "The Mentor Leader"

Fearful and intimidated by being a mentor?

True leadership & the need for mentors

Tony's advice for coaches, plus his pick to win the Super Bowl

Tony Dungy is one of three men in the history of the National Football League to win a Super Bowl as a player and as a head coach.  But beyond his accolades on the field, Tony has probably made his biggest impact through his unwavering commitment to Christ and desire to help others.  Tony joined us this morning to discuss one of his passions - being a mentor leader.  To learn more about Tony and is latest book "The Mentor Leader", check out this link.

 Here's Tony with Eric's family

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8/9/2010 10:58:18 AM
ginny starr United States
ginny starr
I love to see that you truely make Christ the center of your life,and lead by example.
8/9/2010 1:36:09 PM
Delivery Driver Jobs United Kingdom
Delivery Driver Jobs
I am a very big fan of Tony and would like to wish him the best have loved watching his play!

8/10/2010 5:03:43 AM
Ursula United States
About little notes/letters that stay with you.
In boarding school, as my class was preparing for what we call the GCE A level (the final exam all upper sixth form students take in Ghana, Africa to gain admission to University: Note less than 15 percent of students who take this exam gain admission to the limited number of schools) my friend who had graduated some years before me sent me a card in which she wrote: "Pray like it all depends on God, Work like it all depends on you". To this date, whenever i am preparing for something challenging I always remember this.
8/10/2010 6:02:30 AM
Ken Weigert United States
Ken Weigert
I have such respect for Tony Dungy.  He is not just a great football legend, but a fantastic example of what God can do in a man totally devoted to Him.  We, as Christians, need more men and women to be mentors to growing believers.
Thanks for having Tony on the show.
8/10/2010 6:46:43 AM
Jodi United States
I am a teacher and my mom gave me a note in August 2004 before school started (along with a little angel figurine). It says, "Here's to a great year! God has put you in a position to help many children and be a friend to the other teachers. You are a true example to me. Love, Mom" What is even more special about this is that exactly one year later my mom and dad were killed in a car accident. My mom was my best friend - this note stays on my desk at school as a constant reminder of her love for me and the Lord.
8/10/2010 7:51:50 AM
Janet Ely United States
Janet Ely
I was the first girl behind 3 boys in a family of 5 children.  There are 4 years between me and my neares older brother and 8 years between me and our little sister.  My brothers and I did not have a close relation ship as a little sister just did not fit in.  There were 2 years between each of them and they were all pretty close.  After the 2 oldest had gotten married, the brother just above me went to Vietnam and when he left left I was just getting into high school so we still had not been anything other than fighting siblings.  Just before he came home a year later, he sent me a letter from and told me not to waste my highschool time like he had so that I would have options when I graduated.  That was a major turning point in how we treated each other from that point on.  To this day, we have a closer relationship with each other that with any of our other siblings.   I still have that letter.
8/10/2010 7:53:25 AM
Michelle Walz United States
Michelle Walz
I have such understanding and respect for Tony Dungy.  I myself have lost two family memebers who took their own lives.  My father happened to be one of them....3 months before his death.  He wrote me a poem on my wedding day. Even though that marriage did not last, the poem is in my album.  I have shared it with my children.  When ever I am a my low..I bring the poem out, read and I am lifted again.  

It was great to hear Tony on the show.
8/11/2010 7:50:18 AM
Lindy Giesser United States
Lindy Giesser
I was so blessed to hear Tony share on Monday.  When I was growing up the written word was not always positive.  I know very well how it can be very hurtful.  I have struggled with putting things in print because I realize the finality of it and how a person can read it over and over.  I was so touched to hear Tony and felt impressed for the first time to turn it around in my life and to use the written word as a blessing.  I sat down and wrote an encouraging note.  I was so blessed.  I have vowed to sit and write an encouraging note to someone for the next 365 days.  Thanks for what you do and how it blesses all who hear!!!  Keep it up!
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