Aug 12 2010

FITatudes - Eat to Live, Live to Worship and Get Full on the Word

If you feel like you are in a constant battle when it comes to losing weight, you could be missing the most important factor - God!  Fitness experts Tonja Ward and Diana Patton join us this morning and share how you can get fit with the Word of God and the Biblically-based 9 FITatudesFITatudes is about the powerful transformation that occurs when "FIT" - that's Feeling Inspired Together - collides witha a Godly "attitude."


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8/12/2010 7:11:46 AM
Andrea United States
Loved this piece! I am in Virginia Beach, and had just gotten into my car after an early morning run when you started talking about this. Smile
I will be 40 on the 30th and about 3 weeks ago I decided I needed to take control back in my life, and this was one of those places. I have been to the gym every morning at 5:30am for 3 weeks now... and I am SOOO not a morning person. I will admit to not asking God into the equation least not specifically. Thank you for sharing this so that I can start bringing Him along for this ride. He's part of every other part of my life...why not this one?! Smile
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