Aug 23 2010

3-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Dad's Life

This amazing little girl serves as a great reminder to teach our kids what to do in an emergency ...



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8/23/2010 7:55:21 AM
Jackie United States
how sweet. that's amazing.
8/24/2010 6:53:21 AM
Claire United States
There are kids that do care and remember what to do. Fantastic!
8/25/2010 8:36:47 AM
jeanette mower United States
jeanette mower
I sobbed uncontrollably this morning as I was taken back to how all my children were a part in changing the lives of both my husband and I.
25 years ago my young barely 2 year old daughter LesLee started jabbering JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!She could not even talk, but she could say JESUS. I had left the local faith and was wanting to search for some other faith. I had not idea where to go. I was shocked and scared at the same time when she started saying JESUS, JESUS, JESUS. as his name was NEVER spoken in our home. I eventually decided I should start searching for this JESUS. Scared to pieces I entered a non-denominational church and I WAS SAVED!!!!Changed forever and ever. Then we had 2 more children in a 7 year period. My husband was not saved. My children prayed at there christian school for him daily. We also prayed at night as a family. One night it was my 3 years olds turn to pray. When she said "And Help My Daddy to Be Saved" we all opened our eyes and asked her how she knew to say that and she said "Jesus Told Me Too!" The next day he ask Jesus in the his Heart. Our lives as a family was changed forever and ever. Our 2nd daughter was given the Most Godly Child Award at her school. Praise God out of the Mouth of Babes we were lead to the Lord!!!!!
8/25/2010 10:50:47 AM
carol United States
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