Aug 25 2010

Wow, God Used a Child to Save My Life!

Wow, God used a child to save my life!  This week we heard about 2 kids in the news that help save the life of family members - a 3-year-old girl who walked two blocks to a fire department to get help for her father and a 9-year-old boy who saved his little brother who was drowning

Got us wondering ... has God ever used a child to save your life?

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8/25/2010 4:29:53 AM
my eternal life...yes... my son. Becoming a parent altered my course forever... being a parent is the greatest blessing and has brought a fullness of life that I never could have imagined. The understanding of our Father God is so broader and deeper than what I would have ever imagined... Praising God for this blessing.... for His Son... and for mine.      
8/25/2010 4:40:03 AM
james United States
I listen to you guys alot. I'm a delivery guy for an electrical company and like I think its Eric I can never remember to take the station list with me. I always seem to find you guys though. Back to the reason I;m writing though. You guys are asking this mornong about kids saving your life. My life was saved on Nov. 9th 2007 @ 7:59 p.m. That was when I saw my son be born. I had a silent fight with depression from about 10 years old till he was born the year I turned 24. I wasnt in church and had no one to talk to. Everyone I knew said drink you'll feel better or smoke weed it'll fix you. The first moment I held him I realized a fraction of the love God feels for us. It was then I laid everything down. The mention from anyone about having a drinking makes me sick to my stomach and the mention of doing drugs brings up the image of my son being born and the love I found that night.
8/25/2010 6:14:24 AM
Chelsie United States
I'd have to agree with a lot of others. It was my son just being born. I was 16 when i got pregnant, and prior to pregnancy i was doing drugs and drinking. I stopped all that when i got pregnant and started going to what i call a real church. And now all that stuff is behind me. But who knows where i would have been if God wouldn't had blessed me with my wonderful son. He is motivation to leave the bad stuff behind.
8/25/2010 6:33:37 AM
Amber Gonzalez United States
Amber Gonzalez
3 years ago my daughter died from cancer that we did not even know that she had.  Through her life and her death, God called me to Salvation.  I firmly beleive that God used her life and death to bring me, eventually my husband, and God willing our daughter now to salvation and a life with Him.  I would never have thought that a tragedy like this would be something that I would be so thankful for.  But Thank You God!
8/25/2010 6:34:27 AM
Candy United States
Good Morning,

I wanted share my story of how a child saved my life.  When my daughter was two I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer.  After undergoing nine months of intense Chemotherapy I still had a large mass in my chest and the doctors wanted me to received and 8 week course of radiation therary.  Mid way through my radiation treatment I discovered that I was pregnant.  The doctors felt that I should abort my child and continue with my treatments.  With God's guidance I decided to deep my child.  The physicians delivered him two weeks early so that I could resume treatment asap to shrink the mass in my chest.  The CT scan that was performed on my chest after the birth of my son showed NO MASS.  The tumor had disappeared and to this date 16 1/2 years later I have not had to resume treatment....He is Lord.
8/25/2010 6:40:58 AM
Krissy United States
I had been struggling with an eating disorder for years, I had been hospitalized twice and once I got out of the second hospital I started another downward spiral. I had almost died and things weren't looking good for my recovery until I found out I was pregnant. It was unexpected and she literally saved my life. I made a full recovery and she will be turning 6 next month. I have not been the same since! I thank god for her and for saving mr through my beautiful daughter!
8/25/2010 6:49:39 AM
Amy United States
18 months ago I suspected I might be pregnant despite my husband and I taking precautions to prevent a seventh child.  When I went to the doctor for an exam, a lump was discovered in my breast.  It turned out to be cancer.  While pregnant I went through 12 rounds of chemo from which I experienced few side effects.  My oncologist explained that pregnant women fair much better in chemo.  A year ago this Saturday I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  I have been cancer free since last fall.  I have no doubt that my baby saved my life.
8/25/2010 7:03:27 AM
Sheryl United States
This may not be directly related to the topic of discussion but I wanted to thank Lisa for raising a little awareness this morning about the deaf and learning sign language to make a difference.  I was my mother's ears for 25 years and still continue to be.  She became deaf at age 2 and then raised me as a single parent.  I learned sign just from her and watching the interpretor at chruch. I became her life line in many situations and that's something I still do today.  She's an amazing woman and I thank God for her always.  I want to encourage anyone who has an interest in sign to learn it and then look for opportunities to use it.  I was a deaf interpretor at my mother's church for several years and it was a blessing.  Deaf ministries are always looking for those who are excited about reaching out to the deaf community so if anyone has been thinking about it, I encourage them to go for it!
8/25/2010 7:06:04 AM
Deb United States
I was pregnant with my 2nd child and had reached my due date.  However, upon examination, we learned she had turned feet down within the last week, instead of head down (breech).  Since my first delivery had been difficult the doctor felt it wise to do a c-section.  Immediately after delivering my daughter, the doctor told us that we were lucky to have done the surgery. Had I gone into labor we both would have died . . . I had a condition called placenta previa and the placenta would have detached before delivery and I would have bled to death before she could be born.  My loving God turned my daughter upside down at the last moment to save both our lives.
8/25/2010 7:07:44 AM
Jo United States
As a military family, we are often not near any family members.  My husband was in Iraq at the time, so my sons and I were "holding down the fort" in his absence.  One afternoon, when the boys were home from school, I was in the office working on some things when I fell out of the chair and went into a gran mal seizure.  Despite there being blood coming out of my mouth, my seven-year-old son kept his head about him and sent my five-year-old son to the neighbors.  When the neighbor answered the door, my son calmly stated, "Mr. Marks we have an emergency."  I woke up in the hospital, and later had the events of the afternoon relayed to me.  Thank you God for blessing me with such brave children, that you would use them to save my life.
8/25/2010 7:08:22 AM
Maureen United States
God brought me life and then life everlasting through the life and the death of my son. I didn't, couldn't, and wouldn't believe in God for most of my life. As a teenager, I truely believed that I had nothing to live for and made the decision to take my own life on my 18th birthday. Two months before my birthday, I became pregnant and was compelled to make the the choice to live for the love of my unborn child. He brought great joy and purpose into my life. When he was twelve, he again saved my life when his death in a car accident led me to seek Christ. My faith is eleven years old this year and still strong in the lessons of love and patience the Lord has taught me through my relationship with my son.
8/25/2010 7:09:10 AM
Jennifer United States
I wanted to share an idea when explaining the definition of an emergency...I am an insulin dependant diabetic and have been since I was 10 years old. Due to issues I have had with low blood sugar, the security alarm company I work for, installed a medical alert system in our home.  This allows for my husband, my children, or myself to just "push" a button on a remote or on the alarm keypad and the medics are immediately dispatched.  I explained to my children that if "mommy is ever asleep and you are unable to wake mommy up or if mommy is unable to talk, then push the button."  
8/25/2010 7:11:36 AM
Kelly England United States
Kelly England
Yes, my 14yr old adopted daughter has shown me Jesus and that has led to an abundant life in Him!  She was under demonic oppression for 13 years.  God revealed to me what to do to help her and He set her free!  Through this journey, my eyes have been opened to who the Person of Christ really is and He is AMAZING!! We have suffered for 13 years but now we are FREE!! THank you, Jesus.  I love you!!!
8/25/2010 7:16:20 AM
Darsey United States
Many years ago I was a young single mother with four children under the age of six.  Chicken pox was going around in my first grader's class and all four of my kids ended up getting it.  I spent a very long month nursing them all back to health but eventually they were all well and I thought the worst was behind us.  Then I got the chicken pox.  I knew I was very ill because I felt so bad, but did not know at that time how dangerous chicken pox can be for adults so just thought I'd take it easy and get over it in a week or so like my children had.  My fever got so high the blood vessels in my eyes burst and I remember praying before I lost consciousness for God to please help me so that my children would not be left alone in the middle of the Trinity National forest where we lived with no neighbors for miles.  My six year old became worried when she couldnt get me to wake up and discovered when she shook me that I was very hot.  She had the presence of mind to soak bath towels in water and cover me up with them.  She stayed at it all through the night replacing the towels as the heat from my body dried them out with new ones from the bathtub.  She also managed somehow to take care of her younger brothers and sister until I finally regained consiuosness in the middle of the night and called for help.  God answered my prayer that night with my own daughter.  What a blessing.
8/25/2010 7:18:28 AM
anonymous United States
On October 5, husband was killed instantly in a MC accident.  I didn't know what I was going to do or how I was going to move on, we had just had a baby and at the time of his death our son was 10mos. old. It was about a month after the funeral when I completely broke down. I was laying in the tub and had thoughts of suicide running all through me.  I was about to do it thinking that my mother could take care of the baby, when all of a sudden my son lets out this howl from his crib so I jumped up to see what the problem was, when I got there all he had for me was a smile.  I took that as a hint and as I looked at my baby boy, I realized I could not do what I was about to do.  He saved me that night from killing myself and has  been my rock ever since.  Since then I have found a good husband who is a wonderful father to my son and also have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart.  Not only do I believe that God used my son to save my life that night but also to save my soul as well.  I will forever be in debt....

your friend in Christ
8/25/2010 7:28:01 AM
chris holstein United States
chris holstein
When my wife left me after 11 years of marrige I was a mess. I was drinking and using "whatever" every day. If I didn'[t have to sober up once a week to spend time with my 2 year old granddaughter who knows where I'd be now. When my girlfriend( now my wife) gave birth to our daughter GOD gave me a 2nd chance to be the the father I never was before. Who gets 2nd chances with their parenthood. My grown daughter( who is now 28) said"you turned out to be a pretty good dad after-all"
8/25/2010 7:33:22 AM
Melissa United States
God used a child to save my life in a different way. My daughter became pregnant at 15 and my grandson was born in December of 2003. I did not approve of the situation, obviously, but what a beautiful little boy! Anyway, two months after he was born, my husband died. If I would not have had that precious baby there with me, I think I would have died too. Maybe not physically, but definitely emotionally and mentally. God really knows what He is doing and He used that baby to save my life.
8/25/2010 7:34:57 AM
Staci United States
I heard you talking about 911 calls, and your son thinking No cheese is an emergency and just had to share a story with you.  You see I was a 911 dispatcher for 7 years.  Both my boys, now 11 and 9, grew up with mommy being a 911 dispatcher and answering emergency calls.  Well when my youngest, Skyler, was about 5 he called 911.  I ofcourse, answered the call.  I answer "911 what is your emergency". Skyler "hi", me "Hi what's your name?" Skyler- "Skyler", I'm thinking to myself No surely this isn't my Skyler. I say "Skyler who", "Skyler H*****". me "Skyler Montana why are you calling Mom on 911".  Here is the BEST PART "Well Mom this is your work number"!!!!  I was so upset but was trying my hardest not to laugh. I tell Skyler to hang up and get his daddy because he is in trouble.  Both of my boys know that you only call if it is an emergency but young kids will be young kids!  
8/25/2010 7:44:04 AM
Beth United States
I drive from the Cincinnati area to Indianapolis M-F for school and start out listening to K-Love on 104.3 and switch to Indy's 101.9! This morning I was driving to school and listening to the discussion about children touching lives. Before I decided to go back to school, I worked at a children's hospital. For those three years I worked with so many wonderful, beautiful children who were very sick. Initially I struggled with the concept that God could let such terrible things happen to such innocent children. The kids I had the privilege of working with were so adaptable, hopeful, matter-of-fact. The families depended on their faith just as much as they depended on the medicine. Everyday the families prayed for health and healing, for life saving transplants, for not only years with their children but even for just a few more minutes. I witnessed so many miracles worked and children rehabilitated and walk away to start their lives. I also experienced loss and had to say good-bye as those little angels were called home to Him, and watched the families leave for their home without their babies. When I heard the discussion this morning, I immediately thought of all the wonderful children and teenagers and babies that are in hospitals right now fighting for their lives. They change everyone's lives for the better. They teach us how to be grateful, how to be hopeful, how to cope, how to celebrate, how to love. I'll never forget the miracles and I'll never forget those angels who are with Him now. Thanks for doing what you do, inspiring all the listeners with great conversation and music.
8/25/2010 7:56:27 AM
Ann United States
God truly used my children to save my life.  I had been struggling with a sever drug addiction for 10 years.  Before I knew it not only was I using but had began to make meth to deal so I could support my habit.  I was arrested and my children were taken from me.  At this point I truly felt as if the life had been taken out of me.  I didn't think I would survive without my children.  It was then that I finally surrendered everything to God.  You see without God coming into the picture and having my children taken I don't think that I would have ever cleaned up.  I have now been clean 6 years!!  I did not have to go to prison and most importantly I have my children!!!  
8/25/2010 8:08:51 AM
Roberta United States
Hearing about the young children saving their parents, my son (Sean,  is now 20 years old and serving in the Army in Afganistan for this year) was 3 years old when he asked me where God sleeps. I grew up unchurched and I asked him what he meant. He said, well I know God lives here and talks to me, where does he sleep. I knew then that this God thing was something I needed to find out about. The Lord not only saved me, but rescued us from a marriage with an agressive alchoholic, now my children are all saved and on fire for Jesus, and life is good. Praise God.
8/25/2010 8:10:28 AM
Bridget United States
I am a Firefighter/ EMT and have seen several cases of kids saving people by calling 911. But you must teach your kids how. There is an AWESOME book that we use in our preschool education groups called " It's time to call 911" that walks the kids when to call 911 and has a fake phone that lets them practice dialing. If they dial correctly then it tells them good job and they hear fire trucks etc. There are also a lot of other good books out there. Make sure your kids know how to use your cell phone. Let them practice dialing numbers etc by calling grandma or some other family member. Smile
8/25/2010 8:14:29 AM
Courtney United States
I know that the birth of children is on here a lot and that's my story too. I was 17 and in high school when I got pregnant. I had dreams of going to college and traveling the world and getting out of our small town. However, when I took that pregnancy test I knew my life would be far different then I had planned. But I believe my son saved me in ways nobody else could. He saved me from going down a slippery slope of drug use and drinking and partying in ways that would not please the Lord.  All my children have brought me closer to God in ways I can't put into words. Even by losing my 3rd little boy, it took my relationship with God to new levels. My wonderful oldest son has reminded me so many times of God's love. Emotionally, mentally, physically....he tells me that God will provide when we are struggling and that warms my heart!
8/25/2010 8:15:01 AM
Holly United States
The story about a child was before they were even born, I was 19 pregnant and also had just gotten married whenever I was 7 months pregnant I was in the emergency room with a heart rate of over 300 beats a minute I passed out, woke up and they put me on to an emergency room bed.  The heart doctor had come in and said that I have a heart condition known as WPW it is a very rare heart problem and he said that if I would not have gotten pregnant I would have died, because of my preganancy it forced my body into stress which triggered my heart to race which in turn saved my life.  My daughter is now 14 years old and I am thankful for her in so many ways and I also have an 8 year old son whom I am also thankful for God could not have given me two better kids....
8/25/2010 8:19:51 AM
Taylor United States
The child who saved my life is my now 9 month old daughter Iliana. I had had a difficult upbringing dealing with my parents divorce during my teen years. Soon after that I turned to drinkings and drugs. I met the love of my life while out at a party one night and we hit it off instantly, however we never knew then the stuggles we would face together. After being together for a year I found out I was pregnant, I knew I had to stop living this sinful life for my unborn child. I stopped all the partying a non-sense however my boyfriend didn't understand then how important is was to get his life together. He continued to use drugs becoming a full blown addict during the time of my prenancy. Being alone and with child I had no where else to turn so I gave my life to God. On November 27th 2009 both mine and Dj's lives changed forever. Our Beautiful daughter came into this world and saved our family and our lives. Dj has now given his life to God, we have since both been baptized, and given a new life through Jesus Christ. I can stand here today and say that if it weren't for my daughter and the the power of God's love we may not be here today.
8/25/2010 8:20:47 AM
Joy Burmaster United States
Joy Burmaster
Eight years ago this month, I fell down the cement stairs of my basement.  I hit the back of my head on a huge bolt that was sticking through the door a the bottom of the stairs.  My 10 year old daughter saw me fall and immediately rushed to a neighbor's house for help and they called 911.  I had to be lifelined by heliocopter to the hospital (which is an hour and a half away by car).  During the flight to the hospital, I remember the nurse was asking me questions and I was coheriently stating phone numbers of people for them to call and then would lose consciousness again.  I was in and out of consciousness for about a week.  I came out of it with only some short-term memory issues and a huge scar on the back of my head where the hair does not grow.  The dcotors were amazed that I was not a vegetable or had other severe medical issues.  This is only through the grace of God and my quick acting daughter.  When my children were born, I asked God to spare my life, should a situation arise, so that I can live here on earth with them to defend them against an abusive father (we are divorced) and I am so thankful that he has honored that request.  PRAISE GOD!
8/25/2010 8:22:09 AM
My family and I serve the Lord in a country in Asia.  The Lord prompted us to move after we worked for twelve years doing evangelism and church planting in a large city (10 million people).  My wife and I were uncertain of what the focus of our new work was going to be: Would it be church planting in another city with the majority people group and training the existing house churches as we had been doing in the past, or would it be starting churches in an Islamic minority group?  As we discussed the matter, our ten year old son said, "Of course we should go to those who have no churches and no chance to hear the gospel."  Our son helped point us down the road that should have been obvious to us. This road is harder and less travelled, which is why we had been resistant at first, until our child spoke with the clear wisdom that comes from straightforward obedience.
8/25/2010 8:30:18 AM
Ralph United States
I just wanted to praise God for how he used my son to change my life. It began in the delivery room.  My wife had complications so he was handed immediately to me! Wow, I wasn't expecting that.  When he opened his eyes for the first time, it was as if God said, "look I have given you this beautiful life, now what are you going to do with it?"  That was the beginning of my journey back to God because I was so far away from Him.  Over the course of my son's life, many things he did were wake up calls for me.  One day when he was eight, he walked up to me while I was drinking a beer and asked, "why do you do that?"  I could not explain and cannot explain what went through me -- it was another wake up call.  To make a long story short.  God used my son to get my attention many times.  At the age of 41, I left the business world to answer God's call into the ministry.  I am now a pastor and just finished my Doctor of Ministry, my son who God used is working on his Masters of Divinity.  God used this boy, now a man of God at various crossroads in my life.  I praise for my Son and radically changing my life!
8/25/2010 10:01:20 AM
Jen Thomas United States
Jen Thomas
Our first son is the reason we started going back to church.  Our second son is the reason our faith increased and is solid.  I am so thankful for our boys, a greater lifestyle, a calmer approach to everyday struggles, and peace within the surprises life throws.  Our second son suffered form a stroke at birth causing a massive brain hemorrhage.  He also has Hydrocephalus (water on the brain), Cerebral Palsy, a rare Genetic deletion (he is the only known case), developmental delays, heart defects, feeding problems, hearing loss, and trauma to the optic nerves.  After six surgeries, MANY doctor visits, and therapies, he has smiled through it all.  In God's miracles, Ty has been spared several more surgeries.  It is truly amazing to see, feel, and know that God's mighty, merciful, and gracious hands are on my sons.  My life has most definitely been saved and changed through my children.  Praise God!!!
8/25/2010 10:30:33 AM
Stephanie Deahl United States
Stephanie Deahl
I work with kids everyday and have done this for 18 years.  I love what I do but I had reached a point to where it was becoming more of a job than joy, that was until last month.  I am also involved in childrens minstry at my church.  During our VBS I do the music with the children and sometimes it can be quite a challenge but worth it when you hear their angelic voices.  This year again I did the music and of course it was a blessing.  But God must have known I needed to realize how important we are in the lives of the childre we work with.  One week after our VBS ended one of our children was killes in a terrible car accident.  We were devestated, but our minister helped us all but it in prespective.  He told us that all of us that worked with her at VBS ministered to her during the last week of her life.  That really opened my eyes to the impact we have on the children in our lives.  It has given me a new outlook and now everyday when I go to work I have one goal  and that is to make each of the children feel loved and special.  I thank God for that little girl and for every child that has come to me.
8/25/2010 12:13:49 PM
Claire United States
Some amazing things can happen-with children in what they do!
8/25/2010 12:58:11 PM
pegy United States
A friend told me about your radio station and I have been so truly blessed by tuning in.
I have a very stressful job and just listening to the beautiful music as I drive to work makes my job much easier.
I love the comments made by your callers also.
Thanks for the uplifting testimony that is made for so many of us to hear.
Blessings Always,
8/27/2010 3:53:26 AM
Barbara United States
My husband passed away suddenly about 18 months ago.  I felt so alone and scared.  Quite frankly I didn't want to go on living and I surely did not believe a loving God could take away my husband at the young age of 48.  I was not even able to say goodbye as I live in Iowa and he was in Alabama at the time.  When I was contemplating the ways to end my life God ended up putting the welfare of my two small grandchildren in my hands.  They were sexually abused and came to live with me permanently.  If they didn't appear in my life when they did and show me the true meaning of life I would not be here now.
8/31/2010 10:23:50 PM
Eugene2 United States
Yes, I am involved in church and getting more and more involved. I went through a divorce several years ago, and was in the ministry. I turned my back on God, the church, and christians. Then a loved one died in our family, that was a turning point on trying to get back to God. I moved and became involved in church again, but everyday I struggled with depression and ending my life. I voluteered to help with VBS, and I connected with an adorable young girl and her mom. Ever since, I now have a purpose to live. That young girls smile and love, changed me, God used her in a mighty way she may not know until she gets to heaven. Yes, you may be active in church, and are struggling with suicidal thoughts, remember, God loves you and has a plan, he may not use a young girl, but just wait on the Lord, and He will come through for you.
12/16/2010 9:43:03 AM
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