Aug 11 2010

Wow, God! Special Deliveries

K-LOVE Morning Show Producer KC and his wife Jessica (pic below) are eagerly awaiting a "special delivery" - the birth of their first child, a baby girl (it could be happening at any moment)!  Got us thinking that you might have an awesome "Wow God" story involving a "special delivery" in your life.  Share yours here.

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8/11/2010 3:42:08 AM
Tara pangburn United States
Tara pangburn
In august of 2005, my sister in law and her husband had started looking into adoption but realized they would not be able to afford it. My nephew, who was 4 at the time, told his mom he was going to ask God for two brothers like one of his friends. This was a Wednesday. On that Sunday, a lady at church came up to them and asked if they were still interested in adoption. Of course they said yes. She told them that a lady who was involved in a teen moms ministry had a girl who wanted to give her twin boys up for adoption and they could take one home that day and the other one was in the hospital and they could go see him that day too. The twins became a part of our family that day. Four days after my nephew prayed for two brothers and we all thought "just one would be nice".
8/11/2010 4:04:52 AM
Gail Norris United States
Gail Norris
Back in 1992, we miscarried on August 20. Our faith carried us, but we were sincerely heartbroken and after several weeks we started trying for another baby! Smile)) As I was sitting in doc's room waiting to see how far along we were, he said we could expect this baby around Aug 20 the next yr. We asked God that not only would this baby be healthy but that he/she would not be born on that anniversary. Christopher Matthew Norris, Jr was born Aug 19!!!  Thank You, Lord Jesus!!!!  :-D
8/11/2010 4:08:13 AM
Ginny United States
Good Morning, My "Wow God" moment didn't hit me until several years after the fact.  I was 31 newly married, we hadn't really thought about having children but weren't really not trying.  I found out I was pregnant and went to my ob for my first apt.  After some tests they run at that fitst apt, I was told I had cervical cancer, by this time I was
8/11/2010 4:09:48 AM
Renee United States
I have what I believe is a "WOW" special delivery.  Sixteen years ago, we were expecting our first child.  At about 16 weeks gestation, doctors typically do a simple blood test to check for birth defects, downs syndrome, spina bifida, etc.  I'll never forget the name of this's the MSAFP (Maternal Serum Alpha Fetal Protein) test.  Long story short, my results came back abnormal, possibly indicating spina bifida.  The doctor wanted me to come to the hospital for genetic couseling as soon as possible.  My question was "Is there any other test that can tell us definitively?"  Yes, I could have an amniocentesis.  We opted for the amnio and he was our reasoning.  We felt like if there was a birth defect, we could prepare ourselves and there would be no surprises for the doctors who could then help our baby as best they could.  The amnio came back completely normal.  However, our baby decided to make his arrival at just 29 weeks.  I believed then and now that his prematurity was directly related to the amnio.  I had started leaking amniotic fluid at around 26 weeks and was hositalized at that time however was able to hold off until 29 weeks, weighing just 1 lb. 13 3/4 oz and was 13 3/4 in long!  And let me tell you, when they're that small, you don't just count the oz., you count the grams too!  We were young and so scared!  But as I said, that was sixteen years ago.  Spenser is now about 160 lbs!  Every time I look at him, I think "WOW, GOD."  And thank you GOD!
8/11/2010 4:10:47 AM
Matt Chaple United States
Matt Chaple
Our son Blake was born 6 1/2 weeks premature. The day he was born, December 29th 2007 I was back and forth from the hosptial a lot that day trying to prepare and got caught by a train on the way back. Once past the train, I flew to the hosptial and barely made it in the room in time to see my son born and cut the cord. Blake had to spend 34 days in the NICU due to his pre-maturity, but his fragile life and the fight in him brought my wife and I back to God, so much so that I am starting school for Seminary studies in January. Blake is an amazing child, and blesses us everyday along with our 10 month old Leah.
8/11/2010 4:19:33 AM
Ginny United States
Good Morning, My "Wow God" moment didn't hit me until several years after the fact.  I was 31, newly married and not really thinking about having children, I hadn't even thought of being someones "Mother."   We found out we were pregnant 3 months after we were married and were pretty excited.  After my first ob apt, I was told I had cervical cancer, lots of thoughts went through our minds, many late nights of conversation.  At this time I was not saved but had a relationship with God.  My doctor was able to do a biopsy of the cancer and remove the majority of the lesion, she told me that if I had not gotten pregnant when I did, I would have been dead within the next year or so.  It didn't hit me until my son was several years old that he was my "miracle baby".  The cancer would not have been found if I had not changed doctors to the ob as I had had regular tests that came back negative for any problems.   I was advised not to have more children as the cancer could return.  My son is now 14 and the center of our lives.  I have since surrendered my live to Christ and my son was baptised when he was 11.  All I can say now is "Wow"
8/11/2010 4:38:34 AM
Tamme Schroeder United States
Tamme Schroeder
Our third child was born 04-04-04 at 4:44 a.m.  Which is amazing in itself, but there is a lot more to the story.  I had two miscarriages between my first and second children.  They were my only planned pregnancies.  After the second miscarriage, I understood that I had to leave it to God.  Not long after I had my second child.  I have what I wanted - a boy and a girl - and that is where I wanted to stop.  But I had given all of the planning to God, and now I have five children.  I know that this is what he wanted because of the events surrounding the birth of my third child.  I had always looked for signs and patterns in numbers, and God gave me a clear one that I could not ignore.  She was born on April 4, 2004 at 4:44 a.m. (after a 2 a.m. time change even).  God definitely wanted me to have more than the two children that I wanted!
8/11/2010 5:55:47 AM
Janice Summers United States
Janice Summers
How beautiful!  It is such a great pleasure to be a vessel that God can use to house a miracle.  I am a very blessed mother of 3.  Olivia who is 8 and Alaina and Grant are now 6.  Some miracles come easy... some with trevail for The twins were my prayer for deliverence.  They weighed 7lbs 9oz and 7lbs 5 oz... (it didn't help that i am only 5'2") Each one of these children have a story of just how wonderfully protected by God they are.  He never leaves us nor forsakes us.  And they are true testimonies of His power.

I must say what a beautiful woman God chose to birth the K-love baby.  May God always be with you through every moment.  May He allow this baby to have her own testimony to share the love of God all the days of her life.
8/11/2010 6:06:47 AM
Sarah Pitzer United States
Sarah Pitzer
My husband and I had experienced a miscarriage.  We then found out we were pregnant a month after that and I was so scared that we would loose another baby, the first lost broke my heart, but we knew we had to start trying again...we were meant to have kids.  So we went to the doctors and they started watching me very carefully and we carried our little bundle of Joy until 36 weeks with no problem then I started to have problems with high blood pressure, and the doctor schedule to have me induced a week later.  At 37 weeks, on May17th 2007 we went to the hospital at 1p.m. and they got the ball 18 hours of labor with only some oral pain meds, they wanted me to have an epidural...which I had always said I didnt want to they finally talked me into it and at about 5:55am on May 18th, 2007 they brought me a paper to sign for my epidural....The last thing I remember is the nurse saying just sign on the line and me saying what line I dont see a line....and then I blacked out and had 2 seizures, by 6:15am they had me in surgery and ready to go for a c-section, but couldnt find an anestesialogist (Spelling?).  They lost my heartbeat and my sons heartbeat and were calling a code blue in the ob.  My mother who is a wonderful faithful woman of God and my Friend Jamie were outside my room praying and speaking in tonguse the whole time this was happening, they were so loud in their prayers that they were asked to go to the waiting room.  I know if it hadnt been for the prayers of those faithful women and my faithful father and many others that were called that night, my son and I may not be here today.....GOD IS AMAZING!!!! So to finish up an anest. that was getting ready to get off for the night heard the code blue in the er and the page for a anest. go out again and came to my rescue!  God had him there at just the right moment and had his hand on every moment....GOD IS son is a wonderful 3 year old running around like every other 3 year.  He was born with a heart murmur that he has already grown out of through Prayer and faith in God.  Thank God he is so miraclous!!!
8/11/2010 6:08:38 AM
Danna United States
In 2008 I was pregnant with my second daughter.  I had spent the day shopping for my sister in laws baby shower and playing with my daughter who was fixing to turn two. My husband came home with a migraine and was sleeping on the couch.  At 8pm, as I set the table for dinner I began feeling contractions.  I tried waking my husband but he was out.  So I ate dinner with my daughter and then called my mom when the contractions were more promenint.  After about an hour my husband woke up and we decided to lay down and see if the contractions would ease up.  Moments after I laid down The contractions were hard and within three minutes apart.  At 9pm, we got ready and left for the hospital.  We drove 80 miles to the hospital of my choice.  At 10:38, 18 minutes after arriving at the hospital our baby was born.  She was 6 days old when trouble began.  It was nearly midnight and I had just finished feeding.  As my husband burped her she began choking and spitting up blood.  At the hospital we found that she had a tiny scratch in the back of her throat.  Hours later after blood tests had shown that her white blood cell count was high, she would not eat.  We were then taken by ambulance to another larger hospital.  That afternoon she had a spinal tap done because they had determined that she had a unitary tract infection.  This is more dangerous infants because the infection could go through the blood and into the spine.  So we had a spinal tap done, but the results were inconclusive.  I began praying 10 times more and just asked God to give her peace in any form he wanted.  After a second spinal tap and 7 days in the hospital we were given the green light to go home.  I strongly feel that God knew she was sick when we didn't.  The scratch in the mouth got us to the hospital where medical professionals could treat her.  She is such a gift from God!!!
8/11/2010 6:33:19 AM
Paula United States
I did not get married until I was 30 so we knew we had to start our family right away.  I became pregnant with my first born and after a couple of blood tests, my doctor said there was some serious wrong (we won't go thru the horrific list he gave me).  He was a sweetheart of a doctor but he did not know my Lord but he agreed to one more test verses the amnioentesis which at that time was not the safest test.  The night before the test, I had a dream and in my dream I saw the hands of God showing me my baby and telling me all about her including what her name was to be.  Well the next day I marched into that lab and inform everyone that my baby was fine because God told me so.  I got the usual "that's nice" but in the end the test came back and she was fine.  I smiled and simply said "I told you so"  That was 24 years ago and my beautiful oldest daughter will be finishing her Masters in secondary education so she can teach Chemistry and science this May.  So for anyone who is fearful because of a bad test, know our God reigns!
8/11/2010 6:33:31 AM
Pam United States
My brother-in-law and his wife have been married for 15 years.  Early on they tried to get pregnant and had a couple of miscarriages.  The doctor told her she could not have kids.  They were devastated.  For ten years there was no precautions taken, why should there be she could not conceive.  About 10 months ago Andrea went to the doctor because she didn't feel well and her stomach was acting "wierd".  Yes you guessed it she was 7 months pregnant.  At age 40 for her and 50 for him they have a beautiful, healthy, baby boy.  Now if this isn't God's work, I don't know what is.
8/11/2010 6:37:30 AM
Jennifer J. United States
Jennifer J.
After several years of trying to conceive a child and many, many rounds of fertility drugs the doctor's told me that my chances of getting pregnant were 1 in 1,000,000.  We decided that I needed to go off the fertility drugs. Two months (Oct.) later I had an emergency situation where a cyst ruptured on one of my ovaries.  Luckily, my ovary wasn't damaged, but it just reinforced what the doctor's were saying all along.  By mid November we decided to look at adoption and I began looking into Shaohannah's Hope and Steven Curtis Chapman ministries. I needed to see if there was a way we could qualify for scholarships. Shortly thereafter my husband and I had finished some applications for some NC scholarships for adoption and I started to feel bad. After a thorough check-up my doctor delivered the news...I WAS PREGNANT!!!  This was a true "OH THANK YOU GOD" moment for sure!  With an uncomplicated pregnancy, I delivered my son, Sidney on 08/18/08 at 8:08 AM...he will be 2 y/o next week and is truly our miracle child!!!
8/11/2010 6:41:53 AM
courtney farner United States
courtney farner
in 2006 me and my husband already had a baby girl when we found out that we were pregnant with our second child on his birthday.  We decided that we wouldnt find out what god was going to give us then on groundhogs day in 2007 we got the news that insted of one baby god was giving us two boys then 9 weeks early our twins were born on mothers day at 3am by emergency c section because they couldnt find heartbeats just 12 days after our daughter turned two they were taken by ambulance to a childerns hosptial and hour away and i couldnt see them for three days and god was there for me in that time and we sepnt almost 40 days in the NICU and when we came home i know that god had timing in mind because when all this happened i walked with my class and got my diploma now the twins logan and lucas are healthy and very active 3 year olds who remind me that every day god gave me and my husband two blessings who fought to be here in gods great timing!!! they are such gifts from god!!
8/11/2010 6:44:09 AM
Alison United States
My mom went into labor on my grandparents' 36th wedding anniversary. My grandparents travelled to the hospital and spent all of their anniversary sitting in a waiting room. I was too stubborn to make my appearance so my parents insisted that my grandparents go out for a special anniversary dinner since it didn't look like I was coming any time soon. I apparently changed my mind, because as soon as they left for dinner I was born.
8/11/2010 6:46:36 AM
Lori United States
My husband and I found out we were expecting twin boys and their due date was Christmas Day 2002.  On October 16th, 10 weeks early, our precious gifts from God came into the world.  Caleb weighed 2 lbs. 10 oz, and was 15 1/2 in. long, Joshua weighed only 1 lb 15 oz. and was 13 1/2 in. long.  Joshua, even though he was very tiny, was fully developed and never had any problems, but Caleb was on lift support for 10 days.  It was a very hard road for us, but God brought us through it all, and today we have 2 very energetic boys!!!  But the road is still hard because Caleb was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of 3, but STILL, God carries us through this storm in our life!  God has already used the boys premature birth for His glory, and we know He will do the same with our struggles with Caleb!!!
8/11/2010 6:47:09 AM
Justin United States
My fiancee and I have committed to do mission work. We told God whenever...wherever. We felt his call to begin the process to move to China. For the last year we have been asking what we need to do to move over. My fiancee wants to be a teacher so we were told that she would need to get her certification before we left. This means that she would need to work one full school year at a certified school. We had been planning to take a three-week trip to China with her father and two friends for a year now. She graduated in May and she was told that the liklihood of her finding a job was very slim. As the time of the trip approached my fiancee and I started to doubt if she should go with us and started praying about the option of her staying to look for a job. We felt that God had given us the green light for her to go, so she went.  After the 5th day in China we recieved an email from her mother that said a school wants to interview her on Skype. To make a long story short, we were obedient and went when God told us to go and He gave my future wife the job of a lifetime. She is now a fifth grade teacher at a nice school and we are still preparing to move to China next year.
8/11/2010 6:49:08 AM
Stacey Hill United States
Stacey Hill
In 2000 we were flying home from Hawaii, it was a trip to get away after a few years of trying to have a child with no luck.  In front of me a few seats were 2 little boys from China with there adopted parents, 10 hours of flying the Lord was tugging on my heart that I didn't have to give birth to be a mother.  On my Birthday a few weeks later I went to an adoption fair to learn more, this was on June 29, 2000.  I started the paperwork we had a home study visit on July 4, 2000 all the paper work was sent to the Ukraine for a baby, only boys were available but whatever God had for us was fine.  Our prayer was the papers be brought to the top of the pile and not sit on a desk overseas.  A few weeks later a lady walked into the adoption agency we had been dealing with and our file kept coming to the top of the stack and she requested a Christian home for her baby girl, she chose us.  On Sept. 27, 2000 we were blessed with a beautiful little girl that continues to be a blessing to us each day.  Only God could put together a story like this.  Our little girl was conceived overseas during a Missions trip the same time my Husband was having a dream we would have a baby girl one day.  
8/11/2010 6:50:47 AM
Emily Yeater United States
Emily Yeater
On October 26th 2008 I went into labor with my sweet Caroline Grace 2 weeks early. I was in labor for 16 hrs with her and my mom was there almost the whole time with my husband and I waiting anxiously for the arrival for her first granddaughter after the birth of two sweet grandsons. My husband and I at the last moment asked my mom to stay and be with us in the delivery room (which was nothing I ever expected to do).

Six days after Caroline's birth, my mom went into the hospital with headaches and received the diagnosis of stage 4 brain cancer. She was given 2 months to live at the time of diagnosis but lived for 11!

I am so glad that I asked my mom to be apart of Caroline's birth. Its a moment in time that I will never forget. And I am so glad for God's PERFECT timing in bringing our special girl to us early so that her Mimi had the chance to hold her and love her for a little while before she became unable. I know that God sent Caroline to our family to be the pure joy that would carry us through some of the hardest times of our lives.
8/11/2010 6:54:05 AM
Gloria United States
"Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."  Having come from a large family I always knew I wanted the same for myself however, being married at 31 had me wondering what God's plan was.  My husband was hesitant about children right away so I left it in God's hands while silently petitioning my desire (twins) but willingly accepting whatever His plan would be.  In God's perfect time I became pregnant.  At my first appt. the Dr. looked at me and said "I won't know until further testing but I think I hear two heartbeats."  My heart literally sank. I drove the 60 mile trip home on a beautiful sunshine day filled with blue sky.  As I approached my home I saw the brightest, most perfect and beautiful double rainbow I had ever seen in my life.  God knew my desires.  My twin daughters are now 15.  We were also blessed three more times with beautiful daughters.  God is good - ALL the time!    
8/11/2010 6:55:13 AM
Monica United States
In 2007 I married my high school sweetheart and we were so excited to have a child. It just didn't happen though and we kind of gave up. We moved to Kansas City and began to lead a life of rebellion and we strayed from God. In December  2008 my family set us down and talked to us about their concern for the choices we were making. My mom told me she had done all she could and she was placing us in God's hands. On January 17,2009,one day after my 21st birthday, I found out I was pregnant. My son Kyler arrived September 15, 2009 and I know he was sent at just the right time to wake me up from the life I thought I was living. During my pregnancy my husband and I rededicated our lives back to God and we are now active members of our church and an outreach ministry.
8/11/2010 6:57:12 AM
Jessica Jones United States
Jessica Jones
When my big sister was four years old she decided that she wanted a baby sister. My parents were not planning on having any more children, so mama told my sister to pray about it. Well a few weeks later mama found out she was expecting a baby. When they told my sister, she started praying for a sister to be born on her birthday. I was born on my sister's 5th birthday. She got a basketball goal and me for her birthday. And she still has me!
8/11/2010 6:58:01 AM
Katie United States
  When I was 31 weeks along in my pregnancy, my water broke and I was sent to the hospital to stay there on bed rest. Every day they would check the baby's movement and heart rate, called an NST test, at random times during the day.  On the 3rd day (coincidence, I think not!), they were doing a random check and saw that the baby's heart rate was dropping.  So I was rushed to the Er, where my son was born via emergency c-section. It was almost too late b/c he was born w/o a heart rate, but they revived him. The doctors didn't think he would live b/c he had meningitis and ecoli and wouldn't metabolize the food they were giving him.  But he is now going to celebrate his third birthday!  My little miracle!  If they hadn't been checking his heartrate at that particular time, there is no way he would have survived.  Also, most people think it was unfortunate that he was born so early. BUT when he was they discovered a blood clot in the umbilical cord that was keeping him from getting the nutrients he needed, that he could get while in the NICU.  God's love is sooo extravagant! He went to so much trouble to make sure my son would live!
8/11/2010 6:58:31 AM
Rebecca United States
I have a story for you... last October my 17 daughter told me she was pregant.  She was a senoir in high school with plans to go to LSU in the fall, and scared that all of it just went down the drain.  I told her that it was only going to ruin her life if she let it... then I got on my knees and told God "this one is yours...I can't handle this" I just continued to encourage her.  With God's grace her grades actaully begin to come up...The baby was due April 30th... She would have to go home bound after that of course, but still planned to walk for Gradutation.  God had other plans... on March 11th she went into labor, Doctors stopped it and then placed her on bed rest. Once home bound schooling began we were told that as long as she was homebound she could not walk for Graduation. She was heartbroke... graduatation was scheduled for May 13th.  On March 15th @ about 4pm she went into Labor again... she was only in labor for about an hour and 15 mins... Randy Micheal weighing 4lbs 3oz was born AT HOME!  Never once having to have oxygen, no complications at all... Perfectly healthly! a few weeks after that she received her Acceptence Letter from LSU and She able to return to school April 30th (her due date) and walk with her class.    BUT the story doesn't end there... because of the financial strain of the baby she was not going to be able to attend LSU, she had decided on a less expensive school... in June she received a call from LSU that she was being awarded a grant to help cover expenses that her TOPS didn't... on Aug 23rd she will start as freshman at LSU!!!   Even though she had made a mistake, God never gave up on her and she never gave up on her faith.   He has a plan for her beyond what we can see... and I'm so thankful for that!    GOD IS GREAT!
8/11/2010 7:01:00 AM
Angie Tucker United States
Angie Tucker
I met my husband over 9 years ago. I was a single mom with sons who were 11 and 9 and twins girls who were 5.  I had struggled for a long time and when we met I was afraid to get involved. He had never been married an never had children and he was seven years younger than me.  I had also been told that I could not have anymore children, so I thought I would be taking something away from him.  

We were friends for two years and then dated for over three before we were married.  All the while Christian assured me he didn't want children of his own and that his plan was to adopt.  After only three months of marriage I started feeling funny. We thought I was going through the change of life. No, I was pregnant!  Our daughter is now 2 and my husband is so in love with her!  

After such a miracle we felt like we had a purpose to fulfill. With the true life 7th Heaven, what could we give back.  Help to teens!  Last year two of our god children needed to live with us and did for 6 months and now another god son has moved in for the next 9.  It is not your typical situation, but we fill the needs as they arise.  My god son lost his dad about 8 months ago and he and his mom have struggled. We are helping with the grace of God the way we feel lead.  It is the least we can do for all that he has given us!  

Our house is blessed with little and big feet and we love every minute! Praise God for the love of family and for his plan that we sometimes can't see!

8/11/2010 7:01:25 AM
Aaron Archer United States
Aaron Archer
I have the most wonderfull and sad story to tell.
Me and my wife have a 3 year old daughter, but when she was one we concived to have our second baby, a few months later we lost that chiled. We were heart broken. God spoke to us in our hearts, threw his word and threw the ministers in our lifes and they said we will have A child to hlep heal the pain. Well about 4 months after that we concived again. We where thrilled We seen it as God giving his promise. But it didt happent that way. We ended up lossing that chiled to due to a mischarage also. We where hurt. we didnt know what to do. about 9 months latter though, after we changed our lifes around by me joining the military, and we started to TRULY seek after Gods heart, We concived again. God spoke to us saying this child was the Fluition of the promise he made. It was sooo hard not to be fearful. and 9 months later Today she had the baby this morning. the pain is healed. It was Sooo amazing. God answerd his promis. My wife is doing great, And Amie Nicole Archer, 8 Pounds 14 oz, 21 inches long, is doing great. I just want to encorage anyone out there that GOD is the only one that can heal the pain of a lost child. wether it is lost befor birth or after! Praise God, Praise Jesus!!!
8/11/2010 7:02:20 AM
Brandon Marley United States
Brandon Marley
My wife and I are still basically newlyweds.  We got married in November of 2006 and we both wanted children but my wife was told that we would not be able to have children unless we used fertility drugs and then it would still be very hard to have children.  My wife and I decided that if we were not able to have children that we considering adoption if it came to that.  The one thing that I always prayed about was that I wanted to be a daddy more than anything and have a son to pass everything on to.  In 2008 my wife went to the doctor for a sinus infection and because she wasn't feeling good and lo and behold when I came home from work that day she showed me the doctors report and I started crying because she was pregnant and on Halloween of last year we welcomed in to the world our first child a little boy we named Luke.  God works in mysterious ways!
8/11/2010 7:04:28 AM
Susan United States
In 1990, my husband came home late from work...really late.  I was at his mother's house, we were to have supper there that night.  When he got home, he told us he was at our pastor's house.  On his way home from work, he accepted God's call on his life to be a pastor.  

His mother "over" reacted.  She was sobbing.  He asked her what was wrong.  She said, "nothing son!  You don't know this, but before you were born, I had several miscarriages, and a still birth.  The dr told us we would never have a child survive.  I prayed Hannah's prayer for you."  

Sid asked her, "mom, why didn't you ever tell me this?"

She said, "son, I wanted you called of God, not out of obligation to me."

He was born 19 yrs and six days after they were married!!
8/11/2010 7:04:47 AM
Katy Basinger United States
Katy Basinger
Our story is feeled of God's grace.  My husband & I had been having a difficult time getting pregnant.  Then we went on our big family reunion vacation Labor Day weekend 2009 (which happens to be our wedding anniversary also).  We enjoy spending the weekend with our family & friends, celebrating the end of the summer.  This also was our last attempt to get pregnant before holding off, as my best friend was getting married July 2010.  Well, lucky for us, we conceived our son the night of our 3rd wedding anniversary.  I had a wonderful pregnancy, with a due date of May 24, the day before my birthday.  I was worried however that my mother (coming 300 miles away) and in-laws would not be able to attend the birth because of them all being out of town.  Well, the night of the 16th, I prayed that I was ready for our little boy to arrive and prayed that it would happen when our family could be around as well as give me the strength to deliver him all naturally.  Well, at 2:30am on the 17th, my water broke.  Austin was born on 12:51am on Tuesday, May 18th, surrounded my all of his grandparents! And mommy did it completely naturally thanks to God's grace.
8/11/2010 7:05:35 AM
Trenna Davenport United States
Trenna Davenport
Yes, I we were selfish as a family with our 1 girl and 1 boy, as thought WE had something to do with our PERFECT family...When we felt Gods prompting thru our friends and fam about God's plan for our family, & that it may be His desire to decide our inheritance FOR US...we obeyed and started reading His Word...THIS IS WHAT HE SAID...
Proverbs 17:6 "Children's children are a crown of old men, and the glory of children is their father."
Psalms 17:14b "...And whose belly You fill with your hidden treasure are satisfied with children..."
Psalms 47:4a "He will choose our inheritance for us..."

So we are now blessed with THREE treasures from Heaven! FEELS GOOD TO OBEY!
8/11/2010 7:06:36 AM
Justin Sterrett United States
Justin Sterrett
My wife & I had been trying for 4 years to have a baby.  Within that time we had decided to do foster care without any plans of ever adopting.  Through foster care we fell in love with one of our foster sons and he ended up coming up for adoption.  The signs we prayed for came to be and so we adopted this little boy.  After 4 years of not getting pregnant, we started to get tested and looked into info about fertility.  Either at the appointment for the info or a week after my wife pregnant and we didn't realize it.  We lost that precious baby in miscarriage, but soon after had a healthy pregnancy and birth.  We now have our 15 year old adopted son, plus biological children of natural conception of 5, 4, & 1.  It was all in God's timing for special reasons!
8/11/2010 7:06:48 AM
Angela Davis United States
Angela Davis
Some women carry their babies for 11 months.  This is a special group because it is not very common but happens enough nonetheless.
I believe your little girl is perfect...Psalms 139, and God will bring her into the world @ the Perfect moment.
Hang in there. I know it is hot and uncomfortable...had 3 of my own. Mine came 6 weeks early; 3 weeks early and then right on time.  
When they come early there can b problems.
God bless you!!!!!!
8/11/2010 7:07:26 AM
Kristin Lehman United States
Kristin Lehman
Two years after an incredible domestic adoption of my son...(we met his birthmother and she invited us into the delivery room..) the decision was made to repeat the incredibly stressful, yet incredibly rewarding adoption experience again. Only 5 months later, we received a call of an Afrian-American birthmother who had chosen us to parent her baby girl!  Just missing the birth by 2 hours, I held her in my arms and the words of the doctors rang in my ears.  "The chance of you having a child are slim to none."  I had proved them wrong....these children weren't genetically related to me, but they were mine, no doubt about it.  The story gets even better.  While waiting for my Ella's birthmom to sign over rights, (mandatory 72 hours in Ohio) I just didn't feel like myself physically.  The smell of the pool water at the hotel where we were staying made my stomach churn.  Long story short, I made a doctor's apt when we returned home with her. When Ella was 10 days old, I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant.  I nearly passed-out on the doctor's office floor!!!  If I would have known that I was pregnant, would I have said yes to Ella's birthmom???  So my son is now 7 and my two girls are only 6 months apart in age, now 5 and 4.  All 3 of them are miracles and the light of my life. God is so so good!!!
8/11/2010 7:08:51 AM
Belen United States
Six years ago yesterday, Aug. 10 I went into labor with my third son. He was 5 weeks early and decided he was ready to make an appearance. We knew we were having a boy, but what we did not know was that he was Down Syndrome. Long story short, I had asked the doctor not to tell me at 5 months if the test was positive for Downs because they are usually wrong and you worry needless for 4 months. Nathan was born Aug.11 and he is a beautiful, healthly baby.  He is 6 years old today and God has used Nathan to teach us lessons we would have never learned. He solidified to us how merciful and wonderful Jesus is. Nathan was definitely our Special Delivery from Jesus!
8/11/2010 7:08:57 AM
Sherry Walker United States
Sherry Walker
A couple of years ago, our two boys decided they wanted a baby sister and began lobbying to add to our family!  Without going into my age, etc. (it took us 14 years to have our first baby!), we just said that we would take whatever God had in mind.  Toward the end of last year, we were watching the Steven Curtis Chapman DVD of the Live out Loud tour and when it came to the part where he talks about Emily praying for a baby sister, they immediately yelled "That's what we need to do PRAY for a baby sister!"  On January 8 of this year, we received a call from a young lady we had met who had a little girl she couldn't care for.  She asked if we'd be willing to take her and be her guardians and we gladly accepted her offer!  On January 15, we went to pick her up and brought her home to live with us on January 16.  What an amazing blessing and an awesome testimony of God's answering the prayers of children! Thanks for letting me share - we so hope some day to thank the Chapman family for all they did to bring joy to our family!
PS The only thing our little one likes to watch is the Steven Curtis Chapman DVD - so cool!
8/11/2010 7:09:58 AM
Jennifer Hesterman United States
Jennifer Hesterman
My husband and I knew before we got married that we wanted children together. So right away we started trying, We got married in July 2006, we found out that December that I was pregnant. Well I was at work one day and started bleeding alot and got scared so I went to the ER and they told me that it was a false positive, I was never pregnant. I was devastated, I already started loving the baby. So anyway we continued trying and it took a while. On our 2nd anniversary we took a trip to visit my cousin in South Padre Island, TX. I took some pregnancy tests with me just in case because I knew it was about that time of the month. So one morning I woke up and took a test, it was positive. So hollered at my husband to come to the bathroom, and he said hold on I'll be there in a minute, and I said NO! you need to come here NOW!!. So he came in there and I showed him and he and I were both so excited. But we didn't want to tell anyone with the risk that it was another false positive. So the day we drove home we drove straight to the pregnancy help center and took a more effective test and it was positive also, so I immediately made a dr. appointment. So on March 2, 2009, and after 18 hours of labor including 2 hours of pushing our beautiful daughter was born. I have never been 100% sure about God, but I know now that without him my daughter would not be here. I prayed the entire time I was pregnant for a healthy blue eyed baby girl and that is just what I got. Although sometimes she drives me so crazy I want to put her back, haha, I love her more than I ever thought I could love someone. She's amazing and the answer to all my prayers!!
8/11/2010 7:11:08 AM
Shannon Chesebro United States
Shannon Chesebro
On Sunday, August 27, 2006, my husband and I were standing in church, worshipping (And, no, the song we were singing did NOT have some subliminal adoption message) when all of a sudden I heard a voice tell me, “You know that Kazakh baby girl you and Josh talked about maybe someday adopting?  I want you to do it, and I want you to do it NOW!”  I knew that if this was the voice of God speaking, I’d do well to heed it.  So I continued to worship out loud, while, in my mind, telling God, “Alright, if this is You, Lord, I want you to tell Josh the same thing, right here and now.”

Sure enough, after the service was over, Josh and I compared notes.  I started, “You know, honey, I had an interesting experience during the service, I felt that God spoke directly to me.”  Josh’s eyes lit up, “I heard something from Him too, it was early on, right at the beginning of worship, actually.”  I continued, “Me too, maybe during the first or second song.  He said that we needed to adopt a Kazakh baby girl,”  “And start the process NOW,” Josh continued.  By now we were both teary-eyed.  Josh then went on to tell me how he felt a strong impression from God throughout the rest of the service that since God has now spoken, it’s as good as a done deal….we WOULD have a daughter from Kazakhstan soon.

Three months later we found out I was pregnant with our FOURTH son!  We wondered what God was up to.  To make a long story short, He knew what He was doing - our adoption was delayed by embassy and in-country red tape, so we proceeded with the adoption plans and my pregnancy concurrently.  Johnny was born in June 2007 and we brought then 22 month old Colette home from Kazakhstan on Dec. 4, 2009.  Johnny and Coley are 7 1/2 months apart in age and the best of friends.  There were many times in the adoption process that we wondered if it would really work out, but then we remembered how true our "call" to adopt had been...and that nothing God promises can be thwarted.  Now Coley is as much a part of our family as any of our wonderful little boys - we can't imagine life without her!
8/11/2010 7:12:41 AM
Wendy United States
My husband and I dealt with infertility for years and eventually felt led to pursue adoption to complete our family.  In July of 2005, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl which in itself is a Wow moment.  But, God had more in-store for us.  When our daughter was 15 months old God orchestrated a day when we would both be together during the middle of the day.  It was at this time that we received a phone call from the attorney that we adopted our daughter through.  Our daughter's biological aunt was pregnant and wanted to know if we would adopt the baby!  
This was our Wow moment.  When you can't have your our biological children, you dream of a call like this.  After all, it isn't like they are offering you a puppy!  In fact, I had often told other's that we weren't sure if we would adopt again.  It is stressful and expensive and we were just enjoying being parents to our baby girl.  I would always end by saying that if we got a phone call I would be right back on board.  God does have a sense of humor!  He once again blessed us with a beautiful baby girl.  It was so remarkable to me to know that God was illustrating all of this "behind the scenes".   We weren’t pursuing adoption, we weren’t on any waiting lists, it was all God.
8/11/2010 7:13:44 AM
kellie welch United States
kellie welch
my miracle son. when i was 28 i got cancer and our
daughter was 1 1/2. i had a fairly rare type of cancer. when i was all done with my chemo and radiation they told us we would never be able to have children. i was 36 had already gone thru menapause and there was nothing left to do. my husband and daughter really wanted another child,
they began to pray about it, and i began to ask god to give them the desires of there heart. My husband and i begin to discuss getting my tubes tied because we didn't want to be  40 plus and
expecting. needless to say that did not happen on my daughters 10 birthday we told her we were expecting. we have a wonderful son who is now 13.
so not only did God heal me of cancer, He brought me out of menapause and He also gave my dauther and husband the desires of there heart.
8/11/2010 7:14:04 AM
Bonnie United States
After many years of trying to get pregnant, Fertility Treatments, 7 Miscarraiges, Foster Care to Adopt Classes, Looking into Domestic and International Adoptions then backing away because of the money needed...we decided to kind of let go and not try anymore.  Less than a year later we heard of a 4 month old baby girl that we might have a chance to adopt.  Two months later we met her and less than a week later she moved in with us.  One year later we finalized adoption.  The whole process has been a WOW GOD moment...from finding her to how fast the process took to how very little money we spent because she was a Foster Child...which was only $54.00 to get a new birth certificate.  WOW GOD!
8/11/2010 7:14:26 AM
Traci United States
I had a WOW Wednesday almost 5yrs. ago when I got to witness the birth of our adopted son. We to were one of those couples that had been trying for years to have a child on our own, went through 2yrs of treatments and had one miscarry. Two days into what was gonna be our last attempt, my best friend called me over and sat me down and told me she knew of an expecting mother that was looking for a couple to adopt her unborn baby. In  7 short weeks we had completed all of the paper work and had spent time getting to know this birthmother. On Wednesday August 31, 2005 , after 12 long hours of labor , I was able to go into the operating room and see my son be deliverd via c-scetion.  We are getting ready to celebrate his 5th, we are soo blessed to have a very happy healthy little man.... He is Awesome!!! Wishing all a blessed Wow Wednesday!!!!
8/11/2010 7:14:50 AM
KRISTI United States
8/11/2010 7:16:28 AM
Ashley United States
After struggling to conceive, my husband and I found out I was pregnant on August 22, 2008.  We were over the moon and so grateful to God!  However, at our 20 week ultrasound, the doctor was seeing issues with my daughter's placenta.  It looked too "thick".  They monitored her with regular ultrasounds through the rest of my pregnancy and our amazing daughter made her debut (about 2 weeks early) on April 7, 2009.  She was the most beautiful, perfect thing I had ever seen.  However, what we learned AFTER her birth was beyond amazing.  Apparently, her placenta was extremely NOT healthy and abnormal, full of abnormal tissue and blood clots and the umbilical cord was weakly attached on the side rather than strongly in the middle.  My doctor was amazed that my daughter was alive and normal, and even as a non-believer pronounced her life a "miracle".  The doctors who studied the placenta concluded that she should not have grown from it at all since it was so abnormal, however even being 2 weeks early she was 6 lb 5 oz.  I truly believe that God was the only one sustaining her life when my body could not.  I also believe He brought her into this world a little early to prevent the blood clots making their way into her umbilical cord.  I pray my daughter has a strong testimony because of this and use her life to bring God glory.  She is now 16 months and is such a miracle.  We are also now expecting a baby boy due in November, and we had no problems getting pregnant this time around.  God is so faithful!
8/11/2010 7:18:08 AM
Elizabeth Tolentino United States
Elizabeth Tolentino
In 2008 my husband and I gave birth to our 3rd little girl Hannah. When we got married my huband wasn't here legally and we were working on the paper work when we got pregnant with Hannah. Well recieved the notice that he would have to appear In Ciudad Juarez in November a few days after Thanksgiving. Well this stresssed me  out. I was so worried my husband wouldn't be here for her birth. With the immigration process he could have been gone anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. I was also concerned with my recovery without him being there and trying to take care of our newborn & our two other children! Well God is so good & so gracious. I went into labor on November 17th & gave birth to Hannah that night. Not only that but God brought her out so fast that I didn't have time for any medication so I had her naturally so the day after she was born I felt great I could get up & walk around no problem! From the time I entered the hospital to the time I delivered was less than 15 minutes!!!! God is so Good! Hannah was born 1 week before my husband left so he had a little time to spend with Hannah! The icing on the cake was that The following Feburary when it was time for me to go see my Husband In Ciudad Juarez to see if he was going to be approved to come home, God brought him home! Praise God My husband was only God for abou 2 1/2 months! WE had Everyone praying & God Answered!!!! WOW!!!!!
8/11/2010 7:19:30 AM
Tammy Womack United States
Tammy Womack
I had always loved children.  When I married my husband, he already had two children from a previous marriage that did not live with him.  We got the children every other weekend, some holidays, and some time during the summer.  I loved those boys, but really wanted us to have a child together.  My husband had a vasectomy after the last child was born.  We had looked into having the surgery reversed and not only found that it was very expensive, but that most doctors would not even attempt the reversal surgery if it had been more than 10 years since the original surgery was performed.  The Lord knew how much we both longed for another child and led me to a doctor that I found online in Bradenton, FL.  We made an appointment and went down for a long weekend.  The doctor performed the surgery on Friday and we went back for a post op appointment on Sunday morning (after the doctor went to his church service.)  We found out that the doctor was a Christian, and he gave us a Bible after our appointment.  We were told that it may take up to a couple of years to get pregnant, but the Lord was in control and six months later I found out I was pregnant.  Now we have the most beautiful (red headed) 10-year old son.  He has been such a blessing in our lives.  Dr. John Gatewood is still in practice in Bradenton and we have since referred a cousin of mine and her husband to him and they have a beautiful little girl who just turned two.  We still get Christmas cards from Dr. Gatewood every year and send him Christmas cards every year with pictures so he can see our wonderful blessing.
8/11/2010 7:22:26 AM
Elizabeth United States
After about 5 years of dealing with fertility doctors, and traveling hundreds of miles to seek treatments, my husband and I decided we would look into adopting.  The stress and anticipation, followed by disappointment, was more than we could handle.  

We attended training sessions for a private adoption agency, and came to the realization that there are many waiting parents for very few infants adopted in the United States.  We decided to wait for a while and pray about our decisions, and ask God for guidance in our quest to grow our family.

At our church, we attended a Sunday School class with another couple who has three birth children, and they had a foster daughter in their home.  She was three years old at the time, and she was going to be removed from their home.  They couldn't handle her behaviors.  

You see, at the young age of three, she had lived in seven different homes, and she had learned to reject families before they could reject her.  She understood rejection, and she wanted to be the one to decide that she was moving again.  She was three, and she was hurt, so she needed to control something.  I have no idea how much that must hurt.  

God told us, right then, that we should bring this amazing child into our home.  She needed a home with no other children.  She needed parents who could focus on her, and she needed love that never gave up.  We knew, because God told us over and over, that we could do it.

Intermountain, a program that works with kids who are hurting and provides support to families who love and care for hurting kids, has training for new families every six months, but God planned that too, and the training was beginning in two weeks.  We attened the intense trainings, and we got scared, but kept praying and God kept reminding us that we could do it.

A few short weeks later, after completing a process that generally takes several months or even years, our daughter moved into our home.  That was two years ago, and she has worked so hard.  She is a constant reminder that God is awesome, and he can do anything, if we are willing to listen and follow-through.

She is officially a member of our family, as we finalized our adoption in February.  Who knew that we could love a child this much?  God did.
8/11/2010 7:23:43 AM
Lynn United States
Our Caleb Thomas was born on 6-4-04 strong and healthy and we became pregnant the following year w/ our daughter Phoebe Louise. After a 2nd completely normal pregnancy, she was born still @ 37 weeks on 4-12-06 and our lives were forever changed again. Our son Eli David was born on 8-13-07 after a very stressful pregnancy that included a uteran cyst that required a C-section delivery but when they cut me open to deliver our son and remove the cyst, the cyst was gone and our son was strong & healthy. God has taught us so much during these trials & heartbreaks b/c we are able to focus on the joy that our boys bring us each day and we look forward to seeing our Phoebe again in Heaven. I have joined a support group for parents that have lost infants @ our church in Waynesboro and it has not only brought me the much needed healing I needed, but now I am able to minister to other parents going through similar tragedys.
8/11/2010 7:30:11 AM
Jennifer United States
After 9 years and 1 miscarriage, my parents were heart broken at the thought of never having children.  Prayers went up as my parents asked God for a child.  My dad praying for a healthy little boy and my mom, being very specific in her prayers, asked for a gentle girl with golden hair and fair skin. As time passed, Mom became very discouraged and thought that God was not listening to her, thought God would answer my dad's prayers because he was "a better person." So later a couple from church informed my parents of a young 15 year old girl who was pregnant and wanted to give her baby up for adoption. As my parents knew the girl could not afford much, they paid for hospital bills and lawyer fees and anxiously awaited the birth of their child.  I was born on Nov. 12, 1983, a gentle baby girl with fair skin and golden strawberry blond hair.  Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you."  God knew the plan all along. The young pregnant girl struggling to make it right, my parents unable to have children, and the unborn baby needing a home. It all came together perfectly.  I was hand picked by God for his purpose.
8/11/2010 7:32:32 AM
Elizabeth Tolentino United States
Elizabeth Tolentino
OOPS That was supposed to be my husbnad was only gone for 2 1/2" months!!!!!!
8/11/2010 7:32:34 AM
Heather Brown United States
Heather Brown
During delivery of my second child, the doctor dicovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my son's neck. He was born natural, but life-flighted to another hospital approximately 1 hour away due to his condition. Two weeks in NICU my little boy fought for his life.  Today my son is 13 years old and doing well.  We have some struggles, but nothing compared to those first days of his live. I'm blessed and I thank God for his miracles and grace.  
8/11/2010 7:36:54 AM
Kim C United States
Kim C
My wow God MOMents I was married and wanting a child really bad everyone around us were pregnant it was heart breaking.  My husband said he wasn't ready but it didn't matter to me Frown selfish acts. I was not a Christian didn't trust God.  Joe took me to my 1st revival in 1999 the evangelist called us out of a crowd of strangers and said u are trying to have a baby God says trust him he wants to bless u with multiples. That was enough to get my attention I gave my heart to him that night.  On October 16, 2000  christopher was born.  On 2-28-01 my non leap year birthday I found out I was pregnant again this time w/ twins. I miscarried but I kept feeling weak and tired and went back to see my doc. Totally amazed he says one of the babies survived I had experienced vanishing twin syndrome.  Josiah was born on 12/13/01.  I have had 11 miscarriages over a 7 year stretch but I know God has a plan. On 3/13/03 after reconciling w/ my grandpa on his death bed he says I knew it was you praying for me I turned away the first 2 preachers when the3rd came he told me you were coming. I cried hard he said baby I accepted God. We finished that conversation w/ when the baby gets here name him after me, I thought he forgot I miscarried at x-mas.  I said grampa I'm not anymore he said promise me so I did.  On 3/17/03 we buried him and on 3/18/03 I found out i was pregnant again.  12/29/03 Zaidyn was born breech with his legs around his neck it was a rough c-section 3 days later his kidneys failed.  The dr said he's dying make preparations the meds take 2 weeks to truly take effect.  We prayed we never quit believing 48 hours into the treatment the dr came in with this look I couldn't place.  I said what's wrong he said you won't find this in my report ur son is healed there is no medical way to justify it it's not the meds I can't explain it except to say But God.  His kidneys failed and he was as good as dead u have seen a miracle.  So for me it wasn't just one wow God MOMent it's been my whole walk with him.  Thank you Daddy Smile you are awesome!
8/11/2010 7:37:06 AM
Amber United States
My neice was born prematurely because her mother had a very serious condition called preeclamsia. The only way to save my sister and her baby was for her to deliver early, and she was induced just days after hitting her 32 week mark. We were told the early delivery would be the catalyst for a whole host of medical problems, but it was the only option we had. My sister was given steriods to speed my neice's development just before they induced her. My neice was born and able to breath on her own and was in all respects a very small, but healthy little girl. She's still strong and healthy two years later with no sign of any of the conditions we were told to expect. Praise God!
8/11/2010 7:47:37 AM
Sue-Ellen United States
My WOW kids..story's are kinda cool, and very God-filled, so I wanted to share.. My hubby and I got married in our late 30s, so we started "trying" right away to start a family. Neither of us were Christians at the time. We were devistated when we lost our first baby in the 3rd month of pregnancy, but I really felt a very strong pull to the church for healing, and we both ended up becoming Christians because of that pull.. Anyway, we continued to try to get pregnant and the docs told us that we would have to go through a bunch of fertility testing in order to become pregnant and even then it was a longshot.  By then I was 39 and so we decided instead of going through all of that we would look into adoption.  I went into it saying that I did not want a child over five years of age because I wanted to be able influance the childs growing years.  Well we met our son, who was 9 at the time, in December 2000 when we were asked to help out a foster family by providing respite for them. He had been very severely abused by his birth family and had the saddest eyes I have ever seen.  We of course fell in love at first sight and after a couple of months of taking him on outings and overnight visits to our house, he asked my husband to be his dad... (okay wipe your eyes now)..Our son moved in with us in February 2001 and three weeks later, I took a pregnancy test I had laying around because I was a couple of days late ( I had been buying them by the case when we were trying to get pregnant) and when it came out positive, I looked up and said "very funny"..LOl.. the Lord blessed us with our little girl 9 days before our son's adoption became final in December 2001.  He was 10 years old at the time.. but it doesn't end there.  Two years later, I started feeling "weird" and since I was 42 thought I was going through "the change".  So I go to the doctor and they of course take a precautionary pregnancy test... when it came back positive the nurse actually asked me if that was okay, becasue I must have turned white as a sheet...So in November 2003, our little baby boy was born and we became the parents of three wonderful children.  We like to say that our little angle girl (now 8) is God's way of letting the doctors know that they do not know everything, and that our sweet baby boy (now 6) is God's exclaimation point.  It has not been without struggles, but God is there with us each step of the way and we are very blessed.
8/11/2010 8:00:17 AM
Kelli United States
My mom had always wanted a little girl. After two boys my dad decided a third child would be too difficult to support financially. My dad had a vasectomy in 1981.

Two years later I was conceived. SURPRISE!

My dad had to have the vasectomy re-done on one side... the doctors said that the chances of the procedure not only reversing itself but also enabling conception two years after the procedure...was extremely rare.

The doctors told my mom she was pregnant with another boy - and she tells me the story of her having crocheted pink booties, holding them over her belly and crying in the rocking chair.

In July of 1984 I was born... and SURPRISE! It's a girl! My middle name is Jean, meaning God's gracious gift.

I just turned 26. My mom and I are best friends. We talk multiple times a week, play scrabble online, and love spending time together. Everyone comments on how alike we are. My mom constantly reminds me that I am her miracle child.

WOW! God is good!!!

8/11/2010 8:07:02 AM
Bob Jacoby United States
Bob Jacoby
WOW God story.

I heard the great story this morning about how God gifted the couple with an unexpected but very much wanted baby.  It only confirms my thoughts… “what can’t God do?”

My story occurred this week.

On Monday night I spent several hours tossing and turning about how I would help to meet the need of our 24 year old step-son who wanted to go to Temple for his Graduate degree.   He asked for our help since he is more than engaged with paying his under -graduate degree college loans.  So instead of sleeping, I worried and prayed.  Then, after an hour or two, I decided there is no way and I said “God, if this can happen, it can only be by Your will.  I eventually fell into a troubled sleep.

At 8:30 on Tuesday morning the phone rang and my wife said it was SallieMae on the phone.  Curious but groggy, I picked it up and the gentleman said he had a few questions.  I responded with some income details and he immediately said “YOU ARE APPROVED” and he would send details to the school and our son.

I was awestruck and spent the rest of the day helping at our church bookstore and sharing how God met the need with no action on our part.  Folks were delighted and encouraged.  As His word says, “you have not because you ask not”.

WOW God!
8/11/2010 8:15:16 AM
Rhonda United States
Our Father has truly blessed our family beyond expression.  When in college I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told I would not likely conceive.  My best friend (now husband) consoled me and told me this wouldn't matter to any real man.  Although we never dated and were best of friends, he asked me to marry him.  I reminded him about the possibility of no children.  He told me that children were not a priority and God will plan our family.  God's plan was good enough for him, children or not!  We had a beautiful wedding performed by my future father-in-law (a Presbyterian minister).  Through the years we prayed and discussed trying for children and intermittenly made the attempt to have children.  While trying for 4yrs, the Lord spoke to me saying, "the child you have been praying for will arrive by the end of next year".  I told my husband and we immediately began purchasing baby items (including furniture).  After spending about $3000, my husband asked if we should continue shopping for baby items.  I told him, "of course, God said so".  Sad note, my father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer in December of that year.  In February of the next year we traveled to PA to tell his parents our joyous news.  Sadly and happily, my father-in-law joined our Lord in August.  I am jealous he saw our daughter first.  3 months 5 days later sweet Petra arrived 11/13 just as God promised.
Now the rest of the story.  Our family and extended family and friends were devastated when Petra was stolen and remained away for 4yrs.  During her absence our faith remained strong and God literally carried us through this deep valley.  We decided more children would be too painful.  Again, God spoke to me, "his name shall be Joshua".  I thought this was someone who would bring Petra home, but a friend told me that I would have a son.  Well, 3 months later Joshua is conceived, even though we took precautions.  No one will interfere with God's plan.  Today we are truly blessed with Petra (God brought her home), who is 12 and Joshua, who is 6. How many mother's has God told about the arrival of their children before their conception?  OUR GOD REIGNS!!  
8/11/2010 8:15:33 AM
Krystle United States
My story isn't so much a special "delivery", but special protection while I was pregnant.

When I was 8.5 months pregnant, I was driving home and all the sudden several cars in front of me a car rear ended the car in front of it at about 50 or 60 mph creating a chain reaction behind it. One car flew through the median and across the two lanes of traffic on the opposite side of the freeway, debris was all over the road and AMAZINGLY God controlled my response and guided me around debris and got me stopped without hitting any other car in front of me, even as cars behind me came up and ran into cars already involved in the wreck. My car was never hit! I was able to drive away unharmed and just a little shaken! PRAISE GOD!!! It was like being in a bubble, in God's hands! I don't believe anyone else was seriously hurt either and a cop was driving by and on scene very quickly. God was there that day, NO DOUBT!! I LOVE GOD MOMENTS!!
8/11/2010 8:30:34 AM
Dee Reynolds United States
Dee Reynolds
When I married my husband in 1998, I knew there was little chance of us having biological children.  My husband has cystic fibrosis, and men with cf have a blocked or missing vas deferens.  We could have had IVF, but it was very expensive and no guarantee of a pregnancy.  His grandparents passed away, leaving us some money.  We decided, in 2007 to begin the process of adoption.  We began in our agency's Nepal program, but the program shut down.  We then were given a referral for a baby in Guatemala, but the baby died before we could accept the referral.  We then received another referral for Guatemala.  We worked feverishly to get the paperwork done before Guatemala changed their laws.  Time was running out, and I became increasingly frustrated that our lawyer was not submitting our paperwork.  Finally, our agency called and said that the birth mother changed her mind. She sent us a picture of a little girl in Russia that was available.  I know she gave the referral to us instead of the first couple in line for Russia.  She felt bad that things had been so rough for us.  We almost didn't accept the referral.  We were heartbroken at losing the referral in Guatemala.  We knew we were running out of money and knew we had to decide to move forward.  We chose to accept the referral and began the paperwork.  Our first visit was in June of 2008.  We fell head over heals in love with her in those few hours.  She was so sweet and quiet and trusting.  Our second trip almost didn't happen.  The judge had some concerns about my husband's medical conditions, and we had to have our doctor write some letters.  We finally got a court date on October 13, 2008.  We left Moscow with our daughter on October 23, 2008. She has been home with us almost two years, and she has been a blessing to us.  It is very obvious that God intended this child to be ours.  Now we are hoping to add to our family.  We are praying for a miricle pregnancy, but if God decides to answer our prayer with another adoption, we'll be thrilled.  God is so great that we named our daughter Grace.  She is our undeserved gift from God (and Grace was his grandmother's middle name).  We kept her Russian name as her middle name.  Her middle name means "fairy princess".  So she is now Grace Tatyana.
8/11/2010 8:38:00 AM
Teresa Alessandri United States
Teresa Alessandri
My husband, Glen, and I have known I could not have children since we were married in 1992. In 2007 we had a young lady come to us and ask us to adopt the child she was carrying. We started the adoption process and finished all of paperowrk and classes just before the baby was due. We were in the delivery room when the little girl was born in March of 2008. The next day, the birth father - who had not been around for 8 months - showed up and refused to sign the adoption plan paperwork. The birth mother decided at that point that she needed to parent and not allow the father to raise the baby. We were heart broken, and so was she.
Just 1 week later, as I sat in my living room sobbing and crying out to God "What now?", the phone rang. It was the adoption service we had done our paperwork with (Lutheran Family Services). They had a special circumstance and wanted to know if we would consider being presented as a possible match for a  young lady who was due to deliver a baby girl in 10 days. Eve was born on 3/31/08 and we met her birth mom on 4/4/08. We brought our beautiful girl home on 4/24/08 and she is the joy of our lives - Maria Eve is now 28 months old and we truly believe that she is a blessing and a promise from God.
8/11/2010 8:59:30 AM
Tyson United States
Growing up I had a several good friends. Mark, Mead, and Kevin are just a few. Kevin's sister Lisa was a good friend as well. Lisa was a life guard and very active out doors. On New Years Eve of her senior year of high school (I think 1991) she was in a sledding accident that left her a quadriplegic. She never once got angry at God to the point of her physical therapist telling her family that she had to be in denial. She said something along the lines of "No, I just know God's in control". Jumping ahead several years, Mead and Lisa fell in love and got married. They wanted to have kids, (and medically she could)however they were unable. They decided to be foster parents and through this tried to adopt one of their foster children. The adoption didn't go through for some reason. Because of Lisa's condition she is prone to get bladder infections. (Somehow she is able to feel when this is happening.) A few years ago she felt like she was getting another bladder infection and went to the ER. The ER doctor decided she needed an ultrasound. While the nurse was doing the ultrasound she asked Lisa if this was her first child. Lisa said something along the lines of "UM, WHAT?!?!" The nurse then said, "You didn't know? Well, congratulations, look at the screen, here is your baby!" Mead and Lisa now have a beautiful little girl! PRAISE GOD!
8/11/2010 9:13:08 AM
Esther United States
God is amazing. Listening to all the stories this morning caused me to remember similiar times in my own life. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 10. I struggled through several years of crazy blood glucoses, hospitalizations and near death moments but God is faithful!!! He never left me and He's always had a plan for my life. I was told I should never have children, my body had been through so much already, it would not handle pregnancy too. So when I became pregnant my doctors, family and friends were WORRIED. The pregnancy was difficulty. My blood glucose was up & down but my husband and I knew God was in the midst of it all. About 7 1/2 months into my pregnancy my doctors became increasingly worried about my health and my unborn child. No one knew it but my placenta had started to detach from the uterine wall and our child was not getting adequate oxygen or nutrition. 4 weeks before my due date I was told I needed to have an amniosentesis to determine if our child's lungs were developed enough to be born early. After 3 attempts the doctors finally had enough fluid to test. This was the most terrifying part of my pregnancy, watching on the ultasound as this HUGE needle was inserted right next to my unborn child's head 3 times! My husband and I later found out amniotic fluid is supposed to be pale yellow not red; it was red because of intra-uterine bleeding. There was a lot of prayer going up to heaven through out my pregnancy & especially that day!! 3 days later I had  an emergency Cesarean delivery. Our son, Joseph Robert, was born 3 1/2 weeks early. He weighed 5 pounds 8 oz; he was small but healthy. He was never placed on oxygen and has grown into an amazing yound man.

When I became pregnant again 3 years later my husband and I, as well as my doctors, were all surprised. My health had improved but my doctors were very concerned. I had another amnioscentesis but this time the amniotic fluid was pale yellow. We thought there was something wrong. That's when my doctor told us how seriously in danger our son had been during my first pregnancy. Our daughter, Jaime Gabrielle, was born 5 days early. She was healthy and we were so thankful.

God knew I always wanted children and He always hears our heart's cry. He gave me the desire of my heart twice. Joe is now 19 and in college. We are so proud of him! Jaime is 15 and blesses us daily with the sound of beautiful music, she loves to sing. My husband and I feel so blessed to have children who love the Lord and have chosen to give their lives to Him. As we journey through life we are often met with struggles along the way. We don't always understand what God is doing but I know He is at work in our lives continually and can use any sitiuation for His glory. My life, my children and my family can testify to that!
8/11/2010 9:55:34 AM
Michelle United States
I am 36 weeks, went into early labor for 6 hrs late Friday night, then again for over 20 Monday night-Tuesday. I spent virtually all day Tuesday in the hospital, but even though still had contractions, stopped "progressing." They wouldn't do anything to help, apparently it's some policy/rule/law whatever to not assist/speed up/induce labor before week 39. So I was told I had to do it on my own. Since last night,looks like everything has stopped (was sent home last night), and now just waiting. Unfortunately, my husband is in the army and they are sending him to a 2 month school for more training across the US.. So he won't get to be there, putting more stress and sadness on me. We were hoping to deliver earlier anyway (not for that reason), but I have had a lot of trouble throughout the pregnancy, mostly due to past abdominal trauma from surgeries. A lot of scar tissue, tumors, and other issues loom, but they can't do anything until my little guy is born...
8/11/2010 11:22:22 AM
MeLissa Craft United States
MeLissa Craft
My husband and I married when I was 33y/o- We did not want to have children right away but we did indeed want children. A couple of months before marrying I chose to see my doctor to take some type of Birth control and was given the grave news that we should try to have children immediately because due to complications I may not be able to conceive at all. I went home and told my soon to be husband and we prayed about it. We had service that evening and the visiting evangelist called me out and spoke to me in front of the church-He stated that I had gone to the doctor and received a bad report about problems with my stomach area- He prayed for me and said God was healing me-He kept asking if I was married and if i had children- then he told me I would have children. Later I was spoken over again and told I would conceive and have children but would start by adopting a son who I'd love as if I had carried him in my own womb.
Four years passed and we had no children still. In December 2005, I laid my desire for children down to God- I told Him that His word stated nothing would separate me from His love but this desire was making me so angry-I told God that nothing should be more important then Him and that if I were to have a child he'd have to place it my hands- no more trying to adopt do foster care- get pregenant I was done.
Two weeks later a young single mom came to me and said she was having another baby and had even considered abortion but God told her this was my child. I encouraged her and told her we would help her and she could decide what was best for her and the child as time progressed.
A few months later we agreed to pursue the adoption of the baby and I found out I was pregnantMy babies would be five months apart!THree and hald months into my pregnacy i miscarried and had alot of complications-Everything cleared up the day before my son was born. We have had him since birth-I was pregnant I had a miscarriage but I still had a baby-It's almost like I was pregnant for him- He looks just like us and nothing t all like the birth parents- He has the same exact birthmark as me in the same exact location- over and over God proves He was meant to be ours
We call him our little preacher man because he says he is a preacher and he loves to worship the Lord- It feels almost as if the young lady finished carrying my baby for me
We are trying again to have another child and many doors have closed but we know not to be discouraged because as much as we try to figure it out God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what we could ask or even think--so we're waitng on His next miracle for us
8/11/2010 1:06:43 PM
KP United States
My husband and I are newly weds. I have 3 amazing children from a previous marriage. My husband loves my children like his own. He has 3 brothers and not a one of them has children. He is the youngest at 44 and I am 38, almost 39 and it's now or never for us to have kids. We hade to go the IVF route due to medical reasons. We had a failed cycle in May of this year. We had ONE frozen embryo to try again in July. The week before the transfer I prayed every day and asked God that if this is his will then the morning of the transfer the embryo will have survived the thaw and be "healthy." The embryo survived and was "healthy." My 3 blood tests showed a positive pregnancy and that my hcg levels were increasing! We had an ultrasound yesterday and the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat. He said to wait a week as it could still be early. I'm only 6w4d. We were devastated. How could everything be going along so well and no heartbeat?? I prayed to God and said that you gave Sara a baby after being barren for over 90 years; you can do this for us. This morning I get in my car and I this overwhelming wave of morning sickness/nausea (I haven't had this up until now). I ALWAYS listen to KLOVE and what is being discussed but WOW miracles of pregnancy! God was talking to ME!!! I still won't know until next Tuesday but this is my WOW moment! God is telling me that this miracle of life is his gift to us and to not doubt his plan!! I cried reading all the stories of how faithful God is to all who believe. I have a plaque in my bathroom that reads "Find quiet moments as God whispers when the world is loud." He was whispering to me with my morning sickness and KLOVE's message this morning.
8/11/2010 1:15:22 PM
Carrie United States
I was not expecting to have #4 but we found our selves expecting in early January of this year. Knowing this was God's doing we were very excited and hopping it would be a girl as we have three beautiful boys already. By week 6 I was having complications and were playing the lets get to week 12 game. Made it to week 12 knowing that the end of the pregnancy could be very complicated we hopped to enjoy the middle. At 16 weeks I started having bleeding and was put in the hospital for a week then strikt bed rest after. The goal was to get to 36 weeks. At 21 weeks I started bleeding and was admited to the hospital again. Bleeding stopped same day and the goal now was to get me to 23 1/2 weeks. However, that was not God's plan. at 21.4 weeks I started bleed so badly my life was in danger. The Dr's had to do a c-section to save my life. Our little girl was born on May 13th, 2010 and went to live with our Lord and Savior 30 minutes after her birth. She has touched the lives of so many and we have comfort in knowing God has a plan. I can no longer have children due to the complications. And we know that the cost of adoption is too much for us to consider that. We have given it to God in the hopes he will bless us with a little girl someday. Until then our little Myah Lee is a constant reminder God is in control and prayers are answered.
8/11/2010 2:32:40 PM
Stacy United States
Been praying for KC and Jessica and the birth of their precious baby girl! We have two girls and have also lost two babies. Both happened one each before having our daughters. Amazing that the day my grandmother passed away with cancer, whom I was very close to, the exact time I learned later that she took her last breathe I found out I was pregnant again with our now 6yr old daughter. When my mother told me grandma had passed earlier that day, I grabbed her hand a cried "oh mom I just took a test this afternoon and I am pregnant again". My grandmother never got to hold her great grandchild, but I know that in the ending of her physical life her on earth, a new life was beginning in our family. The same is with our second daughter, I found out I was pregnant on my grandfathers bday!(also after losing a baby before) He had also just passed away just months before. There is not a doubt in my mind that that is for sure a Wow, God! moment in my life! And so many more! So even through so much pain it definately made me grow in faith! I can not start my mornings without K-love and I love you all!
8/11/2010 8:51:45 PM
Matthew & Katrina Jones United States
Matthew  & Katrina Jones
Mikayla vs. Alexis
  Let me introduce to you, two of the most wonderful girls I know; Mikayla and Alexis.  They are both of my daughters and the light of their daddy's eyes.  While both girls are very much alike, they are so different, in their own unique ways.
  It all started early in 1999 when I came home from work and my wife said quietly, “I have something to tell you.”  A lot of doctors visits and unnecessary trips to the ER we finally made it to the hospital December 9,  1999.  A happy night, everyone was there waiting anxiously for the arrival. My wife had to be induced because the baby was extremely large, so now we waited for the drugs to take affect.  A long night, we waited until early on the morning of December 10, then my wife was competing with the lady in the next room, which baby would come first?  Her Doctor was out of town, so we had his midwife Robin, she's a doll.  The two competing moms kept Robin busy most of the morning, but it was us that beat the draw.  Mikayla DeRay Jones was born, incidentally all natural, no drugs for pain.  Miss  Mikayla,  came quietly into the world on a cold December night, brought tears to my eyes as I held my daughter for the first time.  She was probably the best baby two parents could ever hope for.  She never cried, always ate a lot, and was always smiling; her dimples still get me.  As she grew  there was never a dull moment until welcomed our little boy when she was just over a year old.  While she wasn't a jealous child, she thought it was really cool to have a real baby to play with.  I can remember her first day of school just like it was yesterday, she loved it and to this day she still thinks that school is the greatest thing.  Mikayla is still quiet, has never given her mom and I a minutes worth of trouble.  Most of the time her room is immaculate, not even a toy out of place.  She loves to dance and play with her Barbies, things all little girls loves to do.  She loves her friends, but is very shy, and tends to wear her heart on her shoulder.  Her timid ways makes her a very special girl, although she is timid, she is one of the most loving children you will ever meet.  I love the way she looks at me when she wants to ask me a question, or the way she looks when she might be in trouble. Now as she is rapidly approaching her eleventh birthday, I look at her in amazement as I have watched grow into a beautiful little lady.
  When my wife was pregnant with Alexis she had a few complications, nothing major though.  The doctor scheduled her to be induced on December 20, 2002.  We arrived at the hospital that morning, the nursing staff received us with open arms; this was our third trip to the delivery room within the past three years, everyone knew us my name.  An ultrasound showed that Miss Alexis was turned wrong and that they couldn't induce, surgery was a must.  The doctor came into the room and said, “The first free day I have to do the surgery will be Christmas eve.”  My wife sank into her bed crying and saying, “Doc, I have two other small children, I can't be away for the holidays.”  Her favorite nurse, Scarlett came running into the room and told us and the doctor there was a canceled surgery and he could use the Operating room today.  Thank you Jesus, our quietly spoken prayer had been answered.  So to make this a little shorter, Alexis Taylor Jones was untimely snatched from her mother's womb on December 20, 2002.  She came into this world wide open, kicking and screaming.  The early days were tough, mom recovering from surgery, she had to sleep with me, and for the first 8 weeks of her little life she slept on my chest.  I think I may have her spoiled, she still likes to sleep on my chest.  Alexis was a fairly good baby, she wasn't too fussy.  Unlike Mikayla, we could never get enough food into Alexis, she wanted to eat all of the time.  She did like to sleep in her own bed with her favorite stuffed animal, a fluffy purple bunny appropriately named Raa-Raa.  Alexis is an exceptionally bright child, her Papa says all the time that she too smart to be only seven years old.  She loves school, dance and playing dolls.  She has a beautiful smile and the most heart-melting giggle, she is a very outgoing person and never meets a stranger.  Alexis is very independent, she will hurt your feelings and keep on going like you weren't even there.  On the other hand she can melt you with her hugs and her shy little voice saying,” I love you Daddy.”  To this day, anytime she is sick or feeling bad all she wants is her daddy and that raggedy ole purple rabbit that she has affectionate carried around for the past 6 years.  It is a sight to bring down the hardest of hearts.
  Both of my girls are excellent dancers and will be competing with the Junior Elite dance team.  I love both of my girls and my son.  Daddy's always carry a special place in their hearts for their daughters.  I dread the day when they get older and then another guy becomes the object of their eyes.   I ask them all of the time will they love me as much when they get older as they do now.  They both giggle and tell me how silly I am.  One thing that I am sure of  is that they do really love me, and I can't wait til I can sit on the couch this weekend and cuddle up with my kids and watch a good movie and eat some popcorn.  I live for my kids, and I know that time I spend with them on the couch is something they will carry on, hopefully one day with my grandchildren.  They can always say, “Thank you for being my Daddy.'
8/12/2010 5:43:18 AM
Laura Taylor United States
Laura Taylor
I am an OB nurse, and have participated in literally thousands of births over the past years. (Actually delivered several myself when the doc didn't make it in time!!). But one birth will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I have to share it with the KLove family.

We had a patient come in to deliver who herself was born with a congenital heart defect. The prognosis for her life wasn't good...she was told that she would not live past her 30's. She was determined to defy the doctors. She grew up, went to college, got married - but the doctors told her to NEVER get pregnant, for if she did, her heart could not take it and she would surely die. Again, she was determined to prove them wrong, and she and her husband became pregnant. Being pregnant causes extra stress on a normal person's heart and blood volume, but for this was more than just that. Because of all the extra blood, etc., her heart began to enlarge quickly. The doctors told her that if she made it to full term, she would only live a short time afterwards.

So, here comes in this patient with her husband, and we got to know her pretty well. She knew what was going to happen, but she just said.."I was going to die anyway. At least I'll have given life out of me!" She did deliver a beautiful, healthy baby girl and we were able to capture everything on video tape for her family. She was able to hold her daughter, cuddle her, feed her, and love her. We asked her if she had any regrets, and she whispered..."Absolutely not. I would die a thousand times over for her." Two days later, that beautiful woman slipped away to eternity, leaving behind the most amazing legacy any human could ever leave. We all know that Christ gave his life for us...but how many of us would actually give our lives to save someone like this woman did? Her daughter is now around 15 years old, and I only hope that she will never forget what an amazing mother she had. None of us should ever forget.

Thanks for letting me share. I still cry over this one! God Bless!
8/12/2010 5:56:39 AM
Melissa United States
I have two baby stories to tell. The first one is just a funny baby story about the day I was born. The other is of a miracle baby.

Well, on the day I was born, I woke my parents up early in the morning. My mom was trying to do without medication, but it was later in the afternoon before I was born. She finally asked for some pain medicine and before it kicked in, she asked my dad to call a nurse. When my dad got a nurse in the labor room, he said that the baby was on the way. My mom said, "On the way?" Daddy said he lifted up the sheet and I was laying on the labor table. They said that the nurse hurried to get me and the room cleaned up and when she finished she turned to my dad and asked if he could tie her mask so that the doctor thought she did everything right.

The second story I have to tell is a story of a miracle baby. A friend of mine had an aunt who was in an accident in the 90's. She had a little girl who lost her life in that accident. Well, she was crushed and she lost a leg from that accident as well. There have been lots of surgeries that she's had to go through. She was told that she would never have a child. Well in December 2008 she found out that she was pregnant. She had a baby boy born in June 2009. He's healthy and she is a great mother like both me and my friend knew she would be.
8/12/2010 6:45:47 AM
YvetteM United States
I want to share a little story with you.  A dear friend/coworker passed away in a tragic accident a week ago Sunday.  This friend said some very inspirational words to me when I found out I was pregnant with twins 2 years ago.  WOW Words from God...  I have Cystic Fibrosis.  Knowing the risks, my husband and I still wanted very much to have a child of our own.  My doctors gave to okay to try to conceive.  After 4 years of negative results, we were about to give up.  I began praying harder than I ever had and asking if it would be his will, we would raise this child under his guidance.  In May of 2008 we found out we were pregnant on Monday and miscarried on Friday.  We were very distraut.  My friend reassured me then that all would be okay.  We kept our faith and in August 2008, we found out again that we were pregnant, but we were afraid to tell anyone incase we miscarried again.  I had to tell my boss because I worked part-time on an ambulance and didn't want to take any risk with lifting.  My friend overheard.  She said she would pray for us to keep this child.  In September we went to the doctor and found out it was twins.  Once word made it through the office about the twins, my friend call me.  She said, "Yvette, the Lord has given you your lost baby back."  I was so nervous about the thought of twins, but with her words, I was reminded that this was all God's awesome plan.  I thank God for my co-worker and know that she is rejoicing with him in heaven now.  I just wanted to share the praise and story with my friends at KLOVE.  God is awesome and works miracles all around us, if we will only open our eyes see and trust in his awesomness.
8/12/2010 6:55:11 AM
Feather United States
When my sister was 8 months old my mom met a lady named Feather. My mom said that if she had met Feather before my sister was born she would have named her Feather. Then she, jokingly, said "if I every have another girl, I will name her Feather." She never dreamed she would have any more children, but 14 years later she found out she was pregnant. She said from the moment she found out, she knew it was a girl and that her name would be Feather. The lady I was named after got her name from an experience her mom had. She was a nurse in a hosptial nursery and held a premie. She said, "she is as light as a feather" and decided if she ever had a girl she would name her Feather.
8/12/2010 7:05:27 AM
Teresa Rosendale United States
Teresa Rosendale
This will be a bit on the long side, I apologize ahead of time!

After having two boys (five years apart in age)my husband and I decided we would like to have another child and hoped for a girl.  Our second child was three at the time.  Seemed all around us our friends where having babies as well, just the "age" we were all at ;).  I knew that some of my friends just "thought" about getting pregnant and the next month they were others it took a couple of months which is not unusual.  After 6 months I spoke with my family doctor who had me start doing basal body temperatures that are "supposed" to indicate when you are ovulating.  I did this for about two months and took the results into him.  He sent me on to my OB along with the charts.  My OB (a man of God) had me start on fertility meds and of course encouraged prayer!  After several more months he sent me to a fertility specialist who sent me on for further testing.  The results and subsequent diagnosis was secondary infertility.  This simply put is you've had at least one child and now can not get pregnant again.

I felt trapped in two worlds.  Our other friends who had deliverd by this point kept asking us if we were going to have any other children (not knowing our deep heartache at the time) and our a few of our other friends that never could have children "chastised" us for trying to have any more when we were "fortunate" enough to already have two healthy kids.  Oh the months that we weapt!  Add to the emotions, I was working as a nurse in Labor and Delivery!  Month after month the signs would come that I was not pregnant, and it would always come when I had to go to work, not on my days off.  And when it would come, those nights were the nights I would end up helping with the "teen" moms in their deliveries.  I'm not gonna lie here, I would cry and vent at God!  It got to the two year mark.  Two years of "trying", praying, crying out to God.  I was back on the fertility meds after taking 4 months off of them to give my body a break and to seek God even more.  I had started back on the meds and had been on them for only two months when my husband FORGOT to pick up my prescription! Part of me was upset at him, but then I had the peace that God sends.  The following month I went back to the specialist to find out that yes I was pregnant!  My husband had to leave on a business trip so was not there for the appointment just two weeks later.  The doc wanted to do a sonogram since I had been on meds.  He did see that there were two sacks even though I had missed my meds the previous month.  When my husband came home from Baltimore I showed him the sono.  He was in shock!  We went in together just two weeks later for another sono.  The doctor did show us that thre was indeed two, but that the second one did not have a heartbeat.  Mixed emotions, but we still trusted the Father.

At 26 weeks I went into the hospital with the most excruciating pain I had EVER experienced, and I did natural birth with my boys!  I was having a gallbladder attack and the lab work showed that I either needed to have surgery which could potentially cause preterm labor, OR try and wait but that could lead to Pancreatitis, and the possible loss of the baby if they had to do emergency surgery.  We prayed HARD!  Could it possibly be that the child that we had prayed for and waited for just over two years was not going to grow to be an adult?  Our deacon came to see us and as a very quite man said "I think you need to have the surgery".  Medically I'm like "thanks appreciate it but I'm just not sure".  A few hours later our associate pastor came in and said "You two know God is with you, I believe you need to have this surgery" and still I hesitated.  Our pastor came in (Big man 6' 5" 250#) "You know God is in control, you need to have this surgery, now get that nurse in here and get those papers signed!"  Immediately the old "joke" about the man in the flood waters came to mind and God said to me "I've sent you three Godly men with the message, what more do you want?"

The papers were signed, the surgeon came in on his day off!  His special team that he used for OB surgeries all had things "happen" where there vacations "fell through".  Between all our friends we had the Southern Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God, and possibly a few others praying!  In recovery the surgeon told my husband that he had never been able to do a laproscopic procedure on a woman as far along as I was and he "didn't have the words" to explain what happened.  As he went to make the first small incision he literally saw the baby drop all the way into my pelvis AND all the way to my back!  He said the baby didn't move until the final stitch was cut, and that the baby then went right back into position!  I can just picture the hand of God holding the precious gift in place!

I went full term and was blessed with the "perfect" baby when our precious gift Anna (for the prophetess in the temple when Jesus was presented), was born and weighed in at a whopping 10# 10oz!  She'll be turning 14 this fall and though she and I have our "moments", I wouldn't trade her for the world!  Her brothers Daniel and Stephen spoiled her rotten right along with her daddy, and we often share her/our story with folks to remind them of the awesome God we serve!
8/12/2010 7:12:04 AM
Melissa United States
I have two stories to share. The first story is just a funny story of the day I was born and the second story is a story of a miracle baby.

On the day I was born, I woke my parents up early that morning. Well, my mom was in labor all day. They had told her around Thanksgiving that it would be any time now and it was already after Christmas, almost New Year's Day. She was trying to get through the labor without medication, but it was after lunch and I still wasn't there. My mom finally asked for an epidural and before it kicked in well, she asked my dad to call a nurse. When the nurse came into the room, my dad told her that I was on the way. Momma looked at him and said, "On the way?". They said he lifted up the sheet and I was there. So the nurse hurried to clean me and the room up. When she was finished, she asked my dad if he could tie her mask so that the doctor thought she did everything right.

The second story is about my best friend's aunt. In the 90's she was in a car accident and her only child, who was 8 at the time, was killed. She lost her leg and was crushed in the pelvic area in this accident as well. She has gone through several corrective surgeries and was told that she would never have anymore children. My friend and I always told her that we felt she would be a good mother. Well in the fall/winter of 2008, she found out that she was pregnant. In June 2009 she had a healthy baby boy. And as we thought, she is a great mother. Smile
8/12/2010 7:29:30 AM
Melissa United States
Ten-and-a-half years ago, I was pregnant with my youngest child. My doctor at the time didn't tell me that I could opt out of alpha-fetoprotein test. The test came back abnormal for Down's Syndrome and he suggested that I have an amniocentesis. At some point betweent those two tests, while I was sleeping the name Joshua came to me. So, after that dream, I layed awake for a long time, but had a true sense of peace and that my baby was perfectly healthy. I was thinking "okay, Joshua's not bad, but what names go with it for a middle name. So I started going through the alphabet. Joshua A names, Joshua B names, Joshua C names. My husband, the worrier, wanted me to go through with the amnio anyway. It was, of course, discovered that my baby, Joshua Andrew, was perfectly healthy. Joshua means Jesus saves and I knew that God took care of my baby. Thanks for letting me share.
8/12/2010 7:32:22 AM
Niki26b United States
When I was 21 I was out of step with God and doing my own thing.  I had a longtime boyfriend and I got pregnant.  I was told when I was 20 I would never be able to have children due to a disorder I have so when I found out I was shocked and devastated.  This disorder could cause major problems for the baby such as down syndrome and cerebral paulsy.  I knew I was wrong in my lifestyle and I went to God for forgiveness.  I deperately wanted a daughter and prayed for this desire.  At 22 weeks I was told my son was severely downsyndrome and had cp.  I was a canidate for late term abortion and if I had the child he would live no more than five years and his life owuld be filled with pain.  I was crushed.  I went to God.  I wanted to gain an understanding and get back to Him.  At 24 weeks I had an amnio.  The dr. was shocked.  Everything that indicated my child was disabled and in pain was gone.  Everything!  And I was having a girl!  I knew it was a miracle.  Then at 26 weeks I went into preterm labour and both of us nearly died.  I spent three months in and out of the hospital with extensive stays.  I spent from week 26 to week 39 on bed rest.  I was in so much pain and my fear was overwhelming.  I blamed myself and I felt like God was punishing me for my actions.  Then, the day after my mother's birthday, I was induced because the baby was in stress and I had no amniotic fluid left.  I spent about 8 hours in labour and then she came.  I had trouble after that and only held her for 6 seconds before they took her to the nusery.  I began to bleed and passed out.  After several hours, I woke up and at 4 am I met my daughter.  Immediantly I knew her name.  Hannah Miracle.  She was a miracle baby and her presence in my life has made all the difference.  She is now 6 and every single day I know exactly how much God loves me.  He gave me the daughter I desired and took away all her disabilities.  She's one of the smartest kids in her class and is full of life.  We laugh everyday and she is truly my Miracle.  I couldn't be prouder to tell my story of God's miracle in my life.
8/12/2010 7:41:41 AM
Rachel Leverton United States
Rachel Leverton
We were parents of 2 boys and 2 girls, and my 7 year old daughter began praying for a baby brother EVERY night. I experienced 3 second trimester miscarriages in 2 year's time, so I was doubtful that she would get her wish. However after listening to my daughter's prayers for 2 years, I was finally able to tell her that I was expecting. I was induced due to pre-ecclampsia and gave birth, via c-section to a daughter, Grace Elisabeth, now 2 years old. When our daughter discovered the baby was a sister, not a brother, she said that God knew a sister would be better for her than a brother. Oh the faith of a child! I'm so thankful for our littlest blessing!
8/13/2010 4:11:14 AM
Paula Sargent United States
Paula Sargent
When God chooses the day and accept with gratitude!!! My middle son is 23 today!!! (Happy Birthday, Nick Smile Friday, the 13th of August is a DAY the Lord has made! Let us REJOICE and be glad in it! (I know I am!!) Blessings to you, your wife, and your soon to be newborn!
8/13/2010 6:59:59 AM
Wendy McMullen United States
Wendy McMullen
After a miscarraige in 2003, I had trouble getting pregnant.  After one round of fertility drugs I found out I was pregnant.  8 weeks in I thought I was having another micarraige, but thank God it was not.  Apparently, one fetus never developed, but we found out that there were still 2.  After many utrasounds and trips to the ER during what seemed to be a long 29 weeks, the doctor said he wasn't going to do my 28 week ultrasound be he was going to wait.  It was scheduled for Monday Morning during my 30th week.  Well, that weekend I started having false labor pains and was in the hospital.  They went ahead and gave me the shots to build up the babies lungs "just in case".  I was released from the hospital on Monday the day I was to have my ultrasound, the doctor who released me said he would ask my doctor to reschedule it.  It was rescheduled for Thursday.  On Thursday during the ultrasound the tech tells us that one baby is still quite a bit smaller than the other.  Doctor orders a stress test.  After the stress test we are asked to come back after lunch to see the doctor.  So, after lunch the doctor says I'm sending you to a multiples specialist.  He calls and they get us in the next day.  
The next day, I go with my daughter and mother-in-law 2 1/2 hours to the see the specialist.  After laying on the chair for an hour and after 3 different doctors coming in and viewing the sonogram, we knew something was wrong.  One baby was perfectly fine and weighed 4 lbs already, but the other was 3 lbs and the umbilical cord was pressed to his stomach, so the blood flow was not good.  THe blood flow was also reversed.  He tested the brain waves and they were fine.  He gave me a choice of delivering that night or waiting until Monday.  He said there was no garuantee the baby would make it.  When I called my husband he thought I was joking when I told him to come to Jackson.  Anyways we had the boys at almost 9:00 that night.  The biggest had oxygen problems, but the smallest was a real fighter.  He actually came off cpap the next day while the other was on it another day or two.  Today they are perfectly healthy 6 yr olds.  God had lined up everything perfectly.  When we went back for a check up, we went by to see the specialist and he of course had to pull our chart.  He told us that under normal circumstances most babies don't survive that.  How great is our God?
8/13/2010 11:20:49 AM
Alisha Koch United States
Alisha Koch
My journey began when I was 21. Married for a year, and just out of nursing school I found myself pregnant. At 8 weeks we lost that baby. In the next three years I went on to have 3 more miscarriages at 9, 14, and 5 weeks. My husband and I had all but given up hope of having a child of our own. I prayed and begged God to give us the gift of a child. I worked NICU and saw so many babies who were born into very unfortunate situations and it just confused me all the more. Finally, in April of 2008 I found out I was pregnant for a 5th time. We were scared and worried, but when we got past the 15 week mark we both felt more confident. On December 30, 2008 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Kinsey Grace. We both felt that it was by the Grace of God that we were holding her in our arms. She's an amazing little girl and I know God placed her in our home for a reason. And that someday we will be able to meet the children we lost and raise them in Heaven.
8/13/2010 11:57:54 AM
Jennifer Hesterman United States
Jennifer Hesterman
I have a story that's not about me but a friend and it's an amazing example of how amazing God is!

She woke up early in the morning in a huge pool of blood due to placental abruption. The baby was delivered via an emergency c-section. The mother had already lost more than 50% of her blood and had gone into shock. Baby was immediately put in the NICU and mom in the ICU. The baby is now 6 lbs and is home after only 10 days. He spent only 1 day on the ventilator and was expected to be on it for 1 week, he only spent 2 says on oxygen instead of the expected 2 weeks, and was only in the NICU for 10 days and was expected to be there for a whole month. God is AMAZING!!
8/14/2010 4:38:31 AM
Sharissa United States
My parent's were told they would never be able to have children. So they put their names on the adoption list, when it came their time to receive a child they pepared the nursery for the new little bundle of joy only to find out at the last minute the mother decided to keep the baby. They were crushed! Standing in church one morning the Lord spoke to my parents and said if they wanted children of their own to go down and be prayed for. So they obeyed! the following morning the Lord asked my mom to take one more step of faith and take their names off the adoption list. She did that as well. 6 weeks later she found out she was pregnant with my brother! 3 yrs later she went through the same process of being prayed for and again found out she was pregnant again! 12 weeks into the preganncy she started having complications and the doctor's did an ultrasound and told them the baby was gone there was no movement or a heartbeat they wanted to do surgery immediatly. Mom refused! that night laying in the hospital mom was praying and there was a song playing on the radio the ministered to her situation. She told God if she was to keep the baby to please play that song again! After the song ended the radio announcer stated there was someone out there who needed to hear that song again and played it again! the following morning mom had the doctors to re-do the ultrasound. they found a strong heartbeat and the baby was moving! they told them the baby would be a complete vegitable but 24 years later I'm here to announce I'm not! Only by the grace of God! I know He has great plans for me!
8/14/2010 6:38:28 AM
Kathy United States
This is about my Aunt and Uncle. They had tried for many years to get pg. Because of medical problems, my Aunt wasn't able to conceive, and had several mis-carriages. But, we were all always praying they would conceive. They were also trying to adopt, and God, of course, had their family already picked out. One day they got a call from an agency up north who had a special circumstance case, and wanted to know if they wanted to adopt this baby. They were also waiting on a local adoption. Well, of course, they wanted to adopt both babies, and did. The girls were 3 months apart.

THEN, one night I had a dream where she told us she was pg. I didn't say anything b/c that was still a touchy topic for them as well. A few days later they called to tell us GUESS WHAT! WE'RE PREGNANT! Seems that the day I had the dream, she had gone to the dr for a regular check up, and found out she was PG! She always says I knew before she did!

When the baby was born, she was born on my Aunt's b-day. Now all 3 girls are in their 20's, and have all graduated from College, and are very smart and talented, and love the Lord with all their hearts! And 2 of the girls were EXCELLENT students who got scholarships, and they have all travelled the world! God is GOOD!

BTW, the day they found out they were pregnant w/ Baby #3, my Uncle told family and friends "OK YOU CAN STOP PRAYING FOR BABIES NOW!" LOL  And at one time they'd considered trying for a boy, but decided 3 girls were enuf!

PRAISE GOD! And also, 1988 was a special year for our family. God blessed our entire extended family w/ 3 babies born that year. My mom has twin bros, and each of them were blessed w/ a child, as well as my parents were blessed w/ their first grandchild.
8/16/2010 7:34:55 PM
DC United States
This is great news for KC and Jessica ! We had a miraculous story almost 22 years ago when our daughter was arriving a few weeks early. I got home from a 4 p.m. shift just around 12:30 a.m. and went to sleep.  At 1 a.m. it was time to wake up and start waiting and although my wife never had any long contractions, we drove to the doctor's office at 7 a.m. and the doctor said your baby is fine because she just kicked me - now we need to get to the hospital and I'll call ahead.  Little did we know this was a very serious potentially hazardous delivery and the doctor's office was the opposite direction of the hospital so we doubled the distance in morning rush hour in beautiful downtown Chicago with a woman in the last minutes of labor.  When we did arrive the staff didn't want to show her in, because it was a riskier delivery, but God whooshed us past the long long line and into a room for my wife (waiting room for me) and the doctor delivered her in about 90 seconds. Greeting me and my wife's mom in the waiting room afterwards, the doctor told us she was worried because of the baby's position, she could have choked on her cord and that she had prayed on the way down, God, if you parted the Red Sea, please part this traffic.  What might have been lost was saved due to God's tender mercy.
8/18/2010 3:25:31 AM
Kimberly United States
At the age of 18, I was told that I would probably never be able to conceive.  Infertility ran in the family and my aunts/uncles had all adopted their children, so adoption was not something I feared.  I did fear not "finding" a husband that would accept my infertility and agree to adopt.

At age 20, I gave up trying to find the right guy and just told God, that His will be done.  Well, not 4 months later, I met my husband!  Not only was he accepting of my infertility, he immediately suggested adoption!

Our "WOW" moment came three months after our marriage, we were pregnant!  God graced us with three children, all biological.  We wanted to have at least six children, but with each pregnancy, I would get progressively worse kidney infections.  My husband said my health was more important to being a mother who was there for her children, so we stopped having children.  But, we took in foster children for many years, and we have blessed!  
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