Aug 12 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons ...

When "life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  A friend of Eric's recently lost his job and like a lot of people in that situation, earned some extra cash through a garage sale.  Inspired, he then started a business helping people with their garage sales (see John David's story here)

Got a "life gave me lemons and I made lemonade" story? Maybe someone holding a bunch of lemons can get encouragement from you ... share your story here.


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8/12/2010 5:30:28 AM
Susan United States
I'm still swimming in the lemon juice... awaiting the Lord's deliverance from the current "place"... I am not awaiting on any godly man... though it might be nice... I can't allow my mind to go there; waiting for "Prince Charming"... The Lord is my husband. I am leaning on Him; He's telling me "it will be ok..., We'll get through this..." I believe that reveals our most basic need... our deepest hearts desire... to KNOW we are not alone...and He is here with us in the "juice" of life. He's training me up to not ignore the suffering of others in the midst of my own suffering, to continue to bless other's even if we are in a rough spot in the road... the wrecker driver ... told me he'd just trained a crew saying you will "never" see the same customer twice... I told him he was God's provision for me... he should listen to KLOVE... (he's in a great ministry opportunity....) life goes on..... ;).... thanks for all you do KLOVE You're great!
8/12/2010 5:48:14 AM
Melissa United States
When I was 21, in a one month period, I found out both my father and grandfather were terminally ill with cancer, I made the decision to leave my senior year in college to spend time with them, my car broke down and cost more money than I had to fix, and the man I thought I was going to marry left me. During this time, God introduced me to the man I am marrying this November. He is my best friend. He held my hand through my darknest of times. He's my gift from God. Ironically, if prior to those events someone would've told me I would marry him, both he and I would've laughed it off. Also, I'm now working in the health industry, using the compassion and skills I gained while taking care of my father during his last few months at home, in my job that I love...and am going back to school next fall. It's amazing what kind of lemonade God can make.
8/12/2010 7:53:46 AM
Miranda United States
When I rededicated my life back to Christ My marriage became a BATTLEFIELD!! It has been a three year long long struggle, but God has shown me so many blessings in all this.
Recently it seems that the scales to my eyes were peeled away and every event, trial, blessing and even Movie I watch or commercial I see; God has shown me things about me that I see so easily in others, but in which He wants to strengthen in me to grow to or grow away from.  
Instead of being abandoned and left alone again form a husband; God has shown me that I"m gonna be okay with Him as my personal Trainer; Cause I will fight to instill life filled words in my brain instead of fight/flight reactions.
So many days I want to toss out all my lemons and flight, but God has shown me how He will make the most Delicous, unforgettable Lemonade from these lemons for all to taste who are in my path.
God reminded me of this...
Proverbs 16;9
A mans heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.
Thank you K-Love so much for filling my airwaves with constant Hope, Encouragement and life filled words....
God Bless You All
Big Squeeze
Miranda Myers
Cohasset, MN

8/12/2010 7:55:17 AM
Heather Matys United States
Heather Matys
My Lemonade from Lemon's story is...
My husband I had been trying for years to concieve our first child.  We had tried many different avenues to concieve but were unsuccessful.  We then visited Dr. Kiltz and underwent a couple of IUI's all were also unsuccessful.  We made one more appt on Feb 14, 2006 (Valentines Day).  I was so hopeful, I felt that this was a sign it was going to work this time.  Much to my disappointment I found out 2 weeks later while at work that this attempt didn't work either.  Feb 27, 2006 I spent the day at work upset and disappointed that again this didn't work.  That evening when I arrived home, while walking into the house I slipped on some black ice in my driveway and fell.  I broke my leg in 2 places.  Two days later, I called Dr. Kiltz office and told them that we would be holding off on any more treatments until after I was healed.  On April 4th, 2006 two days before I had my cast removed, I learned that I was expecting our first child.  We were so suprised and felt so blessed!  It was a very difficult pregnancy and at 25 weeks I had to have surgery to have my gallblader removed.  Talk about a sacary situation.  By the grace of God, everything went fine and My sweet Matthew was born on Nov 8, 2006 he was born 4 weeks premature and the doctor's were worried his lungs were not mature enough.  Matthew was born little, just over 4lbs but healthy and breathing just fine on his own.  Today he is a happy, healthy and very energetic 3 almost 4 year old who is starting preschool in just a few weeks.  God is Good!!
8/12/2010 7:57:42 AM
Melissa Kiefer United States
Melissa Kiefer
When I was 14, I suddenly and mysteriously lost my hearing and became very sick. Losing one of my senses turned my world upside down and shook up my faith. Gradually, I gained some of my hearing back. I remain deaf in my left ear and have fluctuating hearing in my right ear, but with God's help and by His glory, I am now a high school English teacher. Because I know so much about lemons, about not fitting in, and about not feeling confident, it is so rewarding to mentor and help my students on their journeys. It is my "daily bread", and my daily lemonade. I have an hour drive to work and an hour drive home, another "lemon" that is sweet lemonade because I am constantly encouraged by Klove. I start my classes off right by having a daily inspiration time where I share positive stories, Bible verses, and lyrics from my favorite Klove songs. Thank you for filling me up so that I can radiate and overflow with God's love...and pour that love into the lives of the young people that I am blessed to teach.  
8/12/2010 8:05:40 AM
Chrissy United States
My lemon happened last November 2009 when our Grandmother passed away. She was a wonderful Christian lady who we loved dearly.  What I couldn't understand is how our grandfather missed her greatly, but was at peace with her sudden death.  What I came to understand later that week after the funeral is God's grace.  See, my husband and I were going through life lost and confused without Christ as an unbeliever.  When our grandmother passed away, my husband asked me to go to church with him because he said that is where we will find our answer to void in our life and marriage.  We went to church on Sunday November 15th, 2009 and were saved by God's grace and accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. That is our lemonade.  I think that our grandmother would be smiling from up above to know that her dedication and devotion to Christ while she was living and in her death lead us to Christ.  I was lost in the dark for 29 years of life and with God's glory shone, he saved us. Praise Jesus! WOW, how amazing is the Lord!!!! I want to thank your ministry for helping me with my walk with Christ.

In Him,

Chrissy from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
8/12/2010 8:06:14 AM
mary h moss United States
mary h moss
8/12/2010 8:14:11 AM
Jennifer Sears United States
Jennifer Sears
Got has definitely made lemonade out of a life of lemons in the past month.  My first marriage and subsequent divorce was a very abusive one.  It took me 3 years to leave him and I went through about 6 years of dealing with the affects of rejecting an extreme narcissist with borderline personality disorder.  I was for sure that I was going to end up one of those faces on the news..."woman killed by crazy ex-husband".  Because I have 2 little boys out of that marriage I havent been able to get him out of our lives completely, because he does have parental rights.  I was a single mom of 2 little boys, working 2 jobs for 6 years and trying to heal from all of the emotional, physical and mental abuse that I suffered.  I cried out to God for a husband and to be loved and taken care of.  During that time I learned who I am in His love and I learned that I already had everything I was crying out for in Him.  He was my husband and He took care of me and He loved me unconditionally.  When I realized began to manifest in my life.  In the past year, I met an increcible man who loves the Lord and he and I became best friends.  I fell in love with him quickly, but he wasn't sure I was the one for him, so the relationship ended, but the friendship continued.  July 5, 2010, he came to me and told me that he had a massive revelation from the throne of God and the Lord showed him how much he loved me.  And in seeing how much he loved me he saw how much God loves all of creation...even Satan and the fallen angels.  He hates the sin in Satan and he will have to answer for that sin just like we do...but Satan is still God's creation and God still loves him.  All this to say that on July 5, Jarod proposed to me and we were married 2 weeks later and he is the most amazing husband in the world.  Its an indescribably kind of heavenly love that only comes when 2 people love the Lord and keep his commandments in their heart.  On top of this amazing marriage, we just learned that we are expecting our first baby...and we're totally excited.  Lemons upon lemons upon lemons.  God does restore what was once broken....just like he said he would.
8/12/2010 8:40:21 AM
Jennifer Hanzlick United States
Jennifer Hanzlick
As a single parent with 3 kids, my oldest twin girls were heading into their 1st year of college, I was laid off from my job of 11 years. Loosing my job with benefits and the only source of income I had was stressful.  In the midst of this, my mom had the task of cleaning out my grandparents home so they could move into a nursing home. They were hoarders, so it was emotional and took a great deal of time to complete the job. There was so much “stuff”! After my lay off and working with my mom, I had the time and decided to go to Haiti on a missions trip, which was life changing. When I retuned, after a lot of prayer, I decided to open my own junk removal business and called it Clutter  It has been my only income for almost 2 years! I am blessed to help clean up clutter in a caring and compassionate manner. An added bonus, we regularly send goods to Haiti in a container. Because we clean up so much clutter, we get to give to local charities as well!  God is so good. He has certainly given me lemonade from lemons. Thank you K LOVE for all that you do!
8/12/2010 8:44:05 AM
Amanda Montano United States
Amanda Montano
Recently I have been struggling with issues in my academic life. I am 19 years old and a student at the University of New Mexico. Due to a low GPA I lost my Lottery Scholarship which is given to high school graduates in New Mexico and pays for college tuition every new school year. I was extremely discouraged and petitioned to get it back but I was told my application wouldn't even be processed until the following week. With the news of this I was in a sort of state of despair because this Friday is the day that the tuition is due and I thought that there was no way I could pay it in time. But this morning I felt God tugging on my heart strings telling me to have faith that it would come in early. So I read my Bible because I felt God telling me to do so and prayed to have the faith of a mustard seed and believed it would come through . I again felt God tugging on my heart strings telling me to check if it came through and it did! I was so amazed at the awesome power of God. I believe God made lemonade out of this situation by making my faith stronger in Him and giving me a strong renewal of faith! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!
8/12/2010 8:48:19 AM
Caroline Womack United States
Caroline Womack
I tried to call in today it rang but you did not answer, so here is my story of Lemons into Lemonade ;
The summer of 1998, my husband and I became homeless with our eight children ages 17, 16, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 & 2. It was a very hard time, not knowing what to do, never been on this road before. God is so good all the time & all the time God is good. Well my husband’s had a friend who just happens to have an RV that was not being used that summer. So we packed our home and put it all in a storage unit. Each of the children could have a laundry basket of things, because the RV was a Minnie Winnie, it had limited space. Well that summer my husband was having surgery on his feet also, our funds were also limited too. So we had a BASKET of LEMONS not just a lemons, this could only get better. So my husband was on disable, I was off for the summer, we were not working, so we took the RV and our eight children and tour the southern part of the country. We drove from California to Florida. We visited all of families in between. We caught firefly in Louisiana, we saw the super tall cross in Taxes, white sands in Florida, 4 corners Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, we crossed the Mississippi River in 4 states; Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee. We had so much FUN; if you were to ask our children if they have been homeless they would say “NO NEVER!”, our lemons to Lemonade story. There is so much more, but the biggest part is GOD was in that RV without family. We became closer as a family in that time, we were a blended family, but now we are a family. God bless!
8/12/2010 9:43:39 AM
Candy L. Shaver United States
Candy L. Shaver
My son, Christian has had God's touch 2 times in his life through God's healing grace.  When he was born he suffered severe bruising to the skull along with a skull fracture.  His bilirubin count was increasing after a weeks stay at the hospital.  Doctors told us that he could have brain damage if the levels went above 2O, at that time the level was 19.  We prayed over him and the next morning, the doctor came in and told us were going home.  His levels were at 11 which were normal.  At the age of 7, he encountered an accident that involved a brain hemorrhage, he was in the PICU for 3 days, an resident doctor told me he needed a blood transfusion, but would not take blood from me nor my husband.  So we declined the transfusion.  We began to pray over him and the next morning, the neurologist said he did not need the transfusion, the bleeding has stopped and he was ready for release.  I encourage my child that God has a plan for him, he is my miracle child through God's healing grace.  God is not done with him yet and has found favor in him.  My son's name is Christian and I think that tells it all.  What a blessing my child is to me.  I love him with all my heart, and thank our Lord every day for sparing him.  
8/12/2010 12:47:20 PM
Amy Burns United States
Amy Burns
Well, I was the lemon and God is the one who made the lemonade. Years ago, as a single parent of two little boys I was not living a Godly lifestyle. I found myself in an unplanned pregnancy situation and I didn't know what to do. 19 year...s ago yesterday, I made the choice to abort the life of my unborn child, a choice with consequences I never expected and one I deeply regret. I've since gotten my life right with God and I know He has forgiven me perfectly and completely. I have been able to share my testimony in many different venues - even at the AR state capitol on behalf of the ultrasound bill which Governor Huckabee signed into law in April of 2003.
I've been involved with Hannah Medical Center, a local pregnancy resource center, since 2002 and God has been able to use my testimony to change lives and save the lives of babies. He has allowed me the awesome privilege of leading others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: "Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ.

"For the accuser of our brothers,
who accuses them before our God day and night,
has been hurled down.
They overcame him
by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much
as to shrink from death." (Revelation 12:10-11)

There's way too much for me to put in this little space and many may not even make it this far. If there is anyone needing help, please know that there is hope. God does forgive and He loves you!
8/12/2010 6:09:25 PM
Josh United States
Unfortuently I was about to turn my back on God. My job keep me away from church, family and pretty much life. No co-worker was a christian and I was heading that way. I know this may sound odd, but the best thing was, I got fired. I had nothing to do but go to church and be with my family. I am the youth pastor now and I am a minister. I started another job that at 4:30, I'm done and headed home. Who knows where my life would have headed if I would have stayed with the Sheriffs office. Now I hear this morning, another officer gives in the badge to become a youth pastor. I am praying for him. You must beleive in everything that God has. He was tring to tell me to leave way before I got fired, but I wasn't listening. Now I listen to every whisper from Gods voice. We are living in Revelations, we that have a ear must hear what the spirit is saying.

8/13/2010 7:05:48 AM
Sandy Keller United States
Sandy Keller
I've got a twist on the lemons/lemonade. I was in my rebel years, young, finding my way away from the church and all Christian influences. I was dating a guy and knew-KNEW-that he wasn't the one. I have heard God twice in my life, this being the first. It was a conviction in my soul, not an audible voice, saying he isn't the one for you. I recognized it for what it was and flatly refused to listen to God. This week we will have been married 14 years. God took the lemons I handed him and have turned it into lemonade. Were there lessons to learn and consequences for my choices? Absolutely. And some of those lessons are impacting our girls and the relationships they are now choosing.
The second time I heard God was when we almost got divorced several years ago. I've never prayed so diligently. I asked if I had learned all I was to learn and if it was His will for me to move on or if I was to stay and continue in the marriage. Again, an undeniable conviction to stay. Was it easy? Well, easier because of the conviction, but still not a fun season of our marriage. It's been hard, but the bottom line is that I listened that time and have no regrets. Grant has yet to come to the Lord, please pray for that. He has shown a softening of the heart over the years, but no relationship with our Lord and Savior yet. I am a happily married wife and mother. In retrospect, I wonder how much heartache and pain I would have avoided if I would have listened to God the first time. But the "what if's" do not rule my life, I don't allow them to, it's a cancer that can destroy. My choices and decisions have made me who I am and God can use anything we throw at him for His glory and praise, it just might not be as perfect as He had planned.
8/13/2010 7:50:28 AM
Hannah United States
I'm only 10 but i remember my sister's death like it was yesterday i miss her so much and when she died i had my first birthday after her death i turned 4 it was the most sad birthday i will ever have but how my family made lemonade out of lemons was a little after my sister's death my mom found out she was to have a baby (a boy) his name is luke and he is now 6 and he looks like her so much and now i get to have a chance to be a big sister too! (she died when she was 12) my brother acts like her a little too so i guess i learned from her death a little but i still really miss her
8/13/2010 10:11:33 AM
Yvonne United States
My Lemonade story started in December 2007.  My kids had started going to church with their father, which that was a miracle in itself, and my son was in the Christmas play and he invited me to come.  I wasn't in church at this time but my heart was searching desperately to find one.  So I went to watch him play David and he looked so handsome.  Some of the people at church came up to me and said "we have been expecting you to come"  Of course I just kind of blew that off.  That evening, my visitation week started with the kids and on Wednesday they asked me if I would take them to church for youth group and I said of course.  My ex husband was there and I sat with him and I really enjoyed the service.  Sunday came along and I went again, didn't sit with my ex husband Smile but still enjoyed the service.  God was working on me really hard at this time and finally after the 3rd service I went up to the Pastor and talked with him for a little while and told him how I was feeling and he suggested me to go to the local Praises bookstore to get a good bible.  So while I was at the bookstore, I went that same evening, and the owner was in the store and I was telling him about how I was feeling and he prayed with me and actually 'gave' me an awesome bible, one that I would understand more clearly.  I'm happy to say now that I am a member of this church, Christ Sanctuary in Sciotoville, OH, and I teach Sunday School and sing on the Praise team from time to time.  I never thought that I would ever end up in the same building as my ex husband except for a courthouse but God brought us together for our children.  My children have never been happy in any other church we have attended but this church has been such a blessing to us and the kids LOVE it there.  We are still making lemonade together but my ex husband is not a frequent church goer as he once was but I still pray for him and hopefully one day he will come back and love himself as he once did in the beginning.
8/16/2010 5:03:04 AM
Cailey Dumler United States
Cailey Dumler
I went through a difficult situation in a former church.  We are in full-time ministry and this situation created a church-split, we lost relationships, and now a year and half later, all five pastors have resigned.  God led us to a place of healing.  My husband is receiving healing and homeschooling our children.  I am serving as children's pastor.  Our family moved across the U.S. within two weeks of being offered the position.  This is a church that was planted 13 yrs. ago.  I have only been on staff for 4 mos. and we moved to a new building about 3 weeks.  We are averaging 175 kids between two services...over 100 kids in the 1st service alone.  This is by far the most challenging ministry I have ever experienced.  It is a united staff, church of grace and love, and I am overwhelmed but having an amazing time serving the Lord!  I realize God prepared me to sustain through a trial and has called me here for a purpose.  Many times our trials create a spirit of perseverence.  Yes, I am enjoying the taste of lemonade each and everyday!
8/20/2010 8:10:32 AM
Kristin HOpgood United States
Kristin HOpgood
On September 18, 2009 I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy at the age of 41 for DCIS breast cancer. It seemed that God was mad at me. Less than two weeks later I learned that the cancer was gone. Several months later,I was told by my oncologist that I would not require radiation or chemotherapy and my risk of re-occurance is only 5%.  I have since them claimed God's COMPLETE healing. Complete reconstruction was extremely difficult, but God was at my side through it all. At the time I was diagnosed, my husband and I had just begun in the long process of healing our marriage and we were both out of church by choice.  Through this difficult journey of losing something that I felt made me a woman, God has shown me His love and has allowed my marriage, my faith, my relationship with Him to be strengthened. He is amazing! My husband has been my rock and our love is like the solid Rock that God is to us. In saying all this, it is my encouragement that cancer is not the end and sometimes it is life altering and can even improve your life circumstances.  I truly feel that if I had not gotten cancer, that I might have never come back to God and I would have been lost for eternity.  Praise God for His healing abilities! In all circumstances, I will praise God!!  
1/16/2011 12:02:33 PM
John Morocco
Thanks. Please post more about helping people.
3/8/2011 10:56:47 PM
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