Aug 19 2010

Conjunction Junction

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8/19/2010 4:41:31 AM
Randy United States
I loved School House Rock.  I think one of my favorites was I'm just a bill.
8/19/2010 6:01:18 AM
Amanda United States
I'm Amanda, and I'm 12. Me and my sister used to listen to school house rock all the time! This is a great video!
I listen to K-Love every morning and it really helps me with my day. Thank you guys!

-Amanda Smile
8/19/2010 6:10:51 AM
Karla United States
Hey Eric: this is so awesome you were talking about this yesterday... My daughter Serenity is now in 4th grade, but last year, her end of the year 3rd grade performance was all about School House Rock... It was so enjoyable to see all the kiddos singing the songs I grew up watching on Saturday mornings.... What a blessing to know the kids today love it as much as we did when we were kiddos.  Serenity's class sang the one about the constitution... but one of the other classes sang Conjuction Junction... How awesome!!!!!!!!!

oh btw: klove rocks!!! i listen to it all the time.. even at work online!!!!

have a blessed day!!!!
8/19/2010 6:15:33 AM
Cindy United States
This is great, brings back lots of great memories.  Thanks for finding and posting.
8/19/2010 6:33:13 AM
Karri United States
I used to watch School House Rock when i was very young and thougt they were just songs until I got into school and began to learn about language and then all those songs began to come back to me and make sense. It was awsome! I think that early learning led to my "A"s in that subject.
8/19/2010 7:40:15 AM
Sue United States
OMgosh!!!1 I love it.  I grew up on School House Rock too!  Thanks for playing that and bringing back some great memories!!!

8/19/2010 7:40:56 AM
Michael United States
Wow!  Does this ever bring back childhood memories!  Thanks for's great!
8/19/2010 7:41:23 AM
David Moore United States
David Moore
As soon as School House Rock came out on DVD we had to buy it.  It brought back so many memories.  That is how I learned the preamble to the constitution. Last year, my son had to memorize the preamble.  We got out the School House Rock DVD's and he set and played the School House Rock preamble over and over until he had it memorized.  School House Rock spans generations.
8/19/2010 7:48:54 AM
Jackie United States
Wow!  Listening to Conjunction Junction makes me feel young again!  My Sister and I used to hear it when we watched cartoons on Saturday  morning.  Do you know the year of it's debut?
Thanks for playing!!
8/19/2010 9:04:35 AM
Sidera United States
Every since you posted the video earlier this week on the Preamble, I have had it stuck in my head. This morning, before I left for work, I had to go to my computer and listen to it one more time, and then when I got in the car, Conjunction Junction was coming on!! How awsome!  Love you guys and God bless.
8/19/2010 9:12:24 AM
Jannae United States
Lisa, Sounded to me like you did become a spiritual optomologist. Helping people to see Jesus more clearly. I thought that was the point you were getting at, I was jumping out of my skin to call but did not have the phone #. There you go sister even at 10 yrs old He had his hands on you!! Smile Jannae Gardy
8/19/2010 12:34:10 PM
Dawn United States
That was a great video, and I loved it! It definitely brings back good memories! We need more videos like this! High five!
8/20/2010 6:31:14 AM
Wes United States
LOVE Schoolhouse Rock!!! I watched it on TV..back when Mom and Dad had a Zenith floor model console with a dial and UHF/VHF. I was the remote.

Thanks for this station!
8/20/2010 4:50:38 PM
Amanda Fouke United States
Amanda Fouke
My husband and I both remember this. Actually we both sang with it while it was played on your station.
8/20/2010 8:09:57 PM
Katie W United States
Katie W
Thank you so much for playing this on the radio!  I had just pulled into the gym parking lot when the song started, but I just had to park and finish the song.  It took me back - and I loved every minute of it!  
8/25/2010 10:29:30 AM
Sarah C United States
Sarah C
What a terrific blast from the past!!  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
3/24/2011 1:06:45 PM
morgan gallaty
morgan gallaty
my teachers forced us to watch this video like five timesSmile
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